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					             Fall Mystery Fiction Project
            Due: Thursday, November 10th
          Rough Drafts due by November 4th
     This project is to be done on the mystery book that you have
chosen from the classroom library. This is the only book you
should be reading. That means it is the book you should read at
Read to Self time and the book you read at home.

     The project you hand in to me should be in final copy form.
That means it has been proofread! Complete sentences are a must.
Please bring in your rough drafts no later than November 4th for
me to look over.
         Read your mystery book
         Complete the case file to help unlock the mystery.
           Write a first draft on the paper provided, revise and
           edit, then create a final copy in the case file provided.
           This should be your neatest handwriting. Pencil must be
           used. There should be no spelling errors.
         Decorate your case file folder provided to illustrate
           what your mystery book was about. This should include
           color and lots of detail.
         Be sure to look at the grading rubric to see how you
           will be graded.

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