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					Project Title:                                                             Results
                                                                              Discussed and brainstormed project
                                                                               ideas with supervisors
         Super Sleuth                                                         Discussed the Team Goal, Budget,
    Mystery    Adventure                                                       and Norms

                                                             Goal:            Formulated the theme and content
        at the Calvert                                                         outline of program
                                  We will develop a Spring Calvert
             Library              Library Program for 6 – 12 year-old         Solicited inputs from library staff
                                  children.                                    and young customers on theme and
                                                                               craft ideas
                                  This program will be given in
                                  March 2003 at all four Calvert County       Assigned program segments to
                                  Libraries to promote literacy and            Team member
                                  enjoyment of library services and
                                  facilities through the creative use of      We contacted outside resources
CALVERT                           “Imagination,
                                           Information,                       We created program materials and
LIBRARY Team:                                     and Inspiration.”            games.

                                  Children’s programming provides
Leslie Merritt Bonner             opportunities for the customers and
                                  staff to interact. Press releases and
Patti Parks McConnell             follow-up articles will give the      community an increased awareness of
                                  the library as a valuable source of
Linda Wood                        thought provoking entertainment and   education for all citizens.

Jerry Edwards    Target Audience:
                                  6 – 12 year old children

       January 8, 2003
 Options:                                        What we learned:
                                                 It took
                                                 dedication, and compromise
                                                 to come up with a program satisfactory
                                                 to all.

                                                 Skills developed:
                        Letter soliciting help   Organizational skills,
                        from police              brainstorming teamwork.                  Thrive:
First meeting minutes                            Process:                                 Score: Qualified 10.
of                                               Brainstorming brought forth many
CALV team                                        wonderful ideas.                         The team used the GROW-Th
                                                 To achieve the best results, our team    model guidelines to achieve
                                                 compromised, negotiated, and             a fun and interesting program.
                                                 delegated.                               It will serve as a model for future
                                                                                          programs that will keep young readers
                                                 Resources:                               interested in coming back to the library
                                                  Library staff                          whenever they are looking
                        Novelist of               Supervisors                            for something fun to do!
                        children’s mysteries      Internet
                                                  COSMOS
                                                    Reading in Series
                                                    Suggested Reading Lists
  Pick-A-Party ideas                                Literacy Council
  from internet                                     Maryland State Police
                                                    Calvert Crusade for Children
                                                    NoveList
                                                    New York Public Library
                                                    other library resources
                        Flyer to advertise

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