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Tony Fernandes known as DJ TK was born on 19 August 1984 in Venezuela

With 5 years he moved in with her parents to Madeira, a small island in the Atlantic.
With 11 years Tk awakened a taste for the art of DJ and increased his interest in music.

It was through the apparatus of the old school that he started to play his first songs trying
to please the listeners. Over time started to do private parties for friends. With these
parties was gaining knowledge of the art of DJ. And that was how it all started.

In 2003 Tk moved to Switzerland.

In Switzerland he had more opportunities to grow and gain more knowledge to become a
professional DJ. It was in that long road that he found his way and his style. Well then he
started to train to become a professional DJ of Reggaeton. With its Hot Rhythms and
with Sexy Beats he found his destination

In 2004 Tk joined the ex. Black & White which gave him the opportunity to act as a
professional DJ in the nightclub called Premier Club (Dukes). From that day on he
started to grow as a professional DJ and he started to act in several parts of Switzerland
where he showed his talent and ability. Like I already said his potential is concentrated
in Reggaeton and he also increased his knowledge’s in House music .

Today Tk works to a group named Just Crazy Entertainment where he is resident. He
also participated in the Europe Tour from Zion Y Lennox in Switzerland. And he also
became the Official Dj from Flow 829


Topas Club           Zug
Mantra Bar           Zug
Obsession            Wettingen
Premier Club         Sihlbrugg
El Toro Bar          Zürich
El Diabolo           Brunnen
Eleven Club          Wallisellen
Luxuria              Baar
Alcatraz             Luzern
Club Pt              Sursee
Invidia Club         Zoffingen
Indigo Avenue        Wallisellen
Pravda               Luzern
Don Paco             Wohlen
La Roca              Olten
Bar Club 121         Madeira
Club Oh              Zürich
Nautilus             Luzern

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