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									Pablo Picasso went through many so many periods that he should not be called the father

of cubism. George Braque was the real father in cubism. Sdafkjklasjdkf The people he

involved in Pablo painting were former lovers, prostitutes, and everyday people. The

objects that Picasso used in his painting ranged from verre et pichet, which means glass

and pitcher in French to music sheets. Picasso also painted a piece called Guernica that

showed all the pain and suffering that happened in Guernica. asdfkljklasjdfkldj

Jose Ruiz and y Blanco and Maria Picasso y Lopez had their first son named Pablo Diego

José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la

Santísima Trinidad Clito Ruiz y Picasso on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain (Madhavi,

2007,para.1). Pablo father who inspired Picasso as a child was a painter and an art

professor at the School of Crafts and was a curator at a museum. (Madhavi, 2007,

para1)As a child his art teacher fathers noticed that Pablo Picasso had a gift and taught

him the basics of art. (Madhavi, 2007, para1) Picasso went to an art school in Madrid;

Spain called Academy of Arts but later dropped out. (Madhavi, 2007, para1)

Pablo Picasso loved the city of Paris when he visited it in 1900. (Madhavi, 2007para.2)

Picasso lived in many terrible situations and had to burn his own painting to stay warm.

(Madhavi, 2007, para.2) He was living with a friend that was a journalist and poet and his

name was Max Jacob. (Madhavi, 2007, para.2) (Madhavi, 2007) In the year of 1894 he

painted a portrait of his sister named Lola. (Madhavi, 2007, para.6) (Madhavi, 2007) In

1897 his paintings became more realistic, and were influenced buy symbolism and using

many color tones such as violet and green colors in his painting.

Picasso went through many painting period in his life. He went through many period such

as Rose Period, Blue period, African-Influenced Period, and Cubism etc. (Hoving) They
were influence by his environment, and his emotion during that certain period of

time.(para.2) (Jason)(1997-2009) Pablo Picasso was also a co-creator of the movement

cubism. (para.1) (Jason) (1997-2009) The other man who sometime is not giving the

credit for also creating cubism is George Braque. (para.1) They were good friends and

both of them created this movement that influenced many artists, and was used to create

the moving piece of Guernica.

(2008) Blue Period happened during the years 1901-1904 (para.3). This period of time

was influenced by a time when Picasso lost a close friend of his, and also a trip through

Spain (Para.3). A famous painting during this was The Old Guitarist in 1903 (2008). This

painting shows a blind man dressed in rags holding a guitar. (para.6) (Hoving,n.d)

Picasso was in his late teenage living away from home for the first time, and was living in

tough conditions. (para.1)

When Pablo Picasso was going through his blue period used many unclear backgrounds,

and drew what he saw at that time of the century. (para.1) The subject he mostly was

beggars, blind man, and street artists. He made them look like legendary figures in

history because that what the people that were common people look and did during time

and Picasso caught that significant moment of time in his painting. These series of

Picasso works had a great impact in the society, and when people say them the emotion

they would get is the feeling of sadness. The dark and blue tones made his painting

gloomy and created a depressing effect on the audience. This is Picasso first period it

made help him become the artist we all know today.

The Rose period happened during the year 1905-1907. (Madhavi, 2007, para.9). Picasso

began using many lively tones like pink and oranges. (2008, para.6) It was said that this
period was influenced by his relationship with a woman named Fernande Olivier, and it

is also said that Picasso painting of this period was influence by the French. (2008,

para.6) He sold a painting during the Rose period called Garcon a la pipe for $104.1

million dollar the most he has gotten from any painting. . (2008, para.6)

Picasso was a co-creator of cubism which is very popular and has influenced many new

artists. There was another artist who founded cubism with Picasso, and was very close

with him. His name was George Braque and he helped Picasso create the movement

cubism. (Janson, 1997-2009, para1) Cubism was three dimensional human figures, and

the viewer can see the front and back at the same the same time. (Hoving,n.d,para6)

Picasso created a movement in the world of art history. There are two types of cubism

and they are Analytic cubism and Synthetic cubism. (Janson, 1997-2009, para1) A

famous painting in Picasso collection of cubism is Les Demoiselles d’Avignon African

art influenced this painting and the first phase of cubism was used in this painting.

(Janson, 1997-2009, para1)

Picasso had two types of cubism and one type was Analytic cubism. Analytic cubism was

when he used brown and tore apart object and analyzed the medium. (Madhavi, 2007,

para.1). Analytic cubism only remained until 1911 and it was Picasso first stage of

cubism and it was he influenced by African art. (Janson 1997-2009, para1) Picasso did

not know that he was going to start a whole movement with art, and created painting that

have never been seen. This sort of work was amazing; the audience saw every angle of

the subject being painted. He mostly used still lives in Analytical cubism and he wanted

the audience to see the soul of the subjects rather than their forms. (Janson 1997-2009,

para1) During Analytical cubism it heightened crystalline geometry. (Janson 1997-
2009,para3) Although he uses this technique the subject are still identifiable. (Janson

1997-2009 para1)

After Analytic cubism came Synthetic cubism is where he added pieces of wallpaper and

newspaper onto his works. (Janson 1997-2009 para.3) Analytical and synthetic cubism all

the subject would be torn apart. In Synthetic cubism when tearing apart the material it

would somewhat decrease the size. (Janson 1997-2009 para3) He would then reconstruct

them and make them identifiable. (Janson 1997-2009 para.3) Cubism became a very

popular movement and was an accomplished that Picasso made in the world of arts. This

is what also helped him become a historical figure in history. It was a movement that the

world new Picasso for and for awhile he was the only person receiving created for

creating cubism.

Picasso true heart was not in only cubism, so why do they call him the father of cubism?

He went through many other periods and yet is only praised for his co-creation of cubism.

Cubism heightened his popularity and contributed on him becoming a historical figure.

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