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					              7th Grade Pre A.P. Pre-Algebra / 7th Grade Math
Welcome Eagles, to 7th grade Pre-Algebra. I am very happy to be your math teacher this year. My job is to
guide you through Pre-Algebra / 7th grade math in this continuing journey that we call education. Hopefully it
will be a never-ending journey for you and this year will be a very successful and pleasant part of it. I am here
for you! I will do my job to present to the information you will need and be here to help you as you practice
new and challenging concepts. My goal for myself is to guide you to become the best mathematician that you
can be. However, this goal will only be reached if you are willing to give me 100% of your attention in class
and put 100% effort into the lesson and into your work. If you do this, you will be successful!

The following information is extremely important. Please read it carefully.

SUPPLIES that you will need for this class:
       Section in binder for math
       1 one subject spiral
       5 tab dividers
       Pencils (with erasers)
       Grading pen (any color but black or blue)
       Notebook paper

All students are required to keep a section for math in binder. The student will keep their daily warm-ups,
notes, completed work, important papers (“keepers”), work in progress, and notebook paper.
You will need to have these materials with you in class each day. It is your responsibility to have these
with you when you come to class. You will not be allowed to return to your locker to get any supplies
after the tardy bell rings.

          Be on time and in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.
          Appropriate behavior at all times during class
          Treat others with respect.
          Complete all assignments on time.
          All assignments copied into your agenda.
          All warm-ups, notes and completed work will be kept in your binder and done daily,
          Come to tutorials if you need them and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand

GRADING (in accordance with Keller ISD policy for Middle Schools)
Nine week grades
25%           Tests
75%            Daily work, Projects, Quiz Grades and Binder

There will be an assignment each day. If the assignment is not completed in class, it must be completed for
homework. Late work is accepted (but highly discouraged) with a penalty of 10
points off each day late. If you score below a 70 on a completed assignment, it may be re-done for a new
If you make below a 70 on a quiz or a test, you may make an appointment for tutorials to correct your test and
then retake a different test for a new grade. This needs to be scheduled within a week of the first test.
        All assignments must be done in pencil.
          All assignments are expected by the due date. (This will be the day following the day that it is
             assigned, unless otherwise stated.) 10 points will be taken off for papers turned in after the due
          All assignments must have the following format:
                * Correct heading – name, date and period number in the upper right hand corner.
                * Complete assignment title - page/worksheet number and assigned problems on the
         center of the top line of the paper.
                * All problems numbered, copied and worked vertically.
                * All work and all steps must be shown on the paper, unless told otherwise.
                * Boxed or circled answers.
                * All grading done with a grading pen or red pencil.


You can reach me at school at 817-744-3331, during my conference period or before or after school.
My conference period is from 2:06 – 2:52.
My email address is
Tutorial Times are: Aug. 22 - Nov. 8 by appointment or Mr. Ball’s tutorial
                    Nov. 9 – Feb. 15, 3:40-4:10
                    Feb. 16 – Jun. 3, 7:45am – 8:15am

I hope that you will join me in your child’s success in Pre-Algebra/ 7th grade math this year.
Encourage them to complete their assignments and study for tests; check their agenda; encourage
them to come in for tutorials when it is needed; let me know when you have questions. Together, we
can help make this a great year for your child.


I have read and understand the Information letter for Mr. Andrews’s Pre-Algebra/ 7th grade math

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