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					                        BONITA HIGH SCHOOL
                          HOME OF THE BEARCATS
                          REGISTRATION 2011 –12

Registration Procedure:

   1. Pre-registration will occur on-line through the ABI Gradebook:
         a. Go to district website (
         b. Choose Students tab
         c. Click Student ABI Gradebook
         d. Enter e-mail address and password (student or parent) to log
            into ABI Gradebook
         e. Click Student Info tab; click Course Requests
         f. Enter the course number for each course desired – maximum 6
   2. The ABI pre-registration window will be open until 11:59 PM, Tuesday,
      March 1st. The school library will be available to pre-register and will be
      open each school day until 3:30 PM, or you may access ABI at home.
   3. Complete the attached pre-registration form as well with the exact titles and
       course numbers of the courses you have selected as part of your pre-
       registration for next year.
   4. Please remember that if you don’t pre-register for a course, you will likely
       NOT be able to register for the course during fall registration.
   5. Also remember that you will be expected to remain enrolled in the course
       that you choose during pre-registration.
   6. Over-subscribed courses will be assigned based on GPA and/or grade level.
   7. If you are registering for any AP classes, you must submit your completed AP
       application with your pre-registration form.
   8. ROP students must be 16 years old to enroll in an ROP course.
   9. Remember to get all proper permit signatures.
   10. If you plan to register for summer school on April 1 , indicate the course you
       would like to take, e.g. Biology, World History, Art, etc. (You must still complete
       the summer packet separately in order to register for summer school on April 1 .)

The following courses require a permit signature on your pre-registration sheet:
Office Aide (Ms. Beltran)             Library Aide (Mrs. Williams)
Publications: Yearbook (Mrs. Lindsay) Advanced Leadership (Mr. Baumunk)
Advanced Art (Mr. Harrison)           Publications: Newspaper (Ms. Stark)
Auto Tech II A only (Ms. Ruiz)        Pageantry (Mr. Bird)
Auto Tech II B only (Ms. Ruiz)        Work Experience (Mrs. Pollack – Career Center
                                      – must already be employed 10+ hrs a week.)
Course descriptions can be viewed on the High School Handbook online at:

              Wednesday, March 2, 2011
             On-line registration closes 11:59 PM, March 1st.
                                BONITA HIGH SCHOOL
                           PRE-REGISTRATION FORM 2011-12

  PRINT Legal Name                                                    Counselor: ______________

  LAST                                    FIRST                                     MIDDLE

  Check here if you were not able to pre-register on-line __________
  You will find the course numbers and titles listed on the prior page, which you will need to complete your
  pre-registration sheet.
   Course                     Course Title                     Permit
   Number                                                      Signature

  Period 0 or 8

   elective 
                      Summer School session to be requested - indicate below
                                                            You must submit summer
  -------------                                             application on 4/1. Writing the
    SS                                                     course here is not registration.

  Please keep in mind, those students earning a D, or F in Math or
  Spanish must re-take that course, in Summer School if possible. The
  Math and Foreign Language Departments will require the course to
  be repeated prior to moving onto the next level.

  Student Signature                                      Parent Signature                     Date

THIS SHEET IS DUE BY Wednesday, March 2, 2011
                          On-line registration closes 11:59 PM, March 1
            A final registration packet will be mailed home approximately the first week of August.

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