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					Prayer Letter

October, 4, 2011

Dear Supporters:

Greetings from Minnesota. I am currently back for several weeks to help
Lynette as she is recuperating from the stroke and heart surgery. We have
good news to report, the cardiologist checked her heart and the implant is
completely a part of her heart now and the hole is completely closed, this
has pretty much assured that she has no more risk factors for another
stroke. It has also taken care of the daily headaches and regular migraines
she has been experiencing for years. The neurologist has taken her off of
the medicine that has given her so much trouble and she is daily making
strides with strength and stability. The only thing left is to get her stomach
problems cured and we will be “good to go.” We are planning on returning
to Romania in November. Please continue to pray for her as her ability to
sing has not returned as she had hoped and the “new normal” requires that
she continue to retrain her voice to obey.

We are moving ahead again with the drug rehabilitation men’s home in
Romania. We ran headlong into some corruption in “high places” but our
file is moving again. We hope to begin building next fall. We want to win
men to the Lord, show them the way to freedom from addiction and teach
them to be holy. Please pray with us about this need and if you want to give
to help us with the construction costs money can be given with my normal
support at the address listed on my prayer letter.

The 3rd edition of the Fidela is now complete. We have printed 25,000
Bibles in the last year and given almost all of them away from requests we
have received from churches all over Romania and the world. There is a
demand for thousands more Bibles immediately but we are almost all out
of stock. If you would like to help us with this need we need to raise
$20,000 to print another 20,000 Bibles. Every dollar given goes to Bible
printing. The Fidela is a Textus Receptus / Masoretic Text based translation
and we used the King James as our lexicon and check text. My wildest
expectations were nothing compared to the reality of the Fidela, I will no
longer have such small expectations. I have learned that the more I love
something the less I am loved.

Brent, our 3rd son, has moved back to Romania to go to Babes-Bolyai
University to study computer science. Brandon, our 2nd son, will finish his
school in Romania this month; BJ, our oldest son is earning his Master of
Education as West Coast Baptist College and our youngest son, Bradley is
now in Minnesota attending 1st Baptist School for his senior year. The end
of November will be my 16th anniversary in Romania… my how time flies.

We baptized our 25th person because of our Reformer’s Unanimous
program in Cluj-Napoca. We are ramping up our translation work and want
to expand RUI to other churches within the next 2 years.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. Humanly
speaking I am in great need of another year of deputation but God is
meeting all of our needs and we are prospering as He sees fit.

Praise the Lord for Heaven!

Brian J. Nibbe, Sr.

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