Earth_Science_rejoinder by panniuniu


									                       Rejoinder for Earth Science BSE Program

Standard 13035.1: Content of Earth Science BSE Program

       Met with weakness

The reviewer found that the meteorology portion of the Earth Science program was
lacking. In his opinion, there is not enough meteorology in the GEOL 323 Global Climate
Change course to meet the requirement for “one semester in meteorology.”

MSU does not offer a course titled Meteorology. However, the GEOG 334 Climatology
course is basically a meteorology course. It uses a standard meteorology text. When the
requirement for one semester of meteorology was added to the Earth Science content
standard, GEOG 334 had two prerequisite geography courses. We developed the GEOL 323
Global Climate Change course in part because it was unreasonable to add nine credits to
the Earth Science BSE program, and in part because earth science teachers need to teach
more than just meteorology; they must also deal with climates, and with climate change.

The Geography program has recently (last spring) removed the prerequisites for GEOG
334. Thus, our plan at this time for responding to the perceived weakness in meteorology
content is to add GEOG 334 as a required course.

Standard 13035.4: Context of Science

       Not met

The reviewer found insufficient evidence regarding how the Earth Science program meets
this rather ambiguously written standard. A more detailed description of how the program,
in our opinion, meets this standard is provided in a separate document:

       Evidence for Context of Science

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