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braided wire wrap

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					Veberod Gem Gallery Class Notes

Braided Wire Wrap Bracelet

Learn to plait wire into decorative braid and form into
a clasped bangle bracelet using half-round wire.
Some experience with wire is necessary to take this
class (B/I)

Supplies Required:                                                       A note on cost of supplies -
                                                                         We prefer not to offer kits for our classes. We try
22ga dead soft wire, 14 ft (silver, copper, brass, gold filled)
                                                                         to encourage students to pick equipment and
12ga. half round dead soft silver wire, approx. 18”                      supplies (stones, beads etc.) based on their
                                                                         individual creativity. Often there are several
16ga half round dead soft silver wire, approx. 3’                        options available and you may have some items
12ga double half round dead soft wire, approx. 1.5”                      already. If you are new to jewelry making, you are
                                                                         welcome to use the shop’s tools so you can
                                                                         discover how enjoyable it can be! New students
                                                                         will share the shop tools between them.
Tools Used:
Vise that can attach to table                                            Note- this list is designed to help you determine
                                                                         what to bring from home. Not everything is
Round, Chain and Flat nose pliers                                        required, and we STRONGLY recommend not
Nylon Jawed Pliers                                                       buying anything before class if you don’t already
                                                                         have it. Many times there are factors that will
Wire Cutters, flush                                                       determine your best choice and we will discuss all
Dowel Assortment                                                         this at class. Bring what you have, and don’t
                                                                         stress about what you don’t.
Jewelers Saw
                                                                         Please mark tools from home so they are identifi-
2/0 or 3/0 blades
                                                                         able as your own. If you have any questions
Files                                                                    regarding the cost of tools, supplies or anything
                                                                         else about the class, please contact us.
Portable Light

         Veberod Gem Gallery        13023 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55305    952-595-8338

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