earth-day-reflection by panniuniu


									As we celebrate Earth Day, April 22, we invite you to find ways to draw near to the glory
of Christ and the holy in all creation.

This day look around you, listen, smell, taste and see. Take a moment to offer the prayer
on your heart, perhaps a prayer of praise and thanksgiving, or a lament, or a prayer for
healing, or recommitment to being a faithful steward of the mystery of God in all

We offer you this prayer from the U.N. Environment Sabbath Program:

We who have lost our sense and our senses--our touch, our smell, our vision of who we
are, we who frantically force and press all things, without rest for body or spirit, hurting
our earth and injuring ourselves: we call a halt.

We want to rest. We need to rest and allow the earth to rest. We need to reflect and to
rediscover the mystery that lives in us, that is the ground of every unique expression of
life, the source of the fascination that calls all things to communion.

We declare a Sabbath, a space of quiet: for simply being and letting be; for recovering the
great forgotten truths, for learning how to live again.

With God's grace, may we learn together how to live again.

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