Earth Science Unit 2 Student Notes

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					                                     Earth Science Unit 2 Student Notes

                                    Chapter 1.2, 1.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3


Albedo-                                                     Mantle-

Latitude-                                                   Outer Core-

Longitude-                                                  Parallax-

Precession-                                                 Prime Meridian-

Athenosphere-                                               Revolution-

Autumnal Equinox-                                           Rotation-

Crust-                                                      Standard Time Zones-

Geology-                                                    Summer Solstice-

Inner Core-                                                 Timer Meridian-

International Date Line-                                    Vernal Equinox-

Lithosphere-                                                Winter Solstice-

Magnetic Field-


At the end of this unit, students will be able to:

    1)  Define the words listed in the vocabulary section of this handout
    2)  List three functions of the atmosphere
    3)  Label a diagram of the water cycle with: condensation, evaporation, and precipitation.
    4)  Define condensation, evaporation, and precipitation
    5)  List two sources of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth’s atmosphere.
    6)  List one method by which carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed from the atmosphere.
    7)  List sources of energy on Earth and recognize that the sun provides Earth with the vast majority
        of its energy.
    8) Define and discuss albedo in relation to absorbing and reflecting the sun’s energy.
    9) Recognize that there are many types of maps each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
        You will not be required to list types of maps or know their limitations specifically.
    10) Label lines of longitude and latitude on a globe. Know how they are numbered (example: equator
        is 0 degrees latitude, prime meridian is 0 degrees longitude, international date line is 180 degrees
    11) List three instruments that cartographers use to make maps.
   12) Describe in detail the four steps of the formation of Earth.
   13) Label and describe the four layers of the Earth.
   14) Describe that the outer mantle is liquid iron and convection in this layer creates Earth’s magnetic
   15) Describe Earth’s shape.
   16) Recognize that Earth’s magnetic pole is different than its geographic pole.
   17) Describe Earth’s Rotation (approximately 24 hours)
   18) Describe the tilt of Earth’s axis (23.5 degrees).
   19) Describe in detail how Earth’s tilt creates the seasons (winter versus summer, direct vs indirect
   20) Describe the shape of Earth’s revolution, its affect on the seasons, and its duration.
   21) Define aphelion and perihelion and approximately on what dates they occur.
   22) Describe both solstices and both equinoxes in relation to the amount of sunlight.

Date            Classroom Activity                                      Ohio State Standards
8/29/11 M       Discuss Answers from Pretest                            11th ES 1
                Chapter 1.2 Notes (Atmosphere, Geosphere, Water         12th ST 1,2,3
                Cycle, Carbon Cycle)
                Beginning Maps and Distortions with maps
8/30/11 T       Finish Maps and distortions with maps                   11th ES 1
                Technology of how mapmaking has changed                 12th ST 1,2,3
                Notes Chapter 4.1
                Earth’s Structure
                Earth’s Formation
                Demo of Relative Size of Earth’s Layers
8/31/11 W       Role of Density in structure of Earth                   11th ES 1,2
                Earth’s Magnetic Field and how it is changing
9/1/11 R        Notes Chapter 4.2                                       11th ES 2
                Axis Tilt
                Earth’s Rotation and Evidence for Earth’s Rotation
                Demonstrating Earth’s Rotation
9/2/11 F        Earth’s Revolution. Seasons                             11th ES 2
                Equinoxes, Solstices                                         SI 1,2,3,4,5
                Start of Lab Activity

Date            Classroom Activity                                      Ohio State Standards
9/5/11 M        No School Labor Day
9/6/11 T        The Universe- Space Ship Earth                          11th ES 1,2

9/7/11 W        Lab Activity                                            11th ES 2,3,4
                                                                             SI 1-5
                                                                           SWK 1-3
                                                                        12th SI 2,5
9/8/11 R        Review for Unit 1 and Unit 2 Cumulative Test
9/9/11 F        Unit 1 & Unit 2 Cumulative Test

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