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					      First Grade Earth Science Review Sheet
*Please use this sheet as a guide to help your child review for the Earth Science Test. The
test will be given on Monday, _____________________. All study materials can be found
in the Science Folder (some definitions are on this sheet). This study guide is for you and
your student. It does not need to be returned to school. Although some objectives seem
very complex, I assure you the test is geared for first-grade students and based on what I
have taught in class. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, 246-4644 or
- Mrs. Rucarean

Students must:

      •     identify the sun as the most important source of heat
      •     label and identify the difference between the seasons – spring,
            summer, autumn and winter
      •     describe the kinds of clothes needed for different types of
            weather – warm (mild), cold and hot
      •     read a thermometer and differentiate between hot
            and cold temperatures
      •     identify severe weather events – hurricane, tornado,
            thunder/lightning storm, flood & blizzard
      •     describe the most appropriate precautions taken for human safety in
            the event of severe weather – tornado; going into the basement,
            flood; seeking higher ground
      •     interpret a bar graph displaying a month of weather conditions

Students will be asked to answer the following questions:

      •     What is a meteorologist?
            - a person who studies the weather
      •     What is the definition of weather?
            - the condition of the air at any given time
      •     What is the definition of a storm?
            - weather that has strong winds and can bring rain or snow
      •     What are some instruments meteorologists use to measure and
            predict weather?
      - radar, weather patterns, weather maps, thermometer, anemometer

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