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					Earth Science
Materials Needed:

Textbook (Earth Science)

Writing Utensil

1” 3-ring binder with dividers (dividers labeled – notes, HW/WKS, Labs, Daily ?’s, References/Maps)

Calculator (when needed)

Correct Attitude

How will you be assessed (graded)

Homework – 35%

        You will be assigned to complete sections of your textbook and various worksheets throughout
the year. The assignments will be worth 10 points each and will be graded in the following manner:

        + = 10 pt. – HW work done exceptionally well with few or no errors & on time

       = 8 pt. – HW done well with some errors & on time

        - = 6 pt. – HW completed with numerous errors and/or late (not completed by the beginning

                         of class)

        X     = 0 pt. – HW not handed in within 1 week of due date.

Special Assignments – 10%

        Special HW assignments that will be graded on a point value for each component completed.

Lab Reports – 25%

        Lab Reports are separate sheets completed after a laboratory. Late labs will be docked 50%
        and not accepted after one week from due date.

Tests – 25%

Classroom Attitude, Attendance & Participation – 5%
Late Work
       Mrs. Morton will accept assignments up to a week late for a 10% cut. Any assignment after a
week will receive a 50% deduction, and any assignment after 4 weeks will not be accepted.

Classroom Rules

1.   Anyone caught cheating (getting answers from someone or giving answers to someone)
     will be given a zero (0) on any or all work, referred to the office.

2. Restroom passes and other leave requests will only be honored the first and last 5 minutes
   of class via permission. You must have your agenda to go to the restroom.

3. Spelling is a must. Any work in which a dictionary or reference book is accessible, the
   words are expected to be spelled correctly. Misspelled words = wrong answers.

4. No bonus work will be accepted or considered if assigned work is not completed.

5. Students are expected to carry themselves in a respectful manner that promotes
      education. If you question the behavior you’re about to do, don’t do it. (It’s better
      to be safe than sorry.)

If you are having trouble with an assignment when you’re at home, e-mail me
( or call me (419-363-2819) - please be aware I have 4 kids of my
own, please try to call before 9 PM. I’m also available before school, after school and during my
prep period.

Use books, the Internet, your notes, and common sense to do your work. DO NOT USE OTHER
STUDENTS! THAT IS CHEATING! There is a big difference between comparing answers and
copying answers; sometimes there is more than one answer; don’t change yours because it doesn’t
match some else’s.

We (the students & parent/guardian) have read these guidelines for Mrs. Morton’s
class and understand them.

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