Asian Pop Culture Project

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					                                  Asian Pop Culture Project

Objective:   To discover, examine, and explain your selected Asian Pop Culture topic.

Plan:        You will need to research by using various tools of your choice, the internet,
             magazines, DVD’s, etc.

Criteria:    What you need to turn in to receive full credit:

             1. 2 page paper answering the significance of your topic. Why is it part of Asian
             “Pop” culture? What is the history behind the topic? How is it commercialized
             through the mass media? What kind of effect does it have on consumers?
             How is your topic being marketed? What age group is being targeted Explain.
             What kind effect does it have on it genre? Explain. What is the allure of the
             topic? What do you find fascinating about your topic? How are you involved?
             How is it being received in the U.S.? the rest of the world? How is it being

             2. Presentation: You will need to present your topic in front of the class by using
             various media; video, slide show, display board, power point, garage band, etc.
             Your presentation will be 4-5 minutes long. You do have the option of doing a
             “voice over” for your presentation.

When:        We will begin on December 9, and we will have presentations for 3 sessions.
             Sign ups will be passed out during this week.

Grading      Look at attached rubrics.

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