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					            Asha for Education - PR
• Purpose
  – To present a Unified Image of Asha for Education as
    as organization that
     • Promotes Socio-Economic Change in India through
     • Is secular (non-religious ?) and non-political in its activities
       and projects
     • Operates with zero overhead

  – To counter allegations/flames against Asha for
    Education with regards to our
     • Activities (esp those of Asha India)
     • Projects
          Asha for Education - PR
• Guidelines/Requirements for Effective PR
  – Consistent position - *NO* variation
  – Rebuttal comes from a central group, not a chapter
  – Form people’s opinions rather than alter them
  – Being Proactive rather than Reactive
  – Not stooping to the level of attackers vis a vis
    baseless allegations/unsubstantiated claims
  – Rapid discovery of any article related to Asha
  – *Quick and thorough* response to any article or
    inquiry about Asha
  – Respond to and Highlight Positive Comments on our
             Asha for Education - PR
• We have to
  – Know the Facts about our Projects/Activities - Facts Always

  – Have knowledge of where/when any Asha volunteer/chapter is
    going to be involved in any non-educational activity

  – Acknowledge a Genuine Allegation regarding our
    projects/activities and Fix It

  – Provide Correct Information to Counter a Baseless Allegation

  – Document All Communications and our Response

  – Identify organizations that support us and work with them
    constructively to counter baseless allegations
          Asha for Education - Image
• Strengths
  –   Large volunteer base - lots of ideas
  –   Several hundred projects to substantiate position
  –   Mostly positive image
  –   Inherently Good Mission

• Weakness
  –   Past/Current Social activism of some chapters
  –   Alignment with non-conforming groups
  –   Corrupt/Non-secular projects
  –   Statements on non-relevant issues
        Asha for Education - Image
• Opportunities
  – Present articles on Sulekha, newspapers
  – Regular advertising (see later)
  – Have a regular Asha column on a website/paper to
    present our opinion/viewpoint
  – Continuous Focus on Asha success stories

• Threats
  – Continued social activism from some chapters
  – People whose sole purpose is to malign AfE
         Asha for Education - Standards
• Volunteers
   – No chapter, office-bearer or volunteer of AfE should act as a representative
     or spokesperson for AfE in a forum, activity, newsgroup or event that is
     organized by a political or religious group
   – Or make a statement about a religious or political issue that can be
     construed as AfE’s official position on that issue
   – Volunteers are free to engage in their own activities as long as they do so
     outside of their affiliation with AfE.

• Events
   – AfE chapters should participate only in events where there are no
     restrictions on the participation of any group for any criteria whatsoever
   – Events organized by AfE chapters should not have any religious or political
     significance or be organized in association with a religious or political group
   – AfE chapters may promote their events through/at religious organizations
     but must clearly indicate that AfE is a secular organization
   – AfE may promote events organized by religious or political organizations
     but with standard disclaimer
         Asha for Education - Standards
• Information
     – No Asha chapter should present information through its website,
       newsletter and/or events that relate to issues that are not directly
       linked to either chapter activities or education in general
     – Information from external sources (news items, links to other
       organizations etc) should be accompanied by a standard disclaimer
       that AfE does not endorse the views of the author or the organization
     – Minutes of meetings should be restricted to Asha volunteers only - not

•   Projects
     – All Asha chapters should conform to the guidelines for choosing
       projects i.e. non-religious and non-political
     – Any allegations of misconduct, corruption, religious/political links or
       such against a project must be investigated thoroughly through a site
       visit or other means
     – Prior sources of funding for all projects should be determined and any
       sensitivities discussed and approved by each chapter
       Asha for Education - Standards
• Merchandise
   – All merchandise sold by Asha will be both non-religious and non-
     political in nature
   – Calendars should mention Govt approved holidays of the countries
     they are being sold in

• Logo/Images
   – Asha logos should not be altered in any way either by adding, deleting
     or changing parts or all of the logo including colors
   – Logos on webpages should be displayed prominently at the top of the
     page - suggested location is top left corner
   – Individual chapters may create their own logo, but it should be different
     from the standard logo
   – Display of the logo on banners, merchandise, newsletters etc should
     be done using image formats that are appropriate for the size being
   – All images on Asha website are (c) Asha for Education and can be
     used by chapters for their specific activities but only on Asha related
      Asha for Education - Standards
• Logo Examples
   – Standard

   – Non-Standard
       Asha for Education - Standards
• Chapter Logos
   – Any combination of fonts allowed
   – “Asha <city/univ>” or “Standard Asha Logo <city/univ>” or “Standard
     Asha Logo + <city/univ> chapter
   – Asha <chapter-name> should not use taglines from standard logo
   – Add chapter specific images to logo - be creative !
   – Be consistent with whatever logo you use

• Examples

                                                     Not all caps

      Asha for Education - Standards
• Good !

           Asha for Education
           Detroit Chapter
          Asha for Education - PR
• Remember
  – Every volunteer is our spokesperson

  – Our mission is inherently a good one - but we must
    keep it on track

  – Don’t get flustered/angry - if we have a good PR
    strategy, we can be prepared for anything

  – Constantly communicate about PR issues - no issue
    is too small unless we decide it is
   AfE PR - Proposed Structure
                                           Asha Coordination

                   Chap Coords             PR Coordinators (2)
                                             Overall stewardship
                                               of Asha image

                   Publicity (1)                                          Response (2)
                     Coordinate                                            Document and
                    overall advtg                                        respond to articles
                                                                         that mention Asha

   Webmasters                 Press Releases (3)           Project Leads             All Asha volunteers
  Control content                 Create and distr            Investigate            Find and communicate
 on Asha websites                 press releases          project allegations         articles that mention

     Advtg (2)
Identify opportunities
     and liaison

                Creates media ads
                   Outsource ?
    Asha for Education - Advertising
• Goal
  – To create an image in people’s minds that
    Education = Asha
  – To grow the donor base for WAH
  – Awareness of Education issue, AfE

• Message
  – Poor quality/lack of primary education
  – AfE efforts for 12 years
  – Zero overhead organization
      Asha for Education - Advertising
• Ads - What, When
  –   General Ads about Education/Asha (Op-eds)
  –   Case studies about specific projects
  –   WAH, Children’s Day, New Year
  –   Anniversary (15th anniv in 2006)

• Ads - Where
  – Newspapers - TOI, HT, Pioneer, Deccan Herald,
  – Magazines - India Today, Outlook, The Week
  – Online - Sulekha, Sify
       Asha for Education - Advertising
• Do
  –   Highlight the importance of education
  –   List statistics of education in India
  –   Showcase Asha projects, individual children
  –   Mention Zero overheads

• Don’t
  – Ask specifically for donations
  – Mention politics or religion
     Asha for Education - Advertising
• Required
  – High quality (TIFF) images of project sites, children
  – Images of India, people, personalities
  – Indian fonts, scripts, historical artifacts of educational

• People with graphic design/advtg background
    Asha for Education - Advertising
• Questions
  – Estimated Budget ?

  – First ad ?

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