To Kill Mockingbird

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					                                                      Name ____________________ Per. _____

                                      To Kill a Mockingbird
                                             Chapters 12-17
acquiescence         affliction         affluent            altercation        ambidextrous
appalling            boded              diligently          dispelled          elucidate
encumbered           fortitude          futility            genially           grubbiness
haughty              impassive          infallible          innate             ominous
overture             placid             prerogative         pondered           qualms
radiated             sluggish           subdued             tedious            tenet
tranquil             uncouth            venerable           venue              warranted
1.    Belching in class is considered ____________ behavior and tends to offend people.
2.    His groundbreaking research with stem cells _____________ consideration for the Nobel Prize.
3.    The teacher’s _____________ to the students’ pleading meant the test would be postponed yet again.
4.    “Practice what you preach” is one __________ of a capable and admired leader.
5.    After practicing her speech for a week, the candidate _____________ confidence at the podium.
6.    The hot weather made everyone feel ___________, barely able to move to turn on the air conditioning.
7.    The school saluted one of its most ___________ teachers with a retirement party and scholarship fund.
8.    The nerd’s __________ to the popular cheerleader fell flat when she ended the conversation abruptly.
9.    The class ____________ the effects of global warming and then presented a report on their thoughts.
10.   In “Peanuts”, Pigpen is noted for his ____________, leaving a trail of dust wherever he goes.
11.   The drama troupe was forced to change the _________ of the play when the roof began leaking.
12.   Her __________ temperament will make her a perfect counselor; nothing ever seems to upset her.
13.   Acquiring a starting pitcher from our chief rival ___________ well for our standings last season.
14.   Campus security broke up an ___________ between two students waiting in line for off campus passes.
15.   Westlake Village, Beverly Hills, and Monte Sereno are among the most _________ cities in California.
16.   If you study __________ and do all the writing assignments, your grade is bound to improve.
17.   The host __________ greeted his guests at the door, giving each one a warm handshake or hug.
18.   My friend has an _________ talent for numbers and hardly seems to need to study to get an A in math.
19.   No matter how she tries to ____________ the finer points of calculus, I am still in the dark.
20.   No one would argue that it takes tremendous ____________ to survive alone in the wilderness.
21.   The shootings at Ft. Hood are even more _______ when one realizes a psychiatrist was the perpetrator.
22.   I had no __________ going into the AP exam because my teacher had prepared us very well.
23.   My cousin still could not tell if his wife was angry; her _________ face would have won a poker game!
24.   Even though she claims to be ___________, her penmanship with her right hand is much more legible.
25.   The friends gathered in the funeral home and spoke in __________ tones as they filed by the casket.
26.   The thick, black storm clouds appeared ___________, so the hikers remained at their campsite.
27.   The coach __________ the rumors of a cancelled practice by making the players run fifteen laps.
28.   He acknowledged the ________ of his dream of major league career when no scouts came to the game.
29.   If you believe you are _____________, you have just made your first mistake!
30.   The members of the tour group grew tired, _____________ with baggage, as they awaited their bus.
31.   Atticus believes the usual _________ of Maycomb is racism as it sickens the attitude of the community.
32.   Just because you are richer than your friends doesn’t mean you can act _________ and have an attitude.
33.   Copying verb conjugations over and over can be __________, so be careful you don’t get sloppy!
34.   As head of the household, I have the ____________ to decide who does which chores.
35.   The photo of sunset at the lake captures the __________ setting perfectly and makes me feel calm.

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