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Bollywood (PowerPoint)

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     By Cara Pereira
Podar International School
           VI B
What is Bollywood?
         • Bollywood is the
           informal name given
           to the popular
           Mumbai-based Hindi-
           language film industry
           in India.
         • The term is often
           incorrectly used to
           refer to the whole of
           Indian cinema.
           Bollywood is only a
           part of the Indian film
   How did it get it’s name?
• The name is a
  portmanteau of
  Bombay (the
  former name for
  Mumbai) and
  Hollywood, the
  center of the
  American film

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• Bollywood employs people from all parts
  of India. It attracts thousands of aspiring
  actors and actresses, all hoping for a
  break in the industry.
• Models and beauty contestants, television
  actors, theatre actors and even common
  people come to Mumbai with the hope and
  dream of becoming a star.
• Just as in Hollywood, very few succeed.

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        Bollywood Songs
• Bollywood songs are heard far beyond
  the borders of India.
• It is not uncommon now to see usage of
  English words. Several dialects have been
• Occasionally a few lines in another Indian
  language or even a foreign language are
  added for mystery
• The lyrics are both modern and

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         Bollywood Dance
• Dancing in Bollywood films is primarily
  modelled on Indian dance: classical dance
  styles or folk dances.

• In modern films, Indian dance elements
  often blend with Western dance styles,
  though it is not unusual to see Western
  pop and pure classical dance numbers side
  by side in the same film. The hero or
  heroine will often perform with a troupe of
  supporting dancers.

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Bollywood films feature
• beautiful natural
  surroundings or
  architecturally grand
• unrealistic &
  instantaneous shifts
  of location.
• changes of costume
  between verses of a

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• The Filmfare
  Awards ceremony
  is one of the oldest
  and most
  prominent film
  events given for
  Hindi films in India
  and is sometimes
  referred to as the
  "Indian Oscars."

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Additional ceremonies held within India are:
• Stardust Awards
• Star Screen Awards
Ceremonies held overseas are:
• Bollywood Movie Awards
• Global Indian Film Awards - (different
  country each year)
• IIFA Awards - (different country each
• Zee Cine Awards- (different country each

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Some of Bollywood’s “Stars”
Hrithik Roshan
Abhishek Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan
Saif Ali Khan
Salman Khan
Sharukh Khan

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• Female:
• Aishwarya
• Preety Zinta
• Rani Mukherjee
• Kareena Kapoor
• Shilpa Shetty
• Bipasha Basu

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