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									                                                           The Tower
                                                                      Central State University
                                                              General Alumni Association

     NEWSLETTER                                                                      Volume: 2      Date: August, 2010

   The General
Alumni Association                                   GAA President’s Corner

Board of Directors
Fred J. Grigsby, Jr., President
     Felton Page, 1st VP
                                                                  want to welcome you to the second edition of   The
  Shirley McKinney, 2nd VP                              Tower. The Tower         is a method your General Alumni As-
     Mary Hunter, 3rd VP                                   sociation (GAA) has created to keep you informed of mat-
   Rommie Sherman, Secty.                                  ters of interest to Central State University alumni. I want
  Betty Shepherd, Treasurer                                to acknowledge once again the excellent work that has
        Ronald Cosey,                                      been done by our committee members who conceived, cre-
     Financial Secretary                                   ated and published the first two editions: Rommie
      Dennis J. McNeal,                                    Sherman‘71, Kevin Beam ‘78, Suzanne Stantley ‘71 and
       Parliamentarian            Fred Grigsby, President Mark McMillian ‘80.
Frances Kay Welch, Chaplain
      Bianca R. Graves,           During early June we held our Annual Meeting in Cincinnati hosted by the Cin-
      Sergeant at Arms            cinnati Alumni Chapter. Since the events of the weekend are covered elsewhere
         Vernon Ford,
  Immediate Past President        in The Tower  , suffice it to say we had a very good meeting, surrounded by fun
                                  and well coordinated activities hosted by the Cincinnati Chapter. My sincere ap-
     Board Members                preciation and compliments are extended to Caleb Brown, President and all the
         Kevin Bean               members of the chapter who contributed to this successful weekend of activities.
    Charles A. Colbert, Jr.       I thank also all who attended. I look forward to continuing to build participation
      Yvette L. Coursey           in our Annual Meeting, as it is our major business meeting of the year. Next year
    Wendall C. Garth Sr.          we intend to specifically invite participation of all chapter presidents and sched-
       Michele V. Gee             ule a joint meeting during the weekend of the Council of Presidents and the GAA
      Quelina M. Jordan           Board. We will notify you as soon as the date and location for next year is deter-
      Christopher Lyons           mined. Please plan to come and participate with us.
      Marion McDowell
      Mark A. McMillian           As part of the Annual Meeting process, you elected one new member to the
      Michael Ri’Chard            board, Sandi Lynn of Chicago, who will replace Michael Ri’Chard (Detroit), who
      Maxton Singletary           “termed off” the board after 8 years of dedicated service for which we are very
     Suzanne F. Stantley          grateful.

                                  As I have previously indicated, we have a strong and viable board that clearly un-
                                  derstands what is expected in service to our alma mater. In keeping with our
                                  focus on strong accountability I want to update you on the status of some of our
                                  major efforts.

                                  Financial Management:          The GAA remains financially strong with over
                                  $215,000 in its treasury. We recognize that strong fiscal management is critical
                                  to our viability as an organization.

                                  Membership Growth: We have achieved over 550 financial members plus 270
                                                               The Tower
                                               Central State University General Alumni Association

GAA President’s Corner
members of the Class of 2010. We all need to encourage more alumni to become financial members and get
engaged with their local chapters.

Revitalization and Proliferation of Local Chapters: Our focus on revitalization and proliferation of local
chapters has fallen short in spite of the efforts of the committee chairperson and immediate Past President,
Vernon Ford. We concluded the effort was under resourced resulting in several board members volunteering
to work with Vernon on this effort going forward. In the meantime the St. Louis Chapter has gone inactive
which adds to the need for us to address this initiative in an effective manner.

Legacy Committee: I informed you in the first edition of    The Towerthat we had recently re-launched our
Legacy Committee and that I would provide more information with this edition. Unfortunately, the charter
that was developed for this committee has not been moved forward. Given the importance of this initiative, we
will retool this effort.

Homecoming 2010 Planning: Planning is underway as reported elsewhere in         The Tower.    Please plan to join
us for what promises to be a wonderful set of activities throughout the week.

We have made good progress on a number of other initiatives not mentioned above. Also, a new initiative the
board wants to address is a strategy for capturing the hearts of new and recent graduates. I would appreciate
receiving any ideas or thought you might have as to how we might best accomplish this objective. Young
graduates are critical to the longevity of the GAA.

I want to acknowledge with sympathy the passing of a founding member of the GAA, Raymond V. Haysbert
Sr. ’48.  Mr. Haysbert died at the age of 90 while residing in the Baltimore, Maryland area. As an organiza-
tion, we owe so much to Mr. Haysbert and the other founding members of the GAA for their vision of an
alumni association.

In closing the GAA remains keenly focused on continuous improvement in everything we do. Your input to us
will always be welcomed and appreciated.


Fred J. Grigsby, Jr. ’69
CSU General Alumni Association

                                                                                                                2                                                                                  2
                                                                   The Tower
                                                   Central State University General Alumni Association

Homecoming 2010 is Wednesday, Oct 6th – Sunday, Oct 10th. If you have not attended since graduation or in
this millennium the GAA urges you to come on back! This year the football team will play Kentucky State Univer-
sity. Come check out the campus and renew old friendships. This year’s Homecoming will prove to be a “You
Got To Be There Affair”. There will be additional special attractions throughout the Homecoming Weekend.

                                                                                      Advance Life Time On-Site
                      SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES                                          Pricing Members
Oct 6 – CSU Chorus Performance – Robeson Auditorium
Oct 7 – Mr. & Miss. CSU Coronation – Robeson Auditorium
Oct 8 – College of Business & Industry 12th Annual Scholarship Golf Outing
Beavercreek Golf Club
Oct 8 & 9 – Downtown Dayton—Area restaurants and businesses welcome CSU
alumni & friends with special discounts/promotions
Oct 8 & 9 – Vendor Fair – Main Campus
Oct 8 – Welcome Back Social – Crowne Plaza Dayton                                    Free        Free      Free
Oct 8 – Past GAA Board Members, Life Members & Council of Presidents Re-
ception - Crowne Plaza
Oct 8 – Athletic Hall of Fame “Black Tie Dinner – Crowne Plaza
Oct 9 – Alumni & Friends Breakfast – Ward Center                                     $25.00      $25.00    $30.00
Oct 9 – Alumni Association General Meeting – Ward Center
Oct 9 – Alumni Memorial Service – Sunken Garden
Oct 9 – Homecoming Parade – Main Campus
Oct 9 – Kids Zone – Main Campus
Oct 9 – Homecoming Football Game KSU vs. CSU - McPherson Stadium
Oct 9 – College of Arts & Sciences Alumni Reception – Center for Education
and Natural Sciences (CENS)
Oct 9 – College of Education Alumni Reception - CENS
Oct 9 – Greek Step Show – Beacon Gym
Oct 9 – Annual Alumni Dance (Elegant/After 5 Attire) - Crowne Plaza                  $20.00      $20.00    $25.00
Oct 10 – Alumni Awards Gospel Brunch – Crowne Plaza                                  $30.00      $30.00    $35.00

Oct 10 – Alumni Awards Gospel Brunch – Crowne Plaza                                  $300.00     $300.00   N/A
Table of ten (10) for breakfast—(Contact Alumni Affairs office to reserve)

*Full Registration Package-Includes:                                                 $170.00     $85.00    $190.00
♦ GAA Regular Membership (January-December 31, 2011) & Souvenir Gift
♦ (Saturday) Alumni & Friends Breakfast Social
♦ (Saturday) Annual Alumni Dance
♦ (Sunday) Alumni Awards Gospel Breakfast
*Advance and Life Membership rates will only be available until September 30,
*Packages will not be sold on-site

                                                                                                                 3                                                                                  3
                                                                 The Tower
                                                 Central State University General Alumni Association

H OMECOMING           (C ONT ’ D )
                                      Shirley McKinney, General Alumni       Planned Giving, made a pitch for
                                      Association (GAA) 2nd Vice Presi-      The 1887 Legacy Society.
Host Hotel:                           dent, presented President Garland
                                      to the senior class and the class of   Commencement Saturday the
    Crowne Plaza Dayton
                                      1960. Ms. McKinney and Presi-          Legacy Class enjoyed breakfast at
    33 East Fifth Street
                                      dent Garland presented seniors         Mercer Hall with students and
    Dayton, OH 45402
                                      with alumni pins and presents          proceeded to the stadium for the
The group rate is $89.00 per night    from the Dayton Alumni Chapter.        10 AM commencement.          Grey
plus tax. Reservation Line – Call                                            skies, high winds and a tempera-
1-877-834-3613. Cut-off date for      The Legacy Class, class of 1960,       ture of 46 degrees did not dampen
reservations is Wednesday, Sep-       began its activities on Friday         the enthusiasm of students.
tember 22, 2010.                      morning with a tour of the cam-
                                      pus    following     breakfast.        A jubilant class of 270 students
Overflow Hotel:                       They were also guests at an Anni-      received their degrees including
   Dayton Marriott,                   versary Legacy Class Banquet           GAA Board member and President
   1414 South Patterson Blvd.         during the evening.                    of the Class of 2010, Mary
   Dayton, OH 45409                                                          Hunter. Ms. Hunter delivered the
                                      Charles Delane, Class President        Senior Class Address and gradu-
The group rate is $237.30 includ-     (1960), did an excellent job mod-      ated with honors along with 21
ing tax and a two (2) night stay      erating the banquet's program.         students in the “Senior Gold Cord
with arrival Friday, October 8 and    President Garland, Keith Perkins       Honorees” group (grade point av-
departure Sunday, October 10.         (Director of Alumni Affairs), GAA      erages of 3.5 – 4.0)
Reservation Line – Call 1-800-450     Board members, Kay Welch and
-8625.                                Fred Grigsby presented 12 class of     Marc H. Morial, President and
                                      1960 members present with me-          CEO of the National Urban League
                  ’50, ’55,
Classes in Reunion:                   dallions and pins. A highlight of      and former Mayor of New Orleans,
’60, ’65, ’70, ’75, ’80, ’85,         the program was a presentation of      was the commencement speaker.
                                      appreciation that the class made       His core message to the graduates
’90, ’95, ’00, ’05. Suites and        to professors, deans and adminis-      was to remember the “3 Bs”; Bal-
hospitality rooms are available to    trators who had really touched         lot, Book and Buck. Be politically
Classes in Reunion through the        them during their campus experi-       active in your community, engage
Office of Alumni Relations at 937-    ence, 50 to 54 years ago. The pro-     the process of continuous learning
                                      fessors recognized included: Dean      and spend your financial re-
376-6641. For additional infor-
                                      Thomas Kelly (Dean of Men), Dr.        sources wisely. His message was
mation please contact the Office of                                          well received by all.
                                      Harry Johns (Comptroller), Dr.
Alumni Relations at 937-376-
                                      Ames Chapman (Chair of Sociol-
6641 or                                                                      A Doctorate of Laws Degree was
                                      ogy Department), Professor Bar-                                                    bestowed on US Senator George
                                      bara Symonds (Fine Arts and
                                                                             V. Voinovich. Mrs. Lynn Stevens,
                                      Cheerleader Advisor) and Profes-
                                                                             Comm. Relations Coordinator,
                                      sor Michael Carter (Baseball
                                                                             received the degree on his behalf.
                                      Coach). Amazingly, Dean Kelley,
                                      Dr. Chapman and Dr. Johns will
                                      turn 91, 90 and 89, respectively       GAA Pres. Fred Grigsby, inducted
                                      this year! What a privilege to have    the graduates into the GAA. He
                                      them with us and doing so well!        led them in reading the “Pledge of
                                      The class of 1960 conducted a          Devotion of the Senior Class to
                                      memorial tribute to those class-       the University."
                                      mates who have passed on and
                                      also engaged in testimonials. Ad-
C OMMENCEMENT 2010                    ditionally, all of the recognized                    William Brownlee, class
                                                                                           of 2010 proudly boarded
                                      dignitaries offered their own testi-                 his flight to his home
The class of 2010 graduated May                                                            town of Philadelphia
                                      monials. Following Charles De-
8, 2010. The weekend began with                                                            wearing his graduation
the Senior Class Picnic at Presi-     lane’s excellent closing remarks,                    gown. This picture was
                                      Tanya D. Hopson, Director of                         captured by a roaming
dent Garland’s home on Friday.                                                             reporter of “The Tower”.

                                                                                                                    4                                                                                      4
                                                                 The Tower
                                                 Central State University General Alumni Association

The Cincinnati Chapter hosted the     Friday afternoon President John        Athletic Director, Kellen Windslow
Central State General Alumni          Garland met with perspective stu-      and Director of Alumni Relations,
Meeting, June 11-13th., 2010, at      dents and their parents. Eight         Keith Perkins made inspiring
the Weston Cincinnati Hotel. The      students were processed for ad-        presentations.
weekend was kicked off Friday,        mission to the University.
June 11th at noon, when Presi-                                               University President, John Gar-
dent, Fred Grigsby, opened the        Friday evening there was a won-        land, provided a comprehensive
GAA Board meeting with nearly         derful reception in a suite over-      State of the University that in-
full participation of the board.      looking Fountain Square in down-       cluded information on resident
Some of the business issues dis-      town Cincinnati. This provided an      hall construction plans, course
cussed included chapter revitali-     opportunity for all participants to    offerings, student population and
zation, 5-year plan for meetings      meet and greet one another. The        the importance of alumni support.
and conferences and fundraising       Cincinnati Chapter staffed and         He commended the GAA for its
options. There was a lively dis-      hosted this event which was en-        increased level of support includ-
cussion regarding local chapters      joyed by all. This same suite was      ing its first $5,000 annual gift to
applying for non-profit status (501   the venue for the closing event on     the President’s discretionary fund.
(c)3). The recommendation was to      Saturday night, again hosted by
urge chapters not to apply for non    the Cincinnati Chapter.                The Luncheon included musical
-profit status at this time. The                                             selections provided by student
GAA will gather more information      Saturday at 9:00 AM GAA Presi-         Anthony Gray (soloist) and recent
on this issue. The Board had an       dent Grigsby opened the Annual         graduate Derrick Myers (pianist).
in-depth      conversation    about   Meeting. During his President’s        Caleb Brown, Cincinnati Alumni
whether the GAA should have its       report he reviewed the many ac-        Chapter President, presented rec-
own logo. No decision was made        complishments of the GAA over          ognition awards to William Mal-
on a logo. The Board reviewed         the past year, a few of which are      lory, Dennis McNeal and Thorn
planning for Homecoming that          contained in the President’s Cor-      Phillips.
includes an Appreciation Recep-       ner of this issue of The Tower.
tion for Life Members, Past Alum-     Betty Shepherd provided a posi-        The culminating event hosted by
nus of the Year, and Past GAA         tive and comprehensive Treas-          the Cincinnati Chapter was a Jazz
Presidents and board members. A       urer’s Report . The Meeting took       Cabaret, featuring Everett Moore
Welcome Back Reception is sched-      action to change the By-Laws to        ’86 and the Everett Moore Quar-
uled for Friday. The GAA will         require that all positions on the      tet. A good time was had by all
support the Athletic Department’s     Board of Directors require the in-     who attended this sold out event.
Athletic Hall of Fame Black Tie       cumbent to hold a degree from          Caleb Brown, Chapter President;
Dinner on October 8th. Satur-         CSU. Previously only officers had      Dennis McNeal and Evelyn
day’s Alumni Breakfast, General       that requirement.     The Tellers      Garrett, Co- Chairs; and the Cin-
Alumni Meeting and Alumni             Committee was formed to count          cinnati Chapter are to be com-
Dance will be among Homecoming        ballots to elect four people to        mended for hosting an out-
highlights. The GAA will host a       three year terms. Congratulation       standing Annual Meeting week-
Gospel Breakfast on Sunday            to Kevin Bean, Yvette Coursey,         end.
morning. Chapter Presidents will      PhD, Sandi Lynn, and Suzanne
be encouraged to use the GAA’s        Stantley who were elected to the
Leadership Visibility Initiative to   GAA Board of Directors.
enhance Chapter events with offi-
cials of the GAA and University.

                                                                                                                 5                                                                                   5
                                             The Tower
                             Central State University General Alumni Association


                                                                                       6                                                         6
                                             The Tower
                             Central State University General Alumni Association


                                                                                       7                                                         7
                                                                The Tower
                                                Central State University General Alumni Association

COUNCIL     OF   PRESIDENTS          vide.    She is captain of the         truly care about the welfare of
                                     Women’s Volleyball team. When          their students, and have gone
                                     asked what improvement the             over and beyond to help their stu-
The Council of Presidents is com-
                                     school could make, Ms. Curry
posed of Alumni Chapter Presi-                                              dents succeed.” Anjelica is Presi-
                                     suggested a wider variety of food
dents. Some of the concerns they     and keeping the café open longer       dent of the local chapter of Ohio
have asked the GAA to consider       hours. She thanks the Alumni           Student Education Association, a
are 501C3, fundraising, and how      Association for providing her with     member of Chi Alpha Epsilon Na-
to improve attendance and partici-   a scholarship.                         tional Honor Society, a Student
pation. Chapters need accurate                                              Ambassador and CSU Tour Guide.
                                                    Shaquala Summer-        Ms. Briggs likes to praise dance
identifying information on stu-
                                                    ies is from the
                                                                            and says that God has truly been
dents.                                              Windy City.     Our
                                                    scholarship recipi-     so amazing to me this past school
                                                    ent is a junior ma-     year. The growth he has given me
COMMITMENT        TO   FUTURE                       joring in account-      and the fact that I know I do not
ALUMNI                                              ing. She is Treas-      deserve any of this just makes me
                                                    urer of Chi Alpha       smile.” When asked how the Uni-
                                                    Epsilon    National     versity could be improved she
In support of our commitment to                     Honor Society and
future alumni, the GAA will fund                                            suggested professional develop-
                                     the Accounting Club. Her goal is
a minimum of $5000 annually to       to become a Certified Public Ac-       ment and etiquette workshops.
scholarships.    Full-time juniors   countant. Shaquala’s favorite ex-
and seniors at Central State are     perience at CSU was voting on 11-
                                     4-2008. She applauds the Uni-
eligible.    Students can apply
                                     versity for encouraging voter reg-
through the Student Financial        istration.    Ms. Summeries re-
Office or the internet. This year    vealed that she was given up for
we are sponsoring five scholar-      adoption at birth. Her grandpar-
ships. Three of our scholarship      ents adopted her and helped
recipients are profiled              shape her into the lady she is to-
                                     day. She’s learned that, “Life is
                                     not about waiting for the storm to
                   Riana Curry is
                                     pass, it’s about learning to dance
                   a senior from     in the rain.”
                   Ohio. She is a    Anjelica Briggs
                   Business ma-      is junior from
                   jor, with a mi-   Rancho      Cuca-
                   nor in Recrea-    monga, Califor-
                   tional Manage-    nia.   She is a
ment. This summer she worked         Mathematics
for Kroger in the Bakery and as a    Education major
Day Camp Counselor for the           with a desire to teach. Ms. Briggs
YMCA of Greater Cincinnati.          says that “Central State has some
                                     of the friendliest people that I
She is pleased that she decided to   have ever met. I enjoy getting
attend Central State because Pro-    smiles from the guy who may ap-
fessors and staff show that they     pear to be a thug to the outside
are there to help. Students are
                                     world, but at Central, he is a stu-
not just a social security number.
They work with you personally.”      dent making a difference for his
She credits her family and church    family and his future. I have met
family for the support they pro-     some of the faculty and staff who

                                                                                                               8                                                                                 8
                                                                 The Tower
                                                 Central State University General Alumni Association

We urge alumni to join the Na-        Cleveland Chapter thank Manuel         now for February 18-20, 2011 at
tional Alumni Association which       for his leadership and wish him        the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando,
includes membership in your           well in his new career. Connie         Florida.
                                      Harper, formerly Vice President,
local alumni chapter when you
                                      has assumed leadership of The          The General Alumni Association
pay your dues annually.       Your    Cleveland Chapter.                     joins the CHICAGO CHAPTER in
dues allow the Alumni Association                                            thanking Hedy Diop for her ser-
to promote and financially sup-       The DETROIT CHAPTER will spon-         vice as President of the Chicago
port the University. We provide       sor the Midnight Marauder Cruise       Chapter.
scholarships, recruit students,       2, on August 14, 2010. Boarding
lobby legislators, solicit funding,   starts at 10pm. Set sail promptly
                                      at 11pm. Ship returns at 1:30am.
                                                                             IN MEMORIAL
and promote legacy commitments.
                                      The cost: is $40 (prior to July 31).
General Alumni Association mem-                                              We extend condolences to the
bership dues are $85. Life Mem-                                              family and friends of alumni that
                                      Ticket prices increase substan-
bership is $500 but does not in-                                             recently transitioned .
                                      tially after this date. The Detroit
                                                                             ♦ Bene Butler ‘52—Passed 8/1.
clude local dues. Make checks         Alumni Chapter will also host a
                                                                               Services will be held the week of
payable to CSU General Alumni         Cookout on August 15, 2010, at
                                                                               8/9. Once available, arrange-
Association. Payments can be sent     Belle Isle Park, Shelter #20, 12pm
                                                                               ments will be posted on the offi-
to CSU Foundation-GAA,                to 6pm. For tickets and more in-
                                                                               cial alumni website http://
                                      formation contact Dwan McGrady
P.O. Box 269, Wilberforce, OH         313-737-4456 or Angie Robinson
45384.                                                                       ♦ Harriette D. Whitten-
                                                                               Yarbrough ‘61
You can pay online by visiting        The PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER will
                                      host “A Jazzy Afternoon” scholar-      ♦ Delbert Flowers ‘56
the official alumni website!        ship luncheon on Saturday, Sep-        ♦ Raymond V. Haysbert Sr. ‘48
join.asp                              tember 25, 2010, 12:30 -3:30 PM
                                      at the Flourtown Country Club.         ♦ Regina K. Allen-Brewster ‘94
                                      Tony Williams ’54, is featured.        ♦ Mary Alice “Sewell” Jones-
CHAPTER NEWS                          Contact Margarette Crawford, 215         Thorpe ’74
Join the CLEVELAND CHAPTER for        for more information.
“It’s a Jazz Thing” their 11th an-
nual Scholarship Brunch.      The     The NEW JERSEY CHAPTER will
Brunch will be held Saturday, Au-     host an all inclusive trip to The
                                      Riu Palace, “The Number One Re-
gust 14th at Tizzano’s Party Cen-
                                      sort in Punta Cana, Dominican Re-
ter, 1361 East 260th Street,          public” for Central State Alumni,
Euclid, Ohio, 44132, from 11 AM-      family and friends, October 27-31,
2PM. The donation is $40. Con-        2011 Contact OUR GANG TRAVEL
tact Eric @ 216-816-8522 or           to make your reservation at 973-
Manny @ 216-254-4855 for more         763-3616 or 1-888-5OURGANG
information.                          or e-mail:
                                      Address: 1897 Springfield Ave.,
Manuel Brooks recently resigned       Maplewood, NJ 07040.
as President of the CLEVELAND
CHAPTER. Manuel is relocating to
                                      The EVERGLADES (FL) CHAPTER
the Columbus area as a result of a
                                      will hold its 7th Annual Week-
new career opportunity. The Gen-
                                      end of Tropical Elegance in
eral Alumni Association and The
                                      February. Mark your calendars

                                                                                                                  9                                                                                    9
                                                                 The Tower
                                                 Central State University General Alumni Association

 Date                  Time            Opponent                                     Location

 9-4-2010              6:00 PM         West Virginia State Dayton Classic           Dayton, OH
                                                                                    Welcome Stadium
 9-11-2010             6:00 PM         Alabama A&M University                       Normal, AL
 9-18-2010             1:30 PM         Kentucky Wesleyan College                    Wilberforce, OH
 9-25-2010             7:00 PM         University of Dayton                         Dayton, OH
 10-20-2010            1:30 PM         Notre Dame College (Ohio)                    Wilberforce, OH
 10-9-2010             1:30 PM         Kentucky State University                    Wilberforce, OH
 10-16-2010            1:30 PM         Saint Augustine’s College                    Wilberforce, OH
 10-23-2010            2:00 PM         Southwest Baptist University                 Bolivar, MO
 10-30-2010            Noon            Lambuth University                           Jackson, TN
 11-6-2010             Noon            Urbana University (Ohio)                     Urbana, OH
 11-13-2010            1:30 PM         Stillman College                             Tuscaloosa, AL

 You can obtain additional information about Central State from the following resources:

 Direct all correspondence for the GAA to:
         Central State University General Alumni Association
         PO Box 269
         Wilberforce, OH 45384

 The Tower   was written and designed by General Alumni Association board members, Kevin Bean, Mark
 McMillian, Suzanne Stantley and Rommie Sherman. The GAA reserves the right to include, reject, and
 edit information, advertisement and photographs used in    The Tower.    To send photographs or alumni in-
 formation contact:

 Kevin Bean                   (404)   691-9977
 Mark A. McMillian            (216)   382-1207
 Rommie Sherman               (215)   242-8028
 Suzanne F. Stantley          (773)   885-0693

                                                                                                         10                                                                               10
                                                                           The Tower
                                                         Central State University General Alumni Association
                                          Advertising Order Form

                                          “The Tower”
                     CSU General Alumni Association Newsletter
                        Remaining 2010 Issue Date: December
                        Ad Submission Deadline: November 1
                           Next Issue: April, 2011/Ad Deadline: March 1, 2011

The Tower newsletter provides an excellent opportunity for you to market your organization, activity, event, or business to a
highly educated group of professional adults. Orders with Full Payment must be received by the ad submission date indi-
cated in the header. Orders received after the deadline are subject to availability.

All ads must be camera ready, submitted in Color or Black & White in PDF or high resolution JPEG formats and
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Please make all checks or money orders payable to “CSU GAA” and mail along with the completed form to:
                                         Keith Perkins, Director, Office of Alumni Relations
                                                      Central State University
                                                1400 Brush Row Rd., P.O. Box 1004
                                                       Wilberforce, OH 45384
                               Include in memo line: Tower ad (specify the issue ad is         to run)

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                                                  The Tower
                                  Central State University General Alumni Association

 Liberty Mutual offers group discounts to Cen-
 tral State University Alumni. The discount
 can help alumni save up to $327.96 or more a

 For a quote call Todd Greenwatlt, LUTCF,
 Resident Sales Representative in Miamisburg,
 OH at 1800-367-5910 Ex 53763 for a free
 quote. This offer is not exclusive to Ohio residents. The alumni Personal
 Invitation Number (PIN) is D226981747.

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                                                      The Tower
                                      Central State University General Alumni Association

                 Central State University
             General Alumni Association (GAA)
                        Join Today!

                   “Make a Difference for Central State University!”

   A voice in University affairs through a strong and unified General
 Alumni Association
   A national network of alumni to recruit top students for Central State
   A higher education legislative advocacy program
 Scholarship and Emergency Assistance for CSU Students

    Voting privileges within the General Alumni Association
    Opportunity to connect with other GAA members
    National Alumni Chapters Affiliation
 Invitations to special University, General Alumni Association (GAA) and Lo-
 cal Chapter activities

   Central State University and GAA Updates, Website/Links/E-mail, News
 Letters, and Special Event Notifications
   Alumni and Career Building Services

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                                                      The Tower
                                      Central State University General Alumni Association

                  Central State University
              General Alumni Association (GAA)
The General Alumni Association Life Membership is available for $500.00.
Once you’ve become a Life Member, you have no further obligation to pay na-
tional dues to the General Alumni Association. However, the payment of Life
Membership dues does not relieve the responsibility of one to be financial with
his/her local chapter. You will receive a Life Member Pin, Life Membership Card
and a Certificate of Good Standing indicating your continued support of the
General Alumni Association.

GAA Life Memberships can now be paid in installments. The procedure to pay
for the GAA Life Membership is as follows:

Send check, money order, etc for $100.00 to Keith Perkins (Alumni Director) in-
dicating you will pay your Life membership in installments that will not exceed
six months from the date of your check.

Please indicate how you will pay the remaining $400.00:
   ♦ Monthly,
   ♦ Bimonthly or,
   ♦ Tri-monthly
   and the month we can expect your last payment.

If you fail to make the final payment as agreed, your funds paid to date will be-
come a “donation.” Ron Cosey, GAA Financial Secretary, will monitor the in-
stallment payments. You can contact him (614-439-4466-cell or 614-885-1431-
home) regarding your participation in the program.

Once your final payment is received, Keith will send you a GAA Life Membership
packet containing all items and information given a new GAA Life Member.

  Thank you for your interest in becoming a Life Member of the Central State University

                                                                                            14                                                                  14
                                                                                The Tower
                                                             Central State University General Alumni Association

                           Central State University
                       General Alumni Association (GAA)
                                 “Make a Difference for Central State University!”

Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.___________________________________________ (maiden name) __________________________________
Hm Phone (          ) ____________________Wk Phone (               ) ________________Cell Phone (          )________ ______________
CSU Graduate? Yes/No ____________ What years did you attend CSU?__________________________________________
Undergraduate Major/Degree ___________________________________________________Class Year____________________
Alumni Chapter Affiliation/Designation (if any) ________________________________________________________________
Membership Type: (check one)              Annual: $85.00 _________________ Life Membership: $500 ________________
Method of Payment:         Cash       Check        Visa     MasterCard          Amex       Gratis-’09 Grad
Credit Card # _____________________________________________________ Expiration Date ___________________________
Total Amount Authorized: $__________________________Total Amount Enclosed $________________________________
Authorized Signature and Date _______________________________________-________________________________________

G A A / N a ti o n al Me m b e rs h ip F ee $ 8 5 .0 0 ( I nc lu d es l oc a l c h a pt e r af f i li a ti o n , if a n y)
                                             Ja n u a r y 1 - D ec e mb er 3 1 , 2 0 1 1
                                  G A A / N a ti o n al Lif e Me mb e rs h ip F ee $ 5 0 0 . 0 0
                                   ( D o e s n o t i n cl u d e l o ca l c h a pt e r af f i li a ti o n)

                                                          Make payment to:
                                                   CSU Foundation - GAA
                                                       P.O. Box 269
                                                   Wilberforce, OH 45384
                                                  Memo: GAA Membership

  If you are interested in organizing a chapter, joining a chapter or need additional information, please contact Office of
         Alumni Relations at (937) 376-6641 or Fax (937) 376-6642 or E-mail

                                                                                                                               15                                                                                                   15
                                                        The Tower
                                        Central State University General Alumni Association

PRESIDENT *                   (614) 885-1431                       Suzanne F. Stantley ‘71
Fred J. Grigsby, Jr. ‘69                4850 S. Lake Park #1801
PMB 226 1218 E. Broadway                                           Chicago, IL 60615
Long Beach, CA 90802          PARLIAMENTARIAN            
(949) 388-6518                Dennis J. McNeal ‘66          3800 Congreve Avenue                 Kevin Bean ‘78
                              Cincinnati, OH 45213                 3149 Kingsdale Dr. SW
1ST VICE PRESIDENT *          (513) 631-0287 Hm                    Atlanta GA 30311
Felton Page ‘69               (513) 251-3851 Fax                   (404) 691-9977
160 Winding Creek Rd.         (513) 253-9376 Cell        
Stafford, VA 22554  
(540) 659-1029 Hm                                                  TERM EXPIRES 2011
(571) 215-7041 Cell           CHAPLAIN                             Wendall C. Garth Sr. ‘81
(703) 607-0780 Wk             Frances Kay Welch ‘52                18440 McCracken Road       4490 Procuniar Dr.                   Maple Heights, OH 44137        Huber Heights, OH 45424              (330) 963-5841 Hm
                              (937) 236-9781 Hm                    (216) 478-1609 Wk
2ND VICE PRESIDENT *                   (216) 965-6852 Cell
Shirley McKinney ‘75                                     
11801 Buckingham Ave          SERGEANT-AT-ARMS
Cleveland OH 44120            Bianca R. Graves                     Mark A. McMillian ‘80
(216) 229-1708 Hm             4810 Yorkshire Rd.                   4620 Ammon Rd.
(216) 441-8030 Wk             Detroit, MI 48224                    South Euclid, Oh 44143
(216) 401-7866 Cell           (313) 417-0360                       (216) 432-3357 Wk               (216) 382-1207 Hm
Senior Class President        Vernon N. Ford ‘70                   Michele V. Gee ‘71
Tabetha Barker ‘11            7760 E. Gainey Ranch Road Unit       8717-113th Ave.
117 Hunter Hall               #29                                  Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Wilberforce, OH 45384         Scottsdale, AZ 85258                 (262) 694-8780 Hm
(937) 369-7398                (480) 201-4252 Wk                (480) 998-5292 Hm
                              (480) 609-3903 Hm Fax                Quelina M. Jordan ‘93
SECRETARY *                   (480) 449-9547 Wk Fax                P.O. Box 608430
Rommie Sherman ‘71                     Cleveland, OH 44108
7707 Crefeld St.                                                   (216) 289-2981
Philadelphia, PA 19118        TERM EXPIRES 2010          
(215) 242-8028                Michael Ri’Chard ‘77        17135 Fairfield                      TERM EXPIRES 2012
                              Detroit, MI 48221                    Charles A. Colbert, Jr. ‘74
TREASURER *                   (313) 864-9855 Hm                    24635 South Mulberry Lane
Betty R. Shepherd ‘71         (313) 833-7201 Wk                    Crete IL 60417
6123 Campfire Dr.             (313) 779-5001 Cell                  (708) 243-6646
Columbia, MD 21045            (313) 224-0372 Fax         
(410) 740-4040 Hm   
(443) 677-6308 Cell                                                Marion McDowell ‘70
(410) 730-5543 Fax            Yvette L. Coursey ‘63                6829 Wellauer Drive            P.O. Box 3823                        Wauwatosa, WI 53213
                              West Palm Beach FL 33402             (414) 771-8642
FINANCIAL SECRETARY *         (561) 833-3113 Wk          
Ronald E. Cosey ‘70           (561) 863-8569 Hm
1291 Worthington Hts. Blvd.   (561) 659-4505 Wk Fax
Columbus, OH 43235            (561) 881-8950 Hm Fax                * Executive Committee
(614) 439-4466      

                                                                                                  17                                                                        17
                                                 The Tower
                                 Central State University General Alumni Association


Quelina M. Jordan ‘93
P.O. Box 608430
Cleveland, OH 44108
(216) 289-2981

Charles A. Colbert, Jr. ‘74
24635 South Mulberry Lane
Crete IL 60417
(708) 243-6646

Marion McDowell ‘70
6829 Wellauer Drive
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
(414) 771-8642

Christopher Lyons ‘81
7165 Devonhall Way
Duluth, GA 30097
(404) 316-0530

Maxton Singletary ‘81
1430 Soaring Heights Dr.
Dayton, OH 45440
(937) 848-5971 Hm
(937) 255-6582 Wk
(937) 609-6990 Cell

Revised 10/6/09

                                                                                       18                                                             18
                                                             The Tower
                                             Central State University General Alumni Association

                 CHAPTER PRESIDENTS

ATLANTA, GA                        DAYTON, OH                            LOS ANGELES, CA
Kevin Bean ‘78                     Vivian R. Sloan ‘53                   Raymond Roney ‘63
3149 Kingsdale Dr. S.W.            2721 Soldiers Home W. Carrollton      5640 W. 63rd Street
Atlanta, GA 30311                  Rd.                                   Los Angeles, CA 90056
Hm-404-691-9977                    Dayton, OH 45418                      Hm-310-410-1573
Wk-770-858-5686                    Hm-937-263-9992                       Fax-310-910-1386
                                   DETROIT, MI                           NEW JERSEY
BALTIMORE, MD                      Jason Patton ‘93                      Joyce Eldridge-Howard ‘65
Richard Shepherd ’71 “inactive”*   30260 Southfield Rd. #157             75 Weber Ave.
6123 Campfire Dr.                  Southfield, MI 48076                  Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Columbia, MD 21045                 Cell-313-283-1105                     Hm-908-281-0380
Hm-410-740-4040                    Hm-313-931-4945                       Cell-973-699-6905
Cell-443-677-6306                         Fax- 908-281-0380
Fax-410-730-5543                                                                EVERGLADES, FL
                                   Dr. Yvette Coursey ‘63                NEW YORK, (METRO) NY
CHICAGO, IL                        P.O. Box 3823                         Glenda E. Jones ‘68
Hedy Diop ‘90                      W. Palm Beach, FL 33402               3319 Colden Ave.
1055 W. Catalpa St. #309           Hm-561-863-8569                       Bronx, NY 10469
Chicago, IL 60640                      Cell-908-249-1370
Cell-773-603-2293                  GREENE COUNTY, OH
Wk-847-929-3276                    “inactive” *                          PHILADELPHIA, PA                                                         Craig Metcalfe ‘66
                                   HOUSTON, TX                           7819 Deerrun Rd.
CINCINNATI, OH                     “inactive” *                          Laverock, PA 19038
Caleb Brown ’70                                                          Hm-215-576-0613
428 Glenwood Ave.                  INDIANAPOLIS, IN            
Cincinnati, OH 45229               Nathaniel M. Lofton ‘86
Hm-513-751-1835                    1940 Southern Wood Lane               PHOENIX, AZ
Cell-513-5604426                   Indianapolis, IN 46231                Isaiah “Kit” Marshall ‘62
Wk-513-475-02200 Ext 4             Hm-317-248-9603                       2343 W. Main St # 1140                  Cell-317-809-5764                     Mesa, AZ 85201
CLEVELAND, OH                                                            Cell-480-518-7406
Connie Harper                      LAS VEGAS, NV               
Hm-216-921-1447                    “inactive”
Wk-216-791-7600                                                          PITTSBURGH, PA                                                    Valerie Owens Johnson ‘71
                                                                         4816 Coleridge St.
COLUMBUS, OH                                                             Pittsburgh, PA 15201
James P. Jarrett ‘73                                                     Cell-412-352-8918
306 Linden Circle                                                        Hm-412-661-3272
Pickerington, OH 43147                                         

                                                                                                          19                                                                           19
                                                  The Tower
                                  Central State University General Alumni Association

                CHAPTER PRESIDENTS

SAN FRANCISCO, CA            Please Contact:
“inactive” *
                             OFFICE OF ALUMNI RELATIONS
SPRINGFIELD, OH              Keith A. Perkins ‘82
“inactive” *                 OFFICE of ALUMNI RELATIONS
                             CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY
ST. LOUIS, MO                1400 BRUSH ROW RD.
“inactive”                   P.O. BOX 1004
                             WILBERFORCE, OH 45384
WASHINGTON, DC               WK– 937-376-6641
Shawnna Sims ‘91             WK--937-376-6640
10426 Terraco Drive          FAX-937-376-6642
Cheltenham, MD 20623
Hm 301-782-4011
Cell 301-523-6148

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