Chas Clifton letter to NRA-ILA by panniuniu


									            Chas S. Clifton
            P.O. Box 57                                  719-784-3160
            Wetmore, Colorado 81253            

                                                         November 10, 2006

Chris Cox & Darren LaSerto
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Dear Mr. Cox and Mr. LaSerto:

As an NRA life member and NRA-ILA supporter, I suggest that the organization
is mistaken in opposing Senator Wayne Allard’s proposed Browns Canyon
Wilderness Area in central Colorado.

I live in the adjacent county. I have hunted and fished in Browns Canyon a
number of times, and I fully support its wilderness designation so that it will
remain a high-quality outdoor recreation area.

As a designated federal wilderness, Browns Canyon would remain completely
open to hunting. And although I am 55 years old, I am not so feeble as to require
motorized access everywhere I go hunting. Nor should most hunters. Colorado
has plenty of heavily roaded public lands for those who do.

NRA-ILA is a powerhouse on Second Amendment rights. In this land-use
decision, however, I suggest that you need to gather more facts and information
from members in the area involved.


                                                         Chas S. Clifton

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