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					  NavisionV4.0 Installation and Configuration M8404
Delegate Pre-requisites:
Delegates are required to meet the following prerequisites:

Before attending this course, it is highly recommended that students have:
   A strong understanding of Clients and Servers
   A strong understanding of Microsoft SQL Servers
 Attended the two day Navision 4.0 Introduction

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the delegate will be able to:

Chapter 1: Introduction & what you need to know                  Setting the Program Properties
                                                                 Working with Databases
Chapter 2: Hardware and Software Requirements
Before you begin installing and configuring Microsoft            Chapter 6: Microsoft Navision SQL Server
Navision, you need to consider the network, database,            Option
and server needs and clarify any questions with your             Server Considerations
customer. This chapter leads you through the                     Installing Clients
database, server, and client installation decisions              System Setup
necessary for a successful implementation.                       Working with Databases
                                                                 Creating and Maintaining Databases
Chapter 3: Microsoft Navision Architecture                       Security and User Setup
The Microsoft Navision Client/Server Environment
The Server Options                                               Chapter 7: Microsoft Navision Application
The Microsoft Navision Security Model                            Server (NAS)
                                                                 Getting Started with NAS
Chapter 4: Microsoft Navision Client Installation                NAS Setup
Installing, Maintaining, and Removing Single-Users and           Microsoft Navision Automated Data Capture
Clients                                                          System (ACDS)
System Setup
Single-User and Client Setup Properties                          Chapter 8: Microsoft Navision ODBC Driver
Setting the Program Properties                                   Terminology
Working with Databases                                           ODBC Driver Functionality
License Files                                                    Data Types
                                                                 Multilanguage Functionality
Chapter 5: Microsoft Navision Database Server                    SQL Statement Reference Guide
Installing a Microsoft Navision Database Server
Importing a Database into Microsoft Navision Database            Chapter 9: Microsoft Navision Security
Server                                                           Authentication in Microsoft Navision
Running more than one Server                                     Active Directory Service Security
System Setup                                                     Logins, Roles, and Permissions
Single-User and Client Setup Properties                          Applying Security Filters in SQL
Microsoft Navision Database Server and Setup                     User Specific Setups
Properties                                                       Additional Security Features

Chapter 10: Basic Customizations
MenuSuite Fundamentals
The Navigation Pane
Navigation Pane Design
Personalizing the Navigation Pane
Shortcuts Menu
Creating and Designing MenuSuite Objects
Exporting a MenuSuite Object
How Upgrades Affect New Menus

             If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to email
Chapter 11: Microsoft Navision Database
Administration Tools
Managing the Database
Database Maintenance

Chapter 12: Microsoft Navision Optimization
Advanced Database Information including, Optimizing
a Table, Optimistic Concurrency, and Database
Database Efficiency, including Key Groups, Decreasing
the Table Seek Time, Key Properties, Finding Errors in
the Tables, and Creating Space in the Database
Administering SQL Server, including, Monitoring with
SQL Profiler, Reporting Services Trace Logs, Profiling
ODBC Driver Performance, How to Profile Driver
Performance Data, Running System Monitor, and
ODBC Tracing

Chapter 13: Troubleshooting Microsoft Navision
Setting up a Test Environment
Identifying Performance Problems
How to Identify Lock Issues
Determine Bottlenecks within the Microsoft Navision

  Testing and Certification
  Recommended as preparation for exam(s):
   Exam 070-300: Analysing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution

            If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to email

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