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Project Proposal
Ihab Mohamed, Ibrahim Sameer, Arundhati Basu, Ibrahim Idris

Advertising in the UAE is as wide spread as it is in any developing country but here, we are constantly
aiming for greater and newer goal to achieve in every aspect, from high rise skyscrapers to telephone

Advertising over the internet is a great facility but in the UAE it lacks a lot of strength and popularity.
Most advertising websites provide either little information, few a number of advertisements, some only
attract big companies because of high charges, while some although target the right people, fail at
managing the site, some seemed to have worked alright but their website wasn’t up to the general
public’s interest, and so on the list goes and thus, there isn’t one really successful advertising website.


The Concept

We, a group of university students, thought of creating a website that can be a real portal to the people
of the UAE and those outside, to be able to locate “any” company, business, shop, firm and any form of
organization in the UAE. The goal is a successful advertising website that would be a resource for anyone
needing to find “anything” in the UAE. Just imagine an interactive website that would simulate a “sort-of reach” of resources but for the UAE.

An important aspect of this website is involvement of people, and we have thought of creating a
challenge for ourselves and for the website, to maintain optimal efficiency (Details to follow).

There are several keys to this project; an interactive modern website, prices that would suit one and all,
good maintenance and upkeep, advertising the website, and efficient cycle of pushing the website
forward giving priority to the website at all times.
This website would provide information about all companies and businesses in the UAE for people to
reach them and for competitors to be able to know them, a perfect information portal for everyone.

Part One – The Website

The website for this project is based on a lot of requirements and a lot of trends that people expect in
online resources today and so we have decided that it should have all of the following features:

    -   Clean, crisp, elegant and efficient design with a simple layout
    -   Interactive features that are of the latest trends in website designs
    -   Up to date, real time, and extremely smart search feature
    -   Access for one and all
    -   Immediate online submission of advertisements

The list of actual features would be long; these are the main points that are necessary for the website.
Part Two – The Advertising Pricing

Economic crisis has hit us all. Although those affected by it have taken it negatively, we have derived a
good level of inspiration out of it. This website needs to charge people an amount that is low in order to
attract them, but in our view, a low price also indicates that more people can join. This would include
small businesses that would otherwise not be able to compete with big organizations.

For example: A small grocery store would never consider advertising because the costs are too high and
because his competitors are bigger organizations such as Union Co-operative or Emirates Co-operative.

In our website, we assumed a fixed cost for advertisements to be at a rate of 20 Dirhams per month.

In return for this money, advertisements would appear on our website, be searched for by many people
looking for them while they sit next to big competitors.

As for the big companies, 20 Dirhams does sound like a miniature amount of money, but because they
can afford more, we simply offer them more features.

When someone clicks an advertisement a page opens with the details of that company, but for big
companies we can offer:

    -   More appearance in search (If a search has many pages worth of results, the people who opted
        to appear more often would appear amongst the top)
    -   Customization of the personalized page
    -   Map location options
    -   Images and video options
    -   And a few external features we constantly add to the list to make big companies more satisfied
        and continuously intrigued.

Most big companies might be interested in taking everything we have to offer and thus they may be
paying 20 Dirhams per advertisement and additionally a few hundred or thousand based on what
options they wish to add. This ensures that from the website level, all companies are placed on the same
platform and level, but at the same time can opt to have a different quality of advertisement on the
Part Three – The Website Advertising

This part is an interesting aspect; the advertising website will need advertising.

There are stages for this to happen. At the initial stage the companies that wish to join this website
would be the main target for direct communication from us.

We will be advertising through basic features at the start and these would be:

    -   Grouping social networks
    -   Buying relevance space on major search engines (For example: When someone searches for UAE
        or UAE advertising, they would see the website on the top of the first page)
    -   Light radio advertising
    -   Personalized advertising (flyers, posters, etc)
    -   Emailing companies (Repository of 200’000+ Emails at hand currently)

At this point (after the above) the website would be running through revenue that would allow a lot
more advertising possibilities. This website being a general mean for everyone and so advertising
possibilities would be:

    -   Advertising on the radio exclusively
    -   Advertising on the internet
    -   Advertising in the printed media (Magazines and Newspapers)
    -   Advertising through spreading of flyers and posters widely
    -   Advertising on television channels
    -   Advertising through boards in the streets
    -   Advertising through employed and professional sales people

The website’s possibilities to expand is only limited to the website’s popularity.

Part Four – The Costs

With regards to the economic crisis that was mentioned earlier; low costs would mean a company
would be more likely to invest in the website, and companies still suffering would not mind paying a low
fee as the one proposed. Also, in a long term, any company that might suffer from any financial
problems would consider leaving the website as a last resort considering the low costs.

Another aspect that is of importance is ‘risk’. A big company or a small company would have to calculate
how much they are risking if they need to pay two million Dirhams for advertising, but would not be
required to do such calculations for a few hundred or thousand a year. This is a great motivating factor
for companies that are unsure of the website’s success. Also, if successful, they would be benefiting a lot
more than they put in, which is another motivating factor.
Estimated initial costs of the project are not high as the website’s growth would determine its
possibilities, hence if the website is successful it would cover all its necessary costs.

    -   The website fully functioning with all our proposed requirements would accumulate to about
        50’000 Dirhams (Interactive features cost as much to adopt)
    -   Trade licensing to allow legal trading in the UAE would cost about 25’000 Dirhams (Assuming a
        free zone trade license for initial launch as physical space wouldn’t be necessary)
    -   Website Domain, Hosting with high bandwidth, Initial advertising and other expenses would
        arise to around 25’000 Dirhams.

All in all an initial starting of the website would cost around 100’000 Dirhams. This would mean that
with this amount the website can be launched in its entirety and be open to the public.

Part Five – The Challenge

Mentioned earlier was the challenge that would push this website in many ways. This section is to
describe that in detail.

We have thought of a “100’000 UAE Ads Challenge” which is a challenge we put up for ourselves and the
public to reach one hundred thousand advertisements on our website. This goal will not be easy to
achieve in general, but with the proposed plans, techniques, number of visitors, and influence of this
project it might be achievable. We have plans to have that as our main advertising campaign and keep a
clear (and interactive) counter on the website for ourselves and everyone to see how many
advertisements we have on our website.

This brings in a simple social interactivity with the people viewing the website, which then keeps
companies up to date with the success of the website, and thus motivate more companies to join. This
would then continue to more people visiting. The real achievement is catching this cycle effectively.
Part Six – The Revenue

The charging of the money would be provided by several means;

    -   Payment online through credit/debit card
    -   Bank transfer into business account

Receiving payment on a monthly basis would be an issue and companies paying 20 Dirhams every
month would be more of a nuisance than a payment. To solve this, companies can pay yearly or bi-
yearly and this would make payments easier and better for both parties.

The Calculations:

The calculation of income is based on the amount of advertisements on the website.

For example:

If the website has 10,000 advertisements:

10,000 x 20 Dirhams = 100,000 Dirhams a month

100,000 Dirhams x 6 months (assumed payment interval chosen) = 600,000 Dirhams for 6 months.

If the website has 50’000 advertisements:

50,000 x 20 Dirhams = 1,000,000 Dirhams a month

1,000,000 Dirhams x 6 months (assumed payment interval chosen) = 6,000,000 Dirhams for 6 months.

These are the revenues for the website with a big number of advertisements of course which with the
right efforts, with the right amount of time put into this, and with correct implementation and
advertising would be possible over a period of less than a year.

Also, as mentioned earlier, bigger companies have options of extra features. We, as a group, haven’t
fully cleared out the pricing of these additional features but on a verbal agreement, we have features
and facilities that range from 100 Dirhams right up to about 5500 Dirhams a month per company plus
the basic 20 Dirham charge. The actual end revenue can vary greatly.

Any external influences would greatly increase the chances. These could be more financial aid (for
advertising, etc) or personal relations with companies to recommend joining this website and so on.

This proposal has covered most of the major points of this project. There are several factors that include
website features that can be offered to clients and a couple of future growth plans that are still at a
planning stage. At this point, we have conducted research on the project and we have inquired about a
few advertising means and also obtained big directories of companies in the UAE. These directories
could be used for initial spreading of the website to companies via email and at the beginning could
bring up awareness of the website’s existence yet cost effective.

We thank you for your time and patience throughout this proposal. We hope you have a good general
scope on the project and would be willing to be a part of this project and supporting us reach our goals
and achieve what could be, the key online resource in the UAE.

Once again, thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Ihab Mohamed, Ibrahim Sameer, Ibrahim Idris, Arundhati Basu

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