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					                           Phoenix Association of the Deaf, Inc
                                Special General Meeting
                                    January 23, 2010
                            Phoenix Deaf Community Center
                            1545 W. Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ

President Larry DeVenny called to order at 1:00 pm and Pro-Tem Secretary Deb Stone
recorded the meeting. President appointed Michael Decker as a sergeant-at-arms.

Quorum of 10 or 10% of membership whichever is greater: Quorum had met.

Present: President Larry DeVenny, Pro-Tem Secretary Deb Stone, Temporary Treasurer
Bill Ferguson, Association Directors: Gary Burgess, Deb Stone, Araceli Martinez, and
Marcia Nowak.

Absent: Vice-President-Vacant and Secretary-Vacant

Financial Report

January Utilities due would be either $3,408.95 (full payment on liability) or $1,401.95
with current balance of $103.57.
There were no events in the past and one event in February and a couple hall rentals.

Treasurer Ferguson was concerned for future income and made a suggestion of set up
several committees to raise fund through membership drive, social events, letters asking
for donation, raffles with big prizes, and yard sale.

Ferguson suggested two options.
Option 1: Pay liability in full, continue volunteer at Centerplate and close all utilities;
therefore, close PDCC for a few months.
Option 2: Pay liability in installment payments and sell some PDCC assets, such as
computers, dart machine, vending machines.

Marcia Nowak presented the liability insurance and amount as follows:
Liability included employee theft and auto insurance, $2,676
Liability excluded employee theft and auto insurance, $2,487


President DeVenny had reported of what had taken action of repair electric. There were
25 code violations and they all were repaired, met codes, and in order. There was a green
sticker label on the fuse box, which implied that it had passed and approved.

Fred Bass questioned Alvin Leff with 4 questions:
Why did not PAD/PDCC being approved/passed the electricity (green label) when the
renovation was completed?
       Alvin stated that he learned today that it was required. Electric man stated it is not
required for the inside job.

When PAD made a purchase of $10,000 or more at Home Depot, PAD received a Home
Depot Gift Card of $1,000. Why did the Home Depot Gift Card give to John Ramey?

Why was there no permit to renovate the West Wing?
        Alvin stated that the permit is not needed when it was being done inside the
building. John Ramey was using his boss’s license. The plan was to add skylight to the
west wing but it required blueprint design and all that, which was costly. It was decided
not to cancel the skylight.

Fred Bass wanted to know all details in the $50,000 Grant, what was repaired, how much,
and etc.

Albert Couthen, coordinator presented:
PAD 2010 Baseball Spring Training Fundraising Project at the Peoria Sports Complex

Good News!

PAD is still on the Centerplate, the fundraising project for the coming baseball spring
training and next fall AZ Cardinals football season in spite of PAD failed to provide 15
volunteers at every Cardinals games past fall season.

PAD must continue to participate in the Centerplate fundraising project by providing the
proper numbers of volunteers this spring.

Albert Couthen will not be coordinating the volunteers during the baseball spring training
and AZ Cardinals season.

Baseball Spring training schedule is March 3rd to April 1st, 2010.

Recruitment for new volunteers and trained volunteers to sign up today to February 15,

Deadline for coordinators to be appointed by February 8th, 2010

Centerplate training for new volunteers on February 24th during the day or one Saturday
depend the number requests from the non profit organizations.

Interpreting services are working in process.
Food handler class will be scheduled

Affiliation meeting TBA

Let us not to lose the Centerplate fundraising project at the University of Phoenix stadium
and Peoria Sports Complex

New Business

M1: Patsy Orlando moved to change in Agenda: 1. New Business, 2.
Financial/Insurance, 3. Centerplate, and 4. Electricity. Seconded.

M2: Patsy Orlando moved to withdraw the motion (M1). Seconded. Passed.

M3: Fred Bass moved to change in Agenda: 1. Financial/Insurance, 2. Centerplate, 3.
Electric, and 4. New Business. Seconded.

M4: Fred Bass moved to withdraw the motion (M3). Seconded. Passed.

M5: Fred Bass moved to stay with current agenda as announced. Seconded.

M5A: Deb Stone amended to insert 20 minutes on each agenda and 25 minutes on
Electricity. Seconded.

M5B: Don LaRoche amended to strike electricity, 20 minutes, and 25 minutes and add
40 minutes each agenda. Seconded

The amendment of 40 minutes each agenda passed.

M5C: Bill Ferguson amended to place Financial/Insurance on the first agenda. Seconded.

The motion of switching items 1 and 2 as: 1. Financial/Insurance, 2. Electricity, 3. CP,
and 4. New Business is passed.

M6: Alvin Leff moved to accept the policy coverage without employee theft and auto
insurance for $2,487. Seconded.

M6A: Don LaRoche amended to have members signing waive the auto insurance
liability. Seconded. Failed.

The motion of accepting liability of $2,487 is passed.

M7: Patsy Orlando moved to choose Option 2 as Treasurer Ferguson suggested.
M8: Patsy Orlando moved to withdraw the motion (M7). Seconded. Passed.

M9: Marcia Nowak moved to charge $2 admission fee to all members and $5 to all non-
members for non-events at PAD. Seconded.

M9A: Ed Buell amended to add $3 admission fee to all non-members to PAD meeting
and special meeting. Seconded. Passed.

The main motion of charge $2 to all members and $5 to all non-members admission fee
to non-events and $3 to all non-members to PAD meeting and special meeting was

M10: Alvin Leff moved that any returned member who overlap their membership
deadline are allowed to vote general and special meetings. Seconded.
Rationale: There was no renewal reminder.

The motion was referred to By Law committee automatically.

M11: Patsy Orlando moved that any officer of PAD is an officer of any other
organization must step down, effective today. Seconded.
Rationale: There was so much confusion when an officer involves with more than one

The motion was referred to By Law committee automatically.

M12: Albert Couthen moved to discuss DeVenny’s administration. Seconded.

Member Enos made a comment and request that Association Directors gather information
as to why there was no permit for renovation, etc. Have those report at the next general

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm.

Submitted by Deb Stone

Date of approval

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