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					                        AZHMP Survey Partnership Specifications
The following is a summary of specifications to be included in proposals from local governmental
entities seeking financial support to perform height modernization control surveys under Partnership
agreements with the Arizona Height Modernization Program (AZHMP).

AZHMP does not agree to fund all acceptable surveys; funding will be granted based on the proposed
survey’s positive contribution(s) to the programmatic goals of AZHMP. AZHMP has allocated $70K of
funding for this effort. The amount of funding for a project will be $10,000. Funding will be provided
in two payments; one of 50% upon approval of the request (agreement/contract), and 50% after
acceptance of the survey by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS).

The method of funding will be a transfer of funds from AZHMP to the partner agency through an
agreement or contract. The partner agency will be responsible for contract award, contract monitoring,
etc. The AZHMP funds can be applied by the partner agency to any activities required to conduct or
process the survey.

AZHMP reserves the right to modify the Partnership Specifications as the program progresses.

Partnership Technical Specifications:
   1. The survey must establish at least 10 new (i.e. non-Height Modernization) control stations.
   2. The survey will be accomplished under the following technical specifications:
           a. The NGS Geodetic Advisor to AZ (Advisor) will approve the survey plan prior to initial
               transfer of funds (the Advisor will be available pre-survey to assist in project planning).
           b. The survey will be in compliance with NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NGS-58,
               NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NGS-59 (DRAFT), and NGS project submission
               requirements. Deviations from these guidelines must be approved by the Advisor.
   3. The partner agency is responsible for all portions of the survey (planning, field operations, data
       processing, bluebooking, etc.).
   4. The survey shall be submitted to the NGS, and published (incorporated into the NSRS) by NGS.
   5. The agency agrees to enact or enforce statute or rule to preserve all survey monuments within
       their jurisdiction. Note enforceable state statute (ARS 33-103, E.) currently exists.

AZHMP Programmatic Goals:
  1. A Statewide multi-purpose cadastre                     10. Improved Critical Infrastructure
  2. Improved Border and Homeland                               Management
     Security                                               11. Precision Agriculture
  3. Improved Emergency, Wildland Fire,                     12. Improved Management of Growth and
     and Disaster Response                                      Public Lands
  4. Improved E911 Dispatch
  5. Improved Drought Monitoring
  6. Improved Flood Insurance Mapping
  7. Improved Pipeline Safety
  8. Improved Land Subsidence Monitoring
  9. Improved Aviation Safety

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