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									Book Review

Book Title: Aurora                            Author: Candace Savage

Genre: Non-fiction                                           Pages: 131

Plot Summary: (include at least one quote from the book) This book tells about myths of
the aurora from all different cultures and peoples, the science behind the northern lights,
and the history of observing and discovering the northern lights. The historical section
includes detailed stories and descriptions of scientists, their theories, thoughts, and
debates regarding the cause for the northern lights. “The polar lights mark the threshold
between the visible and invisible universe. So it is not surprising to discover that they
have stimulated the imaginations of some of the world’s great scientists…………” .

Rating: 3(It was okay)

1 (I hated it)       2 (not very good)     3(It was okay)     4 (I liked it)    5 (one of
the best)

Reason for the rating: The book was descriptive and detailed. By reading this book you
learn a lot about the northern lights, but it was not a book most people would read for
pleasure. I felt the chapter on myths really dragged. There was almost nothing interesting
about it. The author didn’t seem to have any personality or bring any life to what was
written, like later in the book, but listed the different myths. The main part of the book
was about the scientists and the history of discovering and observing, which felt a little
long at times, like it needed to move on. Towards the end it got interesting, and the
scientist’s personalities and thoughts came through more. I was especially excited to
finally read about the people who succeeded at explaining the northern lights. Over 400
years of scientific progress finally flowed into the science of understanding the
northern(and southern) lights. This part of the book was short but interesting. Throughout
the book, there were interesting pictures and side stories that explained the text. Overall,
it was not really fun to read, but a good detailed and in depth way to learn about the
northern lights.

        A person who likes to read scientific writing, stories, and picture books might also
like this book.

Reading Level: This book would be moderately challenging to read for the average
middle school reader.
(easy, not hard, moderately challenging, challenging)

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