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					                             Breif History of Earth in 2040

To clear up a few things... World War III occured due to the shortage of natural
resources (oil in particular), world wide economic depression and, of course, crazy
postal workers (j/k).

2015 AD. - 2020 AD.

Shortage of oil and world wide depression caused world economics to enter a halt.
Without sufficent market, industries merge to sustain their position, but most filed

Nevertheless, China benefited from this world depression as government ran
industries begin massively producing domestic goods at cheap and affordable prices.
Throughout 2015 to 2020, Chinese economy improved over leaps and bounds,
eventually dominating over 60% of the world market.

World depression also forced Russia into a third revolution, causing the split between
East and West Moscow. China sees the chance of a strong alliance, and begin
supporting East Russia in their efforts to overthrow West Russia. The Western
nations were reluctant in giving support to West Russia, thus, within a few years,
Russia was again united under a communist leadership.

2020 AD. - 2025 AD.

To affirm China's status as world power, China begin taking role in intervening Middle
Eastern politics, supporting rival governments and forming alliances. At times,
Chinese military personnel were even spotted on Middle Eastern soil "interfering"
with UN peace keepers.

Furiated, the United States and numerous Western Nations initiated economic
sanctions on China. To make matters worse, Chinese leadership sees this as an
active military action, and begin mobilizing their forces for a possible outbreak of

2025 AD. 2030 AD.

With diplomatic negotiations failed to bring forth any positive outcome, the world
prepares for war.

Believing that the United States is tied up on matters of the Middle East and Europe,
Chinese leadership now sees a perfect opportunity to seize what they believe as a
rogue state, the island nation of Taiwan and to further affirm their position in Asian
politics. To do so, the Chinese military initiated 2 simulateous attacks on the
Japanese naval base of Okinawa as well as the Taiwanese mainland itself.
Unfortunately, this strike also included the accidental destruction of US carrier battle
group in the sector. Outraged, the US declares war on China.

Followed by the Chinese invasion of Taiwan and Japan, the Russians begin flexing
their military muscle first by taking over Poland.
The European Union sees this as a threat to central Europe, begin taking arms to
resist against a communist incursion.

World War III begins.

2030 AD. - 2035 AD.

The war lasted for 5 years. World economy were grined to a halt, and neither side
gained sufficient benefits to call victory. Exhausted, the nations commenced a cease
fire and returned to usual business.

2035 AD. - 2040 AD.

Although the war ended, mutal tensions did not. Earth split into four power zones to
further prepare itself for another possible outbreak of war.

The   European Union
The   North American Alliance
The   Soviet Han Coalition
The   East Asian Syndicate

And thus, brining forth the world of E D F.

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