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					                         ESD 113 EARLY CHILDHOOD EXPRESS
                                                           April 2007

              Regional Early Childhood Director – Mary Perkins 360-464-6716

Here in Olympia we’re fluctuating between winter and spring—sometimes in the same day—sometimes in the same hour.
Mornings are very chilly with frost on the all the roofs. Afternoons are getting warmer and with the early arrival of
daylight savings time plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities after work. So far, as many of you head off for your
spring break, it’s shaping up to be a good coming week.

The National Center for Children in Poverty has published some new statistics in their web article who are America’s
Poor Children? ( Some interesting statistics:
 Nationwide, 18% of children live in families that are     28% of children of immigrants are poor; 16% of native-
  officially considered poor (13 million children ;)         born parents are poor;
 20% of children under age 6—1 in 5—live in poor           16% of households with children experience food
  families;                                                  insecurity;
19% of poor children lack health insurance—this is          41% of families who rent their homes spend more than
nearly double the percent of all children who lack           a third of their income on rent;
Compared to white families with children, black and Latino families with children are more than twice as likely to
experience economic hardship.
We‘ve completed the first successful phase of our introductions to assessment and                          Spring has
curriculum systems and are gearing up for the next set of video-conferences on April 16             returned. The Earth
when we‘ll highlight the AEPS, the Carolina, and the High/Scope COR. When these are
                                                                                                      is like a child that
completed we‘ll be looking at in depth training on several of these systems around the
state as districts gear up for outcomes reporting in the next year. We‘ve put the digital                knows poems.
video of last week‘s session up on our website in case you missed it. You can view it at             ~Rainer Maria Rilke .
And thinking about outcomes reporting, the state’s Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program will begin reporting in July.
Currently there are five pilot projects around the state. In May training will be provided to the additional counties. If you
are a district serving infants and toddlers you will be part of the reporting team in your area. If you have not already
hooked up with your local lead agency about this training, you should do so. You’ll want to be certain to have had
training before you’re expected to work with your county team.
A new study from the Frank Porter Graham Center (at UNC/Chapel Hill) looked at the power of song to assist children
with autism to transition into the classroom. Songs were made up for students and sung to them as they learned to enter
the classroom independently, greet a teacher, wave good-bye to their caregiver, and engage in appropriate play. You can
find the details of this study at

So much is going on right now in our state around early learning and there is continuing to be a need for information
about the value of intervention for young children. Yesterday I happened on a site that provides many of the statistics
about the value of programs and cost benefits. This is the National Institute for Early Education Research site at They publish a terrific set of policy briefs—the most recent is on the website—Child Outcome Standards
in Pre-K Programs. They also publish the State Preschool Yearbook, detailing what is happening in each state. All this is
downloadable on their site.

Our state’s premier conference for early childhood professionals is coming up the first week of May. You’ll want to be
sure to get a place at the Infant and Early Childhood Conference in Bellevue. Preconference sessions feature national as
well as well-known state level presenters and many of the Thursday/Friday sessions will be by practitioners doing
innovative things in Washington. You can register on-line at

We’re beginning to plan for next year so if there are any burning ideas about training you’d be interested in, please let us
know. Meanwhile, don’t forget to sign up for Carolyn Weiner’s workshop, Differentiating Your Core Curriculum for
Low Income and English Language Learning Students June 26 and 27 and our annual Kindergarten Institute August 6-8.
                                                 FINGER PLAY FUN
It‘s a very lazy late March afternoon here at ESD 113 and I‘m feeling a great deal of languor as I think about a
newsletter topic for April. My brain is all about the sun, my garden, and packing for my Spring Break trip
south. So here‘s my lazy girl answer to giving you information you can use. As I perused the ‗net looking for
something easy (and not copyrighted) I came across a terrific site that is endless finger plays. So here are some
I picked just for you that are (mostly) about Spring and Spring things.

      These and many more can be found at

              A Caterpillar Crawled
                  A caterpillar crawled                               We'll sit right down and fold our arms
(extend left arm and crawl right index finger up it like a                       (fold hands in lap)
                                                                                And not say a word.
                  To the top of a tree.
                                                                                Big Round Sun
            "I think I'll take a nap," said he                        The big round sun in the springtime sky
               (wiggle right index finger)                                 (form large circle with arms)

          So under the leaf he began to creep.                   Winked at a cloud that was passing by. (wink eye)
               (move under left hand)
                                                                    The little cloud laughed as it scattered rain,
         He spun a cocoon and he fell asleep.                                (flutter fingers downward)
           (make fist around index finger)
                                                                      Then out came the big round sun again.
    For two long weeks he slept in that cocoon bed,                       (form large circle with arms)

           Till spring came along and said,
        "Wake up! Wake up! You sleepy head."
                      (shake arms)                                                 Chickadees
             Out of the leaf he did cry.                             Five Little Chickadees sitting on the floor
 (hook thumbs and spread fingers to make a butterfly)                (hold up hand and five fingers extended)

                "Look, I am a butterfly."                             One flew away and then there were four
                                                                  (fold down a finger when each bird flies away)

                                                                       Four little chickadees sitting in a tree
                     Quiet Time
            We'll hop hop hop like a bunny                           One flew away and then there were three
              (make hopping motions)
                                                                       Three little chickadees looking at you
              We'll run run run like a dog
               (make running motion)                                  One flew away and then there were two

         We'll walk walk walk like an elephant                        Two little chickadees sitting in the sun
          (make walking motions with arms)
                                                                      One flew away and then there were one
            And jump jump jump like a frog
               (make jumping motion)                                   One little chickadee sitting all alone

         We'll swim swim swim like a goldfish                         He flew away and then there was none.
         (make swimming motions with hand)

              And fly fly fly like a bird
           (make flying motions with arms)
      What do you suppose?                                         My Garden
         What do you suppose?                                    This is my garden
                                                                  (extend palm)
          A bee sat on my nose!
              (touch nose)                                       I rake it with care
        Then what do you think?                          (pretend to rake with three fingers)
        He gave a great big wink!
                                                        And then I plant flower seeds in there
                                                                 (pretend to plant)
      And said- I beg your pardon!
      I thought you were a garden.                               The sun will shine
                                                           (hold arms in circle over head)

                                                                  and the rain will fall
                                                  (wiggle fingers on both hands as move downwards)
      One, Two, Three, Four, Five                           and my garden will blossom
    (hold up hand and count fingers)                               (cup hands)

    Five little frogs standing in a row                       and grow straight and tall
                                                           (stretch arms/hands up slowly)
      This little frog stubbed his toe

(point to each finger following the rhyme)
                                                            Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle
    This little frog said, Oh, Oh, Oh!                       (perform actions described)
                                                               A wiggle, wiggle here,
  This little frog laughed and was glad
                                                               A wiggle, wiggle there,
    This little frog cried and was sad
                                                                 Wiggle your hands,
 This little frog, so thoughtful and good,
                                                                    Up in the air.
Ran for the doctor as fast as he could.
                                                               Wiggle your shoulders,

                                                                 Wiggle your hips,
           Hippo on a Bus
      A Hip, a hip, a hippopotamus
                                                                 Wiggle your knees,
    Got on, got on, got on a city bus
                                                                and move your lips.
 And all, and all, and all the people said,
                                                              Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
          You're squishing us
                                                               And wiggle and bend,
   (squish your face with your hands)
                                                              Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,

                                                                 And that is the end!

            ESD 113 ~ Early Childhood/Special Programs Inservice Information
LETRS Module 4: The Mighty Word: Building                         Child Abuse Primer
Vocabulary and Oral Language                                      May 17 & 24; 4:30-9:30 pm; ESD 113; Cathy Gangstad
Apr. 11; 8:30 am-4 pm; ESD 113; Mary Perkins &                    Registration fee: $145; $25 for 10 clock hours; $37 for 1
Sheila Chaney; Registration fee: $80; $17 for 6 clock             SPU credit
hours                                                             Differentiating Your Curriculum for Low Income &
Engaging Minds                                                    English Language Learning Students
Apr. 16 & 25; 4:30-9:30 pm; ESD 113; Cathy Gangstad               June 26 & 27; 8:30 am-3:30 pm; ESD 113; Dr. Lyn
Registration fee: $145; $25 for 10 clock hours; $37 for 1         Weiner; Registration fee: $275; $29 for 12 clock hours
SPU credit                                                        1, 2, 3 – A, B, C: Making the Math-Literature
Working with Students who have Autism in                          Connection in Kindergarten (Annual Kindergarten
Elementary Schools                                                Institute)
Apr. 19; 4:30-8:30 pm & 20; 9 am – 4 pm                           Aug. 6; 11 am-5 pm; Aug. 7 & 8; 8:30 am – 4:15 pm
Westwood Baptist Church; Penny Williams                           ESD 113; Bill Blair & Cheryl Vance; Registration fee:
Registration fee: $155; $25 for 10 clock hours; $37 for 1         $285; $45 for 20 clock hours; $74 for 2 SPU credits
SPU credit

    (For more information regarding these classes above or other classes offered by the ESD 113, check out our website at
           and click on Course Offerings, then click Calendar to view.)

                                          Other Training Opportunities…

    Music Together Teacher Trainings 2007. Call 1-800-728-2692 x 329 for dates and offerings.
    Partnering with Parents ONLINE. June 11-Nov. 30. To register go to and click
     on ―Online Registration‖.
    Apr. 19, Several locations. K-20. The Principles of Structure TEACCHing. Call 1-888-704-9633 for more
    Apr. 24, Portland. Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME. Contact Ben Mica for more information 408-557-
     8575 x 303.
    Apr. 25. Portland. Organizing Strategies to Prepare for Homework and the Real World. Contact Ben Mica for more
     information at 408-557-8575x303.
    Apr. 25, Tacoma. Self Esteem and Emotional Health. For more information call 253-680-7500 or visit
    Apr. 25, Portland. Organizing Strategies to Prepare for Homework and the Real World: An Interdisciplinary
     Treatment Approach. Contact Ben Mica for more information 408-557-8575 x 303.
    Apr. 26-28, Toppenish. Washington Association of Bilingual Education Conference. Contact Carol Hawthorn at
     509-454-5311 for more information.
    Apr. 27-30, Virginia. Infancy and Early Childhood Training Course. For more information visit
    May 2-4. Bellevue. Infant & Early Childhood Conference. Watch the website at for information.
    May 7-June 2. Online Course. For more information contact Nancy Hatfield or Irene Fournier at 1-800-572-7000.
    May 7-9, Chapel Hill, NC. SACERS Training. Contact Keisha Neal 919-966-7156 or for
     more information.
    June 4-8. North Carolina. In-Depth Training on the ECERS-R & ITERS-R. Contact Vanessa Loiselle at 919-843-
     6921 or
    June 21-22, Seattle. REACH Institute for Building Cultural Competency. Contact REACH Center for more
     information 1-800-205-4932.
    June 25-28, Seattle. REACH Training of Trainers. Contact REACH Center for more information 1-800-205-4932.
    July 30-Aug. 1; Seattle. 3 Day Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Basics. Please contact Jaime Martin at 206-221-
     3139 for more information.
    Aug. 2-3; Seattle. 2 Day Socail Skills for Children with ASD. Please contact Jaime Martin at 206-221-3139 for more
    Aug. 6-9. Seattle. 4 Day Positive Behavioral Supports for Elementary and Middle School Students. Please contact
     Jaime Martin at 206-221-3139 for more information.
    Aug. 6-10, Vancouver. ESD 112 Regional Autism Consulting Cadre. Contact Myrna Snead at 360-750-7500 x 268
     Course #5311 for more information.

        Birth to Three Network Meetings                                    OT/PT Network Meetings
   May 17 in the Board Room at the ESD                               May 23 at the ESD

                     FRC Training Contact Connie Salzman at
               April 24 & 25. Basic Family Resources Coordinator Training Video Conferences.

                                  Child Care Action Council (CCAC) Classes
               Call Sharon at 360-786-8907 x 100 or email for more information.
   Apr. 5. Olympia CCAC. Secure Attachments in Infants.
   Apr. 19. Olympia CCAC. Working with Today‘s Changing Family.
   Apr. 19. Olympia CCAC. Children and Stress.
   Apr. 20. Olympia CCAC. Trainers Update.
   Apr. 23. Olympia CCAC. Field Trips around Olympia.
   Apr. 25. Olympia CCAC. Fun Ideas for Spring and Summer.
   Apr. 28. Shelton. Issues of Abuse and Neglect.
   Apr. 30 & May 2. Shelton. Infant, Child & Adult CPR & First Aid.

                 Contact Bonnie Pifer to register at 360-537-7026 or email at
Autism 207: Medication; Apr. 19  Autism 208: Social Skills; May 10 Autism 208: Legal; June 14


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