A Certain Ratio Looking for a certain ratio-cd

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					Music list pr. 12.10.98:
16-17                                               Gyatso-cd
16-17                                               When all else fails-lp
1919                                                Cry wolf- «12»
2 Foot Flame                                        Ultra drowning-cd
2 Foot Flame                                        2 Foot Flame
3 Teens Kill 4                                      No motive
3 Angry Poles                                       Motorcycle maniac- «12»
400 Blows                                           Pressure- «12»
4.000.000 Telephones                                French girls- «12»
8 Storey Window                                     8 Storey window-cd
A Certain Ratio                           Looking for a certain ratio-cd
A Certain Ratio                           I’d like to see you again-lp
A Certain Ratio                           Sextet-lp
A Certain Ratio                           To each-lp
A Certain Ratio                           The fox/shack up/son and heir- «12»
A Factory Quartet: The Durutti Column, Kevin Hewick, Blurt, The Royal Family...-2xlp
A Split Second                            Lay back and join (compilation album)-lp
A Trip Outside                            A trip outside-cd
A;Grumh...                                          No way out-cd
Above All                                           Domain-cd
Ac/dc                                               Back in black-cd
Ac/dc                                               Let there be rock-lp
Accept                                              Balls to the wall-lp
Adam Ant                                            Strip
Adam & the Ants                           Kings of the wild frontier-lp
ADM                                                 Snapper-cd
Advanced Art                               Product-cd
Aerosmith                                           Rock in a hard place-mc
Ajax                                                One world-cd
Albino Slug                                         Albino slug-cd
Alboth!                                     Leib-cd
Alboth!                                     Liebefeld-cd
Alice Cooper                                Billion dollar babies-lp
Alice In Chains                          Sap-mcd
Alice In Chains                             Dirt-lp
Alice In Chains                            Would- «12» Grønn vinyl.
Alien Sex Fiend                            All our yesterdays-lp
Alien Sex Fiend                            Maximum security-lp
All About Eve                            Martha’s harbour- «7»
All About Eve                            What kind of fool- «7»
All About Eve                              Ultraviolet-cd
All About Eve                              Wild hearted woman- ”7”
Alter Natives                                       Group therapy-lp
Alternative Tv                                      Sex/love- «12»
Am Tag Unter Null                                   Endstadt-cd
And Also The Trees                                  And also the trees-lp
And Also The Trees                                  Lady d’ arbanville- «12»
And Also The Trees                                  Angelfish- cd
Andi Sexgang                              Arco valley-lp
Anstalt                                   Brilliance without phase-cd
Anthrax                                   Only-mcd
The Arch                                  A strange point of you-lp
The Arch                                  The Messier Album-cd
Arsenal                                   Factory smog is a sign of progress-cd
Arsenal                                   Manipulator- «12»
Artery                                              Number four (live in Amsterdam)-lp
Artery                                              One afternoon in a hot air ballon-lp
Artery                                              The second coming-lp
As Able As Kane                           Big fist
Michael Aston                                       Why me why this why now-cd
Attrition                                           Recollection (84-89)-cd
Attrition                                           The voice of god- «12»
Aunt Worm                                  Saucy young lad- ”7

Ausgang                                Los Descamisados-lp
The Auteurs                            Chinese bakery-mcd
Babylonian Tiles             Basking in the sun at midnight-cd
Bad Beach                              Cut it off-lp
The Band of Holy Joy        Manic, magic, majestic-lp
The Band of Holy Joy         Positively spooked-lp
Barbie Bones                           Brake for nobody-cd
Barbie Bones                           Death in the rocking-horse factorycd
Bardo Pond                   Lapsed-Lp
Bardo Pond                   Amanita-cd
Barefoot Contessa            You can’t go home again-cd
Batcave                      Young limbs and numbs hymns-lp
Bauhaus                                Lagartija nick- «12»
Bauhaus                                 The passion of lovers- ”7
Bauhaus                                 She’s in parties- ”7
Bauhaus                                Ziggy stardust- «12
Bauhaus                                Interview-picture disc lp
Bauhaus                                1979-83-2xlp
Bauhaus                                Mask-lp
Bauhaus                                Burning from the inside-lp
Bauhaus                                Telegram Sam- «12»
Bauhaus                                In the flat fields-lp
Bauhaus                                She’s in parties- «12»
Bauhaus                                Searching for Satori- «Ep»
Bauhaus                                Press the eject and give me the tape-lp
Bauhaus                                The sky’s gone out-lp
The Batfish Boys             The bomb song- «12»
The Batfish Boys             The gods hate kansas-lp (Feil cover).
Beggars & Thieves            Beggars & thieves-lp
Beat Happening               Dreamy-lp
The Beatiful South           36D-mcd
Bel Canto                              White-out conditons-lp
Bennet                       If you met me then you’d like me-mcd
Beyond the Southern Cross    Beyond the southern cross-2xlp
Biack                       x-tra idiots-2xcd
Big Country                 Steeltown-lp
Big Country                 The Crossing-lp
Big Country                  Chance- «7»
Big Country                  Wonderland- «7»
Big Self                     Stateless-lp
Billy Joel                             Goodnight saigon- «7»
Billy Joel                             The nylon curtain-mc
Bird Skin                              S/t- ”7
Birdland                               Everybody needs somebody-lp
Birmingham 6                           Transfixion-cd
Bitch Magnet                 Umber-lp
Black Flag                             Everything went to black-lp
Black Rose                             Into the glass house-cd
Black Rose                             Waves-cd
Black Sabbath                          Mob rules-lp
Black Sabbath                          Live evil-lp (mangler en av lp’ene).
Dirk Blanchart                         Drop me in the city- «7»
Blok 57                               Animals on speed-cd
Blonde Redhead                        In an expression of the inexpressible-lp
Blonde Redhead               La mia vita violenta-cd
Blonde Redhead               Symphony of treble- «7»
Blonde Redhead               Fake can be just as good-cd
Blonde Redhead               Slogan/limited conversation- «7»
Blonde Redhead               S/T-cd
Blooding Mask                What that hollow shows through-cd
The Blue Aeroplanes           ....and stones- «7»
The Blue Aeroplanes          Broken & mended e.p.-cd
The Blue Aeroplanes          The boy in the bubble-mcd
The Blue Aeroplanes          Jacket hangs- «7»
Blue For Two                 Madman- «7»
The Bomb Party               Fish-lp

Boston                                  Third stage-lp
Brainiac                       Electro-shock for president-cd
Breathless                                       The glass bead game-lp
Breathless                                       Nailing colours to the wheel-lp
The Bridge                                       Cactus world news- «7»
Brume/Vrischika                                  Antropologie I/II-mcd
Brume vs Aphasia                                 Series one:round one-cd
Daniele Brusachetto                      Paturnie- ”7
Burning Chrome                                   High noon-cd
Bøyen Beng                                       Fanteri-cd
The Bølshøi                             Friends-lp
The Bølshøi                             Lindy’s party-cd
Cabaret Voltaire                        Dont argue- «7»
Cabaret Voltaire                        Here to go- «7»
Cabaret Voltaire                       Keep on-mcd
Camberwell Now                                   The ghost trade-lp
Cancer                                  Black faith-cd
Canticum Funebris                       Endless-cd
Cardiacs                                         Cardiacs live at the Paradiso-cd
Cardiacs                                         Heaven born and ever bright-cd
Cardiacs                                         Sampler-cd
Cardiacs                                         The seaside-cd
Cardiacs                                          A little man and the house and the whole..-lp
The Cassandra Complex                             Feel the width-2xlp (live)
Cat Rapes Dog                                    Maximum overdrive-cd
Cat Rapes Dog                                    God, guns and gasoline-cd
Cell                                             Cross the river-mcd
Cell                                             Slo*blo-cd
Cello                                            Alva-cd
Cha Cha                                          Original sound track-lp
Chainsaw Masochist                               Periphery-lp
Chandeen                                         The waking dream-cd
Children on Stun                                 Overland-cd
The Chills                                       The great escape-lp
The Chills                                       Kaleidoscope world-lp
Chris Connelly                         July-mcd
Christian Death                         The Scriptures-lp+ «7»
Christian Death                         Amen-2xcd (Live)
Christian Death                         Iconologia-cd
Christian Death                         Insanus, ultio, proditio, misericordiaque-cd
Christian Death                         Love & hate-2xcd
Christian Death                         Sexy death god-cd
Christian Death                         The heretics alive-cd
Christian Death                         The rage of angels-cd
Christian Death                         Catastrophe Ballet-lp
The Church                                       Remote luxury-lp
The Church                                       Priest=aura-lp
The Church                                       Starfish-lp
The Church                                       Metropolis- «7»
The Church                                       Antenna- «7»
The Church                                       Hey day-lp
Gary Clail                                       Another hard man-mcd
Gary Clail                                       Keep the faith-cd
Gary Clail/On-u sound system                     End of the century party-lp
Gary Clail/On-u sound system                     Beef- «7»
Clan of Xymox                          Xymox- «12»
Clan of Xymox                           Stranger/ A day- «12»
Clan of Xymox                           Medusa-lp
Clan of Xymox                           Clan of xymox-lp
Clannad                                          In fortune’s hand-mcd
Clannad                                          In a lifetime- «7»
Clannad                                          Clannad-lp
Clannad                                          Anam-lp
Clannad                                          Sirius-lp
Clannad                                          Macalla-lp
Clannad                                          Clannad2-lp

Clannad                                 Crann Ull-lp
Clannad                                 Magical Ring-lp

Clockdva                                  Advantage-lp
Close Lobsters                   Headache rhetoric-lp
Cocteau Twins                    Victorialand-lp
Cocteau Twins                    Garlands-lp
Code                             The architect-cd
Coil                                      Windowpane & the snow-cd
Coil                                     Stolen & contaminated songs-cd
Coil                                      Horse rotovator-lp
Collapsed System                          Ghetto king-mcd
Come                                      Eleven:Eleven-cd
Company of State                          Crawling from the craves- «12»
Company of State                          Drowning in fire- «12»
The Comsat Angels                         Shiva descending-mcd
The Comsat Angels                         Sleep no more-lp
The Comsat Angels                         Land-lp
The Comsat Angels                         Time considered (The BBC Sessions 1979-84)
The Comsat Angels                         Samme som over, men annet cover.-cd
Concrete Blonde                  Happy birthday- «7»
Conspiracy Of Noise              Chicks with dicks and splatter flicks-cd
Controlled Bleeding                       Gag
Coptic Rain                               Clarion’s end-cd
Coptic Rain                             Devil in disguise-mcd
Coptic Rain                             Dies Irae-cd
Cortex                                    Live at urania-lp
Cranes                         Espero-mcd
Cranes                          Forever remixes-cd
Cranes                          Jewel-mcd
Cranes                          Wings of joy-lp
Crazy Pink Revolvers            First down-lp
The Creatures                   Boomerang-lp
Crime and the City Solution     The kentucky click- «12»
Crime and the City Solution     On every train- «12»
Crime and the City Solution     Paradise discoteque-lp
Crime and the City Solution     Shine-lp
Crime and the City Solution    Just south of heaven-lp
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young     Deja Vu-lp
Cronos Titan                     The gregoraveian ep-mcd
Crowbar                                   Obedience thru suffering-cd
Crust                            Feelings/When I say yes- «7»
Crustacean                                Crustacean-mcd
Cubanate                                  Body burn-mcd
The Cult                                  Electric-lp
The Cult                                  Ceremony-lp
The Cult                                  Sonic Temple-lp
The Cult                                  Love-lp
The Cult                                  Dreamtime-lp
The Cult                                  Dreamtime-2xlp (med live lp)
The Cult                                  Revolution Ep- «Ep»
The Cult                                  Fire woman/automatic blues/...- «12»
The Cult                                  Love removal machine-lp
The Cure                         Boy’s don’t cry-mc
The Cure                         Lullaby- «12»
The Cure                         Wish-2xlp
The Cure                         Seventeen seconds-lp
The Cure                         Disintegration-billed lp
The Cure                         Close to me- «7»
Curve                                     Blackerthreetracker-mcd
Curve                                     Blindfold- «Ep»
Curve                                     Doppelganger-lp
Current ‘93                               Thunder perfect mind-cd
Cyclops                                   Goat volume-cd
Dadamah                                   This is not a dream-cd
Daeonia                                   Morphic lands-mcd

Dalis Car                                             The waking hour-lp
The Damned                                            Anything-cd
The Damned                                            Machine gun etiquette-cd
The Damned                                            Phantasmagoria-lp
The Damned                                            The black album-2xlp
The Dance                                             Soulforce
Dance or Die                                          Everspring-cd
Daniel Ash                                            Foolish thing desire-cd
Danielle Dax                                          Bad miss ‘m’/Yummer yummer man- «7»
Danielle Dax                                          Blast the human flower-cd
Danielle Dax                                          Jesus egg that wept-lp
Danielle Dax                                          Pop eyes-lp
Danielle Dax                                          Where the flies are/When i was young- «12»
Danielle Dax                                          Cat-house- «12»
Danielle Dax                                          Yummer Yummer Man- «12»
Dancus Karota/Rozz Williams                           Shrine-cd
The Danse Society                                     Seduction-lp
The Danse Society                                     Heaven is waiting-lp
The Danse Socitey                                     Say it again- «7»
Danzig                                       I don’t mind the pain-mcd
Darkus                                      The nnnaaammm remixes-mcd
Data                                        Fall out- «7»
Dave Davies                                           Chosen people-lp
David J and The J Walkers                             The promised land- «7»
Dead Can Dance                              Toward the within-cd
Dead Can Dance                              Serpent’s egg-lp
Dead Can Dance                              Within the realm of a dying sun- «12»
Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities A Beggars banquet collection-cd
Death Cult                                            Gods zoo- «12»
Death Cult                                           Brothers grimm/ghost dance/horse n../..- «Ep»
Death In June                             Occidental martyr-cd
Death In June                             Paradise rising-mcd
Death In June                               Sun dogs-mcd
Death In June                            Nature unveiled-cd
Death In June                               Rose clouds of holocaust -cd
Death In June                              The guilty have no pride-lp
Decree                                       Wake up devastation-cd
Del/Green monkey                             Satan is boring- «7»
Delerium                                              Flowers become screens-mcd
Delerium                                              Reflections II-cd
Gitane Demone                               With love & dementia-cd (live)
Gitane Demone                               Facets of blue-cd
Depeche Mode                               Barrel of a gun-mcd
Depeche Mode                                  Black celebration-lp
Depeche Mode                                  Little 15- «7»
The Dice are rolling                          A play it again sam record sampler-lp
Die Kreuzen                                           Die Kreuzen-lp
Die Kreuzen                                           October file-lp
Die Kreuzen                                           Century days-lp
Die Kreuzen                                           Pink flag- «7»
Die Machine                                 Genetic escalation-cd
Die Monster Die                             Swallowed-mcd
Die Monster Die                             Withdrawal method-cd
Ani Difranco                                          Outta me onto you/Shy-mcd
Dig                                                   Believe-mcd
Digital Sex                                           Essence & rarities 1982-1987-cd
Dinosaur Jr.                                          Green mind-lp
Dislocation Dance                                     Midnight shift-lp
Disturbed by imd                            A dunedin compilation-cd
Dk3                                         Neutrons-cd
Doc Corbin Dart                             Patricia-lp
Dogpile                                   Black-cd
Doldrums                                   Acupuncture-cd
Doldrums                                   Secret life of machines-lp
Dome                                         3&4
Done Lying Down                   Family values- ”7

Doomsday Reflex                             Doomsday Reflex-cd
Doris Days                         S/t-cd
Drain                                       Pick up heaven-lp
Drain                                       Offspeed and in there-cd
Drifter                                     Nowhere to hide-cd
Dronning Maud Land                        Aphorism-cd
Dronning Maud Land                         Maelstrom-cd
Dronning Maud Land                          Alteration-mcd
Drown                                      Hold on to the hollow-cd
DsorDne/Legendary Pink Dots                Snowdonia- «7» (w./booklet).
The Dylans                                 Lemon afternoon- «12»
Ebba Grøn                                             Ebba Grøn-lp
Echo & the Bunnymen                        S/T-ep
Echo & the Bunnymen                        Porcupine-lp
Echo & the Bunnymen                        Heaven up here-lp
Echo Troppers/Slowburn                      Split single- «7»
Edward Ka-Spel                              Chyekk China Doll-2xcd
Edward Ka-Spel                              The scriptures of illumina-cd
Edward Ka-Spel                              Tanith and the lion tree-cd
Einsturzende Neubauten                      Kollaps-cd
Einsturzende Neubauten                      Zeichnungen des patienten o.t.-cd
Electric Blue Peggy Sue and the Revolutionions from Mars Normal but normal-cd
Eleventh Dream Day                                    Prairie school freak out-lp
EMF                                                   They’ re here-mcd
EMF                                                   Stigma-lp
En*Slave                                              God ‘s iron fist-mcd
En*Slave                                              Half past human-cd
Engines of Aggression                       Inhuman nature-cd
Eskimos & Egypt                     UK USA-mcd
The Essence                                           Dancing in the rain-cd
The Essence                                           The cat- «12»
Eton Crop                                             .....- «12»
Eve’s Plum                                            I want it all-mcd
Eyeless in Gaza                           Bitter apples-cd
Eyeless in Gaza                             Back from the rains-lp
Eyeless in Gaza                             Rust red september-lp
Eyeless in Gaza                             Pale hands I loved so well-lp
Eyeless in Gaza                             Drumming the beating heart-lp
Eyeless in Gaza                             Caught in flux-lp
Eyeless in Gaza                             Welcome now- «12»
Fad Gadget                                            Incontinent-cd
Fad Gadget                                            Under the flag-lp
Fad Gadget                                            Fireside favourites-lp
Fad Gadget                                            Gag-cd
Faith No More                               We care a lot-lp
False Virgins                               Skin job-cd
Fashiøn                                      Dressed to kill- «7»
Fashiøn                                      Fabrique-lp
Fatima Mansions                                       Viva dead ponies-cd
The Feelies                                           The good earth-lp
Bryan Ferry                                           I put a spell on you (mixes)-mcd
Bryan Ferry                                           Boys and girls-lp
Fetalmania                                            Fetalmania-lp
Fetish 69                                             Antibody-cd
Fetish 69                                             Brute force-lp
Feud                                                  To load but once-lp
Fiat Lux                                    Hired history-lp
Fields of the Nephilim                    Beyond the wall of sleep-picture disc
Fields of the Nephilim                    Revelations-2xcd
Fields of the Nephilim                    BBC 1 live in concert-cd
Fields of the Nephilim                    Preacherman-bootleg cd (Live Dusseldorf)
Fields of the Nephilim                    Sumerland- «Ep» Rødt cover.
Fields of the Nephilim                    Burning the fields- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim                    For her light- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim                    Ritual of fire-bootleg lp
Fields of the Nephilim                    The lost ones-bootleg lp

Fields of the Nephilim          The sacred & the profane-bootleg lp
Fields of the Nephilim         Sumerland- «Ep» Hvitt cover.
Fields of the Nephilim          Modernes Bremen-bootleg lp
Fields of the Nephilim          Laura-lp (hvitt/g. farget vinyl).
Fields of the Nephilim          Preacherman- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim          Psychonaut- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim          Moonchild (Longevity)- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim          Moonchild (Second seal)- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim          Power- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim          Blue water- «12»
Fields of the Nephilim          Elyzium-lp
Fields of the Nephilim          Dawnrazor-lp
Fields of the Nephilim          Nephilim-lp
Fields of the Nephilim          Earth Inferno-cd (Live)
Fields of the Nephilim          Back to Gehenna- «12»Grå/hvitt vinyl.
Flaming Lips                             Hear it is-lp
Flesh for Lulu                  Long live the new flesh-lp
Flesh for Lulu                  Roman candle- «Ep»
The Flowerpot Men                        The Janice long session- «Ep»
The Flowerpot Men                          The Flowerpot men- «12»
The Fluid                                  Purplemetalflakemusic-cd
Flux of Pink Indians                       The fucking cunts treats us like pricks-lp
Flying Lizards                  Top ten-lp
Flying Lizards                 Dizzy miss lizzie- «12»
Foetus                                   Gash-cd
The Force Dimension                      The Force Dimension-lp
Foreigner                                Unusual heat-lp
Foreigner                                 4-lp
Forkeye                                    P.i.g.-lp
Frank Tovey                                Tyranny and the hired hand-lp
Frank Tovey                                Snakes and ladders-lp+Fad Gadget «12»
The Front                                  The Front-cd+mc
Front 242                                  Off-cd
Front 242                                  Religion-mcd
Front 242                                  Up evil-cd
Front 242                                  Headhunter- «12»
Front 242                                  Official version-lp
Front Line Assembly                        Gashed senses & crossfire-cd
Front Line Assembly                        Millenium-mcd
Front Line Assembly                        Total terror-cd
Fru Pedersen                               Blant kløver og sopp-lp
Funeral Party                              Serpentime-cd
Funny Farm                                 Pseconds-cd
Funny Farm                                 Potential hazard-cd
Gallon Drunk                               Bedlam- «12»
Gallon Drunk                               Some fool’ s mess-mcd
Gangway                                    Sitting in the park-lp
Gangway                                    My girl and me- ”7
The Garden of Delight             Exodus-mcd
The Garden of Delight             Necromanteion IV-cd
The Garden of Delight             The hell e.p.-cd
The Gathering                              Strange machines-mcd
Gene Loves Jezebel                         Kiss of life-lp
Generic/Electro Hippies                    ...-lp
Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke       Duality-cd
Giant Sandstorms                           Don’t turn away- «7»
The Gist                          Embrace the herd-lp
Glenn Miller                               The unforgettable-lp
God                                        Headrush-cd
Godfathers                                 Live in Texas-cd (ep)
Godflesh                                   Pure-cd
Gore, Martin L.                   Counterfeit- «Ep»
Grant Lee Buffalo                         2 & 2-mcd
Green River                                Dry as a bone-lp
Guesch Patti                               Labyrinthe-lp
Guesch Patti                               Nomades-cd

Guesch Patti                                Blonde-cd
Guesch Patti                                Etienne- «7»
Guesch Patti                                Let be most the queen (longue version)- «12»
Guesch Patti & Encore              Comment dire- «7»
Guesch Patti & Encore              Fleurs Carnivores- «7»
The Gun Club                                Mother Juno-lp
Haino Keiji/A.Licht                         Gerry Miles-cd
Half man half biscuit                        This leaden pall-cd
The Hall of Souls                Hope-cd
Ed Hall                                      Love poke here-lp
Halo of Flies                               Singles going nowhere-lp
Harold B/Elizabeth Fraser.....              The moon and the melodies-lp
Head of David                               Dustbowl-lp
Head of David                               Lp-lp
Headless Chicken                            Cruise control-mcd
The Jeff Healey Band                        Feel this-lp
Heart                                       Straight on- «7»
Heart                                       Greatest hits/live-2xlp
Heart                                       Magazine-lp
Heart                                       Bebe le strange-lp
Heart                                       Little queen-lp
Heart                                       Dog and butterfly-lp
Heart                                       Rock the house live-lp
Heart                                       Heart-mc
Heart                                       Bad Animals-mc
Heart                                       Brigade-mc
Heart                                       Dreamboat Annie-mc
Heart                                       Passionworks-mc
Heart                                       Private auditon-mc
The Heart Throbs                            Cleopatra grip-cd
Heaven                                     Deconstruction-cd
Helivator                                  Gasoline t-shirt-cd
Hellmute                                 Colours-cd
Helmet & House of Pain             Just another victim-mcd
His Name Is Alive                           Mouth by mouth-cd
His Name Is Alive                           The dirt eaters-mcd
Hoodlum Priest                     Beneath the pavement-cd (lim.ed. 410/1200)
Hoodoo Gurus                       What’s my scene- «7»
Hoodoo Gurus                       Come anytime- «7»
Hoodoo Gurus                       Blow your cool-lp
House of Lords                              Sahara-lp
Humanoid                                    Slam- «7»
The Hunters Club                            Ain’t seen nothing yet- «12»
The Hunters Club                            Give me your soul- «12»
I Love You                                  I love you-cd
Icehouse                                    Great southern land-cd
Icehouse                                    Crazy- «7»
Icehouse                                    Touch the fire- «7»
Icehouse                                    Paradise- «7»
Icehouse                                    No promises- «7»
Icicle Works                              Hollow horse- «7»
Icicle Works                                The best of icicle works-2xcd
Icicle Works                                Blind-lp
Icicle Works                                Seven singles deep-lp
Icicle Works                                The icicle works-lp
Icicle Works                                Love is a wonderful....- «12»
Idiot Stare                                 Blinded-cd
If it moves...                              Meat cathedral- «12»
Iggy Pop                                    Live at the channel Boston vol.1-Billed lp
Iggy Pop                                    Live at the channel Boston vol.2-Billed lp
Iggy Pop                                    Brick by brick-mc
Iggy Pop                                    The Idiot-lp
Iggy Pop                                    Lust for life-lp
Immaculate Fools                            Heart of fortune-lp
Immaculate Fools                            Immaculate fools- «7»
In Camera                                   13 (lucky for some)-cd

In-D                                      Virgin In-d sky’s- «12»
In-D                                      Bastion In-d stress- «12»
In Goth Daze                              Various goth artists-cd
Inca Babies                               This train...-lp
Into Paradise                             Angel-mcd
Into Paradise                             Churchtown-lp
Into Paradise                             Into paradise-lp
Invisible limits                 Sex symbol- «12»
Israelvis                       Albino blue-cd
Israelvis                       Mutilation-cd (ep)
Israelvis                       We only live twice-mc
It’s all true                             Various artists-cd
Jean Michel Jarre                         Oxygene-lp
Jean Michel Jarre                         Equinoxe-lp
The Jazz Butcher                Bloody nonsense-lp
The Jazz Butcher vs Max Eider   Conspiracy- «12»
Peter Jeffries & Jono Lonie     At swim 2 birds-cd
Peter Jeffries                  Elevator madness-lp
Philip Jeck                     Loopholes-cd
Jellyfish                       Bellybutton-lp
The Jesus and Mary Chain        Darklands-lp
The Jesus and Mary Chain        Honey’s dead-lp
The Kane Gang                   Gun law- «7»
The Kane Gang                   Closest thing to heaven- «7»
The Kane Gang                   What time is it ?- «7»
The Kane Gang                   The bad and lowdown world of...-lp
The Kane Gang                   Miracle-lp
Kansas                          Masque-lp
Kansas                          Point of know return-lp
Kansas                          Leftoverture-lp
Kapotte Muziek                  Korm plastics kp 5896/U2 archief u226 (50/14)- «10»
Jeremy Kidd                     Petals + Ashes (a song for Emma Goldman)- «12»
Kill Creek                      Proving winter cruel-cd
Killdozer                                 For ladies only-lp
Killdozer                                 Sonnet ‘96/I saw the light- «7»
Killing Joke                              Revelations-lp
Killing Joke                              Fire dances-lp
Killing Joke                              What’s this for-lp
Killing Joke                              Brighter than a thousand suns-lp
Killing Joke                              Night time-lp
Killing Joke                              Adorations- 2x «7»
Killing Joke                              Love like blood- «7»
Killing Joke                              Killing Joke-lp
King Blank                                To the Ian Lowery group-cd
King Blank                                The real dirt-lp
The King of Luxembourg                    A picture of Dorian Gray- «12»
King Swamp                                Wiseblood-cd
King’s X                        Faith, hope. love-mc
Richard H.Kirk                  Black Jesus voice-cd
Kirsty MacColl                  Electric landlady-cd
KMFDM                           Money-cd
The Korgis                                Sticky george-lp
The Korgis                                Don’t look back- «7»
The Korgis                                The Korgis-lp
Kristin Hersh                             The holy single-mcd
L7                                        Fast and frightening-bootleg lp
La Muerte                                 Experiment in terror-cd
La Muerte                                 Every soul by sin oppressed-lp
Laibach                         Across the universe- «7»
Laibach                         Sympathy for the devil-lp
Lagowski                        Wire science-cd
Laughing Hyenas                           You can’t pray a lie-lp
Laughing Hyenas                           Hard times-cd
Laurent, Philippe                         Faste occidental-2xcd
Le Syndicat                               Ignitur-lp
The Leather Nun                 International heroes-cd

The Leather Nun                 Desolation Ave-ep
The Leather Nun                 Nun permanent-cd
The Leather Nun                 Slow death- «Ep»
The Leather Nun                 Steel construction-lp
Led Zeppelin                              IV-lp
The Legendary Pink Dots         9 lives to wonder-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Asylum-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         From here you’ll watch the world go by-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Greetings 9 + Premonition 11-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Malachai shadow weaver part 2-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Prayer for aradia-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         The crushed velvet apocalypse-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         The golden age-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Under triple moons-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots                   Curse-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Cantra MientrasPuedas-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Lullabies for the new dark ages- 4xcd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Hallway of the gods-2xlp
The Legendary Pink Dots         4 days-cd
The Legendary Pink Dots         Chemical playschool 10
Lenny Kravitz                             Mama said-lp
Les Rita Mitsouko                         c’ est comme sa- «7»
Les Rita Mitsouko                         Marc & Robert-lp
Les Satelites                             Riches et celebres-cd
Les Thugs                                 Still angry/hungry-lp
Levitation                                Need for not-cd
Leæther Strip                             Fit for flogging-cd
Leæther Strip                             Serenade for the dead-cd
Libido boyz                               Childhood memoires- «7»
Lights of Euphoria                         Brainstorm-cd
Living Colour                             Time’s up-mc
The Lizard Train              Beauty underground/The day the sky.. - «7»
Lizard Train                           Get your wah wahs out-lp
Loop                                      A gilded eternity-2x «12»
The Lords of the New Church     The Lords of the ne church-lp
The Lords of the New Church     Psycho- «12»
The Lords of the New Church     Is nothing sacred?-lp
The Lords of the New Church     The method to our madness-lp
Love & Napalm vol.2             Pain Teens, Drain,...- «7»
Love and Rockets                          So alive- «12» (2x)
Love and Rockets                          Ball of confusion- «12»
Love and Rockets                          Love and rockets-lp
Love and Rockets                          Express-lp
Love and Rockets                          Earth sun moon-lp
Love and Rockets                          Seventh dream of teenage heaven-lp
Love and Rockets                          This heaven-mcd
Love and Rockets                          Lazy- «7»
Love and Rockets                          No new tale to tell- «7»
Love/Hate                                 Blackout in the red room-cd
Loveslug                                            Snail house rock-lp
Lowlife                                   Permanent sleep-lp
Lowlife                                   Diminuendo-lp
Low Pop Suicide               On the cross of commerce-cd
Ludwig Van Beethoven            Pianosonates+ Slotkoor/negende symfonie-lp
Lush                                      500 (shake baby shake) (disc one)-mcd
Lush                                      Single girl (disc one)-mcd
Lush                                      Single girl (disc two)-mcd
Luxuria                                   Beast box-cd
Luxuria                                   Unanswerable lust-cd
Lydia Lunch                               Queen of Siam-lp
M. Walking on the Water                   Pluto-lp
M. Walking on the Water                   Elysian-lp
Mad Daddys                                Music for men-lp
Magnapop                                  Lay it down-mcd
Magnapop                                Kiss my mouth-mcd
Main                                      Maser-mcd

Main                                 Terminus-mcd
Malka Spigel                         Rosh Ballata-cd
The March Violets                    Walk into the sun- «12»
The March Violets                    Snake dance- «12»
Marilyn Manson              Lunchbox-mcd
Mark Stewart                Mark Stewart-cd
Mark Stewart                Metatron-cd
Master Slave Relationship   My state of evil dreams 1985-87-cd
Matwrak                              ....was here-mc
Mc 900FT Jesus              The city sleeps-mcd
Mc 900FT Jesus               Falling elevators-mcd
Mean Spirit’d Robots        S/t- ”7
Medicine                             Aruca- «12»
Medicine                             Shot forth self living-cd
Medicine                             Her highness-cd
Medicine                             The buried life-cd
Mellonta Tauta              Fishes-mcd
Mellonta Tauta              Sun Fell-cd
Melvins                     Stoner witch-cd
Mensen Blaffen              Raven-lp
Merzbow                              Venereology-cd
Microdisney                          Singer’s Hampstead- «7»
Microdisney                          Town to town- 2x «7»
Microdisney                          Crook mile-lp
Microdisney                          We hate you south african bastards-lp
Midnight Oil                         Species deceases-mc
Midnight Oil                         10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1-mc
Midnight Oil                         Bird noises-mc
Midnight Oil                         Head injuries-mc
Midnight Oil                         Midnight oil-mc
Midnight Oil                         Blue sky mining-mc
Midnight Oil                         Diesel and dust-mc
Midnight Oil                         Place without a postcard-mc
Midnight Oil                         Red sails in the sunset-mc
The Mighty Wah!                      A word to the wise guy-lp+ «12»
The Mighty Wah!                      Come back- «7»
Mind Riot                            Inferno go-go-cd
Mine                                 Mine-cd
Minimal Compact                      One by one-lp
Minimal Compact                      Raging souls-lp
Minimal Compact                      Lowlands flight/made to m. v.10-lp
Ministry                             Power department-bootleg cd
Ministry                             Work for love-cd
Ministry                             Box(all singles,remixes & rare b-sides)-3xcd
Ministry                             Just one fix - «12»
Ministry                             Psalm 69-lp
Ministry                             The land of rape and honey-lp
Ministry                             The mind is a terrible thing to t..-lp
Ministry                             Cold life- «12»
Miranda Sex Garden                   Madra-cd
Miranda Sex Garden                   Peepshow-mcd
Miranda Sex Garden                   Fairytales of slavery-cd
Miranda Sex Garden                   Suspiria-cd
Miranda Sex Garden                   Play-mcd
Miranda Sex Garden                   Gush forth my tears-mcd
Misantrophe                          Der schadel des denkers-2xcd
Miss World                           Miss world-cd
The Mission                          Beyond the pale- «7»
The Mission                          Grains of sand-lp
The Mission                          Masque-lp
The Mission                          Gods own medicine-lp
The Mission                          Carved in sand-lp
The Mission                          Children-lp
The Mission                          The first chapter-lp
The Mobile Whorehouse       The mobile whorehouse-cd
Moby                                 That’s when i reach for my revolver remix-mcd

Momus                                         The ultraconformist-cd
Momus                                         Voyager-cd
Momus                                         Monsters of love-singles 1985-1990-cd
Monty Python                                  The contractual obligation album-lp
Mooch                                         Postvorta-cd
John Moore and the expressway                 Out of my mind- «7»
Morphine                                      Murder for the money-mcd
Mote                                          Stars on the wall- «7»
Motley Crue                                   Theatre of pain-lp
Motorpsycho                                   3 songs for Rut- «7»
Motorpsycho                                   Another ugly ep-cd
Motorpsycho                                   Mountain-cd(Ep)
Motorpsycho                                   Soothe-lp
Motorpsycho                                   Demon box-2xlp
Motorpsycho                                   Lobotomizer-lp
Munch                                         Live-cd
Murphy, Peter                                 Tale of the tongue- «12»
Murphy, Peter                                 Should the world fail to fall apart-lp
Murphy, Peter                                 Love hysteria-cd
Murphy, Peter                                 Deep-cd
Murphy, Peter                                 Cascade-cd
Murphy, Peter                                 Final solution- «12»
Murphy, Peter                                 Holy smoke-cd
Music for Pleasure                            Into the rain-lp
Muslimgauze                                   Drugsherpa-cd
Muslimgauze                                   Intifaxa-cd
Muslimgauze                                   Iran-cd
Muslimgauze                                   Return of black september-cd (lim.ed. 241/500)
Muslimgauze                                 Infidel-cd
My Dying Bride                      The trash of naked limbs- «12»
My Dying Bride                      As the flowers withers-lp
My Dying Bride                      I am the bloody earth- «12»
My Dying Bride                      Symphonaire infernus et spera e..- «12»
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult   Confessions of a knife-lp
Mylene Farmer                       Cendres de lune-cd
Mylene Farmer                       Ainsi soit je-lp
Mylene Farmer                       Sans contrefacon- «7»
Myrna Loy                           I press my lips-cd
Mysterious Encounters               Various artists-cd
Mystery Machine                               Glazed-cd
Nearly God                                    Poems-mcd
Nefilim                                       Penetration-mcd
Nefilim                                       Zoon-cd
Neil Young                                    Harvest-lp
The Neon Judgement                            Horny as hell-cd
Nerve                                         Cancer of choice-cd
Neurosis                                      Souls at zero & Enemy of the sun-2xcd
New Fast Automatic Daffodils        Bong-cd
New Fast Automatic Daffodils        Get better- «7»
New Fast Automatic Daffodils        Body exit mind-cd
New Wet Kojak                       Nasty international-cd
Nine Inch Nails                               Broken-cd
Nine Inch Nails                               Closer to god-mcd
Nine Inch Nails                               Head like a hole-mcd
Nine Inch Nails                               March of the pigs-mcd
Nine Inch Nails                               The downward spiral-cd
Nine Inch Nails                               Time to suck-bootleg cd
Nine Inch Nails                               Pretty hate machine-lp
Nine Inch Nails                               Sin- «9»
Nitzer Ebb                                    Ascend-mcd
Nitzer Ebb                                    Cherry blossom-mcd
Nitzer Ebb                                    Disc 1 & 2-mcd
Nitzer Ebb                                    Let your body learn- «7»
Nova Mob                                      Shoot-mcd
Nox                                           Killin’ drive power-lp
Nox                                           Live at the manufacture-cd

Numan, Gary                                 Living ornaments ‘80-lp
Numan, Gary                                 The pleasure principle-lp
Numan, Gary                                 The skin mechanic-lp (live)
Numan, Gary                                 Dance-lp
Numan, Gary                                 Telekon-lp
Numan, Gary                                We are glass- «7»
Numan, Gary                                 I die: you die- ”7
Numb                                       Numb-cd
Numb                                       Christmeister bliss-cd
The O-men                                Radio-man invincible-cd
On the line                                 Various artists-cd
Oomph!                                      Wunschkind-cd
Opal                                        Happy nightmare baby-lp
Optimum Wound Profile             Asphyxia-cd
Optimum Wound Profile             Lowest common dominator-cd
Ornament & Verbrechen             On eyes-lp
Ornament & Verbrechen             Tunes-mcd
Jonathan Perkins and The Flame    Snaketalk-cd
P.J. Harvey                                 Rid of me-cd
Pai                                         The power of pure intellect-cd
Pale Saints                                 Kinky love- «7»
Pale Saints                                 Fine friend- «12»
Pandora’s Box                               Original sin-lp
Pankow                            Gisela-lp
Pankow                            Show your thei dongs- «12»
Paradise Lost                               Gothic- «12»
Paradise Lost                               Lost paradise-lp
Paradise Lost                               Shades of god-lp
Paradise Lost                               Seals the sense-cd (Ep)
Paradise Lost                               As I die-cd (Ep)
Party Day                                   Glasshouse-lp
The Passions                                Sanctuary-lp
The Passions                                Thirty thousand feet over China-lp
Pearl Jam                                   Even flow- «7»
Pearl Jam                                   Jeremy- «7»
Penal Colony                                Put your hands down-cd
Penal Colony                             Shadows in blue-cd
Penal Colony                                Multicoloured shades-cd
Penelope Waves                     Goldenfelt-mcd
Penetration                                 Danger signs- «7»
Penguin Cafe Orchestra            Penguin Cafe Orchestra mini album-lp
Penguin Cafe Orchestra            Signs of life-lp
Penguin Cafe Orchestra            S/T-lp
The Perfect Disaster              Heaven scent-lp
Liz Phair                         Whip-smart-cd
Phallus Dei                                 Metacrates-mcd
Phallus Dei                                 Pornocrates-cd
Pig                                         Never for fun- «12»
Pigbag                                      Dr Heckle and Mr Jive-lp
Pigface                           Gub-cd
Pigface                           Thee underground-cd
Piglatin                          Jackpot-lp
Pitch Fork                                  Eucalyptus-lp
Planet Progress                   Sample pro 014-cd
Play Dead                                   From the promised land-lp
Play Dead                                   Break/blood stains/..- «12»
Play Dead                                   The first flower-lp
Play Dead                                   Shine- «12»
Play Dead                                   Company of justice-lp
Play Dead                                   Sacrosanct-Pale Fire- «12»
Play It Again Oor!                          Unieke compilatie cd-cd
Poesie Noire                                Tabula Rasa-cd
Presence                                    Act of faith-mcd
Progress Records                 Progress yourself PRO 021-cd
The Prophetess                             Dichotomy-cd
Psychopomps                         Six six six nights in hell-cd

Psychic Tv                                          Force the hand of chance-lp
Queen                                               Flash gordon-mc
Queen                                               A day at the races-lp
Queen                                               Innuendo-mc
Rage Against the Machine                            Bombtrack-mcd
Rake                                                          S/t- ”7
The Railway Children                                Reunion wilderness-lp
The Railway Children                                Brighter- «12»
Rammstein                                           Herzeleid-cd
Rancho Diablo                                       Chicken world-cd
Rancho Diablo                                       Plan B-mcd
Razorcuts                                           The world keeps turning-lp
Razorcuts                                           Storyteller-lp
Red House Painters                                  Red house panters-2xcd
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Nothing wrong-lp
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Talk about the weather-lp
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Monkeys on juice- «12»
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Hollow eyes- «12»
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Chance- «12»
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Temptation- «12»
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Smashed hits-lp
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Walking on your hands- «12»
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Paint your wagon-lp
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry                    Blasting off-lp
Red Wedding                                         Up and down the aisle- «Ep»
Remko Scha And The Machines               Guitar mural #14-cd
Replacements, The                          I will dare- «12»
Reptile                                             Fame and fossils-lp
Reptilicus                                          Temperature of blood-cd
Reptilicus                                          Snaketime-cd
Reptilicus                                          Reptilicus-cd
Reptilicus                                          Sobs-mcd
Reptilicus                                          Crusher of bones-lp
Republica                                 Ready to go-mcd
Revolting Cocks                           No devotion- «12»
Revolting Cocks                           Beers, steers + Qveers
The Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus    The gift of tears & le liturgie le fin.. -cd
The Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus    The gift of tears/mirror+ le liturgie.-2xcd
Paul Roland                                  Burnt orchids-lp
Paul Roland                                  Death or glory- «12»
Paul Roland                                  Danse macabre-lp
Rollerskate Skinny                                  Shoulder voices-cd
Rollerskate Skinny                                  Threshold-mcd
Rosa Mota                                           Wishful sinking-cd
Rosa Mota                                           Bionic-cd
Rosa Mota                                 Hopey feb ‘66-mcd
Rose Chronicles                          Shiver-cd
Rose Chronicles                           Dead and gone to heaven- «12»
The Rose of Avalance                      First avalanche-lp
The Rose of Avalance                      Always there-lp
Rosetta Stone                             Hiding in waiting-cd
Rubicon                                   What starts, ends-cd
Rubicon                                             Room 101-cd
Run Dog Run                                         A howling success-cd
Saccharine Trust                          Worldbroken-lp
Scratch Acid                                        Berserker-lp
Seigmen                                             Ameneon-cd
Seigmen                                             Hjernen er alene-mcd
Seigmen                                             Doderlein-cd
Seigmen                                             Total-hjernen er alene-2xcd
Senator Flux                                        Spectacles, testicles, wallet & watch-cd
Senator Flux                                        Storyknife-cd
Senator Flux                                        The criminal special-lp
Senator Flux                                        Shotgun for Cosmo-lp
Sepultura                                           Chaos a.d.-cd
Sex Gang Children                                   Into the abyss- «7»

Sex Gang Children                    Song and legend-lp
Sex Gang Children                    Re-enter the abyss (1985-remix)-lp
Sex Gang Children                    Beasts- «12»
Sex Gang Children                    Saderal- «12»
Severed Heads               Bulkhead-lp
Severed Heads               Hot with fleas- «12»
Shadow Project                       In tuned out-live ‘93-cd
Shakespears Sister                   Goodbye cruel world-mcd
Shakespears Sister                   Stay- «7»
Shellac                              At action park-lp
Shellac/Mule                         The rambler song/Beauteous- «7»
Michelle Shocked                     Anchorage- «7»
Shriekback                           Jam science-lp
Shriekback                          Oil and gold-lp
Sidi Bou Said                        Bodies-cd
Sigillum S                           Terror auto-obstetrics- «7»
Silkworm                             You ain’t going nowhere- «7»
Simon Bonney                         Forever-cd
Single Gun Theory                    Open the skies (extended remix)- «12»
Single Gun Theory                    Exorcise this wasteland-lp
Singles                     Motion picture soundtrack-lp
The Sisters of Mercy        Dominion/Untitled/Sandstorm- «7»
The Sisters of Mercy        This corrosion/torch- «7»
The Sisters of Mercy        Some girls wander by mistake-cd
The Sisters of Mercy        Reptile house ep- «Ep»
The Sisters of Mercy        Floodland-lp
The Sisters of Mercy        Alice- «12»
The Sisters of Mercy        Floorshow-bootleg lp
The Sisters of Mercy        Echoes vol.4-bootleg lp
The Sisters of Mercy        Temple of love- «12»
The Sisters of Mercy        Lucretia my refection- «12»
The Sisters of Mercy        First and last and always-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Hyena-cd
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Swimming horses- «7»
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Love in a void-bootleg lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            The scream-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Tinderbox-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Through the looking glass-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Through the looking glass-mc
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Join hands-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Peepshow-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Kaleidoscope-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Juju-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            The last beat of my heart- «12»
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Nocturne-2xlp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            A kiss in the dreamhouse-lp
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Once upon a time-mc
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Kiss them for me- «7»
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Rapture-cd
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Superstition-cd
Siouxsie and the Banshees            Peek-a-boo- «7»
Siouxsie and the Banshees   Peel Sessions-Ep
Sister Double Happiness     Horsey water-lp
Sister Double Happiness     Heart and mind-cd
Sisterhood                           The gift-lp
Skafish                               Conversation-lp
Skin Chamber                         Trial-cd
Skinny Puppy                         The process-cd
Skinny Puppy                         Vivisect VI-cd
Sleater-Kinney                       Dig me out-cd
Sleater-Kinney                       One more hour- «7»
Sleeping Dogs Wake                   Spiderbilly’s snakedance-mcd
Sleeping Dogs Wake                   Walk on-mcd
Slovenly                    Riposte-lp
Smashing Pumpkins                    Siamese dream-cd
Smashing Pumpkins                    I am one-mcd

Smashing Pumpkins                    Today-mcd
Smashing Pumpkins                    Tristessa- «12»
Smashing Pumpkins                    Peel sessions- «12»
Smashing Pumpkins                    Lull-lp
Smashing Pumpkins                    Gish-lp
The Smithereens                      Behind the wall of sleep- «12»
The Smithereens                      Beauty and sadness- «Ep»
The Smithereens                      Top of the pops- «7»
So Much Hate                         Lies-cd
So Much Hate                         Seeing red-lp
Sol Invictus                         Let us prey-cd
Sometime Sweet Susan       Fuse-cd
Sonic Youth                          Starpowder-cd (50x)
Sonic Youth                          Goo-cd
Sonic Youth                          Dirty-2xlp
Sonic Youth                          100 %-lp
Sourpuss Ac                          Temple-cd
The Southern Death Cult    The Southern Death Cult-lp
The Southern Death Cult    The Girl/Moya/Fatman- «12»
The Sound                            Heads and hearts-lp
The Sound                            Shock of daylight-lp
Sparklehorse                         Hammeringthecramps/spiritditch-mcd
Spear of Destiny           Grapes of wrath-lp
Spear of Destiny           Outland-lp
Spear of Destiny           The price you pay-lp
Spear of Destiny           One eyed jacks-lp
Spiritualized                        Lay back in the sun-mcd
Spk                                  Zamia Lehmanni-cd
Spk                                  In flagrante Delicto- «12»
Splintered                           Comparatively mainstream- «7»
Splintered                           Moraine-lp
Splintered                           Hilt- «7»
Stabbing Westward          Darkest days-cd
Static Icon                          Slave-cd
Steel Pole Bath Tub/..    Split single- «7»
Steel Pole Bath Tub                  Live Series 1-cd
Steel Pole Bath Tub                  Scars from falling down-lp
Steel Pole Bath Tub                  Lurch-lp
Steel Pole Bath Tub                  Some coctail suggestions- «10»
Stickdog                             Human-lp
Stiff Miners                         Vox celesta-cd
Stiff Nipples                        Volum one (
Stoor                                Repetition/Breathless- «7»
Stratford Mercenaries                Live in the U.S.A 1997- «7»
Street Ducks                         Affection traines- «12»
Street Ducks                         Duck and cover- «12»
Staalfaagel                          Sallskapa mig genom natten-lp
The Stranglers                       96 Tears- «7»
Sudden Infant/Brume                  Sperm children/love me tender- «7»
Suicidal Tendencies                  The art of rebellion-lp
Superchunk                           Hyper enough/Never to young to smoke- «7»
Swamp Terrorists                     Five in japan-cd
Swamp Terrorists                     Wreek-cd
Swans                                Omniscience-cd
Swans                                Love will tear us apart- «12» Rød V.
Swans                                White light from the mouth of infinity-2xlp
Swans                                Feel good now-2xlp (Live)
Swans                                Ep #1 1982- «Ep»
Swans                                Cop-lp
The Sweetest Ache                    Jaguar-cd
Swell                                41-cd
Swell Maps                           Jane from occupied europe-lp
Swell Maps                           A trip to maineville-lp
T-Rex                                The collection-2xlp
T-Rex & Marc Bolan                   Collection vol. 1-mc
T.B.Frank                            Sugar sugar- «12»

Tack»Head                                      Friendly as a hand grenade-cd
Tack»Head (Gary Clail’s)            Tackhead sound system-lp
Takahashi, Yukihiro                            Murdered by the music-lp
Tank                                           Filth hounds of hades-lp
Tatmotiv Angst                      E.P.-cd
The Tear Garden                     Bouquet of black orchids-cd
The Tear Garden                     To be an angel blind, the crippled soul divide-cd
The Teardrop Explodes               Everbody wants to shag-cd
The Telescopes                      Celeste- «12»
The Telescopes                      To kill a slow girl walking- «12»
Television Personalities            She’s never read poems-mcd
The Telling                                    Blue solitaire-cd
Templebeat                                     Heidi S-mcd
Terem Kvartet                                  1000th concert-cd
Terminal Power Company                         Run silent run deep-cd
Terminal Power Company                Salvation-mcd
The Terminals                            Little things-cd
Test Dept.                                     Terra Firma-lp
Testing 1.2.3                                  Sampler english music-cd
That Petrol Emotion                            Genius move-mcd
That Petrol Emotion                            Babble-lp
That Petrol Emotion                            End of the millenium psychosis blues-lp
That Petrol Emotion                            Manic pop thrill-lp
Thatcher on Acid meets Steerpike    The illusion of being together-lp
Theatre of Hate                                Westworld-lp
Theatre of Hate                                Ner/Incinerator- «12»
Theatre of Hate                                Live-lp
Thee Headcoats                      Headcoatitude-cd
Therapy?                                       Born in a crash-cd
Therapy?                                       Shortsharpshock e.p.-mcd
Therapy?                                       Teethgrinder-mcd
Therapy?                                       Nurse-cd
Therapy?                                       Opal mantra-mcd
Thin White Rope                               Spanish cave-lp
Thin White Rope                                 Exploring the axis-lp
The Third Eye Foundation            Ghost-cd
This Mortal Coil                    Filigree & Shadow-2xlp
This Mortal Coil                    It’ll end in tears-lp
This Mortal Coil                    Kangaroo/ it ’ll end in tears- «7»
Thomas Schwebel & Fehlfarben       Popmusik + hundezucht-cd
The Three Johns                     Some history- «Ep»
The Three Johns                     The world of the workers-lp
The Three Johns                     Sold down the river- «Ep»
The Three Johns                     The world by storm-lp
The Three Johns                     A.W.O.L.- «Ep»
The Three Johns                     Demonocrazy «the singles 1982-86»-lp
The Three Johns                     Atom drum bop-lp
The Three Johns                     Death of the european- «12»
The Three Johns                     Never and always- ”7
The Three O’Clock                   Hand in hand- «7»
The Throbbing Gristle               At the higway Rowdhouse, London-cd
The Throbbing Gristle               Funk beyond jazz-cd
The Throbs                          The language of thieves and vagabonds-lp
The Throwing Muses                  Red heaven-2xlp
The Throwing Muses                  Firepile- «Ep»
The Throwing Muses                  The real ramona-lp
Tiamat                                         Wildhoney-cd
Tiger                                          We are puppets-cd
Tindersticks                                   Tindersticks-2xlp+ «7»
Tones on Tail                                  Lions- «12»
Tones on Tail                                  Tones on tail-lp
Tones on Tail                                  Pop-lp
Tones on Tail                                  Christian says- «12»
Tones on Tail                                  Everything-2xcd
Tool                                           Undertow-cd
Tortoise                                       Galapagos- «12»

Tortoise                                    Thrill jockey- «12»
Trans x                                     Living on video ( ‘85 remix)
Treeband Story                              Take it- «12»
Treebound Story                             My life’s example- «12»
Treponem Pal                                Aggravation-cd
Treponem Pal                                Something to make you hate me-cd (live, Vera)
Tubeway Army (Gary Numan)                   Tubeway army-lp
Tubeway Army (Gary Numan)                   Replicas-lp
Tumor Circus                       S/t-cd
Tuxedomoon                                   what use?- ”7
Tuxedomoon                                   Pinheads on the move-2xlp
Tuxedomoon                                   You-lp
Tuxedomoon                                   Holy wars-lp
Tuxedomoon                                   Desire-lp
Tuxedomoon                                   Half-mute-lp
Twerdocleb                                   Chalk fairy-cd
Two Witches                                  Bloody kisses-mcd
U2                                           Desire- «12»
U2                                           Live under a blood red sky-lp
U2                                           Rattle and hum-2xlp
U2                                           The unforgettable fire-lp
U2                                           The Joshua Tree-lp
U2                                           War-cd
Under The Skin, vol.1                        Feat:Delphium, Spleen,..- «7»
Under Two Flags                              Lest we forget- «10»
Unrest                                       Imperial f.f.r.r.-cd
Ut                                 Conviction-lp
Vampire State Building             50 hz broken-cd
Various Artists                    A compilation of Vancouver..-cd
Various Artists                    Dream in the witch house-cd
Various Artists                Thugs ‘n’ kisses-cd
Various Artists                  Heilige tod-cd
Various Artists               Music for gracious living-cd
Victorian Parents                     Silence Follows-lp
Virgin Prunes                                ...If i die, i die-lp
Virgin Prunes                                The hidden lie-live in Paris-lp
Voices of Wonder                             -a compilation-cd
Voivod                                     Phobos-cd
Jan Erik Vold & Chet Baker         Blåmann! Blåmann!-mc
Voodoo Queens                      Kenuwee head-mcd
Vow Wow                                      V-cd
Vyllies                                      Lilith-lp
Tom Waits                                    The heart of saturday night-lp
Tom Waits                                    Foreign affairs-lp
Tom Waits                                    Franks wild years-lp
Tom Waits                                    Bone machine-cd
The Walkabouts                     Good luck morning-mcd
Die Warzau                                   Disco rigido-lp
We are going to eat you            Everywhere-lp
Whitesnake                                   Whitesnake
Whitesnake                                   Saints & sinners-lp
Whitesnake                                   Slide it in-lp
Whitesnake                                   Come and get it-lp
Willy Alberti                                25 jaar sucessen-lp
Windsor for the Derby/Drain                  The Kahanek incident- «12»
Wio/Mote                                     Old songs/recent songs- 2x «7»
Wire                                         Play pop-lp
Wire                                         Snakedrill- «12»
Wiseblood                                    Dirtdish
The Wolfgang Press                 The burden of mules-lp
The Wolfgang Press                 Funky little demons-cd
The Wolfgang Press                 Standing up straight-lp
The Wolfgang Press                 Going south-mcd
The Woodentops                     It will come- «12»
The Woodentops                     Good thing- «12»
The Woodentops                     Everyday living/why- «12»

The Woodentops          Stop this car/you make me feel- «7»
The Woodentops          Giant-lp
The Woodentops           Live hypnobeat live-lp
X-Mal Deutschland                The peel sessions- «Ep»
X Marks The Pedwalk              Facer-cd
X Marks The Pedwalk              Meshwork-cd
Yeht Mae                         Eam them
Yello                            Vicious game- «7»
Ym-Stammen                       (Vi blir) fisk-mcd
The Young Gods          The young gods-lp
The Young Gods          L’ amourir- «12»
The Young Gods          Gasoline man-mcd
Zolty Cracker          Flush-cd
Zombies Under Stress    Back to Siberia-cd
Zoviet*France           In_Version-cd


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