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Abdul Samad Bick.docx - Earth Charter Youth Group Wiki


									                                     Abdul Samad Bick

1. Tell about your background

“Well, I am Rahmatullah Bick I am 27 years old,
an Afghan national from Badghis western
province Afghanistan. I am the president of
Badghis Youths Association and also a student of
BA( Economics, Political science and Public
Administration) … I had been admired by my
local elders for doing social welfare activities
such as giving information to the local and
villagers for keeping their environment free of
pollution and pay necessary attention for the
conservation of forest and wildlife which is a
constitutional based fundamental rights and also
the law of the country endeavors to encourage
the people to keep the environment cleaned and protected “

2. What do you think makes you a leader?

In my Idea becoming a leader is based on the activities, morality and attitude of a person in a
particular society. The things which make a person to grow and promote as a leader is to be active,
have common and group activities, the actions should be morally and on the consent of people.

The things which make a person to be leader are as follows:

   To have relations with all people from all sects of the society.
   To do common and social welfare activities based on morals and good faith
   To have a special agenda for a particular goal and purpose, this should be for the benefit of
    people, society and environment.
   The activates should be based on planning and schedule
   To copy good actions from the past and old leaders and avoid the bad actions of them
   To be capable of communication with all people in different languages of the local and the
    leader should be a perfect communicator.

3. What inspires and motivates you?

In a particular society two things generally cause a person to be a leader
           In a society where it is backward . the society which has many disorder ness and chaos.
            The society which is polluted , society which the environment is not sanitary.
           In a society where people are supporting, encouraging you to be a leader and help

4. What have been your greatest successes and failures?

It is the most important question in my idea. With the contribution of our people till now I could
have many successful achievements but with few failures.

The greatest work which I have done was the biggest meeting which was conducted by our
association in a village where most of the people were suffering from TB, malaria diseases, The
conclusion of the meeting was very effective to those people by which we learned them how to
protect their environment clean, how to have sanity drinking water and food.. We the members of
the association have distributed to them many agricultural tools, tents for their rooms to protect
them from mosquitoes and necessary medicines.

Our meeting (action) had two important effects in the locality

    ·    We cause them by the distribution of agricultural tools to keep the environment clean
        which is a necessary campaign against global warming and pollution. They have cultivated
        many plants which can save the ground water from dryness.

    ·    We distribute them medicines to be healthy which is again can keep the environment clean
        from conveyance of disease from one person to another.

5. How did you manage to get that far?

As it is clear to all that being a leader to manage all things alone is impossible, as u know that there
can be no government without people similarly there can be no leader without people or
supporters. We managed all these activities by group members, through our agenda and plan. We
did the actions because it was a significant necessity of the society. Thereby a leader should have a
good relation with all the people and members subordinate to him then come to conclusion with
the idea of cooperators.

We did those activities because we were aware from the situation of the people of that locality,
every week our members are going to meet the local people and asking them about their problems.
All the actions were done by our active and philanthropist members.

6. What motivated you to continue to do what you do?

There are many ways and reasons which motivate a person to do an act for the welfare and relief of
society but for me the reasons which made me to do all these actions as follows
·    Imitation from the history in which our past leaders are remembered in good and lovely
    manners, their names are mentioned in national and local meetings, They are in the mind of
    old and young generations,

·    As I mentioned in the above, Some sort of disorder ness and careless of other authorities
    caused me to take important steps for doing beneficial activities

·    It is an important necessity of the people in which elders requested me to take the
    initiative and gave me the important guidelines.

·    The important thing which made to do these actions is that, man is a social animal; he lives
    in the society in which he is a member of it thus every member of society should be active
    and does actions for the benefit of society and people.

·    We need our environment clean and protected that’s why we did all these actions for the
    conservation of environment, people, animals and forest, which this job is imposed on us by
    our constitution.

7. How do you manage to work out conflicts?

Evey work should be done according to a particular agenda and plan for a certain period of
time.. as we were disciplinary so we could be strong against all conflicts,, only sometimes there
are some security problems that are making us suffer but sometimes it can also be solved by the
help of the people

8. What do you think is the most important skill to have as a leader?

In my idea communication is very important.

9. What had been the greatest challenge in your life and how did they you deal with it?

Since we have been working on this association, anytime and where we were supported by the
people not economically but socially, they were guiding to the locality, giving us way directions ,
showing us the deprived person… but fortunately up to now we had no problem to cause be
back,,, there were no strong challenges .

10. What was the thing that pushed you to get involved in the community as a leader?

The answer can be found from the texts of other answers which were given in the above
11. Any tips for us, when we want to become a leader, as young people?

When a person have confidence on himself and people, When he is capable of doing act as a
leader , when a person is old enough, having a strong communication skill, when he is behaving
well with sects of the society

12. Are leaders born or created?

Leaders are created, they are supported by the people thus with the help of people they can
achieve their social goals for the benefit of people and society

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