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                                        Zeeland Location:                       treatment for feeding
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                                                 Rehabilitation Services
What is Dysphagia?
                                                                                                   soft palate
Dysphagia is a feeding and/or swallowing disorder.                                                                        What Treatments are Available?
It may occur in adults and children during any of
                                                          tongue                                                          Treatment for Dysphagia focuses first on evaluating
the processes involved in the act of swallowing.                                                        epiglottis
                                                                                                                          the problem and determining safe feeding options
                                                                                                                          for the patient. Next, a Speech-Language Pathologist
What are Dysphagia Signs and                                hyoid bone                             false/true             (SLP) works with the patient and family to improve
Symptoms?                                                 thyroid cartilage                        vocal folds (larynx)
                                                                                                                          eating and swallowing skills. The treatment program
A normal swallow is quiet, painless and takes only                 trachea                                                is specifically designed to address the particular
one to two seconds. Disordered swallowing may                                                                             needs of each patient.
involve one or more of the following symptoms:
                                                                                                                          Treatment may involve:
TT   Coughing and/or choking when eating.
                                                                                                                          TT   Modifying the manner in which the patient
TT   Chest pressure or pain when swallowing.
TT   Feeling that food is getting stuck in the throat.
                                                                                                                          TT   Improving muscle strength, mobility and
                                                           How are Feeding and Swallowing
TT   Wet vocal quality (“gurgly” voice).                                                                                       coordination through exercises designed to
                                                           Problems Evaluated?
TT   Abnormal oral feeding or difficulty chewing.                                                                              target the muscles involved in swallowing.
                                                           A careful review of signs and symptoms is required
TT   Irritability during feedings or failure to thrive.                                                                        Providing biofeedback or VitalStim® Therapy –
                                                           to assess Dysphagia. A team of swallowing experts
                                                                                                                               neuromuscular electrical stimulation to improve
TT   Prolonged feeding times or refusal to eat.            work together to evaluate various aspects of the
                                                           problem. This may include:
     Dehydration.                                                                                                              Recommending food/liquid consistencies and
                                                           TT   Assessment of strength, coordination and
TT   Unexplained weight loss, altered diet or loss of                                                                          techniques or special equipment for feeding
                                                                movement of the oral-motor (mouth)
     appetite.                                                                                                                 and swallowing.
TT   History of gastrointestinal problems such as                                                                         TT   Addressing infant and pediatric feeding issues.
                                                           TT   Clinical evaluation of patient feeding and
     hiatal hernia or ulcer.
TT   Reflux or GERD.                                                                                                      To Learn More
                                                           TT   Medical tests such as the Modified Barium                 For more information, please contact Holland
TT   Recurrent pneumonia or respiratory infections.             Swallow (MBS), the Videofluoroscopic Swallow              Hospital Rehabilitation Services at (616) 355-3987
                                                                Study (VFSS) or “the cookie swallow”.                     or visit

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