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									Eden Autism Services
                                      improving the lives of children and adults with autism since 1975

                                                                                                                                      Spring 2009

Eden’s Dream of New Princeton School to
Become Reality                                                                                              Eden Florida School
     “If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure             Adds COO Carol Markowitz, who has
                                                                                                            Completing First Year
for it is not to dream less but to dream more,”          been with Eden since its 1975 founding,            in New Location
Marcel Proust told the world a century ago…              “This is an extremely exciting time for us—the
                                                                                                                 After nearly 10 years in Fort
and Eden listened. The new, state-of-the-art             opportunities at the new site are phenomenal.”
                                                                                                            Myers, Eden Autism Services Florida
school for children with autism that Eden has                 Markowitz is particularly enthusiastic
                                                                                                            moved its educational program to
envisioned, planned for and dearly needed for            about plans for a culinary arts program—
                                                                                                            Naples last summer, giving the adult
more than a decade anticipates opening its               the existing school has a commercial
                                                                                                            day program space of its own and
doors during the 2010-2011 school year, with             kitchen that can be adapted—and for a
                                                                                                            increasing school enrollment poten-
groundbreaking expected by late 2009.                    mini-Wawa retail food store that will enable
                                                                                                            tial considerably.
     Eden president and CEO Tom McCool                   students to develop real-life employment
                                                                                                                 Eden Florida’s Eimerman Center
describes a site search that eventually settled          readiness. Also of note: a two-story gymnasium
                                                                                                            boasts a swimming pool with certi-
on an existing school in Princeton Forrestal             complete with sensory motor area and
                                                                                                            fied swimming instructor who
Village, which will be renovated and expand-             weight room. And outside, a playing field,
                                                                                                            also teaches water safety skills, not
ed to meet the special educational needs of              fitness trail and half-court basketball court.
                                                                                                            inconsequential for young Floridians.
students with autism. The facility will include               Novelist Proust didn’t talk about the
                                                                                                            There is plenty of space for other
nearly 25,000 feet of new construction and               price tag of one’s dreams, but Eden is well
                                                                                                            activities, too—basketball, perhaps
encompass not only a school for students ages            aware of them. Hence the recent launch of
                                                                                                            tennis, definitely fitness walks under
3 to 21, but also space for Eden’s early inter-          “Nurturing Today, Embracing Tomorrow,” a
                                                                                                            sunny Gulf Coast skies.
vention program for infants and toddlers.                capital campaign to raise funds for the new
                                                                                                                 Eden Florida director Armando
     With site approval completed, the                   school as well as for an endowment fund to
                                                                                                            Galella is pleased that the facility lends
design phase is well underway and Eden                   ensure its sustainability (see story, page 4).
                                                                                                            itself to community collaboration, citing
staff are working closely with architects to                  Breaking even more new ground, the
                                                                                                            as example the aptly named “butterfly
apply current best practices that maximize               school’s best practices design and philosophy
                                                                                                            garden” developed last fall by the Naples
educational quality. “A best-practices learn-            will enable Eden to have a positive impact on
                                                                                                            Area Board of Realtors. “The garden has
ing environment,” says McCool, “includes                 autism education programs worldwide. Says
                                                                                                            been incorporated into our curriculum,
computers in classrooms, visual monitoring               McCool, “We anticipate welcoming visitors
                                                                                                            and students learn not only how to care
systems, technology-supported data keeping               from far and wide to engage in ongoing
                                                                                                            for the plants, but why they attract so
and physical space to support the teaching               dialogues with our staff as we help refine and
                                                                                                            many butterflies,” he says.
of vocational skills, life skills and leisure skills.”   redefine autism education best practices.” E
                                                                                                                 As the first year in Naples comes
                                                                                                            to a close, Galella eyes the next with
                                                                                                            particular anticipation. “We are
                                                                                                            looking forward,” he says, “to the
                                                                                                            impact of Florida’s vastly increased
                                                                                                            private insurance coverage of ABA
                                                                                                            therapy for children on the autism
                                                                                                                 Administrative offices for Eden
                                                                                                            Autism Services Florida are in Bonita
                                                                                                            Springs; Galella and his team can be
                                                                                                            reached at 239.992.4680. E

 Artist’s rendering of Eden’s new state-of-the-art school for children with autism.

  One Eden Way          |    Princeton, NJ 08540         |   Phone: (609) 987-0099      |   Fax: (609) 987-0243   |    www.edenautismservices.org
Fr om t he Pr e side n t ’s De sk

Eden, 2009                                                                                               Edenewsbriefs
     You will notice a new look in this issue of           Because our students travel from a wide
Edenewsbriefs, though “new” may not be the            area, we decided early in the process not to       Edenewsbriefs is published by Eden Autism
                                                                                                         Services, improving the lives of children and adults
best word. Eden is evolving and responding as         stray far from our current location. The Facili-
                                                                                                         with autism and their families since 1975
we strive to ensure that everything from our          ties Committee of our board visited numerous
                                                                                                         Executive Editor: Aileen Kornblatt
logo to our classrooms keeps                                            sites, eventually recommend-
                                                                                                         Editor and Writer: Pamela Geisel
pace with the changing needs                                            ing one in Forrestal Village,    Contributing Writer: Stacie Servetah
of the children, adults and                                             in nearby Plainsboro. The
                                                                                                         Design Donated by
families we serve.                                                      property is owned by Princeton   Kevin Babula and Brandi Robinson
     Over the past couple of                                            University, which has led to
                                                                                                         Printing Donated by Ancraft Press
years, we have been re-evalu-                                           a collaborative relationship
ating the Eden logo, which                                              with the university and to our               EDEN AUTISM SERVICES
though well recognized in our                                           subsequently engaging KSS        Thomas P. McCool, EdD
field, was also somewhat dated.                                         Architects’ Merilee Meacock      President and Chief Executive Officer
Howard Design Group in                                                  and experienced project          Carol Markowitz, MA, MEd
                                                                                                         Chief Operating Officer
Princeton guided us through                                             manager Chuck Klein as
the process of gathering feed-                                          members of our team. You’ll      Anne S. Holmes, MS, CCC, BCBA
                                                                                                         Chief Clinical Officer
back from a broad cross-  Thomas P. McCool, EdD                        read more about plans for the
section of families, staff and          President and CEO               new school on the pages of       Joseph Hess, MBA
                                                                                                         Chief Financial Officer
community members to create                                             this issue of Edenewsbriefs.
                                                                                                         Melinda Gorny McAleer, BA, CFRE
alternatives and evaluate their merit. Along the           Also on these pages is news of our capital    Chief Development Officer
way, we considered a number of very differ- campaign, “Nurturing Today, Embracing
                                                                                                         Rachel Tait, MA, MEd
ent possibilities, eventually circling back to        Tomorrow,” which officially launched April         Director of Educational Services
the realization that we wanted to retain the          30. Last year, we followed the recommenda-
                                                                                                         Jamie Douglas, MA
essence of the original logo…but give it a more       tions of a comprehensive feasibility study that    Managing Director of Adult Services
modern look.                                          examined our potential for such an effort and      Nina Finkler, MA, LDT/C, BCBA
     Out of this process grew a companion             began discussions with parents and community       Director of Outreach and Support Services
discussion about our name. For many years,            members to recruit campaign leadership. Our        Diane Van Driesen, MS, CCC, BCBA
we have used “Eden Family of Services” as             co-chairs reflect Eden’s multiple constituen-      Director of Wawa House Services
the umbrella to encompass Eden Institute,             cies: Marie and Jeff Gary, parents of a student;   Armando V. Galella, MPA, CFRE
                                                                                                         Director of Eden Florida
With the updated logo in place, we explored language that would be                                       Andrew C. Armstrong, BA
compatible, complementary and descriptive…and it took very little time                                   Director of Grants and Donor Stewardship
to adopt “Eden Autism Services” as our new identification.                                               Jim Steinruck, BA
                                                                                                         Director of Human Resources
Eden ACREs, Eden WERCs and the Eden                  Marge and Ed Schwallie, parents of an adult         Patricia Cleary
Institute Foundation; Eden Florida, Wawa             participant; and Bob Humes, board chair and         Comptroller
House Services and our extensive outreach            member of the community. The campaign                             BOARD OF TRUSTEES
component became part of this designation            seeks to raise $4 million for the new school and    Robert E. Humes, Chair
as well. Yet none of these names reflects            $3 million to strengthen our endowment fund         Thomas H. Walker Jr., Esq., Vice Chair
our reason for being, which is, of course,           to sustain Eden in the future.                      Jason Frede, Esq., Treasurer
autism services. So with the updated logo in              With all of this, can an upgraded web site     Lou Paparozzi, Secretary
place, we explored language that would be            be far behind? The answer, I’m happy to say,        Ehab Abousabe
                                                                                                         Peter J. Dawson
compatible, complementary—and descrip-               is no. Through grants from long-time Eden           Gina DelGiudice-Asch
tive. It took many months to decide on the           supporter Butz Noonan (widow of former              Susan Freeman
logo. It took very little time to adopt “Eden        board chair Bill) and the Gannett Founda-           Marie Gary
Autism Services” as our new identification.          tion—and under the guidance again of our            John Kroll
    On a more tangible note—and on a                 friends at Howard Design, we embarked on            Eric Lofgren
                                                                                                         Bob Petrocchi
much larger scale—is our new Princeton               a journey to incorporate state-of-the-art tech-     Nancy Richardson
school, a project that has been on the               nology into our site. We look forward soon          Edward Schwallie
table for many years but took a major                to being able to meet the dramatic increase in      Jill Spanbauer
leap forward in 2005, when we initiated              demand for our outreach services online, from       Christopher Tarr, Esq.
a formal process to select a site and begin          consultations to trainings to information and       Melissa Tenzer
                                                                                                         Ken Van Leeuwen
designing a facility that would reflect Eden’s       referral, and we hope you will visit us often at    Paul von Autenried
expertise in autism best practices.                  www.edenautismservices.org. E

Economic Crunch is Tough Time for People with Special Needs
     Nearly every American is feeling the            lost only one long-term job due to the               disabled people, says ABCD’s Arye. As a
effects of the struggling economy. Eden              economy. However, according to job devel-            result, there’s a better understanding in
is not immune to these hardships. An                 oper Garrett Bernhofer, he must work a lot           the state of their challenges and needs. He
economic crisis hits people with disabili-           harder to obtain new employment opportu-             credits Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts
ties even harder than others, as it becomes          nities for Eden participants.                        and others in the legislative and execu-
tougher to get a job and funding for many                 The state of the economy has affected more      tive branch of government with bringing
of the services they rely upon gets cut.             than just Eden adult employment. The effects         awareness more to the forefront in New
     For the disabled who can work, there            are being felt agency wide. Eden’s Outreach          Jersey, which has the highest rate of autism
are fewer posts to fill, as companies cut jobs       Department, which serves as a consultant             spectrum disorders in the nation.
to reduce costs.                                     to schools and agencies that provide autism              A silver lining in the cloud of reces-
     “Getting a job is always more difficult         services, has also felt the impact.                  sion, Arye says, is the new administration
for people with disabilities,” says Lowell                “As a sagging economy has forced                in Washington, DC, as President Barack
Arye, executive director of the Alliance for         widespread budget cuts, many programs                Obama “clearly” supports employment
the Betterment of Citizens with Disabilities         have drastically reduced consulting hours            issues for people with disabilities.
(ABCD), a Hamilton, NJ-based group that              with Eden,” says Nina Finkler, director of               The president spoke in his campaign of
represents Eden and other nonprofit organi-          Outreach and Support Services. One urban             expanding services and support for people
zations for people with disabilities at the          school district abruptly placed a moratori-          with disabilities, and he sees the need to
policy table.                                        um on all 2008-2009 assistance. A program            insure that people with disabilities live
     On average, he says, 70 to 75 percent of        in north Jersey cut hours by two-thirds.             independently in the community.
people with disabilities who want to work can’t           “We have tried,” says Finkler, “to be               He has also said that Washington needs
find a job, because of issues including discrimi-    realistic about what the market will bear            to increase funding for requirements of the
nation and concerns about accommodations.            and to adjust what we offer accordingly.”            Individuals with Disabilities Education Act,
     “Even in a good economy, you have low           This has meant some rethinking and rebud-            according to Arye.
employment for people with disabilities,”            geting on Eden’s part.                                   Eden is hopeful for the future—deter-
says Arye.                                                Over the last few years, New Jersey             mined to keep vigilant in the fight for
     Eden’s Adult Services employment                lawmakers and other state officials have             individuals with disabilities in order to
division has been relatively lucky. It has           made progress increasing the visibility of           persevere through these difficult times. E

April is for Autism Awareness
     With autism prevalence
increasing—the CDC puts it
at 1 in 150—autism awareness
has taken on new significance,
giving new life to National
Autism Awareness Month,
celebrated in April.
     Eden’s awareness activi-
ties in New Jersey kicked off
this year with an appropriately
international flavor when Princ-
eton’s Alchemist & Barrister
Restaurant and Pub hosted a
festive evening April 2 featuring
“celebrity” bartenders—Eden                                                                    Proclaiming National Autism Awareness Month locally:
                                  	 Promising Pathways in Florida: Keynote speakers (from        Tom McCool (2nd from left), Eden president and CEO,
trustees Ehab Abousabe and           right) Kiely and Paul Law and Mohammad Ghaziuddin are        and Tom Smith, West Windsor-Plainsboro assistant super-
Peter Dawson and Eden presi-         joined by featured presenter Anne Holmes, Eden’s chief       intendent, are flanked by the mayors of Plainsboro (left)
dent Tom McCool, serving             clinical officer.                                            and West Windsor—Peter Cantu and Shing-Fu Hsueh.
his signature Irish coffee. The
following morning, a ceremony at Millstone River Elementary School                Also on the April calendar were awareness tables at Quaker-
in Plainsboro was moved inside when April showers postponed plans for bridge Mall, Princeton and Mercer Chamber of Commerce lunches,
a “human autism ribbon” with students from Millstone and Eden, but            Caldwell College’s autism conference, POAC’s (Parents of Autistic
spirits were not dampened and mayoral proclamations were undeterred.                                                                     continued on page 6

Capital Campaign Brings Promise for Many
    On April 30, Eden family and friends              and the establishment of an endowment                   McAleer Joins Eden
joined CEO Tom McCool and co-chairs                   fund whose income can assure the sustain-               as Chief Development
Marie and Jeff Gary, Bob Humes and Ed                 ability of Eden’s services for years to come.
and Marge Schwallie for the official launch               To date, more than $2.6 million has                 Officer
of “Nurturing Today, Embracing Tomor-                 been raised in support of the $7 million
                                                                                                                    Eden Autism Services welcomed
row,” a capital campaign to support the               campaign. Commitments have been made
                                                                                                              Melinda Gorny McAleer to the new
current and future needs of Eden’s children           by Eden parents, grandparents, trustees
                                                                                                              role of chief development officer early
and adults with autism. The event was held            and other volunteers, as well as by founda-
                                                                                                              this year, on the eve of launching the
at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village,         tion and corporate partners who recog-
                                                                                                              organization’s first capital campaign
which not coincidentally is within walking            nize the importance of Eden’s services to
                                                                                                              since the early 1990s.
distance of what will become Eden’s new               families living with the lifelong challenges
                                                                                                                    McAleer brings with her 20 years’
campus some time next year.                           of autism.
                                                                                                              experience in the nonprofit sector,
    Each year, funding from federal and                   The co-chairs of “Nurturing Today,
                                                                                                              most recently as director of major
state agencies falls well short of what               Embracing Tomorrow” know those chal-
                                                                                                              and planned gifts at Capital Health
Eden needs to maintain its commitment                 lenges well. Four of the five are parents of
                                                                                                              System Foundation in Trenton. She
to quality services and meet increasing               sons with autism; Humes, the current board
                                                                                                              is a member of the Gift Planning
demand for them. Philanthropic support                chair, has served as Eden trustee or commit-
                                                                                                              Council of New Jersey and the Asso-
has, therefore, become Eden’s lifeline—the            tee member for more than two decades.
                                                                                                              ciation of Fundraising Professionals,
difference between a mission fulfilled and                For more information about the
                                                                                                              serving on the New Jersey chapter’s
one only attempted. The campaign will                 campaign, contact Melinda Gorny McAleer
                                                                                                              board of directors as well as its profes-
raise funds both for the building of a new            or Andy Armstrong at the Eden Institute
                                                                                                              sional development committee.
school in the Princeton area (see story, page 1)      Foundation at 609.987.0099. E
                                                                                                                    “I am thrilled to have joined Eden,
                                                                                                              especially as we begin what I know will
                                                                                                              be a successful effort to build a much-
                                                                                                              needed new school and endow adult
                                                                                                              services—a hallmark of our mission,”
                                                                                                              says McAleer. “We have some hard
                                                                                                              work ahead but I believe that our fami-
                                                                                                              lies, community members and business
                                                                                                              partners will all want to be part of
                                                                                                              Eden’s next great chapter.”
                                                                                                                    McAleer is a graduate of Hartwick
                                                                                                              College and has achieved certifica-
                                                                                                              tion from CFRE International, which
                                                                                                              administers the only internationally
                                                                                                              recognized professional credential for
                                                                                                              philanthropic fundraising executives.
                                                                                                              She and her son live in Hillsborough. E
 Campaign co-chairs (left to right) Bob Humes, Marie and Jeff Gary, Ed and Marge Schwallie

    Rising High
                                                                 Andrew Tsang replaces the liner
                                                                   after emptying a wastebasket and John
                                                                   Manuel wields a mean vacuum as part of
                                                                   the weekly Eden cleaning crew at Rise,
                                                                   a Hightstown (NJ)-based nonprofit that
                                                                   provides referral and support services
                                                                   to individuals and families in need.
                                                                   Participants from Eden Adult Services
                                                                   volunteer their time at Rise, which
                                                                   Eden job development specialist Garret
                                                                   Bernhofer calls win-win—“they’re gaining
                                                                   job experience, we’re giving back to the   	
                                                                                                               Melinda Gorny McAleer
                                                                   community and Rise is saving money on
                                                                   janitorial services.” Win-win…and win.

Donor Pr of il e – M a r k a nd M a r i a B u chinski

Because Eden Has Always Been There
     It was at a Membership Meeting—the                 Adds Mark, “Eden is not just where               has always been there for us and this is our
semiannual gathering of Eden parents and            Michelle goes to school; they help our whole         way of giving back.”
staff that serves both as info briefing and         family. There’s sibling support, grandparent              In the meantime, they look forward to
Q&A—when Mark and Maria Buchin-                     days…and whenever we’ve needed them—                 watching the new school take shape and
ski learned about the New Jersey capital            Michelle’s communion, Michelle’s haircut,            feel more closely connected to the process
campaign soon to launch. And why it                 Michelle at the dentist—Eden is there.”              now that they are campaign supporters.
mattered so much.                                       The Buchinskis have been regular donors          They also feel something else. Heartened.
     “A real eye opener,” says Mark of the          from the start, supporting not only the Annual            “This,” says Maria, “is our glimmer
evening. “I don’t think we had ever real-           Fund but also such events as Eden Dreams and         of hope.” E
ized what it costs to provide the level of          Eden by Moonlight. They joined the Legacy            Mark and Maria Buchinski are also parents
service we receive…how much a gap there             Society in 2001, affirming a commitment to           to Mark, 14, and Matthew, 7. They live in
is between what the state provides and what         including Eden in their estate plan.                 Old Bridge.
Eden needs.”                                            “When we learned how important it is
     Michelle Buchinski was referred to             for parents to pledge to the campaign—for
Eden for early intervention services at age         the Eden family to be 100% on board
2 and accepted the following year to the            before approaching people who are not
Early Childhood Program at Eden Insti-              as personally affected, we knew we would
tute. Now 13, she is one of six students in         participate,” says Mark, a systems director
Transition, which serves as a bridge to the         at MetLife. “I think we were an easy sell.”
more vocationally oriented programming                  The capital campaign’s dual goals of
for older teens.                                    new school and strengthened endowment
     “Eden has been a godsend for                   both resonate with the Buchinskis, who
Michelle,” says Maria. “She’s made a lot of         are pragmatic about Michelle’s future. “We
progress and they have been with us every           know there are no guarantees that she will
step of the way.”                                   always be at Eden,” says Maria. “But Eden            	 Buchinski Family

Eden Accreditations, Certifications Affirm Program Excellence
     Eden Institute recently received reac-         services are of the highest quality, measurable           This certification by the Florida-based
creditation from the National Commission            and accountable.                                     Behavior Analyst Certification Board allows
for the Accreditation of Special Education               Eden’s Outreach Department, which               Eden to expand the scope of trainings it
Services (NCASES). Currently, there are 25          provides training, program consultations             provides as well as the group of people who
schools nationwide—two in New Jersey—               and diagnostic evaluations, was recently             can be trained. Eden Outreach is one of just
that have been accredited by NCASES, a              approved as a Board Certified Behavior               five programs in New Jersey with BCBA
subsidiary of the nonprofit National Asso-          Analyst continuing education provider.               certification. E
ciation of Private Special Education Centers
(NAPSEC), based in Washington, DC.
     Such endorsement assures the community
that a private special education provider has
met best current practices, identifies agencies
that are worthy of financial support, assists
prospective clients in choosing a service provid-
er and helps in the development of agency
improvement goals, according to NCASES.
     Eden Adult Services, meanwhile, has
received first-time accreditation for its employ-
ment services program, this from CARF Inter-
national, which currently accredits more than
5,500 providers on five continents. Receipt of
a three-year accreditation follows a rigorous       	
                                                     Rachel Tait, Eden’s director of educational            Jamie Douglas (left), managing director of Eden
                                                       services, and student Spike Lofgren accept the        Adult Services, and assistant director Yasmin
review in which an organization demonstrates           NCASES certificate of accreditation from Sherry       Qazilbash flank participant Steven Winsten,
to a team of surveyors that its programs and           Kolbe, NAPSEC executive director and CEO.             doing the honors holding the CARF certificate.

April is for Autism continued from page 3
                                                         Eden Florida Takes Vocational Training
Children) Walk for a Difference and the                  to the Stables
Trenton Thunder’s own autism awareness
day. Fundraisers at JR Trading Company                        Eden Autism Services Florida’s older                     So instead of training at a fast food
(Monmouth Junction), Cheeburger Chee-                    students are being given a special oppor-                 restaurant or grocery store, students are
burger (Mercer Mall), TGI Friday’s (East                 tunity to work at a local ranch, as part of               now learning how to use a special cleaning
Windsor) and Applebee’s (Lawrenceville)                  a project that executive director Armando                 tool for barns. They’ll next move onto other
raised dollars along with the awareness.                 Galella hopes will blossom into a creative                steps required to become a stable hand,
     In a more academic awareness vein,                  way for many of Eden’s participants to gain               including feeding and grooming horses.
Eden Florida partnered with Florida                      valuable vocational skills.                                   “The repetitiveness of the stable jobs
Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers                           Eden is in an area of southwest Florida              makes them very suitable for people with
April 25 for the second annual Promising                 where hundreds of acres of stables are                    autism,” says Galella. “The students are
Pathways—the Road to Best Practice in                    located. Over the past year and a half,                   adapting well to the work, and they’re
Autism, a free conference for physicians,                Eden has developed an alliance with Triple                doing the work extremely well.”
parents and educators addressing autism                  V Ranch, a 30-acre farm in Naples that                        Galella plans to reach out to other
spectrum disorders. Eden Florida director                has two large barns and pastures accom-                   ranches in the vicinity of Triple V to discuss
Armando Galella again served as confer-                  modating more than 30 horses. Its owner,                  their staffing needs, which he hopes will
ence chair and Anne Holmes, Eden’s chief                 Dr. Ginny Condello, is a psychiatrist who                 enable him to open the stable hand program
clinical officer, was a featured speaker                 understands the value of equine therapy.                  to more students and to adult participants
with keynotes by Kiely and Paul Law,                          Eden students currently participate in               from Eden Florida’s group residences as well. E
physicians and researchers at Baltimore’s                therapeutic riding at Condello’s ranch, as
Kennedy Krieger Institute and parents                    well as at Naples Equestrian Challenge, a
of a son with autism, and Mohammad                       program specifically for people with disabil-
Ghaziuddin, MD, MRCPsych, associate                      ities. Those relationships have demonstrated
professor of child psychiatry at the Univer-             how children with autism can benefit from
sity of Michigan.                                        equine therapy and simply being near
     The month concluded with several                    animals, especially horses, says Galella.
more “a” words as Eden conveyed its                           Over the past six or seven months, there
appreciation with artwork by Antonio. The                developed a need for trained stable hands
note cards, sent to a cross-section of donors,           in the region, particularly at Triple V and
vendors and friends, used an original design             other ranches in Collier County. Eden staff
by Eden Adult Services participant Antonio               discussed with Condello the idea of train-
Leon, who has been drawing and painting                  ing some of Eden’s older teens, and a pilot               	
                                                                                                                    Student Ryan Floyd gets serious about sweeping
                                                                                                                       as part of the new stable hand training program
since the age of 6. E                                    project was launched this year.                               at Eden Autism Services Florida.

A Fine Frenzy in Florida

 Talented singer-songwriter-pianist Alison Sudol, this year’s star attraction at the Alive in the World concert benefiting Eden Florida, posed gamely for photos, here
    with (at left) Bob, Megan and JP Goldman—Bob and wife Susie established the annual “Alive” event 11 years ago—and (at right) long-time Eden Florida supporter
    Wilson McGregor, flanked by musicians Stephen LeBlanc and Jesse Siebenberg. Sudol and her band, known professionally as A Fine Frenzy, charmed the crowd at
    the Naples Hilton and Towers on March 27, and won the hearts of many by donating tickets so several Eden participants could attend.

UMDNJ Medical Students Gain Clinical
Experience at Eden                                                                                           Just Launched!
     First year medical student                                                                              Eden’s New
Vicky Lent of Morganville,                                                                                   Fully Interactive
New Jersey, says her recent                                                                                  Multimedia Website
afternoon at Eden Autism
Services was an informative
look into the lives of future
patients. “Visiting Eden                                                                                     www.edenautismservices.org
gave me insight into crucial
developmental        factors—                                                                                design team
family life, education and
                                                                                                             Howard Design Group and
daily activities—of children
with autism, which will help 	    UMDNJ students who visited Eden March 25 were (left to right) Vanna       Aardvark Brigade
                                   Parikh, Jason Litt, Dorian Batt, Alan Caces, Daniel Perl,Vicky Lent,
me be more aware of the            Kristine Goins, Lincoln Smith, Osvaldo Zumba and Christine Cloke.
needs and intricacies when                                                                                   generous underwriting support from
I’m treating patients with autism,” she says.                After observing each class in action,           Butz Noonan
     Lent was one of 10 students from the               the medical students spend lecture time              The Gannett Foundation
Patient Centered Medicine course at the                 with Markowitz and nurse Ilona Gunder-
University of Medicine and Dentistry of                 sen, who address early autism diagnosis,
New Jersey’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical                the increase in autism prevalence and
School who spent the afternoon of March                 medical issues related to autism. The site
25 at Eden’s school in Princeton. Eden hosts            visits are coordinated by J. Anna Looney,
about a half-dozen such site visits annu-               PhD, of UMDNJ’s Department of Family
ally, welcoming the chance to be part of                Medicine.
RWJMS’s commitment to introducing clini-                     “I appreciated how open all the staff
cal experience early in the first year.                 were,” says Lent, whose area of interest is                   Eden Autism Services
     “It’s our chance to impact a whole crop            Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, “and
of young doctors,” says Eden COO Carol                  I hope many more generations of UMDNJ
Markowitz, “and we think that’s an impor-               students will have the same opportunity we
tant contribution we can make.”                         did to visit Eden.” E

Our Way of Saying Thank You
by Stacie Servetah
     One chilly afternoon in late February, I         ber. I won’t lie and say it’s been all wonderful
stood outside my seven-year-old daughter’s            and uphill from the first day. My stubborn little
speech therapy session. From behind a door            one put up a fight at first, prompting me to
and through a tinted window, I watched as             ask myself on more than one occasion if I had
Brielle’s therapist prompted her to pick one          made a bad decision for my younger child.
of three picture cards. My baby girl got the               Months later, Bree is settling in. Her fits are
right one and smiled, happy with herself              fewer and farther between, and she’s making
and the reinforcement she got. Then she sat           really good progress, at school and at home.
obediently, staring at the teacher, waiting           She’s become VERY opinionated and is able to
for her next move. I was mesmerized.                  use her picture book to express her wants and
     Brielle was such a different child               needs. She’s learned so much and so have I.
than the one I had seen the last time I                    I’m grateful, more than words can
visited Eden just a few months earlier. As            express. That is why I’m so happy to have
I watched her now, I saw a wide, beauti-              an opportunity to help Eden by contributing
ful grin on her face, a happy glow in her             to this newsletter.
big brown eyes. She listened and followed                  As Trenton bureau chief of Bloomberg
directions, all the while laughing, playing           News, I spend my days writing and editing
and interacting like I’ve never seen before.          stories about state government and finances.
     Brielle joined the Eden family last Septem-      Writing for Eden is my way of giving back.                Stacie Servetah with her daughter, Brielle Babula

Edenewsbriefs News Briefs
T     he 21st annual Eden Dreams gala,
      held January 17 at the Hyatt Regency
Princeton, transported guests to the land of
                                                   among colleagues as one always to go the
                                                   extra mile. Eden parents Tom and Mary
                                                   Ann Martin established the Culley Award            June 19
pyramids, pharaohs and Nile River temples—         10 years ago in memory of a young cousin.          Just for Joey Golf Outing
and raised a welcome $100,000 in proceeds                                                             Heron Glen Golf Course
at a time when economic uncertainty was at
its peak. Dreams of Amon-Ra was co-chaired
by Janet Quarterone of Flemington and Rob
                                                   I  rish eyes smiled early when the Conor P.
                                                      Casey Foundation for Autism hosted its
                                                   seventh annual Blarney Benefit February 28
                                                                                                      Ringoes, NJ

Robinson of Doylestown (Pennsylvania), and         at the Bordentown Elks Lodge. Sweeney’s            June 19
corporate sponsors included Access Commu-          Irish Saloon of Trenton donated the food           Friends of Eden Awards Dinner
nications, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Continental       and DJ services by Steve and Company               Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village
Airlines, the Hyatt, Janssen LP, Jennifer          kept the crowd of 400 on its feet. Blarney         Princeton, NJ
Angelo Design, JPMorgan Chase, Merrill             proceeds support scholarships for children
Lynch, Munich Reinsurance America, the             who are receiving early intervention services
Olsen Foundation, Turn-Key Environmental           at Eden’s Wawa House, with upwards of              July 19
Services and Tyco; Howard Design Group             $165,000 raised since the event’s inception.       Eden Family 5K and Fun Run
and Ancraft Press donated graphic design and       Kolleen and Dan Casey of Lumberton estab-          Princeton Forrestal Village
printing, respectively. Also donated: 12 airline   lished the foundation to honor their son,          Princeton, NJ
tickets (from long-time Eden friend Richard        Conor, who was diagnosed with autism at
Chibbaro of Continental), which put extra          age 2 and received services at Wawa House.
spring in the step of silent auction bidders.                                                         September 14, 21, 28

E    dha Majumdar of Kendall Park, lead
     teacher in Eden’s Transition Program
                                                   R    obert E. Humes, chair of Eden Autism
                                                        Services’ Board of Trustees, received
                                                   the Bob Clancy Culture of Caring Award
                                                                                                      Autumn Nights Wine Tastings
                                                                                                      Stonewood Grill & Tavern
                                                                                                      Naples, FL
and 23-year Eden veteran, was named the            from the American Red Cross of Central
2008 Andors Teacher of the Year in recogni-        New Jersey at its 13th annual gala, held
tion of exemplary dedication and profes-           March 7 at the Bedens Brook Club in                October 3
sionalism. The award is presented through          Skillman. A Red Cross volunteer for more           Eden by Moonlight
the endowed Andors Family Fund—estab-              than 25 years, Humes served two terms              Hamilton Manor
lished in 1999 by Eden parents Toni and            as board chair and has assisted with relief        Hamilton, NJ
Leon Andors—which helps each year to               efforts during large local disasters; he is also
subsidize the salary of one faculty member         a regular blood donor. The award is named
in Eden’s educational program. Amy Sassi           in memory of former trustee and long-time          October 5, 12, 19
of Levittown (Pennsylvania), teaching assis-       Red Cross volunteer Clancy, a former Eden          Autumn Nights Wine Tastings
tant in Transition, was selected as the 2008       trustee as well. Humes, who is also co-            Stonewood Grill & Tavern
recipient of the Kristin Ann Culley Award,         chairing Eden’s capital campaign, “Nurtur-         Naples, FL
a peer-driven honor that is given annually         ing Today, Embracing Tomorrow,” lives in
to a front-line Eden staff member known            Skillman with his wife, Nancy. E

                       Eden Autism Services
                       One Eden Way
                       Princeton, NJ 08540

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