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					2005 Annual Report
                                Message from the President
                                The annual report of USA Field Hockey is intended to provide
                                information to you about the sport of field hockey in our country.
                                As the National Governing Body (NGB) for field hockey under the
                                United States Olympic Committee (USOC), USA Field Hockey is
                                charged with the development of the sport from the grassroots
2 .... President’s Message      programs of youth and club hockey through to the international
3 .... Board of Directors       competitions involving our women’s and men’s elite teams. This
                                year, 2005, is the first year of the Olympic Quadrennium which
4 .... Year in Review
                                culminates in the Summer Games in Beijing, China, in 2008.
5 .... Membership

6 .... International Programs
                                USA Field Hockey has made a commitment to being in Beijing.
                                This past year, the Association made decisions in the areas of
     Women’s National Teams     personnel and facilities to support our goal of “Sustained
     Men’s National Teams       Competitive Excellence”. We are seeking out talented
     International Committees
                                young women and men and will, through our Elite
                                                                                              USA Field Hockey Mission
                                Performance Training Centers (EPTC) and Regional
     International Umpiring     Training Centers (RTC), respectively, prepare them for        The United States Field Hockey
                                success in Pan American, World Cup, and Olympic               Association is the national govern-
     International Coaching
                                                                                              ing body for Field Hockey in the
10 .. Olympic Development
                                competition. To ensure great training facilities for our
                                                                                              United States and is a member of
                                teams year ‘round, we have refurbished the artificial turf    the United States Olympic Com-
     Futures                    field at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista,          mittee, International Hockey Fed-
     Camps & Tours              Calif. The Chula Vista field, along with the fields at our    eration and the Pan American
11 .. National Programs
                                USA Field Hockey National Training Center in Virginia         Hockey Federation. The mission
                                Beach, support our teams on both coasts and provide           of the USA Field Hockey is to:
13 .. Business Development      state-of-the-art venues for attracting international
     Sponsorship & Licensing    competitors to the United States.                             1. Provide programs and ser-
                                                                                              vices for our members, support-
     Fund Raising                                                                             ers, affiliates and the interested
                                But, perhaps the most significant development of 2005
14 .. Events                                                                                  public.
                                has been the assembling of our excellent High
16 .. Communications            Performance staff under the guidance of Technical             2. Be committed to excellence
                                Director Terry Walsh. Along with WNT Coach Lee                and the improvement of both
17 .. Financial Report
                                Bodimede, MHP Coach Nick Conway and Goalkeeping               men and women in our sport, em-
19 .. Valued Contributors       Specialist Justine Sowry, Terry has created a                 phasizing participation and devel-
22 .. Message from the          technological and practical model for improving               opment opportunities for players,
      Executive Director        coaching at all levels in the U.S., an effort which has       coaches, umpires and adminis-
                                been met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm by          trators.
23 .. Corporate Sponsors
                                coaches and athletes, alike.
                                                                                              3. Be committed to selecting
                                For all of our programs and initiatives, the financial        and preparing teams to participate
                                                                                              successfully in the Olympic
                                support of our field hockey family is both critical and
                                                                                              Games, Pan American Games
                                sincerely appreciated. Whether for Futures scholarships       and identified international com-
                                or indoor hockey tours or our Annual Fund, your               petitions.
                                contributions to USA Field Hockey help to ensure the
                                future of this great sport.                                   4. Strive to represent the United
                                                                                              States and the sport of field
                                To all of our donors, we offer a sincere “thank you”, and     hockey in an exemplary manner
                                invite you to continue to be a part of the exciting journey   throughout the world both in terms
                                which is USA Field Hockey!                                    of competitive performance and in
                                                                                              the overall quality of our programs
                                Sharon E. Taylor                                              and services to our members.
                                President, USA Field Hockey
Board of Directors

     Sharon Taylor           Meri Dembrow             Barbara Doran                Pat Cota
       President               Treasurer            Ex. Vice President/     Athlete Representative

    Andrew Duncan                Jill Reeve            Jason Wellings          Billie Ahluwalia
 Athlete Representative   Athlete Representative   Athlete Representative           Director

     Barb Carreiro             Pam Hixon               Jim Johnson            Michelle Madison
       Director                 Director                 Director                 Director

                                                                                 Not Picutred

                                                                             Merrily Dean Baker

                                                                             Christine Hunsicker

                                                                              Christine Millbauer

   Lenny McCaigue              Char Morett             Daniel Shapiro
       Director                 Director                 Director

                                                                            2005 Annual Report 3
                       2005 in Review
                       Team Selection Camp
                                        Camp                                   Elite Per formance National Championships
                                                                               Elite Perf          National Championships
                       Virginia Beach, Va.                                     Virginia Beach, Va.
                                                                               Rabobank Champions Challenge
                                Pan          Championship
                       Men’s Jr Pan American Championship
                                                                               Virginia Beach, Va.
                       Havana, Cuba

                               Women’s        Tour
                       Men’s & Women’s Indoor Tours                                       Futures Championship
                                                                               N ational Futures Championship
                       Canada/Vienna, Austria                                  Virginia Beach, Va.

                       March                                                   August
                       National Indoor Tournament
                                           Tournament                                 Olympic
                                                                               Junior Olympic Games
                       Virginia Beach, Va., Richmond, Va., Collegeville, Pa.   New Orleans, La.
                       Women’s Jr Pan American Championship
                                   Pan         Championship                    USA/Canada Challenge
                       San Juan, Puerto Rico                                   Vancouver, B.C.

                       Lee Bodimeade named women’s national                    September
                       team coach                                              Women’s Junior World Cup
                       Virginia Beach, Va.                                     Santiago, Chile

                       Futures Elite Netherlands Tournaments
                               Elite Netherlands Tournaments                   November
                       Valkenswaard, The Hague, The Netherlands.               National Hockey Festival
                                                                                        Hock Festival
                                                                               Palm Beach Co., Fla.
                       2nd USA Club Championship                               USA Under-18 Men Canada Series
                       Virginia Beach, Va.                                     Vancouver, B.C.
                       May                                                         Women                    Nation
                                                                               USA Women at Argentina Three Nation
                           Women New         Tour
                       USA Women New Zealand Tour                              Buenos Aires, Argentina
                       New Zealand
                       June                                                                      Women         Pan
                                                                               USA Indoor Men, Women at Indoor Pan Am Cup
                       USA Women/Australia Series                              Kitchner, Ontario
                       Virginia Beach, Va.

2005 Annual Report 4
 Recorded a membership count
 of 15,625 for 2005.

 Continued        membership
 benefits with secondary
 insurance policy to cover
 participating athletes, officials
 and trainers.

 Conducted 79% of
 membership activities on-line.

 Provided playing opportunites
 to record numbers of members
 at the National Hockey Festival
 (3,525), National Indoor
 Tournament (1,700) and
 National Futures
 Championship (646).

 Experienced 41.2 % increase                Membership by Sex
                                            Female            92.5%
 in total membership since                  Male               7.5%
 1997. National trends included
                                            Membership by Region
 a 12.3 % increase in high                  Northeast          50%
 school participation and a                 Mid Atlantic       21%
                                            West               17%
 10.1% increase at the college
                                            Midwest             11%
 level since 1995-96 (Source:               Southeast            1%
 National Federation of State High School
                                            USA Field Hockey
 Associations, NCAA).                       Membership by State
                                            Pennsylvania          19%
                                            California            13%
                                            Maryland              12%
                                            New York              11%
                                            New Jersey            11%
                                            Virginia               8%
                                            Massachusetts          5%
                                            Connecticut            4%
                                            Others                17%

                                                       2005 Annual Report 5
                          International Programs
                          Women’s National Squad

                             Competed in 5 tests at New Zealand (1-4)(May 14-21).

                             Competed in 4 tests vs. Australia (0-2-2) in Virginia Beach, Va. (June

                             Placed 5th at the Rabobank Champions Challenge in Virginia
                             Beach, Va. (July 8-16).

                             Competed in 5 tests vs. Canada (5-0) in Virginia Beach, Va. (Aug.
                             26-Sept. 4).

                             Finished 2nd in 3 Nation vs. Argentina and Chile in Buenos Aires
                             (Nov. 2-6).

                             Collected individual honors at the Champions Challenge with
                             Amy Tran as Goalkeeper of the Tournament and Angie Loy as
                             leading goalscorer (tie).

                             Women’s Junior Squads

     The USA’s Rachel        Qualified for the Jr. World Cup by finishing 2nd at the Jr. Pan
     Dawson was named
     the Player of the       American Championship in San Juan, Puerto Rico (March 16-27).
     Tournament at the
     2005 Junior Pan
     American Champion-      Finished first in the Elite Performance Training Center National
     ships in San Juan
                             Championship in Virginia Beach, Va. (June 29-July 4).

                             Finished a best-ever seventh at the Jr. World Cup in Santiago,
                             Chile (Sept. 14-25).
2005 Annual Report 6
                        Women’s Indoor Squad

                           Competed against Austrian clubs in Vienna (Feb. 15-20).

                           Finished second at the Indoor Pan American Cup in Kitchener-
                           Waterloo, Ontario (Dec. 8-11).

                        Men’s National Squad

                           U21 Squad finished fourth at the Jr. Pan American Championship
                           in Havana, Cuba (Feb. 16-27).

                           U18 Squad competed in a 3 match series with BC in Vancouver
                           (Nov. 11-13).

                        Men’s Indoor Squad

                           Competed at the Canadian Indoor Invitational in Toronto, Ontario
                           (Feb. 11-13).

                           Competed in tournaments in Hanover, Germany (Nov. 5-13).

       Pat Harris was      Finished third at the Indoor Pan American Cup in Kitchener-
  named the Player of
the Tournament at the
                           Waterloo, Ontario (Dec. 8-11).
  2005 Junior Pan Am

                                                                          2005 Annual Report 7
                       International Committees
                                    International Hockey Federation (FIH)

                            Aaron Sher            Richard Kentwell      Laura Darling          Bev Johnson         Dr. Fook Wong
                       Executive Board/Chair,         Umpiring         Development &          Development &        Chair, Medical
                         Communications                                   Coaching              Coaching

                                   Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF)

                                 Laura Darling        Dr. Sandie Glasson                             Bev Johnson
                                                            Medical            Pam Hixon           Board of Directors/
                                                                              Competitions         Chair, Development

                              Richard Kentwell            Aaron Sher           Roque Viegas            Chris Waters
                              Chair, Umpiring        Board of Directors                              Board of Directors,
                                                                               Competitions              Treasurer
                                                    Chair, Communications

                                 Dr. Fook Wong           Alan Woods          Bogdan Matuszweski
                                 Chair, Medical      Regional Coordinatior
2005 Annual Report 8
                  International Umpires
                  International Um

                     Technical appoinments for 2005 included the following individuals:
                     Technical Officer Pat Hayes - Rabobank Champions Challenge; John
                     Hritz - Pan Am Club Championship; Roque Viegas - Men’s Junior
                     Pan Am Championship. Judges: Barb Carreiro - Rabobank
                     Champions Challenge; Jeff Grosvenor - 3rd Indoor Pan American
                     Cup; Ruth LaJoie - Women’s Junior World Cup; Suzie Stammer -
                     Women’s Junior Pan Am Championship; Renee Zelkin - 3rd Indoor
Lee Bodimeade
                     Pan American Cup. Umpire's Managers: Richard Kentwell - Sahara
                     Men’s Champions Challenge; Women’s Junior Pan Am
                     Championship; Steve Simpson - 3rd Indoor Pan American Cup; Asst.
                     Mgr. Men’s Junior Pan Am Championship Umpires: Amy Hassick -
                     3rd Indoor Pan American Cup, USA/Canada Challenge Cup; Lurah
                     Hess - Women’s Junior Pan Am Championship; Jun Kentwell -
                     Women’s Junior World Cup, Rabobank Champions Challenge,USA/
 Nick Conway
                     Canada Test Series; Dorinda Martin -3rd Indoor Pan American Cup,
                     Argentina 3 Nation Tournament, USA Canada Test Series; Vicky
                     Rhodes - USA/Canada Challenge Cup; Gus Soteriades - 3rd Indoor
                     Pan American Cup, Men’s Junior World Cup; Dean Wenrich - 3rd
                     Indoor Pan American Cup.

                     Continued development of international umpires by Roque
 Tracey Fuchs

                     Utilized two domestic events to develop and train international
                     umpires and technical staff

                  Coaching Honors
                     Named Lee Bodimeade Women’s National Team Coach (April
Sue Butz-Stavin

                     Named Nick Conway Men’s High Performance Coach (August

                     Presented USOC Coach of the Year honors to Tracey Fuchs
                     (National Coach), Sue Butz-Stavin (Developmental Coach) and
                     Karen Alecxih (Volunteer Coach).
 Karen Alecxih

                                                                     2005 Annual Report 9
                        Olympic Development
                        Elite Performance Centers
                        Elite Per             ers
                            Established six Elite Performance Centers for women across the USA:
                            New England, Mid Atlantic, Chesapeake, the South, the Midwest and
                            Crowned the U.S. U21 team as the national champion at the National
                            Championship-Women held prior to the Rabobank Champions
                            Challenge in Virginia Beach, Va., June 29-July 3.

                        Futures Program
                            Trained 4,544 athletes with 475 coaches at more than 110 sites nation-
                            Selected 646 athletes to the National Futures Championship through
                            38 Futures Regional Tournaments.
                            Conducted the National Futures Championship in an extended format
                            in conjunction with the Rabobank Champions Challenge, July 10 – 16,
                            2005. The combination of the events provided built-in spectators
                            while providing a valuable opportunity for aspiring athletes to see
                            top level, international play.

                            Olympic Development Select Camp
                            Olympic Dev                Camp
                               Selected the 60 top Futures athletes as Olympic Development
                            Select in a new program offering additional training opportunities.

                            Futures Development Invitational Camp
                                    Dev         Invitational Camp
                              Enrolled 115 athletes in the 2005 FDIC Camp: USA Field Hockey’s
                            popular invitational only camp.

                            USA Canadian Field Hockey Challenge Cup
                               Claimed the championship in the inaugural Challenge featuring
                            three USA Futures Elite Select Teams representing the top 50 U19
                            Futures athletes and three British Columbia teams.

                        Futures Elite Tours
                                Elite Tour
                            U19 and U16 Futures Elite teams competed in annual international
                            events in The Netherlands. The U16 team placed fourth at the
                            International Easter Tournament in Valkenwaard while the U19 team
                            went 1-4-1 at the Jeugd International Pass Tournament in The Hague.
2005 Annual Report 10
                              National Programs
                              Equipment Grant Program
                              Equipment       Program

                                    Continued the Equipment Grant Program with Longstreth, Penn
                                    Monto, and STX as official sponsors. The program awarded
                                    $22,000 worth of equipment to schools and communities in need
                                    of equipment.

                              Club Championship

                                    Conducted 2nd annual Club Championship with five men’s teams
                                    and ten women’s teams in Virginia Beach, Va. Red Rose (women)
                                    and Mystery (men) won the club titles.

                                    Mystery went on to win the title at the Pan American Club
                                    Championship in Mexico.

                              High School & College Open Camps

                          .         Attracted 120 high school athletes and 80 college athletes to the
                                    High School Open and College Open camps at Babson College
                                    (Mass.). The camps were directed by the U.S. National Coaching
                                    Staff and a combination of High Performance and Olympic
                                    Development coaches.

                              Partner Camps
                               artner Camps

                                    Enrolled 49 camps into the 2005 Partner Camp program giving
                                    participating camps a listing in USA Field Hockey’s camp
Mystery won the Pan Am
       Club crown after
                                    directory and the ability to recommend approximately 800
 capturing the USA Club             athletes into the 2006 Futures Program.

                                                                                  2005 Annual Report 11
                        Coach Education

                              Conducted winter workshops at Princeton (N.J.) and
                              Northwestern University (Mass.)for 48 coaches. National
                              coaches Nick Conway and Justine Sowry served as course

                              Conducted the first FIH Coaching Course for USA Field Hockey
                              in conjunction with the Rabobank Champions Challenge, July
                              13 – 17, 2005. Tayyab Ikram, FIH Coaching Director, and Rudiger
                              Hanel, FIH Master Coach conducted the course. Thirty eight
                              coaches participated in the program.

                              Conducted the annual Forum at the Finals for 36 coaches at the
                              NCAA Championships at the Univ. of Louisville. Terry Walsh, Lee
                              Bodimeade and Justine Sowry conducted the course.

                              Initiated USA Field Hockey’s first online education program for
                              High Performance athletes presented online by Terry Walsh.

                        Umpire Education

                              In conjunction with the FIH Umpire Boost program, certified 36
                              new USA Field Hockey umpire coaches to recruit and train the
                              next generation of umpires.

                              Conducted a USA Field Hockey National Umpiring Course in
                              conjunction with the Rabobank Champions Challenge. Two
                              international experts, Jane Nockolds and Richard Kentwell,
                              conducted the course. A record 50 umpires attended the event.

2005 Annual Report 12
Business Development
Sponsorship & Licensing

   Launched association-wide re-branding effort with the
   introduction of a new logo and graphics.

   Conducted a promotional plan for the Rabobank Champions
   Challenge resulting in tournament attendance total of 11,247.

   Secured the support of 20 international, national and local
   companies for the Rabobank Champions Challenge.

   Signed three national sponsors for multiple year commitments.

   Enhanced the exhibitor program by offering more than 15
   vendor opportunities throughout the year.

   Contracted licensees for merchandise and event still


   Hosted a parents reception and silent auction at the National
   Hockey Festival.

   Conducted the annual direct mail campaign with more than
   $30,000 in revenue.

   Kicked off the Lauren Powley Ride Across America with
   proceeds directly benefiting the USA National Team.
                                                  2005 Annual Report 13
                        National Indoor Tournament

                           Conducted three weekends of the National Indoor Tournaments:
                           Richmond, Va. – U19, March 3-5; Ursinus College – Women’s Open,
                           March 18-19; Hampton, Va. – U14/U16, March 24-26.

                           Increased the number of U16 teams from 40 to 48.

                           Improved the accountability of the 14 qualifying tournaments by
                           incorporating a technical officer at each site assigned by USA
                           Field Hockey to monitor the tournament as a form of quality

                                 Hocke Festiv
                        National Hockey Festival

                           Number of participants increased slightly with the increase in
                           maximum rosters size from 18 to 20 players.

                           Received grants from Palm Beach County Sports Institute for
                           $42,500 and the Florida Sports Foundation for $15,000.

2005 Annual Report 14
   Instituted an umpire social on Wednesday night at of the National
   Hockey Festival with a discussion of Festival rules and the
   presentation of umpiring awards.

Rabobank Champions Challenge

   Successfully hosted the FIH Rabobank Champions Challenge in
   Virginia Beach, Va. in conjunction with the National Futures
   Championships, July 8-16.

   Generated ticket sales in excess of $30,000 which included
   collateral events such as the coaches clinic, umpiring clinic and
   Futures participants.

   Rabobank Champions Challenge final standings:
   1. New Zealand, 2. South Africa, 3. Japan, 4. England, 5. United
   States, 6. Spain

                                                    2005 Annual Report 15
                           Featured nationally in USA Today, Sports Event Magazine and the
                           Associated Press.
                           Reported on regularly in Virginia Beach media including the
                           Virginian Pilot, Newport News Daily Press and television stations
                           WAVY-10, WTKR-3 and WVEC-13.

                           Featured in major metropolitan newspapers including the Boston
                           Globe, Miamia Herald, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Philadelphia Inquirer,
                                                                  San Francisco Examiner and
                                                                  Richmond Times Dispatch.

                                                                      Covered regionally in
                                                                   hometown newspapers
                                                                   from the Annapolis Capitol
                                                                   (Md.) to the North County
                                                                   Times (Escondido, Calif.).

                                                                  Produced program-
                           supporting media guide/programs for the Rabobank Champions
                           Challenge, National Indoor Tournament, National Futures
                           Championship and National Hockey Festival.

                           Published Field Hockey News – the nation’s only general interest
                           field hockey magazine – to a subscriber base of more than 14,000.

                           Developed copy and provided design support for USA Field Hockey
                           programs/promotions such as TalentLink, Coaching Courses,
                           association business documents and Champions Challenge (tickets,
                           billboard, posters, etc.)

                           Created and maintained the Rabobank Champions Challenge website.

                           Recorded the most traffic in the history of usfieldhockey.com with
                           more than 5.5 million page views. Ranked No. 1 in searches for “field
                           hockey” on major search engines including Google and Yahoo.

2005 Annual Report 16
Financial Report
Attached is the audit of the United States Field
Hockey Association for the year 2005. The
independent audit was performed by BKD, LLP.

                                         Meri Dembrow
                             USA Field Hockey Treasurer

                                 Independent Accountants’ Report

 Board of Directors

 United States Field Hockey Association, Inc.
 Colorado Springs, Colorado

 We have audited the accompanying statement of financial position of the United States Field
 Hockey Association, Inc. as of December 31, 2005, and the related statements of activities and cash
 flows for the year then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Association’s
 management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our
 audit. The financial statements of the United States Field Hockey Association, Inc. as of and for the
 year ended December 31, 2004, before they were retroactively restated for the matters discussed in
 Note 2, were audited by other accountants whose report dated March 18, 2005, expressed an
 unqualified opinion on those statements.

 We conducted our audit in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United
 States of America. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable
 assurance about whether the fInancial statements are free of material misstatement An audit
 includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the
 financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and
 significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement
 presentation. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis for our opinion.

 In our opinion, the 2005 financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material
 respects, the financial position of United States Field Hockey Association, Inc. as of December 31,
 2005, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the year then ended in conformity
 with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

 As discussed in Note 2, in 2005 the Association retroactively changed its accounting for its interest
 in the United States Field Hockey Foundation’s net assets.

                                                            \s\ BKD, LLP

 April 21, 2006, except for Note 13 as to which the date is May 15,2006

                                                                           2005 Annual Report 17
                                                  United States Field Hockey Association, Inc.
                                                              Statement of Activities
                                                          Year Ended December 31,2005

                                                                                    Temporarily     Permanently
                                                               Unrestricted         Restricted      Restricted         Total

                        Revenues, Gains and Other Support
                          Contributions                             $      74,382     $     3,542   $       -   $      77,924
                          Grants                                          126,119               -           -         126,119
                          USOC support                                     72,000         250,000           -         322,000
                          U.S. Field Hockey Foundation support             86,225               -           -          86,225
                          Corporate sponsorship                            51,035               -           -          51,035
                          Membership dues                                 561,036               -           -         561,036
                          Registration fees                             2,677,269               -           -       2,677,269
                          Umpire fees                                     108,715               -           -         108,715
                          Other fees                                       68,164          82,397           -         150,561
                          Licensing revenue                                51,500               -           -          51,500
                          Advertising revenue                              22,550               -           -          22,550
                          Sales revenue                                    80,834               -           -          80,834
                          Rebates                                          84,319               -           -          84,319
                          In-kind revenue                                  67,915               -           -          67,915
                          Investmentretum                                  31,368               -           -          31,368
                          Change in interest in net assets of
                              Foundation                                   24,302             -           -           24,302
                          Other                                            21,545              -          -           21,545
                          Net assets released from restrictions         __335.939     _(335.939)    ______-           _____0

                                 Total revenues, gains and other
                                     support                            4.545.217      _______-     ______-         4.545.217

                          International teams program                   1,563,968             -           -         1,563,968
                          Olympic and sport development program         1,577,899             -           -         1,577,899
                          Member services program                         818.918      _______-     ______-           818.918

                                 Total program services                 3,960,785      _______-     ______-         3,960,785

                          Management and general                         420,634              -           -          420,634
                          Marketing and communication                    219,175              -           -          219,175
                          Fundraising                                     20,853              -           -           20,853
                          Volunteer administration                        67.352       _______-     ______-           67.352

                                 Total expenses                         4.688.799      _______-     ______-         4.688.799

                        Change in Net Assets                            (143.582)      _______-     ______-         (143.582)

                        Net Assets, Beginning of Year, as
                          Restated                                      2.478.862      _______-         8.340       2.487.202

                        Net Assets, End of Year                     $ 2.335.280       $ ______0     $ __8.340 $ 2.343.620

                        See Notes to Financial Statements 3
2005 Annual Report 18
                 2005 Donors
                                  s—-The Heart
                        Fund Donors—-             Hock
                 Annual Fund Donors—-The Heart of Hockey

                 The Applebee Society           Laura & Gene Landoe           Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Stamm
                 ( Gifts of $1,000 and Above)   Janice & T. Williams Lingo    Paul Thompson
                                                Robert & Margaret Marotta     Ruth LaJoie & Sharyn Wingate
                 Geaslen Family
                                                Jim & April Schink
                 Shelley & Stephanie Johnson
                                                Richard & Deborah Stahlhuth   Silver Donors
                 Bev Johnson
                                                Sheila & Paul Walker          ( Gifts of $100-249)
                 Parents of Stacey
                     & Kristen Lee                                            Harpal & Meena Ahluwalia
                 Marcy Place                                                  Nancy R. Albright
                                                Gold Donors
                 Jaclyn Radvany                                               Helen & John Allen
                                                (Gifts of $250-499)
                 Grace Robertson                                              Diane Angstadt
                 Daniel Shapiro & Family        Anonymous                     The Bean’s
                 Betty Shellenberger            Anonymous                     Team Blitz FHA
                 Sharon E. Taylor               Barbara Doran                 Stephen Bobrowich,
                                                                                   In Memory of Lukas
                                                                              Cannarella Construction
                                                                              Christopher & Alison Clegg Family
                                                                              Valerie Cloud
                                                                              Karen Collins
                                                                              Barbara Damon
                                                                              Wyn & Barbara Davies
                                                                              Meri Dembrow
                                                                              Mark Densen Family
                                                                              Claudia & Ronald DePasquale
                                                                              Danielle Dobbs
                                                                              Karen Dowd
                                                                              Cynthia Flynn
                                                                              Peter & Margaret Galligan
                                                                              Timothy & Nancy Gardiner
  Kate Barber
  earned USA
                                                                              Lee Gerdes
 Field Hockey                                                                 Gaetano Giordano
Female Athlete                                                                MaryAlice & Bob Girouard
   of the Year
honors in 2005                                                                Jane Hansen
                                                                              Ellen Hawver
                                                                              Eastern FH - Voorhees, NJ
                                                Cheryl & Bruce Elliott        Granby Memorial High School
                 The President’s Club           Tee Goh                       Cheryl & Mark Himmelheber
                 ( Gifts of $500 - $999)        Michael & Deborah Haller      Jeff & Madeline Javelet
                                                James & Lesley Hearn          Jeff Kasold
                 Gary & Connie Adams
                                                Barbara Longstreth            Courtney Kistler
                 Barb Carreiro
                                                Mindy & Eric Miller           Deborah & Joseph Koenig
                 Friedmann Family
                                                Susan & Charles Moran         Linda Kreiser
                 Nancy Hathaway
                                                Anonymous                     Ron & Susan Kyser
                 Pam Hixon
                                                Ralph & Sarah Spuehler

                                                                                   2005 Annual Report 19
                        Cynthia Christy-Langenfeld      Bronze Donors                        Genevieve & James De Felice
                        Diana & Markel Larkins          ( Gifts of $50-$99)                  Elizabeth & Katherine Donohue
                        Lehman Brothers/Barbara Doran                                        Neil Dorsey
                                                        John & Sheila Anderson
                        Grace Ludke                     Susan & Frank Ashburn                Paul & Betty Duffield
                        Garrett & Patricia Lyons                                             Sally & William Edinger
                        Shelby Madden                                                        Melissa Falen
                                                        Vivien Benjamin
                        Bodgan K Matuszweski                                                 Anonymous
                                                        Frank & Janice Bennett
                        Lenny & Sarah McCaigue                                               The Gaspar’s
                                                        Ridgely Biddle
                        Carolyn McGarvie                                                     Diane & Robert Gennaro
                                                        Thomas & Priscilla Capes
                        Missy Meharg                    Helen Stewart Carty,                 Helen Tomlinson Gibson
                        Christine Millbauer                                                  Stephanie & Ronald Greenwald
                                                           In Memory of Betty White Drobac
                        Rebecca & Rachel Misko                                               Jordan & Liz Grier
                                                        Hannah Cohen
                        Kofie Montgomery                                                     Joseph & Mary Harkins
                                                        Andy Daley
                        Carolan Norris                                                       Leslie Hauser & Karl Wuesthoff
                        Kathleen & Joseph O’Donnell
                        Brianna O’Donnell
                        Kurt Orban
                        Barbara & James Pagos
                        Genya Pantuso
                        Lawrence Rivkin
                        Patricia Rudy
                        Anthony Saglimebeni, MD
                        Terri Sawyer
                        Razi & Cheryl Saydjari
                        Mary Semanik
                        Bruce & Denise Sensenig
                        Jen Shillingford
                        Catherine Snider
                        Pam & John Stuper
                        Sundeen Family
                        Sharon Sweger
                        Elinor Taylor
                        Howard Thomas & Teddi Joyce
                        Bob & Mirjam Van Den Bergh
                        Michael & Stepanie Wagner
                        Frann & Richard Warren
                        Susan & Mark Weeks
                        Phyllis S. Weikart
                        Barbara Weinberg
                        Peyton & Edith Wells
                        Sally Wilkins

                                                                                                               Pat Harris was
                                                                                                           selected USA Field
                                                                                                        Hockey Male Athlete of
                                                                                                             the Year for 2005

2005 Annual Report 20
Anonymous                      Kelsey Scherrer                Cheryl A. Land
Bradley Zeve & Jeanne Howard   Anonymous                      Mary Anne & Richard Linder
Mary & Ronald Huffman          Julie & Todd Schnuck           Anonymous
Frank & Diane Hyland           Paul & Sally Schoffstall       Margaret & Anthony Mastoris
Stephen & Sydney James         Nan Barash & David Schwartz    Lawrence & Jane Mazuchowski
Robert & Susan Judge           Helen & Frank Stevenson        June McCann
Ann & Arlen Kantarian          Christina Syer                 Jane McGraves
Stephen & Greta Kenney         Chris & Dan Thistle            Betty McMath
Anonymous                      Patric L. Thomas               Mary Peters
Carla Lane                     Mary Lou Thornburg             Effie Reggia
James & Mary Lazarek           Stacey Tormollan               Kathleen Roberts
Anne Le Duc                    Michael & Mary Ellen Travers   Jacqueline Schapp
Judy & Vernon Lee              Jacqueline Walters             Tami & Steven Schirch
Theresa Leonardi               Reed & Jennifer Whipple        Scot & Joyce Sedlacek
Pam & Randy Lokey              Judy Wolstenholme              Kimberly & David Smith
Carmyn Lombardo                Nancy & Frank Wood             Constance & Robin Sullivan
Dorothea Lyman                 Mike & Josie Zayac             Carol & D.R. Titsworth
Stephen & Greta Kenney                                        Anonymous
Joan Maguet                                                   Bob Uguccioni
Anonymous                      Team Spirit(Gifts Under $50)   Joan H. Wagner
Laura Mapp                                                    Barbara Ware
                               William & Donna Appenzeller
Anonymous                                                     Anonymous
Laurel Martin                                                 Anthony Zangari
                               William & Roxanne Beaman
Jane Massaro
                               Leslie Boucher
Molly McCue
                               Jamie Smith Brower
Parents of Sarah Melrose
                               Angusta Chapman Bunting
Barbara & Douglas Neufeld
                               Diane Lane-Cormier
Bob O’Brien
                               Lisa & John Crowe
Jonathan & Susan Olesky
                               Robert & Donna Dankner
Osterman Family
                               Linda Davis-Delano
Linda Pesotski
Chickie Poisson
                               Robin & Thomas Dietz
Susan & Philip Quinn
                               Jean & Bernard Dolat
James & Ellen Reinig
                               Deneen Ebling
Linda & Laurie Roberts
                               Karl & Lorraine Fisher
Holly & Liza Rodiger
                               Ray D. Fox
Chip Rogers
                               Mary Gilhooly
Paul & Lisa Romano
                               Gnozzio Family
Mary Ruby
                               Evelyn Haldeman
Sharon Sarsen
                               Andrew & Karen Kreck
Joan Schenerlein

                                                                  2005 Annual Report 21
                                                Executive Director Message
                                                2005 was a year of many “Firsts” for USA Field Hockey! Here are
                                                just a few:

                                                Promptly on January 6, newly hired National Technical Director of
          2006 National Office Staff
                                                High Performance, Terry Walsh, landed in Providence, R.I. to take
              Sheila Walker                     up his first official duties of meeting, greeting (and working) with
            Executive Director                  the coaches at the NFHCA Annual Convention. For those who
                                                have not met Terry yet, he is 24/7/365 field hockey at the very
           Lee Bodimeade
                                                highest level and has proved to be an inspirational asset to USA
     Women’s National Team Coach
                                                Field Hockey both nationally and internationally.
             Laura Bolin
          Membership Services                   In April, USA Field Hockey appointed its first fully independent
                                                                                                                             Sheila Walker
                                                Nominating and Governance Committee that was immediately                   Executive Director
              Karen Collins
                                                charged with seeking and screening candidates for a new USA
      Asst. Executive Director/Events
                                                Field Hockey Board of Directors.
            Nick Conway
    Men’s High Performance Coach                In May Women’s Head Coach Lee Bodimeade made his first appearance with the
                                                U.S.Women’s National Team on its tour to New Zealand and has been growing their many
              Peggy Darnell
              Office Manager
                                                capabilities ever since.

               Laura Darling                    In June the 2005 -2008 U.S. Women’s National Training Squad formally assembled at the
Asst. Executive Director/Olympic & Sport Dev.   U.S. Field Hockey National Training Center in Virginia Beach for their first steps along the
                                                Road to Beijing 2008.
             Kelley Fisher
  Asst. Director of Olympic and Sport
        Development Programs
                                                Also in June, for the first time in memory, the Australian Women’s National Team played a
                                                test series against the US Women’s National Team in the USA.
            Candy Marturano
           Director of Finance                  In July USA Field Hockey hosted the first FIH event in more than a decade when the
                                                Rabobank Champions Challenge opened in Virginia Beach with teams from New Zealand,
             Kate Reisinger
      Director of High Performance              Spain, South Africa, Japan, England and the USA competing.

              Sascha Roth                       In August a new USA Field Hockey Board of Directors was appointed which included two
    Asst. Director High Performance             Independent Directors for the first time in the Board’s history.
             Justine Sowry
                                                In September the Women’s Junior National Team placed 7th at the Junior World Cup in
      Specialty Coach/Goalkeeping
                                                Santiago, Chile, the first top-10 finish ever for a U.S. Junior National Team.
            Howard Thomas
      Director of Communications                October saw the first meeting of the newly appointed Board of Directors at the U.S.
                                                Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.
              Terry Walsh
Technical Director of High Performance
                                                As we move forward through 2006 USA Field Hockey is determined to keep this long list of
              Susan Weeks                       “firsts” growing and growing. With the support of the Board, the volunteers, and the staff,
   Asst. Executive Director/Development         our sport and our players, from grass roots to medal stand, have never been better positioned
                                                for success.
            Tracy Wisdom
     Director of Olympic and Sport

                                                                                        Sheila M. Walker
                                                                                        USA Field Hockey Executive Director

2005 Annual Report 22
        Corporate Sponsors

         In Support of USA Field Hockey…

         Athletes and volunteers alike appreciate the cor-
         porate sector, which continues to be a sustaining
         force behind USA Field Hockey and the national
         teams. These prestigious companies enjoy a re-
         lationship with USA Field Hockey with rights to
         promote their products and services to our loyal

Corporate Partners

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    Ultimate Athletic

                                                             2005Annual Report 23
1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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