226 - Egyptian Coil Link Bracelet by ajizai


									                          226 - Egyptian Coil Link Bracelet
                               Instructor: Stacy Perry

                                   Materials List
Recommended tools to bring to the workshop:

      Round nose pliers

      Flat nose pliers

      Chain nose pliers

      Flush cutters

      Ball pein or chasing hammer

      Mandrels of different sizes (knitting needles and round writing pens work well
       for this)

      Needle files

      6 inch ruler

      Steel bench block

      Sharpie® or other indelible pen

      Hand towel

      Polishing cloth

   Copper wire for learning and practicing and liver of sulfer for adding a patina will be
   provided for you in the class at no charge.

   Your workshop fee includes a complete written take-home tutorial with photos.

   Basic wire working skills recommended but all skill levels are welcome.

   The techniques you learn in this fun class can easily be adapted to make Egyptian
   Coil necklaces and other fine jewelry accessories in copper, Sterling and other soft

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