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A Musical Tribute To Kishore Kumar by ajizai


									                                        Swim & Sia
                  A Musical Tribute
                  To Kishore Kumar

Come and immerse yourself in the yesteryears of Bollywood by experiencing the
 different moods of the late legendary singer Kishore Kumar in a audiovisual
    extravaganza performed by Prayas Euphonics of Manchester
 Sat 9th May, 2009                                                        For Tickets Please Contact
 QEH Theatre
                                                                  Dr Satish Bassi                07889027757
 Berkeley Place
                                                                  Dr Parag Singhal               07909544526
 BS8 1JX                                                          Dr Mohan Mundasad              07778499008
 6.30 to 9.30 pm                                                  Mr Sachin Singhal              07813964184
 Doors open at 6.00pm                                             Dr Sanjay Gandhi               07876204126
 Ticket:                                                          Dr Romi Dua                    07984299780
 Adult: £12.50                                                    Mr Sunny Ahluwalia             07760132367
 Child: £6.00 (under 5 free)                                      Mr Jit Panesar                 07968283508
 Complimentary snacks provided                                    Dr Sandhya Sinha               01454-313903
                             For further Queries please email
  Finally, special thanks to ‘Dil Se’ Indian Vegetarian Delicatessen- Mr Tushar Lakhani’s new catering venture at
                       386, Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8TR- Tel No 0117 923 2190

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