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									                                          6th grade Language Arts
                                     Mrs. Dyar - cdyar@laca.org (740)670-0110

       Welcome to Heritage Middle School, and to your 6th grade Language Arts class! I look forward to
       getting to know each of you this year and I hope you are excited to begin your journey through
       middle school! Listed below are a few policies, expectations, rules, and procedures that are very
       important in our class.

       Daily Structure
       6th grade Language Arts is divided into two parts. You will be in class daily for approximately one
       90 minute block. Each block will be split into two parts. During the first portion of our class we
       will be working on traditional Language Arts – reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. The
       Guided Reading portion will be done in a small group, with more one-on-one attention from your
       teacher(s). When you are not in a Guided Reading group, you will be working silently at your desk
       on reading or another assignment which I will give to you.


       1st Quarter                  2nd Quarter                  3rd Quarter                    4th Quarter

    Focus on Fiction             Focus on Non-Fiction         Focus on Poetry                OAT Test Review

-Classroom Policies              -Vocabulary development      -Analogies, synonyms,          -Practice tests
-Getting to know self and        -Use of reference tools      antonyms                       -Test taking skills
each other as readers and        -Graphic organizers          -Figurative language           -Extended responses
writers                          -Text features               -Answering higher level        practice
-Friendly and Business           -Author’s purpose            questions                      -Presentation skills
Letters                          -Summarizing                 -Narrative writing             -Use of technology
-Building vocabulary             -Fragments / Run-ons         -Poetry writing                - Traditional Literature or
-Reading comprehension           -Using editing checklists    -Research                      Mystery Unit
-Point of view                   -Persuasive writing          -Vocabulary
-Genre descriptions / features   -Biography / Autobiography   -Graphic organizers for
-Use of correct capitalization   Study                        writing
/ punctuation                    -Parts of speech             -Vocabulary development

       *There are district quarterly assessments given at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd nine weeks.
       *These are just some of the topics to be covered in class and an approximation of what quarter they will
       be focused upon in. This is subject to change as needed.

       When you are in Room 121, I expect you to...be on time, be prepared, follow directions the first
       time they are given, and RESPECT OTHERS. Meeting this expectations will help us all to have a
       great year!
Daily Bell Work/Character Education Writing
At the beginning of each week, you will be given bell work. It is always due on the last day of the
week. Every day you should enter the room and immediately begin working on it. Bell work will
be counted as a weekly grade, and should remain in your bell work folder. This folder should not
leave room 121! You will not be given a new sheet if yours is lost.

After your bellwork is completed, you should copy the character quote from the board and write at
least one sentence explaining what the quote means, in your own words.

This year your homework in Language Arts will consist of vocabulary assignments. These
assignments will be given to you in a packet at the beginning of each week. It is your responsibility
to turn these assignments in on the last day of the week. Lost packets will not be replaced so
please find a special place for them! *Vocab will also be checked and reviewed on a daily basis in

*Homework assignments will also be posted on my classroom website at

Everyday, you must come to class with the following:

             Language Arts folder
             Homework/classwork needed
             Agenda
             Notebook paper
             Pencil
             Silent reading book of your choice
These supplies are part of your daily preparedness grade, which is factored into your quarterly
grade. If you come to class unprepared, you will receive one warning, and then any subsequent
violations will receive a color. If other supplies are needed for Language Arts, I will let you know
ahead of time and have some supplies available to share.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your make-up work when you return to school. In
the back of the room, you will find an “Absent Bin” with several folders in it. Look for the folder
that is marked with your class period. Inside will be any assignments given on the days you missed.
If you return and there is no work in the bin, please see me!
Important: This work must be made up in the amount of time equal to the time absent. For
example, if you miss two days of school and return on Wednesday, your work will be due on
Friday. If you do not complete absent work in the amount of time alotted, it is considered late and
will be graded as late work. (Half credit if turned in within one week)


Grading in Language Arts will be based on a combination of in-class assignments, homework,
Guided Reading activities, projects, bellwork, and daily class participation. The majority of the
points that can be earned in this class come from in-class assignments and/or projects, so it is
important to complete and turn in all of your work on time. You can check your grade at any time
by logging in to your Progressbook account.

I wish you the best as you begin middle school, and hope you find Heritage to be
welcoming, educational, and fun! Enjoy your 2011-2012 school year!

Parents and students, please review the syllabus above and return the below portion
to school. By signing, you agree that you have read and understand all the policies
in your 6th grader’s Language Arts classroom. If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact me by email at cdyar@laca.org or by calling the school at

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