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									                                   DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                         JOINT BASE GARRISON
                                            BOX 339500 MS20
                                     JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD WA
                                   FORT LEWIS WASHINGTON 98433-9500
        REPLY TO

Joint Base Lewis McChord Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Special Events Office
Box 339500 MS 20
JBLM- Lewis Main WA 98433

3 January 2012

Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to participate in this year's Joint Base Lewis McChord Earth Day activities,
to be held at the McChord Commissary on Tuesday 17 April from 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and the
Lewis Main Post Exchange on Wednesday 18 April from 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

These events are a fun way to educate the local military community about environmentally friendly
living and to promote your products and services to new customers. The events will feature various
demonstrations and exhibits to promote green living and eco-conscious consumer behavior. Our
customer base exceeds 50,000 people, including active duty military members and their families,
local military retirees, federal civilian employees and more.

Display booth applications are currently being accepted. To apply for a space, send us your
completed application form (below) by April 1, 2012. Please note that spaces go quickly. You will
be notified by email if your application has been approved. All applications received after the due
date and/or after all of the space has been assigned will be placed on the waiting list. We ask that
you follow the following guidelines:

       a. Be ready for customers by 10:00 on event days and stay open through the entire event.
Set up for the event will begin at 8:30 a.m. the day of the event.

        b. Provide a sample, consultation or service to all visitors to your booth. As an option, if you
would like to do a presentation at one of the on-post schools on Friday the 20th, please give us a

If you would like to apply, please email or mail your application to:
        DFMWR Special Events
        Box 339500 MS 20
        Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA 98433

Post passes and driving directions will be mailed out after your application is accepted, if you
provide the names of employees expected to attend and a mailing address for the vehicle passes.
 If you are interested in sponsoring this event, you could receive increased visibility, inclusion in
promotional materials and additional benefits. Please contact Carly Michael if you would like to be
a sponsor: (253) 966-2256 or carly.michael@us.army.mil.

 If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Special Events office at (253)
967- 5776 or kate.laverents@us.army.mil.

                                      KATE LAVERENTS
                                      MWR SPECIAL EVENTS
                                                                                         BOOTH # __________________

                                             2012 EARTH DAY EXHIBIT BOOTH APPLICATION

Business Name: ____________________________________________                  Vendor Name:_______________________________

Mailing Address:_____________________________________________                Email:_____________________________________

Phone:____________________________________________________                   Alt Phone:__________________________________

DUNS Number:________________________________________________
 (this is a free, one-time requirement for government contractors. Call 1-866-705-5711 to receive your unique, 9-digit number)

1. Category: circle all that apply

         Gardening                   Energy Savings       Beneficial Bugs         Reuse                    Native Plants
         Books                       Solar Energy         Green Products          Natural Fertilizer       Water Quality
         Worm Boxes                  Conservation         Energy Savings          Pest Control             Fish Conservation
         Recycling                   Education            Fair Trade              Alternative Energy       Outdoor Activities
         Composting                  Wildlife             Trash Reduction
2. How many 6ft. tables will you need? ____ chairs? ____

3. Do you need any additional space around your booth (please include item and its dimensions)? _____Yes        _____No

4. Do you have any unique requirements? Explain:

5. Would you be interested in providing a presentation on Friday the 20th at one of the on-post elementary schools? ___Yes ___ No

6. Information for employees requiting post access passes:

LAST NAME           FIRST NAME                  MIDDLE NAME              LAST 4 OF SSN              DL #              DL STATE

_____________       __________________          ________________         ______________          ________________         _______

_____________       __________________          ________________         ______________          ________________         _______

_____________       __________________          ________________         ______________          ________________         _______

_____________ __________________                ________________    ______________               ________________         _______
Applications should be mailed to:                DFMWR SPECIAL EVENTS
                                                BOX 339500 MS20
                                                JOINT BASE LEWIS MCCHORD, WA 98433

                    Or faxed to:                253-967-5959

                    Or emailed to:              kate.laverents@us.army.mil

NOTE: there is no electricity available outside the PX or Commissary; please plan accordingly

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