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Infosys - Microsoft Integration Services BPM


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									Microsoft Integration Services
Infosys’ Microsoft Integration Services Practice offers Consulting and Integration services using Microsoft product offerings for integrations.
The Practice provides,
    •	 Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI) and Messaging capabilities using MS BizTalk Server, SQL Server, .NET (AJAX, Windows
       & Web applications), Webservices and various application adapters (SAP, ORACLE, SIEBEL, MS Dynamics etc…)
    •	 Business Process & Workflow management capabilities using MS Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), BAM Tools, Microsoft
       Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS), Infopath and K2.Net Technologies.
    •	 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementations using Windows Communication
       Foundation (WCF), MS ESB Guidelines and Infosys’ Ingress Framework.
    •	 Business to Business (B2B) Integrations using EDI support, AS2 Support, Trading Partner Management and industry accelerators
       (SWIFT, HL7, Rosettanet, Infosys’ SEPA & STEP2 Accelerator)
    •	 Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities using BizTalk, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Adapter.

The Practice has developed expertise via continuous internal & partner enablement programs, and via wealth of rich experience garnered
through multiple engagements across various industry verticals.

Technical Offerings
The Microsoft practice has a dedicated Integration Competency Center that governs and provides cross industrial experiences, best
practices, templates and reusable frameworks in implementing multiple industry and technology solutions for client programs in Infosys.
Infosys has the following technical accelerators for delivery.
    •	 INGRESS: Is a Metadata driven ESB that provide a service mediation platform and a set of Technical Services (Dynamic Routing,
       Dynamic Transformation, Exception Handling, Logging, Tracking and Caching) to provide a value-added ESB that changes the
       focus for ESB-based development to purely functional development.
    •	 Automated BizTalk Deployment and Testing Framework.
    •	 Oracle Retail Integration Framework: Provides a set of technical services (RIB Message dis-assembler, assembler and XML modifier,
       RIB Payload library, File Purge etc.) for integrating the Oracle Retail applications via BizTalk.
    •	 SEPA Validator: Service that provides SEPA validation to an incoming or outgoing payment instruction. The Validator performs the
       SEPA rules check on the message and operates on the UNIFI compliant message.
    •	 Other Utilities: Schema Generator, Q-Reader/Writer, Message Loader, MQ Script Generator, Excel - XML Utility, Test Case
       Generator, Message Box Cleanup Scripts, BizTalk Host - Start/Stop scripts.

Solution Offerings

                               Infosys' Global Payment Solution o ers a centralized and standardized nancial messaging and
  Global Payment
                               payment interaction management system. The solution provides an evolutionary roadmap for
                               banks to e ciently and e ectively integrate the core banking landscape for retail and wholesale
                               payment processing, regulatory compliances, business process automation and management.
Infosys Microsoft Alliance                                                  Success Stories

Microsoft and Infosys share a commitment to
                                                                             Case Study 1
accelerating competitive impact for a customer’s
business and its people. We have expertise to drive                          Infosys was asked to centralize the message communication
business competitiveness, delivered with speed,                              between internal applications & External payment/Cash
predictability and high value.                                               management networks/Gateways for a global investment
                                                                             banking and securities firm. The MS BizTalk message hub
Virtual communities of Infosys and Microsoft                                     •	 Reduced the operational cost by 0.06 cents/message
professionals work together in areas such as technology                          •	 Improved processing time to 26 messages/sec, thus
readiness, technology adoption, solution and joint                                  providing ability to transact messages of value upto
engagements. This multi faceted relationship enables                                ~$100 billion per day
customers to derive maximum value from their                                     •	 Consolidated the interaction between internal
technology investments.                                                             application and external gateways.
Together, Microsoft and Infosys have invested in a                               •	 Provided the ease of management and ease of change to
                                                                                    meet regulatory & market requirements.
transformational initiative called Catalytic IT that enables
enterprise businesses and their employees to realize                         Case Study 2
a simplified, flexible IT environment that lowers the
total cost of ownership and enables rapid change and                         Infosys was invited by a Global Financial Firm to improve Total
innovation. A state-of-the-art concept centre provides                       Customer Experience and increase the issuance turn around
customers with informative and interactive experiences                       time. Infosys delivered the migration of the various domestic
to envision, architect, and evaluate Catalytic IT solutions.                 (US) and International feeds on new Card Issuance HUB. The
                                                                             key benefits were:
                                                                                 •	 Enhanced TCE (Business SLAs improved by > 100% for
                                                                                    Card Issuance from previous platform)
                                                                                 •	 Total Cost of Ownership Reduced by 10%
                                                                                 •	 Faster Time To Market through reduced deployment

Allied services

 Business Consulting                  Enterprise Solutions                   Trading & Risk                     Enterprise Application
 Provides you with strategic          Our Enterprise Solutions help          Management                         Integration
 differentiation and operational      you automate your value chain          Provides deep business process     Make the whole of your IT
 superiority, assessments,            using off-the-shelf packages.          knowledge with cutting edge        applications much greater
 proprietary industry analyses &      Our solutions span ERP, CRM,           technological capabilities to      than the sum of its parts.
 projects structured around beating   SCM and EAI. They help you to          optimize information sharing,      Infosys can leverage the Global
 the competition.                     mitigate your risks, achieve faster    minimize exposure, and integrate   Delivery Model (GDM) to
                                      returns and lower TCO.                 business processes in trading      deliver immediate and dramatic
                                                                             operations.                        productivity growth like no one
                                                                                                                else can.

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