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									                        Deer Tracks
        Deerbrook Home Owners Association Newsletter
                             February-March, 2009

Next General Meeting Monday               these. DHOA has worked to keep
May 11th: New officers are needed         property values up as much as
for the upcoming year. We have            possible. It has kept us posted on
gone the previous year with no            what is going on in our little corner of
elected treasurer. The previous           the     world      and        prevented
Treasurer B. J. Tracy, had served 2       overdevelopment as well as worked
consecutive years and could not           to keep the front entrance up.
serve a 3rd according to bylaws.
Thankfully, BJ saw fit to continue to     We need volunteers for officers this
pay the DHOA bills. Thanks for your       year to continue to support our
time and dedication BJ!!                  community. Please consider serving
                                          on the DHOA Board next year.
Other officers currently serving also     Contact any officer to find out more.
have terms that expire this year and      Or        visit    our        website
cannot serve another term. (The  to view job
bylaws only let people serve for 2        descriptions.
consecutive terms in any given
office.) Many of the current officers     Spring Yard Sale Saturday April
have been on the Board for more           18th: The neighborhood-wide spring
than 7 or 8 years, rotating through       yard sale has been scheduled. Mark
different jobs.                           your calendar for 4/18/09, 9 a.m. to 2
                                          p.m. to sell or buy!
It has been through volunteer efforts
that the DHOA has remained a part         Crime Watch -- burglary. A home
of the community here. DHOA has           on Deerbrook way that abuts an
literally kept the lights on here in      adjacent neighborhood was broken
Deerbrook. It will take the continued     into from the back door on Monday
participation of all of our members       January 19th when no one was
working together to support each          home. No injuries, but the home was
other during challenging times like       trashed and a purse stolen.
Interestingly, the purse was returned   Newsletter Announcements: If you
by Robertson Sanitation workers         have an announcement, event, or
who found it on their route and         feedback that you want in Deer
looked up her address. There was        Tracks, contact DHOA Secretary
no cash left in it when it was found,   Patricia          Yeargin     at
but its return meant fewer things to, or you
replace. And it was good to see         can call her at 770-923-2823.
honest people going out of their way
to help someone.

      Deerbrook Home Owners Association Officer List
                        May 2008 through May 2009

President:                              Board Members:
Elton Thomas                            John Dyer
4143 Deerbrook Way                      1384 Rustlewood Ct
770 407-1553                            770 923-7814           

Vice President:                         Donna Crews Giles
Mark Bouzyk                             4012 Deerbrook Way
1395 Rustlewood Ct                      770 806-0202
770 921-3596                  
                                        Sherry Hoger
Secretary:                              1391 Doe Hollow
Patricia Yeargin                        770 921-2442
1404 Rustlewood Ct            
770 923-2823
                                        Timber Glen Representative:
Treasurer (interim):                    Jacob Crowe
BJ Tracy                                1121 Timber Glen Ct
4083 Deerbrook Way                      770 381-5397 H

DHOA Web site                           DHOA general email   
for copies of DHOA bylaws, covenants,   or you can contact any officer directly as
Gwinnett County and more                listed above

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