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									EARTH SCIENCE                                               _________________________
6th grade                                                           student signature
2011- 2012                                                  _________________________
Teacher: Anna Myrick                                                parent signature
          Room 280
          Email- amyrick@wesleyanschool.org

Texts: Earth Materials and Processes
       The Changing Surface of Earth
       The Air Around You

Goal- The goal of this class is to help you develop an understanding of the earth by investigating the world
around you through observation, experimentation, and inquiry. Through a variety of science activities we will
explore topics such as geology, the changing earth, hydrology, the atmosphere, meteorology, plate tectonics,
the earth’s past history, and astronomy.

Behavioral Expectations-
      Be prepared for class each day. Bring your book, tablet, writing utensil, to class every day.
      Homework will be assigned daily and will be expected at the beginning of the next class.
      Be on time to class. Sit down in your assigned seat as soon as you enter the room and be ready to
      complete the daily warm-up question.
      Be polite. Raise your hand before speaking and do not interrupt others.
      Be careful. Do not touch lab equipment until instructed to do so.
      Be inquisitive, but check with me before conducting any of your own experiments.
      Be thorough. As a general rule, write all answers in complete sentences.
      Be honorable. Even though lab work is often completed in a group, complete analysis questions and
      conclusions on your own.

Grading scale-
                 Test                                           30%
                 Quiz                                           20%
                 Homework                                       20%
                 Lab/Classwork                                  15%
                 Project                                        15%

Materials—Please bring the following to class every day: tablet, 6th grade folder, paper, pens and pencils. If
students do not come to science class prepared more than 5 times throughout the semester, they will be
issued a backwork detention.

Late homework policy- Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise noted. Ten points will
be deducted for work turned in one day past the due date. Work turned in two or more days late will receive
a zero. It is the student’s responsibility to approach the teacher with late work.

Make-up work- It is the student’s responsibility to gather materials (notes, handouts, etc.) that he/she missed
due to being absent. All work is expected to be made up in a timely fashion. Students are allowed the same
number of days as they were absent to complete the missing work due to excused absences.

Wiki page—All homework assignments will be posted on the 6th grade Wiki page. The web address is:
Returning assignments—We will do our very best to make sure assignments taken for a grade will be
returned within one week. Longer writing assignments and projects may take longer to be graded and

Tutoring expectations-Students should always approach a teacher for help before contacting an outside tutor.
If a student chooses to use a tutor, please encourage the tutor to contact and collaborate with the teacher.
Students should complete work independently as tutors and parents should never complete assignments for
a student.

Writing policy- Developing appropriate writing skills will be emphasized in science class. Students will work
on improving their science writing throughout the year. Sixth graders are expected to write in complete
sentences and use correct spelling and grammar. One half point (up to five points) will be deducted for each
spelling error on assignments or assessments. This rule is also applied to the honor pledge on all

                                                 Earth Science
                                                  2011- 2012

Fall Semester
Unit                                  Topics                           dates                       Assessment*

Science Basics                        What is Earth Science?           Aug. 16- Sept. 2            quiz
(supplementary materials)             scientific method                                            test
                                      metric system
                                      properties of matter
                                      combinations of atoms

Book: Earth Materials and Processes
Minerals                            properties of minerals             Sept. 8- Oct. 4             quiz
                                    mineral identification                                         test
                                    uses of minerals

Project                               Gemstones                        Sept. 26-Sept. 30   project grade

Rocks                                 the rock cycle                   Oct. 5 - Oct. 14            quiz
                                      classification of rocks

Plate Tectonics                       continental drift                 Oct. 18- Nov. 3            quiz
                                      seafloor spreading                                           test
                                      current theory of plate tectonics

  Earthquakes                         forces that cause earthquakes   Nov. 4-Nov. 14               quiz
                                          at plate boundaries
  Volcanoes                           volcanoes and Earth’s moving plates
Book: The Changing Surface of Earth
Clues to Earth’s Past               fossils                                    Nov. 15-Dec.2                       quiz
                                    relative age of rocks                                                          test
                                    absolute age of rocks

Project                                     “Mysteries of the Past” paper                                 project grade

Hydrology                                   distribution of water              Dec. 3-Dec. 15                      quiz
(supplementary materials)                   effects of water                                                       test

Spring Semester
Unit                                        Topics                             dates                               Assessment*

Book: The Air Around You
Atmosphere and Climate                      properties of the atmosphere       Jan. 3-Jan. 11                      quiz
                                            Coriolis Effect

Weather                                     definition of weather              Jan. 12- Feb. 21                    quiz
                                            weather patterns                                                       project grade
                                            forecasting weather                                                    test
Book: Astronomy
Exploring Space                             radiation from space                 Feb. 22 -Mar. 13                  quiz
                                            the race to the moon                                                   test
                                            artificial satellites and space probes
                                            the space shuttle

The Sun-Earth-Moon System                   tilt and seasons of Earth          Mar. 14- Apr. 4                     quiz
                                            Earth’s moon
                                            phases and eclipses

The Solar System                            the inner planets                  Apr. 5-Apr. 27                      quiz
                                            the outer planets                                                      test

Project                                     planet project                     Apr. 16-Apr. 24                     project grade

Stars and Galaxies                          the sun                          Apr. 30- May 4                        quiz
                                            evolution of stars                                                     test
                                            galaxies and the expanding universe

Project                                      Mission to Mars                   May 7-May 29                        project grade

* Test dates will coincide with the last date of each chapter’s time unit if possible. All dates are subject to change at the
discretion of the instructor. All test date changes will be announced in advance.

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