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					oDesk Corporation
Affiliate Questionnaire

General Company Information
Company Name
Company Website
Company Address
Time-Zone                               GMT +/-?
# of years in business
Ownership                               Private/Partnership/Public
Gross Annual Revenues (in USD)          Estimate, if necessary
Total # of employees
oDesk Relationship Manager              FirstName LastName
Yahoo Messenger ID
Other Comments

Additional Company Information

                                        For e.g. We offer complete services including Web Development, Web Design Internet Marketing, Web Promotion and Corporate
Briefly describe company portfolio      identity. Our services include: Professional Web Design, Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization and E-commerce Solutions
List core technical skillset            Name specific development technologies or platforms for e.g. .NET or Wireless Applications
How many total developers do you
have in your company?
How many total managers do you have
in your company?
Do all the developers work from the
same office location?
Do you have a Sales Team in USA?
Describe the process by which you       E.g. details about how do you manage your college recruitment and/or market recruitment process. What are the standards you set
hire new developers?                    while hiring employees?
What kind of ongoing training do you    Please give details about training programs which you make your developers go through. Do you require them to have any specific
provide do your developers?             certification?
What percentage of your developers
have a Bachelors in Engineering
Name the most common engineering
colleges from where your developers
have graduated?

Are your offices open for a night shift? Yes/No
Other Comments

Customer References (Please provide 3 verifiable references, preferrably one of them located in USA)
Customer Name                           Brief Project Description                                        Contact Person       Email Address      Telephone #

Developers (Details on developers you would like to provide to
                                                                        Developer Hardware and Internet Access
How many developers are you willing to
provide to oDesk?                      #                                Do the developers have broadband connection?                             Yes/No
Do the developers have experience in
dealing with customers directly?       Yes/No                           Do the developers have a web-camera? If not, can that be arranged?       Yes/No
Do the developers have good English
language skills?                       Yes/No                           Do the developers have a headset? If not, can that be arranged?          Yes/No
What Operating System do the
developers use?                        Windows/Linux
oDesk Corporation
Developer Questionnaire

Develop Details
Developer Name        Email Address   Yahoo Messenger ID   Desired                                          # of years of work   Education and           Flexible Working   Available Hours per
                                                           Hourly rate   Primary Skill   Other Skills       experience           College Name            Hours              week
FirstName LastName                                         $/Hr                          E.g. Unix Shell,                        E.g. BE (Electrical),                      Min 20 hours per
                                                                         E.g. Perl       MySQL,UML etc.     Minimum 3 years      REC - Rourkela          Yes/No             week
oDesk Corporation
Complete List of oDesk Skills

Complete List of oDesk Skills
3D Design                       Macromedia Director       Tech Writer
 Access                         Mambo                     Testing
 ActiveX/COM/DCOM               Math                      Tomcat
 Application Design and ConceptsMiva Merchant             UI Design
 AS/400                         MS Navision               UML
 ASP                            MS-SQL                    Unix Shell
 ASP.NET+ADO                    MySQL                     VB/.NET
 Assembler                      MySQL, Oracle, Interbase VB/Delphi
 Asterisk                                                 VB/Delphi/ASP/IIS
                                OCX (OLE Control Extension)
 Blackberry/RIM                 Online Payments           VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
 Borland C++ Builder            Oracle Application Server Video Streaming
 C#/.Net                        Oracle DBA                Visual Basic
 C/C++/Unix                     Oracle Forms              Voice/Windows
 C/C++/Win32SDK                 Oracle PL/SQL             VoiceXML
 Cobol                          Oracle Reports            VoIP
 CodeWarrior/C++                Oracle, DB2, ...          Web Sphere
 ColdFusion                     OsCommerce                WebLogic
 Crystal Reports                PalmOS                    Windows Administration
 CSS                            Perl                      Wireless
 Data Entry                     Photoshop                 WML/WMLScript
 Database Modelling             PHP                       XML
 Delphi                         PHP/HTML/DHTML            XML-RPC
 Delphi/VB                      PHP/IIS/MS SQL            XUL
 Design/Flash                   PHP/MySQL                 Zope/Python
 DotNetNuke                     phpNuke
 Driver development             PocketPC
 EDI [Electronic Data Interchange]
 Filemaker Pro                  postNuke
 Flash/Macromedia               PowerBuilder
 FoxPro                         Project Management
 Games/Windows                  Python
 Graphics                       QA
 GTK programming                QNX
 Hibernate                      QT
 HTML/DHTML/Javascript          Recruiting
 Informix                       Remoting
 IntelliJ IDEA                  Resin
 InterBase/Firebird/Yaffil      Ruby
 Java/J2EE                      SatelliteForms
 Java/J2ME                      Search
 Java/JFC                       Sharepoint
 Java/JSP                       Smarty
 JBoss                          SOAP
 Kylix                          SQL
 LAMP administration            SQLite
 LaTeX                          Struts
 Lingo                          Sybase
 Lotus Domino                   Symbian SDK
 Lotus Notes                    Systems Programming
 Mac OS X                       TCP/IP
oDesk Corporation
Buyer Skills Demand for Last 90 Days

                                  Total Number of    Estimated # of
Skill Requested                     Assignments      Assignment Hours
PHP/MySQL                                       156             61,029.50
SQL                                                2                40,000
ASP                                               38                19,391
C#/.Net                                           26                19,255
PHP/HTML/DHTML                                    33            10,057.50
ASP.NET+ADO                                       31                  9240
QA                                                 4                  9120
ColdFusion                                        18                  8350
C/C++/Win32SDK                                    24                  7010
Application Design and Concepts                   15                  5350
Java/J2EE                                         13                  5310
PHP                                               35                  5152
Perl                                               9                  4310
3D Design                                         19                  4310
HTML/DHTML/Javascript                             33                  3743
Cobol                                             15                  3720
C/C++/Unix                                        13                  3430
Tech Writer                                       10                  2660
CSS                                                9                  2605
PocketPC                                           3                  2400
Java/JFC                                           1                  2000
Flash/Macromedia                                  30                  1980
VB/.NET                                           35                1880.7
Delphi                                             7                  1680
Database Modelling                                 5                  1670
Design/Flash                                      11                  1630
QT                                                 1                  1600
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)                4                  1140
Oracle DBA                                         2                  1080
MS-SQL                                             5                  1030
Remoting                                           1                  1000
ActiveX/COM/DCOM                                   4                  1000
Data Entry                                         4                   750
Blackberry/RIM                                     1                   640
Access                                            11                   640
Java/JSP                                           7                   560
OsCommerce                                        12                   500
Photoshop                                         10                   440
Graphics                                           8                   400
Java/J2ME                                          3                   320
Web Sphere                                         3                   300
Sharepoint                                         1                   260
Struts                                             3                   240
AJAX                                               3                   200
Mambo                                              3                   190
PHP/IIS/MS SQL                  2          180
LAMP administration             5          170
Project Management              2          160
VoIP                            1          160
Visual Basic                    4          160
Borland C++ Builder             1          160
AS/400                          3          160
PalmOS                          2          160
MS Navision                     1          160
DotNetNuke                      2          140
XML                            10          130
Tomcat                          1          130
MySQL                           4          120
Games/Windows                   2          110
Mac OS X                        2           80
SOAP                            1           80
OCX (OLE Control Extension)     1           80
InterBase/Firebird/Yaffil       1           40
phpNuke                         1           40
Filemaker Pro                   1           40
Macromedia Director             1           40
FoxPro                          1           40
GTK programming                 1           40
Python                          1           40
postNuke                        1           40
Windows Administration          2           20
Crystal Reports                 1           10
Systems Programming             1           10
Lotus Notes                     2            0
Video Streaming                 1            0
UI Design                       1            0
Assembler                       2            0
                                1            0
TOTALS                        744   252,273.70

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