a 12 month_ full-time program beginning in may

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					a 12 month,
full-time program
beginning in may

                       ranked #1 in Canada
                    and #2 outside the uS by
A Rich Tradition Of Innovation And Excellence
Queen’s is consistently ranked among Canada’s very best universities. established
in 1841, Queen’s university has a rich tradition of academic excellence. it has long
enjoyed the reputation as “Canada’s ivy league” university, attracting students from
across the country and around the world. Queen’s graduates have made indelible
marks on the national and international landscape, through their contributions to
science, the arts, business and government. the extensive alumni network of more
than 115,000 graduates spans 150 countries. you will find Queen’s graduates in
positions of leadership around the world.
An InternAtIonAlly
renowned BusIness school
Queen’s School of business is one of the world’s premier business
schools, with a faculty renowned for their business experience
and academic credentials. it has earned international
recognition for its leading-edge curriculum and innovative
approaches to business education. Bloomberg BusinessWeek
has ranked Queen’s full-time mba #1 in Canada for the past
                                                                                       Ranks Queen’s Full-Time MBA #1 in Canada &
10 years, while also ranking the program #1 outside the uS
                                                                                       #2 internationally – November 2010
from 2004 to 2010. as well, BusinessWeek ranks Queen’s #1
in Canada and top 25 in the world for executive mba and                                Ranks Queen’s Executive MBA #1 in Canada &
                                                                                       Top 25 in the world – November 2009
executive education.
                                                                                       Ranks Queen’s Executive Education #1 in Canada
                                                                                       & Top 20 in the world – November 2009
A Leader In Management Education
in addition to its highly acclaimed mba programs, Queen’s School of business is also
home to Canada’s most prestigious undergraduate business program and several
outstanding graduate programs. the School is also one of the world’s largest and            To be recognized by
most respected providers of executive education.                                       businessWeek as the best in
                                                                                       Canada and among the best in the
Internationally Accredited                                                             world three times in one year is a
Queen’s School of business is one of a select few business schools in the world to     remarkable achievement that reflects
be accredited by all three of the world’s leading accreditation bodies: the aaCSb      the unmatched quality of Queen’s
(association to advance Collegiate Schools of business) located in the uSa; eQuiS      School of Business.
through the european foundation for management Development; and the                    Gordon Nixon, president and Ceo,
association of mbas located in the uK.                                                 rbC financial group

Practical And Theoretical Research
Queen’s School of business is also actively involved in both practical and
theoretical research, with research centres in the areas of responsible
leadership, governance, Knowledge management, and business Venturing.
as well, the School’s faculty has produced outstanding research in the areas
of organizational behaviour, marketing, accounting and Strategic alliances.

                                                                                                                              Queen’S mba   1
                        In terms of pure business education,
                  Queen’s holds its own with the best in the world.
                  But in terms of personal growth, the Queen’s
                  experience is unparalleled. Period.
                  SARAH MILTON, Queen’s mba
                  project leader
                  the boston Consulting group
                  toronto, on

2   Queen’S mba

Queen’s full-time mba is an incomparable and        The Power Of Teams
transformational experience that provides so much   in today’s workplace, business is conducted in teams. at Queen’s
more than an outstanding business education.        you will be part of a team for the entire core of the program. you will
                                                    learn how to quickly elevate your team’s performance, increasing
the program is designed to develop exceptional      efficiency and effectiveness. you will develop outstanding team and
leaders, valuable team members, and highly-         leadership skills that you will carry with you into your career.
effective managers.
                                                    A Global Perspective
                                                    Queen’s mba offers you a truly global perspective. typically,
                                                    between 40% and 50% of our class comes from outside Canada. in
                                                    the past three years, we have welcomed students from more than
                                                    40 countries around the world. this brings a level of diversity to
                                                    the learning and networking environment that enriches your mba
                                                    experience. additionally, Queen’s offers you the opportunity for
                                                    an international exchange with one of our international business
                                                    school partners.

                                                    A Culture Of Coaching
                                                    a key component of the Queen’s mba experience is our coaching
                                                    culture. you will have the benefit of a team Coach, a personal
                                                    Coach, a Career Coach and a lifestyle Coach while in the program.
                                                    this is an approach that is unique to Queen’s, and an important
                                                    differentiator of our program.

                                                                                                             Queen’S mba   3
the Power oF teAMs

Understanding The Power Of Teams
Queen’s mba utilizes an innovative approach to
team-based learning that is far more advanced
than that used in other mba programs.

We believe strongly in our team-based approach
because it mirrors today’s progressive workplace.
you will leave the program with a thorough
understanding of the best practicesfor successful
team-building and teamwork, well-prepared to be
a valuable member of a high-performance team.

While other mba programs talk about “teamwork”, what they are
actually referring to is “group work” – a very different concept. at
Queen’s, you are assigned to a team for the core of the program,
and a significant portion of your overall grade is derived from
teamwork. team members collaborate on assignments, projects and
presentations, drawing on the skills and experience of individual
team members, greatly enhancing the learning experience.

                                                                       The team-based approach was very beneficial to me
                                                                  because it mimicked every workplace I’ve ever been in...
                                                                  with one important difference. At Queen’s, we had a Team
                                                                  Coach to help us develop as a high-performance team and to
                                                                  work with us through any issues that arose. The exceptional
                                                                  support and feedback that our Team Coach provided made
                                                                  for an incredible learning experience.

                                                                  ERIN BORGFJORD AYRES, Queen’s mba
                                                                  marketing manager
                                                                  public mobile

4   Queen’S mba
    I believe the team approach used by Queen’s prepares you
very well for the real world. In any organization, if you’re going to
accomplish anything of real size or value, it’s going to be as part
of a team. And at Queen’s, just like the real world, you don’t get to
pick your team, and you stay with your team for the core of the
program. This really enables you to become not only a productive
team member, but a highly-effective team leader.

AIDAN SEARWAR, Queen’s mba
prtm Consulting
San francisco

Learning Teams                                                                 Developing Your Team And
each learning team consists of 6 or 7 students. teams are carefully            Leadership Skills
assembled to maximize diversity of gender, work and academic experience,       one of the greatest benefits of our team-based
and cultural background – reflecting the reality of today’s working            approach is the opportunity to develop your team
environment.                                                                   and leadership skills – skills that are essential in
                                                                               business today. at Queen’s you don’t just learn
Team Coaching And Support                                                      about teamwork and leadership, you put them into
                                                                               practice every day. each team member is given
a dedicated, professional team Coach is assigned to every team. for the
                                                                               many opportunities to lead projects or contribute
entire program core, they will monitor your team’s effectiveness and provide
                                                                               to projects led by other team members.
regular feedback and guidance that is pivotal to the learning process.

a great deal of time during the first week of the program is devoted to        Dedicated Team Rooms
setting the tone for your learning team. you and your teammates will be        every learning team is provided with a dedicated
led through a series of exercises designed to get acquainted, gain insight     team room in goodes hall, including a personal
into each member’s preferred thinking style, formulate a team mission          work station for each team member. team rooms
statement, develop group “norms”, and successfully conduct your first team     are equipped with a printer, whiteboard, and
meeting. you will be provided with proven processes and best practices for     a refrigerator.
overcoming any obstacles that may arise during the year.

                                                                                                                         Queen’S mba   5
PersonAl coAchIng

                                                              Personal Coaching
                                                              today, all over the world, people at all levels of management are
                                                              using personal Coaches to help them achieve their full potential.
                                                              at Queen’s, we have made this a critical piece of your learning
                                                              experience. no other mba program offers this unique and valuable

                                                              Choosing Your Personal Coach
                                                              it is very important to develop a good rapport and chemistry with
                                                              your personal Coach. for this reason, you are able to choose your
                                                              personal Coach from our roster of coaches, and you may change
                                                              coaches at any time. our professionally trained coaches bring with
   I can’t say enough good things about my
                                                              them a wealth of work, life and coaching experience, ensuring that
Personal Coach. To say the experience was                     the process is highly impactful and responsive to your needs.
inspirational, even life-changing, would not be an
exaggeration. He helped me to gain insights into              Influencing the Direction of your
what has been holding me back in the past and                 Coaching Experience
what I needed to do to change my perspective. I am            personal coaching can take many directions and, at Queen’s,
extremely grateful for having had this opportunity.           you are empowered to influence the direction you wish to take.
                                                              many students choose to focus on identifying and leveraging
This has made my MBA experience.
                                                              their personal strengths, and our coaches have several innovative
                                                              personal assessment tools at their disposal to assist you in this
LEILA BOCKSCH, Queen’s mba                                    process. other students choose to focus on identifying and
Senior Compliance officer
                                                              mitigating their perceived weakness, while others choose to work on
health Canada
ottawa                                                        specific personal or interpersonal issues they may be experiencing. in
                                                              short, the opportunities are practically unlimited.

                                  We were given a list of Personal Coaches to
                             choose from, and I think that’s important. You can
                             review the different profiles and select someone
                             you feel would be most helpful for you. It was a
                             great experience for me, working through personal
                             challenges and looking toward the future.

                             SANDEEP ACHAR, Queen’s mba
                             hr associate
                             royal bank of Canada

6   Queen’S mba
The Coaching Culture At Queen’s                                        Achieving Your Full Potential
at Queen’s, coaching is an integral part of our learning culture and   the impact of your personal Coaching experience can be immeasurable
its importance cannot be overstated. in addition to your personal      and will affect many aspects of your life, both professionally and
Coach and team Coach, you will also have the support of a Career       personally. you will return to the workforce with a greater understanding
Coach and a lifestyle Coach. our coaching philosophy touches           of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. this will have a
almost all aspects of the Queen’s mba program.                         powerful impact on your performance and your working relationships.

                        The breadth of support provided by Queen’s is
                    fantastic – Team Coaches, Personal Coaches, Career
                    Coaches – they all made it much easier to get through this
                    intensive one-year program successfully. I don’t know of
                    any other program that has this kind of personal support
                    and coaching culture.

                    LESLEY GUSTAFSON, Queen’s mba
                    logistics manager

                                                                                                                                    Queen’S mba   7
                                                                                A FLEXIBLE BLEND OF TEACHING STYLES
                                                                                at Queen’s, we are not wedded to a single
                                                                                teaching style. We believe that different people
THE ACADEMIC PLAN                                                               learn in different ways, and that not all material
                                                                                can be taught by the case method. for these
                                                                                reasons, we leverage the power of several
                                                                                teaching methods including:
program Structure and Content
                                                                                • Case studies
                                                                                • Class instruction and interactive discussion
may - DeCember                                                                  • Simulations
                                                     Personal      Team
                                                     Coaching    Coaching       • Real-world projects
       • leadership
       • the role of the general manager
                                                                                MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS
       • negotiation and Conflict management                                    Queen’s mba provides a strong foundation of
       • Acquisition & Analysis of Information for                              management fundamentals and functions. in
         management                                                             addition, you will be exposed to leading-edge
       • global environment
                                                                                content in the areas of leadership, strategic
                                                                                thinking, innovation, managing change, and
                                                                                corporate social responsibility.
       • microeconomics
       • financial accounting
       • management accounting
       • finance fundamentals                                                   GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE
                                                                                the program curriculum provides a broad
       STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP                                                     understanding of the global business
       • Corporate and marketing Strategy                                       environment, international business, and cross-
       • marketing fundamentals                                                 cultural management challenges. you will also
       • managing information technology
                                                                                have the opportunity to participate in exciting
       • finance Strategy
       • international business                                                 international student exchanges.
       • business Decision models

       THE HUMAN DIMENSION                                                      INTEGRATED THINKING
       • Corporate Social responsibility                                        because we take an integrated approach to
       • Strategic implementation and Change                                    teaching, you will develop an understanding of
       • organizational behaviour
                                                                                the impact of all business decisions across the
                                                                                organization and beyond.
       • Creativity, innovation and
       • operations management                                                  ELECTIVE STREAMS
       • Capstone Simulation
                                                                                During the final module of the program, you
                                                                                are given the opportunity to choose one of five
                                                                                elective streams, with the goal of deepening
                                                                                your understanding of the area that most closely
January – april                                                   Exchange      aligns with your career aspirations. While most
                                                                Opportunities   students choose to focus on one elective stream,
       ELECTIVE STREAMS                                                         you may instead choose to select a variety of
       • Consulting & Project Management                                        courses from more than one stream.
       • marketing
       • finance
                                                                                The five elective streams are:
       • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
                                                                                • Consulting & Project Management
       • general management
                                                                                • Marketing
                                                                                • Finance
                                                                                • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
8   Queen’S mba                                                                 • General Management
Pre-MBA “wArM-uP”
Queen’s School of business is pleased to offer pre-
mba “warm-up” sessions in three quantitative areas:
Accounting - Finance - Statistics
these not-for-credit one-day sessions are offered to incoming students
the week before the mba program begins.

these sessions are optional, and you may enroll in any or all of them. at
a cost of $200 per session, they represent an excellent opportunity to
ease your transition into the program. you may register for these sessions
when you sign back your offer of admission.

                                                                             coMBIned J.d./MBA
                                                                             Queen’s university offers the opportunity to
                                                                             pursue both a Juris Doctorate and an mba degree
                                                                             in a three-and-a-half-year program.

                                                                             the Queen’s mba and J.D. degrees will be conferred at the completion
                                                                             of the combined program when all requirements for both degrees
                                                                             have been met. a maximum of eight students will be admitted to the
                                                                             combined program every year.

                                                                YEAR ONE:    Students take a first year course load in the J.D. program.
                                                                YEAR TWO:    Students take upper year elective courses in the J.D. program, as well
                                                                             as the second year compulsory course of appellate advocacy – moots.
                                                              YEAR THREE:    Students complete all of the course obligations in the
                                                                             Queen’s mba program.
                                                               YEAR FOUR:    Students fulfill the remaining course requirements in the J.D. program.

                                                                             application to the combined J.D. /mba program requires separate,
                                                                             simultaneous applications to the faculty of law and the School of
                                                                             business. for more information, please visit our website.

                                                                                                                                           Queen’S mba   9
enhAncIng your MBA exPerIence
Queen’s offers three additional Ways to enhance your mba experience.

International Exchanges
Consistent with the program’s global perspective, you will have the option of participating in an international exchange at one of our 23
international business school partners. this provides an exceptional cross-cultural learning experience in a region that is of particular interest to you.

                                                     INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PARTNERS

                                                         Argentina                universidad torcuato Di tella
                                                         Austria                  Vienna university of economics and business administration
                                                         Brazil                   fundação getulio Vargas, escola de administração de empresas de São paolo
                                                         China                    Cheung Kong graduate School of business
                                                         China                    China europe international business School (CeibS)
                                                         China                    peking university, guanghua School of management
                                                         China                    tsinghua university, School of economics and management
                                                         Finland                  aalto university School of economics
                                                         France                   emlyon business School
                                                         France                   eSSeC business School
                                                         Germany                  university of mannheim, mannheim business School
                                                         Germany                  Whu - otto beisheim School of management
                                                         Hungary                  Corvinus university of budapest, faculty of business administration
                                                         India                    indian School of business
                                                         Italy                    università Commerciale luigi bocconi
                                                         Japan                    Nagoya University of Commerce & Business Administration
                                                         Mexico                   ipaDe business School
                                                         Mexico                   tecnológico de monterrey/egaDe
                                                         Netherlands              rotterdam School of management, erasmus university
                                                         Russia                   St. petersburg State university, graduate School of management
                                                         Singapore                national university of Singapore
                                                         Switzerland              university of St. gallen
JEREMY SLATER, Queen’s mba 2011                          United Kingdom           aston university – aston business School
on exchange at St. petersburg State
university in russia

                                                   The Asian MBA exchange opportunity at the National University
                                               of Singapore provided me with an incredible opportunity to gain an
                                               international perspective on business. It enabled me to learn about
                                               the strategies of Asian firms and their perspectives of North American
                                               business. As well, it gave me the opportunity to create an international
                                               network of MBA candidates from all over the world.

                                               MEREDITH SLEMKO, Queen’s mba 2011

10   Queen’S mba
Professional Designations                                                   Fit to LeadTM
you may also choose to begin working on three professional designations     fit to leadtm is an optional program that focuses on
while in the Queen’s mba program. these designations will help you fully    mental, emotional and physical well-being. topics
leverage the power of your Queen’s mba.                                     covered include personal reflection, goal setting,
                                                                            fitness, healthy eating and achieving work-life
                                                                            balance. Within this context, fit to leadtm focuses on
                                                                            the importance of making your own personal choices,
                                                                            challenging yourself to live a balanced life, and
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)                                           welcoming change.
as a Cfa partner school, those interested in pursuing their Cfa             During the program you have an opportunity to take
designation have access to Cfa resources, sample exams, networking          part in various team and individual activities, and
opportunities as well as Cfa scholarships that cover the cost of the
                                                                            learn how to live a healthy, balanced life. you will have
membership and provide a discount toward the cost of writing the
                                                                            access to a lifestyle Coach who will work with you to
level 1 exam. in addition, being identified as a partner school indicates
                                                                            design a personalized fitness plan.
that our program content is recognized and well suited to preparing
students to write all level exams.                                          throughout the program, fit to leadtm will continue
                                                                            to inspire you. group challenges, newsletters and the
                                                                            lifestyle planner keep you involved and our staff will
                                                                            work to help you succeed.

                                                                            you will find that the fit to leadtm program will help
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)                                       you in a number of ways as you complete the Queen’s
Students who successfully complete the Queen’s mba program are              mba program, and the skills and knowledge that you
exempted from the residential component of the 2-year Cma Strategic         take away from fit to leadtm will be beneficial in your
leadership program. a Queen’s mba graduate will enter into the              personal and professional life after graduation.
accelerated program, which is a 7-month program, covering off the
remainder of the required courses. Completion of the accelerated
program with Cma will make a student eligible to write the Cma
                                                                                The Fit to LeadTM program made my
entrance exam.
                                                                            whole Queen’s MBA experience so much
                                                                            richer. From tips on how to lead a healthy
                                                                            and active life to exciting fitness and social
                                                                            activities, the program showed me not just
                                                                            the importance of balancing my school
                                                                            and personal responsibilities, but allowed
Project Management Professional (PMP)                                       me to put this balance into practice.
the project management institute recognizes the project management
elective course offered in our Consulting stream as the required contact    JAMEEL LALJI, Queen’s mba
hours a student needs to be eligible to write the pmp exam. Students        innovation and business Development Consultant
                                                                            Staples Canada
must also possess the required amount of work experience or be
planning to earn it upon graduation in order to actually secure the

                                                                                                                             Queen’S mba   11
cAreer coAchIng And suPPort

as a Queen’s mba student, you will receive extensive, personalized attention from our business Career
Centre team. our role is to support and facilitate your career search by ensuring that you are equipped
with the skills and information necessary for you to achieve your goal – the job you desire.

your Career Coaching team will assist you through the process of determining your preferred industry sector, exploring career options and
charting your career path. in addition to working with you on your resume and conducting practice interviews, they will provide you with the latest
information, trends and developments in the industries that interest you. you will also have the opportunity to meet with and hear from experts and
alumni from various fields.

Career-Step® Program
the Career-Step® program is a proprietary methodology we follow that helps
you to acquire your next job of choice. the program helps you to focus on
the core activities that lead to job acquisition: learning more about yourself,
cataloguing past career successes, preparing a resume, networking, conducting
value added job searches and landing the opportunity.

One-On-One Career Coaching
your Career Coach has access to a wide array of personal assessment tools to
help you identify your values, strengths, emotional intelligence, and career
preferences. they will work with you, one-on-one, to develop your career
strategy and job search plan.

                                                                                              The Queen’s School of Business Career Centre runs an
Direct ConnectTM Program
                                                                                          excellent program called Direct ConnectTM. You are asked to
the Direct Connecttm program puts you directly in touch with both knowledge               identify the top three companies you would like to work for.
holders and key decision makers from companies that interest you. you will be             They will then put you in contact with alumni and other key
asked to identify your companies of interest. then, working with your career              decision makers within those companies. It’s a very effective
coach, this list will be narrowed down to a short list of three. the Career Centre        way to facilitate your job search.
then arranges informational interviews with key contacts at those companies,
and guides you through your preparation for these interviews. these                       CHRIS YANG, Queen’s mba
informational interviews often lead to actual employment interviews.                      Senior engneer
Toronto Week
in July, the entire mba class has the opportunity to spend up to four days in
toronto with some of our key corporate recruiters. this is a further opportunity
to learn about companies in targeted sectors and meet key operational leaders.

12   Queen’S mba
Extensive Career Services And Resources                                  On-Campus Recruiting
throughout the year, you will also have access to job search and         Queen’s School of business typically attracts more than 100 companies
research resources including Vault.com, mba Direct, and top              to participate in our annual on-campus recruiting activities. our
mba Careers. our partnership with Knightsbridge human Capital            international reputation and extensive industry and alumni contacts
management provides a breadth of on-line job search support tools.       yield exceptional opportunities for our graduates.
as well, you will have year-round access to our exclusive my Career
website featuring job postings and information.                          A Breadth Of Opportunities
                                                                         the business Career Centre takes great pride in the quality of our
Dare To Dream Internship Program                                         graduates and in meeting the needs of our employer community.
Queen’s School of business provides extensive support for graduates      Queen’s mba graduates find exciting jobs with outstanding
wishing to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours through our Dare to         organizations across Canada and around the world. typically, over 90%
Dream internship program. these internships are specifically focused     of our graduates have found career-quality jobs within six months of
on providing critical resources to help Queen’s mba graduates turn       graduation.
their new venture business plans into reality. the three-month
internship enables recipients to work extensively with select faculty
members, our entrepreneur in residence, and other key contacts                The Career Coaching program was excellent.
through Queen’s School of business and the Centre for business           My Career Coach had a clear understanding of
Venturing. as well, it provides up to $15,000 to cover living expenses   my strengths and my career goals. She provided
during the internship.                                                   incredible attention to detail, from sitting down
                                                                         and talking with me before every interview, to
Queen’s School Of Business Alumni Network                                enabling me to talk to several Queen’s alumni
                                                                         working in the field I was targeting. That’s the kind
as a Queen’s mba student, you will have access to our exclusive
                                                                         of personalized service they provide. As a result, I
alumni networking website as you begin your job search. this network
                                                                         have been able to transition from a management
of business professionals numbers in excess of 12,000 worldwide and
                                                                         consulting role before the program, to a career in
represents an important tool in your job search. our strong alumni
                                                                         the finance industry when I graduate.
network is often cited as one of the key benefits of a Queen’s mba.
                                                                         KIRAN MANJUNATH, Queen’s mba
                                                                         Consultant, global Consulting Services
                                                                         royal bank of Canada

                                                                                                                                  Queen’S mba   13
                   typically, over 90% of our graduates have found career-quality
                   jobs within 6 months of graduation.

                          Placement Locations

                                                Canada    80%
                                                   uSa    10%
                                                   asia   10%

                          Employment By Sector

                                                finance   31%
                                          technology      28%
                     management Consulting                10%
                                    manufacturing         7%
                             Consumer products            7%
                                                 other    17%

                   the following is a partial list of companies that have posted jobs
                   for Queen’s mbas over the past three years:

                   A.T. Kearney Ltd.                      Deloitte                              McKinsey & Company
                   Accenture                              Desjardins Securities                 Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.
                   Alliance Films                         Disney                                Mondiale Asset Management
                   Air Canada                             Enbridge                              Monitor Group
                   American Express                       Ernst & Young LLP                     Petro-Canada
                   Apple Canada Inc                       Facebook                              PMC-Sierra, Inc.
                   Bain and Company                       FedEx Canada                          PricewaterhouseCoopers
                   Bank of Canada                         General Mills Canada                  Procter & Gamble
                   Bell Canada                            Gerdau Ameristeel                     RBC Financial Group
                   BMO Financial Group                    GlaxoSmithKline                       Research in Motion
                   Boston Consulting Group                Goldman Sachs                         Red Bull Canada
                   Canadian Pacific Railway               Great West Life                       Rogers Communications Inc.
                   Canadian Tire                          Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada   Scotiabank
                   Cara Operations Ltd.                   Hewlett-Packard                       Shoppers Drug Mart
                   Capital One Caterpillar                HSBC Financial                        TD Bank Financial Group
                   CIBC                                   Imperial Oil                          TELUS
                   Chubb Insurance                        IBM Canada                            UBS Securities
                   Cisco Systems Canada                   Intel Corporation                     Unilever Canada, US Steel Canada Inc.
                   Citigroup Corp. and Investment Bank    Johnson & Johnson                     Wal-Mart Canada
                   Colgate-Palmolive Canada               Kraft Canada Inc.                     Westwind Partners Inc.
                   CPP Investment Board                   Lafarge North America
                   Credit Suisse First Boston             Manulife Financial

14   Queen’S mba
prior to joining the mba program at Queen’s, Stephen was a Senior
associate engineer at Celestica, where he was responsible for designing
automated test solutions for electronics manufacturing. While he enjoyed
tackling complex design problems, his longer term vision was to be
involved in the business side of the enterprise. to accelerate the transition,
he enrolled in the Queen’s mba program, where he developed a keen
interest in finance. upon graduation, Stephen joined bank of nova Scotia
in the risk management area, later moving to Credit Suisse. today, Stephen
is Director of investment banking with Credit Suisse in london, uK.

      The Queen’s MBA played a critical role in my
move from engineering to Investment Banking. The
program provided me with the skill-set, knowledge and
credentials necessary to make the transition. All in all, it
was an outstanding experience. During the year, I also
had the opportunity to develop some very great friends
with whom I continue to stay in close touch.

STEPHEN DAVY, Queen’s mba
Director, investment banking
Credit Suisse ag
london, uK

                                                                     Queen’S mba   15
recent grAduAte success storIes

our recent graduate success stories reflect a range of people, at a variety of levels within their
organizations, who entered the program with their own unique career goals.

prior to joining the Queen’s mba program, robert worked as a           upon completing her undergraduate degree in chemical
Professional Engineer in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.           engineering, logan accepted a technical engineering design
upon graduation, he decided to transition to a career in finance,      position with an oil and gas consulting firm in Calgary. once she
and accepted a position within the private investments team            had achieved her professional engineering status, she started to
of the Canada pension plan investment board. in his new role,          think more about her career path. although she really enjoyed the
robert is part of a team that makes private investments in             work, she did not want to limit herself to the technical side of the
infrastructure assets on a global basis. this work involves both the   industry. She decided it was time to return to school and pursue
acquisition and ongoing management of infrastructure assets and        an mba at Queen’s. upon completion of the mba program, she
companies. he believes that his Queen’s mba experience played a        accepted a position with altagas in Calgary. Currently, she holds
key role in his completing this transition, enabling him to develop    the position of Commercial manager and says she finds herself
the skills, knowledge and confidence it required.                      utilizing the skills she acquired at Queen’s every day.

      My Queen’s MBA has had clear and immediate returns.                  The team-based learning approach of the Queen’s MBA
I was able to pursue a career that was of great interest to me         is so unique and provided valuable experience that was
and develop a framework of thinking that will stay with me             instantly transferrable to the workplace. I thoroughly enjoyed
for many years. The program’s team-based approach was                  the extracurricular activities, such as case competitions and
powerful and a key part of the learning. My time at Queen’s was        the MBA games, which allowed me to further strengthen the
made truly enjoyable by the relationships I developed with my          bonds that I had already formed with my classmates. For me
classmates and the faculty.                                            the Queen’s MBA allowed me to change and accelerate my
                                                                       career path in just twelve months.
ROBERT WALL, Queen’s mba
principal – infrastructure                                             LOGAN DUNNING, Queen’s mba
Canada pension plan investment board                                   Commercial manager
london, uK                                                             altagas

16   Queen’S mba
When David applied to the Queen’s mba program, he was working as
an R&D engineer at Rolls-Royce in Montréal. He had heard great things
about the program and wanted to complement his technical background
with a business skill set. he believes the program transformed the way he
thought about his career and business in general. after an exciting and
intense year at Queen’s, he joined the boston Consulting group in toronto.
He is now Director of Corporate Development & Strategy at Bell Canada,
and proud to be part of the team executing an ambitious new strategy of
service and network investment for bell.

      From that first week in Goodes Hall, the
learning experience at Queen’s was truly exceptional,
and being a member of the Queen’s MBA class has
been a highlight in my career. In particular, the
great faculty, small class size, and the team-based
learning environment stood out to me as features
that differentiate the Queen’s experience. Overall, the
program gave me the tools necessary to take control
of my career and help me achieve my personal and
professional goals.

DAVID MARQUIS, Queen’s mba
Director, Corporate Development & Strategy
bell Canada

                                                                  Queen’S mba   17
success                                              When felix made the decision to pursue a

                                                     Queen’s mba, he was a founder and Chief
                                                     executive of Saflor ltd in ekaterinburg, russia
                                                     – a publisher of six classified ad newspapers.     prior to joining the Queen’s mba program,
                                                     he was interested in transitioning to a career     natalie was an operational air navigator in
before entering the Queen’s mba program,             in investment banking. upon graduation, he         the Canadian air force, flying CC-130
Sanyu worked for seven years in software             joined rbC Capital markets, the investment         hercules. She retired from the Department
engineering in Silicon Valley. her desire to         banking arm of rbC financial group. there          of national Defence as a Captain having
learn more about the management side                 he worked as an associate in their generalist      participated in several major Canadian
of the business led her to the decision to           program in toronto, later moving to corporate      deployments. She entered the Queen’s mba
pursue an mba degree. after graduation, she          banking in new york. he is currently Vice-         program with a desire to expand her career
joined research in motion (rim) as a Senior          president with Vanguard Capital advisors in        opportunities in business. upon graduation,
application Development Consultant in                new york City. he credits the Queen’s mba          natalie joined the monitor group, where
london, uK. recently she was promoted to             with providing him the skills and knowledge        she worked as a Consultant. She is currently
europe, middle east and asia (emea) team             he needed to successfully make this career         Director, technology Strategy Capital
lead, Developer relations.                           transition.                                        management at telus.

      Working on the tech side of start-ups in           The Queen’s MBA provided a strong                  The Queen’s MBA gave me the opportunity
Silicon Valley over the course of boom/ bust/        financial knowledge base that enabled me to        to broaden my career opportunities. The
boom cycles made me very aware that the best         transition into the world of investment banking.   program gave me so much more than the
technology wasn’t all that was required for a        But more than that, it provided an experience      academic tool set, it introduced me to the world
company to succeed. My Queens MBA provided           that was second to none. The team-based            of business. After graduation, the Queen’s brand
insights into the other parts of the organization;   approach provides amazing opportunities            was instrumental in opening doors that would
not only how they worked, but also how to            to develop your team and leadership skills         not have been open before.
communicate with them on their terms.                while you’re in the program, the professors are
It was the stepping stone I needed to take my        outstanding, and the support you receive is        NATALIE MARCHESAN, Queen’s mba
                                                                                                        Director, technology Strategy Capital management
career to the next level. There isn’t a day that     simply incredible.                                 teluS
goes by that I don’t use something I learned in                                                         Vancouver
the program.                                         FELIX TOLSTOV, Queen’s mba
                                                     Vanguard Capital advisors
                                                     new york, ny
emea team lead, Developer relations
research in motion ltd
london, uK

18   Queen’S mba
prior to joining the program, allison was a research assistant professor at
mount Sinai School of medicine in new york City, where she was pursuing
an academic research career in neurochemistry. While in academic
research, she became aware of the increasing influence of biotechnology
companies in the scientific arena and, therefore, wanted to learn more
about the business side of scientific research. She enrolled in the Queen’s
mba program and developed an interest in marketing. after graduation,
allison joined Warner-lambert in new Jersey as a management associate.
She then transitioned into a uS marketing manager role. During this time,
Warner-lambert merged with pfizer. through a series of promotions,
allison attained the position of Director, Commercial Development, where
she currently works.

       The team based environment at Queen’s
provided a very effective transition into the business
environment. The faculty was excellent – based on
their knowledge of their specialties, enthusiasm and
teaching skills. However, what really made them
outstanding was that they were genuinely interested
in your progress. It made for a rich and rewarding MBA
experience that has carried over in many ways into my
business career.

Director, Commercial Development
new york, ny

                                                                    Queen’S mba   19
leArnIng enVIronMent

Goodes Hall
located on the Queen’s university campus, goodes hall is home to Queen’s School of business.
named in honour of alumnus mel goodes, the building’s major donor, goodes hall is currently
undergoing an expansion that will create a 185,000 square foot state-of-the-art learning centre for
management education.

20   Queen’S mba
Dedicated Classrooms
the Queen’s mba program has dedicated, tiered classrooms with both
wired and wireless internet access at every seat. the classrooms also
have a variety of leading-edge, multimedia presentation systems and
videoconference capability. as well, there are a number of smaller
classrooms and meeting rooms available to the program.

                                                                        Dedicated Team Rooms
                                                                        Queen’s provides every mba student team with a dedicated
                                                                        team room including a personal work station for each team
                                                                        member. team rooms are equipped with a printer, whiteboard,
                                                                        and a refrigerator, and provide a quiet space for individual
                                                                        work as well as team meetings and discussions. Students have
                                                                        around-the-clock access to their dedicated team room.

                                                                        Other Amenities
                                                                        Queen’s mba students have unrestricted access to a well-
                                                                        equipped student lounge, which houses a colour printer,
                                                                        copier, scanner, and fax machine. As well, there is a small café
                                                                        conveniently located in goodes hall.

                                                                                                                           Queen’S mba   21
the Queen’s exPerIence

at Queen’s School of business, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for every
student. from your first contact with us to long after graduation, you will experience first-class customer
service. We strongly encourage our applicants to visit Queen’s during the application process.
our experience shows that an overwhelming number of applicants who do so, realize very quickly that
Queen’s is the right choice for them.

Incomparable Service And Support                                    at Queen’s, you will experience one of the best student-to-faculty ratios
                                                                    of any business school in the world. you will find Queen’s faculty very
While in the Queen’s MBA program, you will work with a personal
                                                                    accessible and committed to your success, both during the program and
support team that includes:
                                                                    into your career. During the program, you will always have easy access to
                                                                    the program administration whose offices are in close proximity to the
• a personal Coach who will work with you to help discover
                                                                    team rooms.
     and develop your areas of strength and improve your areas of
                                                                    as well, you will never have to stand in long lines at the bookstore. all
• a Career Coach who will provide one-on-one assistance with your
                                                                    of your textbooks, course binders, and case studies will be waiting on
     job search
                                                                    your desk when you arrive. before each class, hard copies of powerpoint
• a team Coach who will work with you and your team to ensure
                                                                    presentations will be waiting at your seat, reducing the need for note-
     that you are productive, efficient, and effective
                                                                    taking. this allows you to more actively participate in the class discussion.
• a lifestyle Coach who, if you wish, will help you develop a
     personal lifestyle, diet, and fitness regimen
                                                                    after class, you may access the exclusive student web portal to download
• Dedicated in-house technology support staff available during
                                                                    an electronic copy of the presentation, reply to e-mails, verify the
     regular business hours
                                                                    schedule for the rest of the week, book a meeting room, participate in a
                                                                    course discussion board, or even check the weather forecast.

                                                                    Certificate In Socially Responsible Leadership
                                                                    Queen’s views socially responsible leadership and sustainability as
                                                                    extremely important issues. in addition to a compulsory course in CSr,
                                                                    these themes are woven throughout the entire curriculum. additionally,
                                                                    you will have the opportunity to pursue a Certificate in Socially
                                                                    responsible leadership while in the program.

22    Queen’S mba
                                                                              Student Clubs
                                                                              Student clubs are an essential part of the Queen’s mba
                                                                              experience. Club members attend trade shows and conferences,
                                                                              attract prominent guest speakers, and collaborate on career
                                                                              search strategies. over the past few years we have had active
                                                                              clubs in the following areas:

                                                                              • automotive and aerospace
                                                                              • biopharma
                                                                              • biotech
Business Plan And Case Competitions                                           • Consulting
                                                                              • Corporate Social responsibility
at Queen’s we place a strong emphasis on student participation. you
                                                                              • energy
will have many opportunities to play a very active role in extra-curricular
                                                                              • finance
activities. every year, Queen’s mba students successfully participate
                                                                              • international Development
in a range of domestic and international business plan and case
                                                                              • marketing
                                                                              • new Ventures
                                                                              • Oil & Gas
The Tricolour Venture Fund                                                    • technology
                                                                              • Women in leadership
the triColour Venture fund is Canada’s first student-advised venture
capital fund. this initiative enables Queen’s mba students to gain
hands-on experience in managing a real multi-million dollar fund.
Students meet directly with potential portfolio companies, assessing the
opportunities, conducting due diligence and making recommendations
to the investment advisory board, a committee of seasoned
entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. the fund is
seeded with contributions from alumni and friends of Queen’s School of
business, and all proceeds from the fund are reinvested into maintaining
and expanding innovative programming at the School.

Guest Speakers
throughout the year, Queen’s welcomes many guest speakers from
business, academia, and other organizations. their experience and
insights add great value to the learning experience.

Organized Activities And Events
through the fit to leadtm program and other organized events, you will
have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities including
boat cruises, canoeing, rock climbing, golf, bike tours and a variety of
social events.

                                                                                                                                 Queen’S mba   23
lIFe In KIngston
With a population of 141,000, Kingston is a thriving small city located on the northeast
shore of lake ontario at the source of the St. lawrence river. it is centrally located within
a three-hour drive of Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa, and a six-hour drive of New York City
and boston. Kingston boasts a superb quality of life due to its big city amenities, waterfront
location, and rich natural landscape. more than anything, Kingston is a university town,
home to three post-secondary institutions and more than 26,000 students.

in the summer, it is a bustling tourist destination, due in part to
its reputation as “the fresh-water sailing capital of the world”.
its eclectic downtown offers a variety of shops, restaurants and
cultural resources not usually found in a city of this size.

A Strong Sense of Community
the majority of Queen’s mba students live within a 15 minute
walk to campus, eliminating the time-consuming commutes
associated with universities in larger urban centres. this closeness
creates a strong sense of community amongst our students that is
truly unique to Queen’s. as part of the greater Queen’s university
community, you will have access to extensive student services,
clubs, libraries and athletic facilities.

                                                                                                      D STATE
                                                                                                             S OF AMERICA
                                                                                                                                         Kingston         Boston
24   Queen’S mba                                                                                                                      Toronto

                                                                                                                                                New York City
your AluMnI

Queen’s mba students are talented,
motivated professionals from a variety of
backgrounds. the program attracts the
best and brightest from across Canada
and around the world.

                                                                       alumni Symposium

the relatively small class size and team-based approach foster
supportive and collaborative relationships within the class.
these close relationships continue long after graduation. upon
completion of the mba program, you will not only have established
an invaluable network of classmates, you will also join the Queen’s
School of business alumni network.

after graduation, your relationship with Queen’s School of business
has just begun. as an alumnus, you will access to a number of
opportunities for continuous learning and career support.

These include:

• access to job opportunities through the Queen’s School of
  business Career Centre                                               alumni networking event

• the ability to speak to faculty regarding issues and opportunities
  you may be facing in your career

• thought-provoking white papers and webinars

• Class reunions and special networking events                         as a Queen’s mba graduate, you will also
• Queen’s business Club events in cities across Canada, as well as     become a part of the larger alumni network
  new york , london and hong Kong                                      of Queen’s university. With over 115,000
• a free subscription to QSB Magazine
                                                                       individuals in more than 150 countries,
                                                                       Queen’s maintains active alumni branches
                                                                       in many locations around the world.

                                                                                                        Queen’S mba   25
                   When brenna decided to pursue an mba degree, she had been working
                   for several years in the not-for-profit sector in a communications and
                   fundraising role. recognizing that the sector generally lacked strong
                   management capacity and skills, she decided that an mba degree would
                   provide the leadership and business skills that would enable her to make
                   a larger contribution to the sector. after visiting several large uS schools,
                   she decided to visit Queen’s. this proved to be the deciding factor. having
                   graduated from the program, she is now president of marketing and Sales
                   at ethical ocean. She believes the Queen’s mba provided the diverse skill
                   set she required to be successful in this new role.

                          I had visited a few of the big schools in the
                   US, and then visited Queen’s. The difference was
                   immediately evident. From the moment I walked into
                   the office at Queen’s, I felt valued by the staff. They truly
                   believed in the program and wanted me to meet with
                   current students to get their perspectives. It wasn’t
                   about putting on a show. It was about helping me
                   decide if this was the right fit for me.

                   The Queen’s MBA exceeded my expectations in every
                   way, but for me, the highlight was working with and
                   learning from a richly diverse and exceptional team
                   – a team that challenged and supported me, and
                   pushed me to learn, test my skills, and re-examine my
                   perspectives more than ever before.

                   BRENNA DONOGHUE, Queen’s mba
                   president of marketing and Sales
                   ethical ocean

26   Queen’S mba
woMen And the
Queen’s MBA

at Queen’s School of business, we recognize
the need to enable more women to ascend to
the senior ranks of management.

an mba can help break down the barriers
that exist for women looking to advance their
careers. Queen’s is making a concerted effort on
this issue. in addition to holding Women and
the mba events online and across Canada, we
have also implemented a number of initiatives to
attract and support women within our program.

Forté Foundation
Queen’s School of business is the first Canadian business school to
join Forté Foundation. This group of major corporations, top business     Nicolette Roehrig and Shannon Kot,
schools, and influential non-profit organizations is dedicated            Queen’s MBA 2012 Forté Foundation Fellowship Recipients

to directing women towards business education and business
leadership roles, as well as working with corporations to more
effectively attract and retain female talent. each year, Queen’s awards
Forté Foundation Fellowships, including significant scholarships, to
two highly-qualified women entering the mba program.

                                                                                 Motivational Events
the foundation hosts educational and networking events, provides
                                                                                 and Networking Opportunities
scholarship and intern opportunities, and provides a wealth of
relevant research and online resources, all helping women to achieve             Queen’s School of business is a proud supporter of the young
success in their careers.                                                        Women of influence and the Women of influence Speaker
                                                                                 Series. these events, featuring high-profile speakers, serve as
                                                                                 motivational and inspirational networking events, allowing
                                                                                 women to share strategies for achieving success in their
                                                                                 careers while maintaining life balance.

                                                                                                                                    Queen’S mba    27
InternAtIonAlIsM – A strAtegIc PrIorIty
At Queen’s school oF BusIness

at Queen’s School of business, the focus on internationalism is evident in many ways.

International Students at Queen’s                                         Master of International Business
Queen’s university has been welcoming international students since        Queen’s School of business was one of the first business schools in
1849. today, there are more than 110 countries represented within our     north america to offer a masters degree in international business.
student body. While at Queen’s, international students have the support   the Queen’s master of international business program offers double
and services of the international Centre (www.QuiC.queensu.ca). Within    degree opportunities with seven international business
the Queen’s mba program, international students typically make up         school partners.
between 40% and 50% of the class. in the past four years, we have
welcomed students from the following countries:
                                                                          Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA
                                                                          Queen’s School of business offers the Cornell- Queen’s executive mba
      albania                 italy                  romania
                                                                          program in partnership with Cornell university in the uSa. to date,
      australia               Jamaica                russia
                                                                          this program has enabled well over 200 americans to earn a Queen’s
      bahrain                 Japan                  Saudi arabia
                                                                          mba in several major cities across the uSa.
      bangladesh              Jordan                 Seychelles
      belgium                 Kazakhstan             Sierra leone
      brazil                  Kenya                  Singapore
                                                                          Global Advocacy For Responsible Leadership
      China                   lebanon                South Korea          Queen’s School of business is a founding member of two leading
      Czech republic          macedonia              Spain                global initiatives – the globally responsible leadership initiative
      france                  mexico                 Syria                (grli) and prme (principles for responsible management
      germany                 New Zealand            taiwan               education), both supported through the joint efforts of the european
      ghana                   nigeria                Trinidad & Tobago    foundation for management Development (efmD) and the united
      guyana                  pakistan               togo                 nations global Compact.
      india                   peru                   u.a.e.
      indonesia               philippines            uK                   Fulbright Scholars
      iran                    poland                 uSa
                                                                          Queen’s School of business is the only Canadian business school to
      israel                  portugal
                                                                          have been awarded a fulbright Chair, offering the opportunity for
                                                                          american scholars to conduct research in Canada.

International Exchanges
                                                                          International Executive Education
in keeping with our global perspective, Queen’s School of business
                                                                          Queen’s School of business provides executive education programs
maintains student exchange partnerships with more than seventy
                                                                          in many locations around the world, including our executive
top business schools in over forty countries. Student exchanges are
                                                                          education facility in Dubai.
offered in our undergraduate program, mba program and other masters
programs, and we have the highest student participation rate in Canada.
as well, we welcome more than 300 international exchange students to
Queen’s School of business every year.

28   Queen’S mba
An AwArd-wInnIng FAculty
thAt worKs As A teAM

at Queen’s School of business, you’ll be learning from a team of professors who work together to
integrate knowledge across functional disciplines.

Outstanding Educators                                                                                   In Touch With The Business Community
the Queen’s faculty have outstanding academic credentials – they are                                    the Queen’s School of business faculty have frequent contact with
best-selling authors, award-winning teachers, and editors of leading                                    the business community through their own consulting practices and
academic journals.                                                                                      through our executive education programs. years of working with
                                                                                                        senior level executives and managers has given them the ability to
                                                                                                        bring real-world business experience into the classroom.
An Integrated Academic Plan
Queen’s School of business faculty members work together as                                             Committed To Your Success
teachers, researchers, and consultants, and their joint efforts have
                                                                                                        Queen’s School of business professors are committed to your success,
resulted in a tightly integrated academic plan. our faculty teach in
                                                                                                        both academically and professionally. the excellent student-to-
north america’s most popular executive programs, consult for leading
                                                                                                        professor ratio means you will have unparalleled access to your
organizations, and have earned the respect of the business media and
                                                                                                        professors both in and outside of class, and you will find them very
business leaders.
                                                                                                        responsive to your needs.

FAculty teAM
DR. BILL BLAKE - Organizational Behaviour                                                              DR. WILLIAM CANNON - Finance
                      Bill Blake is the former Associate Dean of MBA Programs at Queen’s School                              Bill Cannon is an award-winning teacher and an authority on banking and
                      of Business. His research and teaching interests are leadership and the                                financial markets, corporate finance, and regulatory economics. His research
                      relationship between cultural adaptability and international effectiveness.                            has focused on the design of financial instruments, the management of
                      He is extensively involved in executive education. He has served on the                                financial intermediaries, and the regulation of natural gas pipelines and
                      boards of directors of Fishery Products International, Homestead Land                                  gas and electricity distributors. He has provided consulting services to
                      holdings and the national network of International Business Schools. From                              Royal Trust, Empire Life, TD Waterhouse, Bank of Montreal, the Ontario
                      1992 to 2002, he was Dean of Business at Memorial University, and is Past                              Government, and the Ontario Energy Board.
                      Chair of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans.

                                                                                                       MR. BARRY CROSS - Project Management and Lean Innovation
DR. KATHRYN BROHMAN - Project Management
                                                                                                                             Barry Cross is an expert on innovation, execution and project management.
                      Kathryn Brohman joined Queen’s from Terry College of Business at                                       He joined Queen’s School of Business after 17 years in the automotive
                      the University of Georgia where she taught Project Management and                                      and manufacturing sectors with Magna International, DuPont and
                      Information Resource Management. Her work has been published in the                                    Autosystems Manufacturing, where he worked with a number of clients
                      Harvard Business Review, Decision Sciences, Communications of the ACM and                              including GM, Chrysler and Ford’s Premier Automotive Group. He led many
                      MIS Q Executive and presented at leading conferences in her field. She has                             key strategic initiatives including nearly 30 product launches and offshore
                      been very active in her professional career and has participated as a reviewer                         relationships in Asia, Latin America and Europe. His speaking and consulting
                      for several leading journals. She has consulted with numerous leading                                  clients include Shoppers Drug Mart, LG, Canada Post, Enbridge and Export
                      organizations including Bank of Montreal, UPS, Delta Airlines, NCR Teradata,                           Development Canada.
                      Canadian Football League, and the New Brunswick Government.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Queen’S mba       29
FAculty teAM
DR. PETER DACIN - Consumer Behaviour & Marketing                                                                DR. LOUIS GAGNON - Financial Strategy & Risk Management
                           Peter Dacin is an authority on branding, consumer behaviour and advanced                                          Louis Gagnon is an expert on capital markets and risk management. His
                           marketing research techniques. The primary focus of his research is                                               research is published in leading academic journals including the Journal of
                           consumer judgement formation and this is a theme that runs through                                                Financial and Quantitative Analysis and the Journal of Empirical Finance. He
                           all of his research. Prior to joining Queen’s, he was on the faculties                                            is a seasoned practitioner who, while as senior manager at the Royal Bank
                           at Texas A&M University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison,                                                  Financial Group, oversaw global interest rate derivatives exposures and
                           where he received several awards and recognitions for his research                                                developed risk-management methodologies and policies. He consults for
                           and teaching. His research has appeared in leading journals including                                             a number of organizations in the finance and non-finance sectors and is
Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Business          actively involved in executive development both in Canada and abroad. He has been quoted extensively in
Research, Journal of Advertising Research, and Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.                The Globe and Mail, National Post and Toronto Star and featured on national television and radio programs.
                                                                                                                His recent National Post editorial, “Fees and Leverage”, explains the origins of the credit crisis and provides
                                                                                                                a five-point plan to reform the financial system.
DR. TINA DACIN - Strategy & Organizational Behaviour
                           Tina Dacin is Director of the Centre for Responsible Leadership and is a
                           Distinguished Faculty Fellow at Queen’s School of Business. She specializes in       DR. JAY HANDELMAN - Marketing
                           the areas of strategic alliances and business networks, specifically focusing on                                  Jay Handelman is Associate Dean of Research, Director of the MSc and
                           the topics of partner selection and collaboration. Prior to joining Queen’s, she                                  PhD programs, and Associate Professor of Marketing at Queen’s School
                           spent nine years at Texas A&M University, where she was recognized for both                                       of Business. He has also served as Director of the Centre for Responsible
                           research and teaching excellence. She has consulted with companies in many                                        Leadership. He has conducted extensive research into the ways in which
                           industries and serves on the editorial boards of leading academic journals.                                       marketers integrate emotional, cultural and social responsibility dimensions
                                                                                                                                             into their traditional marketing strategies, and the ways in which these
                                                                                                                                             strategies benefit the organization. He is also an expert on consumer
DR. JEAN-ETIENNE DE BETTIGNIES – Microeconomics                                                                 activism and boycotts. His research has been published in the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of
                           Dr. Jean de Bettignies is an Associate Professor, and Commerce ‘64 Fellow in         Retailing and the Journal of Business Research, among others.
                           Managerial Economics. Prior to joining Queen’s, Jean was Assistant Professor
                           at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He
                           is an award winning teacher and a well-published researcher. Jean received           MR. RICK JACKSON - Negotiations & Conflict Management
                           his MBA and PhD from the Graduate School of Business at the University                                            Rick Jackson is an outstanding educator and one of Canada’s leading experts
                           of Chicago. He also holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of                                            on dispute resolution. He is in high demand as a consultant and third-party
                           Economics and an MA in Economics from the Université Catholique de Louvain.                                       neutral. He has served as an arbitrator under the Ontario Labour Relations
                                                                                                                                             Act and Canada Labour Code, and as an arbitrator and mediator in business
                                                                                                                                             disputes. He is a frequent guest speaker on labour relations, arbitration
DR. DAVID DETOMASI - International Business                                                                                                  issues, and dispute resolution.
                           David Detomasi has taught international business and country analysis at
                           Queen’s University and a variety of courses at the Royal Military College of
                           Canada, focusing on international relations and strategic planning. He is            DR. LEWIS JOHNSON - Finance
                           also active in case writing, having produced cases currently in use at Queen’s                                    Lewis Johnson has served as Acting Dean of Queen’s School of Business,
                           University and the Royal Military College. In the private sector, he has consulted                                Academic Director of the International Study Centre, and Chairman of the
                           with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and The World Economic Forum in examining the                                       Queen’s MBA program. He currently teaches investment courses at both
                           strategic and governance practices of the world’s most influential companies.                                     the undergraduate and graduate levels, and his research focuses on the
                                                                                                                                             valuation of technology stocks and mutual fund performance. A prolific
                                                                                                                                             writer, his work is published in numerous academic journals and he is the
MR. SHAI DUBEY - Business Law, Negotiations & New Venture Management                                                                         author of several books on the stock market.
                           Shai Dubey is Director of the Queen’s MBA and Master of International
                           Business programs and a member of the Queen’s School of Business faculty,
                           teaching Business Law in several of the School’s programs. He is also a              DR. YURI LEVIN - Management Science
                           corporate commercial lawyer and has practiced law at several major law firms                                      Yuri Levin is an authority on business modeling, mathematical programming,
                           in Toronto. He has been retained by many organizations to provide advice on                                       and location analysis. He is frequently published in top OR and Applied
                           corporate governance issues, and has extensive experience in negotiating                                          Mathematics journals and he is currently writing a research monograph,
                           major business transactions.                                                                                      Directional Newton Methods: Theory and Applications, co-authored with Adi
                                                                                                                                             Ben-Israel from Rutgers School of Business. The major results of his research
                                                                                                                                             have been presented at several international conferences including INFORMS
DR. CLINTON FREE - Financial Management                                                                                                      and ISMP meetings.
                           Clinton Free is an expert on financial management, particularly in the areas
                           of performance measurement, capital budgeting, strategic management
                           control systems and supply chain management. He is a Rhodes Scholar and,             DR. JEFF MCGILL - Business Statistics
                           prior to joining Queen’s, he spent several years teaching undergraduate and                                       Jeff McGill is former Director of Queen’s MBA. He specializes in the areas of
                           executive courses at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University and the                                        management science and operations management. Prior to completing his
                           University of New South Wales. He has consulted with firms including BMW                                          PhD, he worked for eight years in industry, first in new product development
                           Group Canada, Clarity Systems, Safeway, and Kingfisher.                                                           with Domtar Limited Research Centre (Montréal), and later in operations
                                                                                                                                             research at CN. He maintains an active research program with a focus on
                                                                                                                                             yield management and statistical methods.

30   Queen’S mba
DR. JIM MCKEEN - Information Technology                                                                        DR. PAUL ROMAN - Operations Management
                            Jim McKeen is a recognized authority on IT strategy. Among the premier                                        Paul Roman is Director of the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program
                            researchers and educators in the field, he facilitates the networking of                                      at Queen’s School of Business. He is an expert in operations strategy
                            senior executives in the information technology sector through two well-                                      and management. He is also a Professional Engineer with a successful
                            known industry forums. He has extensive international experience, having                                      consulting practice, which has included extensive work with the Canadian
                            taught at universities in the U.K., France, and the U.S. As former Director of                                Forces, and Syncrude Canada Ltd. He is currently assisting the Canadian
                            The Monieson Centre at Queen’s School of Business, he directed a number                                       Forces in developing policies and processes that will maximize the
                            of research projects focused on knowledge-based enterprises. His latest                                       effectiveness of modeling and simulation tools in support of acquisition,
book, Making IT Happen, is a must-read for senior IT executives. His clients include Sears, Equifax Inc., TD   training and operations. Paul’s research has been published in the Engineering Economist, the
Canada Trust, IBM, Public Works Canada, and Land O’ Lakes.                                                     Canadian Institute of Mining and Manufacturing Bulletin, and the Army Doctrine and Training Bulletin.

MR. JOHN MOORE - Financial Accounting                                                                          DR. PETER SEPHTON – Managerial Economics
                           John Moore is an experienced executive educator who is highly regarded                                         Peter Sephton is a Professor of Managerial Economics at Queen’s School of
                           in the accounting profession. He is the author of five accounting textbooks.                                   Business and a former Director of Queen’s National Executive MBA program.
                           He has conducted executive development seminars on financial tools for                                         He is an economist with expertise in monetary policy and applied economic
                           senior managers at Alcan, DuPont, Canon, Mitel, Shoppers Drug Mart, New                                        modeling, with over 50 publications in academic journals. Peter has held
                           Brunswick Power Corporation, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and Canada                                              visiting appointments at the International Monetary Fund and the Federal
                           Post. He also works with members of senior management teams to integrate                                       Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
                           financial accounting concepts into strategic planning. He is a six-time winner
of the MBA Teaching Excellence Award from Queen’s University, a recipient of the Silver Medal from CMA
Canada and a Fellow of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada.                                        DR. FATMA SONMEZ - Finance
                                                                                                                                          Fatma Sonmez is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Queen’s School of
                                                                                                                                          Business. She holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Toronto as well as
DR. ELSPETH MURRAY - Strategy & New Ventures                                                                                              an MSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Engineering Management-Industrial
                             Elspeth Murray is the Associate Dean of MBA Programs at Queen’s School                                       Engineering both from M.E.T.U (Ankara, Turkey). She is an authority on stock
                             of Business. As well, she leads the School’s Centre for Business Venturing.                                  market volatility and how it affects security prices. As well, she has an active
                             In this role she has spearheaded the development of the Dare to Dream                                        research interest on the impact of stock market participation and population
                             Internship Program, designed to kick-start graduates’ entrepreneurial                                        aging on financial markets. She has won numerous research awards.
                             ventures, and the Tri-Colour Fund, a student-led early stage investment
                             fund. The New Venture Management course that she developed has been
                             recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the world’s top 10 Executive MBA             DR. SELIM TOPALOGLU - Institutional Trading
courses. Additionally, she serves as a Director of Parteq, the commercialization organization for Queen’s                                 Selim Topaloglu’s research focuses on the trading behaviour of individuals
University. She is also the co-author of Fast Forward – Organizational Change in 100 Days with Peter                                      and institutions, analyst behaviour, insider trading and initial public
Richardson.                                                                                                                               offerings. Current research topics include: the effects of regulation fair
                                                                                                                                          disclosure on institutional and insider trading, the secondary market activity
                                                                                                                                          for NASDAQ IPOs, and investor behaviour over the rise and fall of the NASDAQ
DR. JANA RAVER – Organizational Behaviour                                                                                                 stock market. Selim’s research is published in the Journal of Finance.
                           Dr. Raver is an Associate Professor and E. Marie Shantz Faculty Fellow
                           in Organizational Behaviour at Queen’s School of Business. She is an
                           award winning researcher whose primary area of expertise focuses on                 DR. WEI WANG - Finance
                           interpersonal relations and group processes at work. A second stream of her                                    Wei Wang is a Queen’s School of Business Distinguished Faculty Fellow of
                           research focuses on the integration of diverse or dissimilar employees into                                    Finance whose current research interests are in bankruptcy, distressed
                           work groups and organizations. She has consulted and conducted applied                                         securities, active investors, capital structure, credit ratings, CEO
                           research in several organizations in both the public and private sectors in                                    compensation, and behavioural finance. His work has been published in the
the U.S. and Canada. She is regularly invited to speak to associations of academics, policy makers, and                                   Journal of Finance and the Journal of Fixed Income and his research has been
employees. Her work has been profiled in media outlets including The Globe & Mail, the National Post,                                     featured in various media including The Wall Street Journal. He has worked in
and the Chicago Tribune.                                                                                                                  commodity derivative trading and financial engineering.

DR. DOUGLAS REID - Alliances & Strategic Management                                                            MR. KEN WONG - Sales, Marketing & Business Strategy
                             Douglas Reid is an authority on corporate strategy, and has been widely                                      Ken Wong is one of Canada’s most frequently quoted business professors. He
                             quoted in the media. As a researcher, Dr. Reid specializes in studying inter-                                has worked with the Strategic Planning Institute at Harvard University and
                             company alliance dynamics and large alliance evolution. Prior to joining                                     the Conference Board of Canada, and writes a monthly column for Strategy
                             Queen’s School of Business, he was Vice-President at Burson-Marsteller, an                                   and periodically for Marketing and the National Post. He is a 2006 inductee
                             international consulting firm. He recently concluded six years of service as                                 into the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends and past winner of the National
                             a director of Candela Energy, and is an active advisor to several companies                                  Post’s Leaders in Management Education award. He regularly judges
                             including Bell Canada, Ontario Securities Commission, Canada Post,                                           “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” and other competitions, addresses
                             Shoppers Drug Mart and Royal and Sun Alliance.                                                               and consults with corporations around the world, and sits on a number of
                                                                                                                                          advisory/directorship boards.

DR. PETER RICHARDSON - Strategic Management
                             Peter Richardson teaches strategy courses in the Executive MBA programs
                             and in a number of the School’s executive development programs. During
                             his years at Queen’s, Peter has authored over 75 papers and case studies on
                             strategic management. With Elspeth Murray, he has written Fast Forward:
                             Organizational Change in 100 Days. A previous book, Cost Containment: The
                             Ultimate Strategic Advantage, remains one of the few books to be written on
                             cost improvement. He consults widely for many organizations including BHP
Billiton, Alcoa, CIBC Mellon, the Supreme Court of Canada, the Auditor General of Canada, and Natural
Resources Canada, working closely with senior executives on strategy development and deployment.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Queen’S mba        31
APPlIcAtIon, Fees & FInAncIng

Application Process                                                                      Program Fees
the application for Queen’s mba must be completed online.                                for complete details on fees and a fee schedule, please visit our website.
Visit www.queensmba.com to begin your application.                                       the fee for Queen’s mba covers tuition, textbooks, and all other learning
                                                                                         materials. an initial deposit is required, and the balance is paid in three
Admission Requirements                                                                   installments during the program.

We are seeking exceptionally motivated candidates who
have demonstrated academic excellence, career progression,
                                                                                         The Real Cost of an MBA
                                                                                         because Queen’s mba is a 12-month program, the opportunity cost of
leadership potential, high integrity, and superior interpersonal and
                                                                                         lost wages is greatly reduced when compared to that of a traditional
communications skills. the ability to work effectively in a team
                                                                                         two-year program. this reduced cost and improved job prospects make
is also essential.
                                                                                         Queen’s mba an excellent investment in yourself.

A successful applicant will typically meet the
following requirements:                                                                  Financing
1. a four-year (or international equivalent) undergraduate degree in                     Please visit our website for financing information including:
   any discipline from a recognized university.
                                                                                         • rbC royal Credit line for Students
2. a minimum of two years relevant work experience.
                                                                                         • ontario Student assistance program (ontario residents only)
3. an acceptable and complete gmat score.
                                                                                         • academic Scholarships
4. if applicable, an acceptable score on one of the approved english
                                                                                         • information for international Students
   facility tests (toefl, ieltS, or melab).
5. additionally, applicants are required to provide three essays and
   three references.                                                                     Questions? We’re here to assist you.
                                                                                         please contact us for personalized application advice.
                                                                                         toll-free: 1.888.621.0060
For admission deadlines please refer to our website.
                                                                                         Voice: 613.533.2302
                                                                                         e-mail: queensmba@business.queensu.ca
                                                                                         Website: queensmba.com

teAM                                                                 Elspeth Murray
                                                                     Associate Dean
                                                                                           Shai Dubey
                                                                                           Program Director
                                                                                                                    Kerri Regan
                                                                                                                                                Ruth Sherboneau
                                                                                                                                                Administrative Assistant
                                                                                                                                                                           Teresa Pires
                                                                                                                                                                           Program Coordinator
                                                                     MBA Programs                                   Recruiting and Admissions

                     Kim Delaney             Juanita Smith           Nancy Chase          Brian Marchant            Cormac Evans                Helen Rutledge             Joan Alblas
                     Program Administrator   Program Administrator   Program Assistant    Director                  Associate Director          Manager                    Employment Assistant
                                                                                          Business Career Centre,   Corporate Relations &       Career Services
                                                                                          Team and Personal         Student Programming
32   Queen’S mba                                                                          Coaching, Fit to LeadTM
 remember that for the rest of your life,
when you tell someone you have an mba,
    the first question they’ll ask is:

         “Where did you get it?”

 you want to give an answer that speaks of
tradition, innovation, academic excellence,
       and an exceptional reputation.
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                             This graduate degree program is offered by Queen’s School of
                             Business at Queen’s University, a non-profit institution dedicated to
                             providing educational opportunities to undergraduate, graduate,
                             and doctoral students. All proceeds from programs at Queen’s
                             School of Business directly benefit the education of the business
                             leaders of tomorrow.


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