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					                                       M.B.A. in
                            Health Administration
Create better health care
            through better management.

  With the remarkable changes in the health care industry in recent years, the challenge of
  delivering high quality health care has increased the need for excellent administrators.

  Franklin Pierce University’s M.B.A. in Health Administration program prepares students to
  apply best practices in business to health care settings ranging from large hospitals to small,
  community-based organizations. Students learn to look at situations from a system-wide
  perspective and apply critical leadership skills such as collaboration, inquiry and critical
  analysis. With the M.B.A.’s action-based curriculum, students apply their coursework to
  real-world problems encountered daily in their organizations.

  Graduates of the M.B.A. in Health Administration program can enhance their organization’s
  ability to provide high quality care through more efficient health care administration and

  The M.B.A. in Health Administration program is designed for the busy working adult.
  Students can enroll year-round; classes are presented in multiple formats for maximum
  flexibility. Hybrid classes (a combination of classroom and online learning) are offered on
  weekday evenings at several centers throughout New Hampshire and online classes are
  accessible 24/7 from any location with Internet access. This degree can be completed
  100% online, if desired.

  For more information, contact the College of Graduate & Professional Studies at
  1.800.325.1090 or e-mail cgps@franklinpierce.edu

College of graduate & Professional studies
                                  MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN
                                        HEALTH ADMINISTRATION
The Program                                                Program Outcomes
The Master of Business Administration in Health            Upon successful completion of this Health Administration
Administration consists of 13 courses and awards 40        program, graduates will achieve these additional
credits. Students focus on acquiring the knowledge         outcomes:
and skills of health care managers to assume their           • Broad and extensive knowledge of small community-
roles in health administration, public health and              based health care systems and complex health care
patient/client advocacy. Topics include ethics,                facilities within a regional or national context.
research, statistics, finance, organizational behavior
as well as community development and relations with          • Quantitative and inquiry skills necessary to analyze
an emphasis on the financial aspects of managing in a          the practices’ needs and the community needs
health care environment.                                       and then develop and implement appropriate
                                                               strategies to meet and manage those needs.
M.B.A. Objectives                                            • Oral, written and information technology skills
Graduates of the Franklin Pierce University M.B.A.             required for effective communication with
program will develop the abilities to:                         colleagues, health care providers, key community
  • Understand classic leadership theory, and                  leaders, organizations, and consumers.
    analyze diverse organizational cultures from             • Leadership skills as well as applied knowledge
    different frames of reference.                             needed to successfully participate as a member of
  • Articulate their concept of leadership and                 a health care team and as a mid-level manager.
    management to advocate for and effect                  M.B.A. Core                                                     Credits
    meaningful change, and demonstrate their skills
    as leaders.                                              GM 510 Seminar in Leadership                                       3
                                                             GM 520 Legal and Ethical Issues in                                 3
  • Apply knowledge, values, disposition and critical
    thinking skills to business environments.
                                                             GM 542 Quantitative and Research                                   3
  • Identify, gather, organize, interpret and                       Techniques for Leaders
    synthesize information, making use of an expert          GM 543 Economics for Managers                                      3
    body of knowledge to become competent                    GM 561 Financial Management                                        3
    problems solvers and decision makers.                    GM 564 Operations Management for Leaders                           3
  • Communicate persuasively and coherently using            GM 691 Strategic Management Seminar                                4*
    oral, written and electronic methods.                    * This course is traditionally taken last.
  • Recognize ethical dilemmas in the business
    environment.                                           Health Administration Track
  • Use valid and reliable quantitative and qualitative      GM 525         Management Information Systems                      3
    methods of inquiry and decision making.                  GM 541         Managerial Accounting                               3
                                                             GM 562         Marketing Management                                3
  • Understand, analyze and employ data and results          GM 592         Health Policy                                       3
    of financial statements and reports.                     GM 594         Health Care Payment Systems                         3
  • Appreciate cultural relativism as it relates to          GM 596         Quality Improvement Models in
    global perspectives.                                                    Health Care                                         3
  • Understand the relationships of government,                             Total Credits                                     40
    business and economic systems within society.
                                                           Information accurate at time of printing. Please see the full Academic Catalog on
  • Exercise informed social responsibility within         our web site for complete program description and course information. Franklin
    organizational and community frameworks.               Pierce University reserves the right to change academic programs, policies,
                                                           regulations, fees and calendars without notice.                  November 2009

                                       1.800.325.1090 | franklinpierce.edu

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