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					Executive Master Of
Business Administration
Executive Master Of
Business Administration
  Online Executive MBA
get connected
AthAbAscA University’s online execUtive MbA progrAM connects you to a powerful
collaborative learning environment that has stood the test of time. In 1994, AU logged on with the
world’s first fully interactive online MBA program, and since then has continued to build a tradition
of online excellence in graduate management education. Today, the AU MBA is Canada’s largest
Executive MBA program, and has earned a place among the top Executive MBAs in the world.
   Management curriculum comes to life when theory meets practice in our interactive online
environment. You will learn alongside experienced managers from across Canada and around the
world, from every sector and virtually every industry. Your classmates bring rich backgrounds in
human resources, operations, finance, marketing, information technology and more ... in roles from
middle manager to CEO to entrepreneur. Together you will analyze, discuss, collaborate and inte-
grate management theory and practice … from Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax or Edmonton … Katy,
Texas; Quismasis, New Brunswick or Pierrefonds, Quebec … New Delhi or Dubai.
this is your classroom. these are your colleagues. this is a learning experience like no other.

Athabasca University is a publicly funded post-secondary institution, one of four comprehensive universities in
the Province of Alberta, Canada. AU is accredited by the Province of Alberta, the Province of British Columbia,
and by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States.

    04                            06                                 08                                 10         12
YOur rEAsOns,                    OnlinE                             CurriCuluM                         prOgrAM     WOrk-lifE
YOur prOgrAM                     lEArning thAt                      thAt COunts                        struCturE   BAlAnCE

                   tEAM WOrk

                glOBAl pErspECtivE

        spEEd Of light COMMuniCAtiOns

14                16                 18             20           22-23
AppliCABilitY     A tEAM             AdMissiOn      grAduAtiOn   tuitiOn And fEEs
And rOi           dEvOtEd tO         rEquirEMEnts   And BEYOnd   hOW tO ApplY
                  YOur suCCEss       And tiME
Your reasons,
your program

Corinne SCott, MBA ‘06, Winnipeg, MB                                     Doug grAnt, MBA ‘08, VAnCouVer, BC
Considering today’s global environment, and the knowledge-based          After 20 years of working as an IT professional and manager, I
world in which we live, lifelong learning is more important than ever    decided to switch gears and direct my career towards general business
if one hopes to remain competitive in any industry. I have always been   management. I knew that I would need a well-rounded business
a believer in continuous learning and Athabasca University’s MBA         education such as an MBA to be considered for management job
program provided me with an intense and challenging course of study.     openings and to be successful in senior management. Since taking
The online learning environment gave me the flexibility necessary to     the AU MBA, I have risen through the ranks to executive management
maintain a much needed balance between my studies, my profession,        at The Oppenheimer Group. My position is Vice President and COO
and my family. I believe that my contribution as an executive with the   with responsibilities for IT, manufacturing, quality control, operations,
Winnipeg Police Service has been greatly enhanced as a result of what    transportation, food safety and supplier relations. There isn’t a day
I learned and the many contacts I have made while achieving my MBA.      that goes by that I don’t apply what I’ve learned from the AU MBA.

is the AU online execUtive MbA right for yoU?
The outcomes people expect from the AU MBA are as diverse as our         agement skill set, launch a new venture, lead complex projects effec-
student body, but one theme is consistent. Our students are looking to   tively, or formalize years of management knowledge gained on the job,
unlock their potential and achieve the successes they know they are      the AU MBA will help you achieve your goals.
capable of achieving. The AU MBA will give you the tools, knowledge         Rigorous academic curriculum, experienced faculty, knowledgeable
and perspective you need to innovate, lead, and succeed.                 and engaged peers, and a proven collaborative online learning environ-
 Whether you want to increase your effectiveness in your current man-    ment will expand your management and leadership horizons further
agement role, contribute at a higher level, broaden a specialized man-   than you ever thought possible.

MArion VAn KeKen-rietKerK, MBA ‘08,                                      DWAyne KoCh, MBA ‘05, CALgAry, AB
VAnCouVer, BC The MBA studies really filled in the                       I wanted to pursue my MBA to build an academic foundation that
gaps that existed between my basic education and my real world           would help me change careers. What I learned in the AU MBA
experience as a business owner. Completing my MBA gave me an             program helped me transition from one career into a completely
enormous boost in self-confidence and made me realize that every         unrelated one in a short period of time. Not only did the AU
seemingly insurmountable project is completed in small steps; I          MBA allow me to make this transition with ease, it helped me
can take on anything now. Athabasca’s MBA program provided the           gain respect within my new career quickly. My career has taken
structure to help me succeed — the staff and academic coaches            off, and doors have opened within my new organization. As I
were great and really helped me do well.                                 continue to build my second career, the AU MBA will only help
                                                                         that progression.

Online learning
that works

the centre for innovAtive MAnAgeMent's graduate manage-                      challenges as you probe deeply into your own and others’ organiza-
ment courses are designed within a unique and powerful learning en-          tional issues. Academic coaches facilitate group dynamics, link theory
vironment that enables you to access course materials, discuss issues,       to practice, support critical thinking and add value to your learning
and collaborate on presentations, case studies, projects and processes       through their knowledge, insights and experience. Interaction among
across geographic and organizational boundaries.                             academics and students is extremely high, providing you with exposure
   Peer learning is at the heart of the AU MBA learning environment.         to broad perspectives and insights.
Each course is designed to facilitate individual study, group work, inter-      In this environment, you will gain invaluable experience in the in-
active learning and collaboration.                                           ternational arena and form excellent working relationships within a
   Discussions are lively and intense, generating ideas, questions and       network of global connections.

CoLLin gorDon, MBA ‘07, CALgAry, AB A lot of the concerns I had about not being in a classroom or looking at
a professor or other students face to face turned out to be non-issues. I can’t imagine how the quality of education I’ve received —
not just from the University itself but from other students and colleagues — could be higher.
  The online environment is fascinating — I don’t think you get the same thing in a traditional school. The quality of questions being
asked is spectacular. You can tell someone has read through your comments, reflected on them, understood them, and then posed a
challenge to say, “Why do you think the way you think?”

LeAh purDy, MBA StuDent, CALgAry, AB Perhaps one of the best and most unexpected experiences I've had
through Athabasca's MBA program has been learning from the many diverse backgrounds and perspectives of my classmates and
program faculty. We literally came together online from countries all over the world — from many different industries and with unique
cultures and experiences to draw from. I believe the global accessibility of this program, where both instructors and students come
together in a virtual community from just about anywhere, has given richness and depth to my learning experience.

Fast Fact: 91 percent of our graduates say the Athabasca MBA exceeded their expectations

onLine LeArning thAt WorKS
that counts

the AU execUtive MbA cUrricUlUM is intense, challenging                 to-date courses, developed by experienced academics and business
and comprehensive. Core courses concentrate on the key areas that       practitioners, ensure that you study relevant issues and develop the
make a difference to organizational performance — managing strat-       right skills for managing within any organization.
egy, information, people, resources, projects, markets and operations      By the time you finish your AU MBA, you will have far more than
— from the perspective of a decision maker.                             a new credential. You will be an effective leader, a strategic thinker
  You will study cases and examples, and test models and skills in      who contributes to your organization at a higher level … and you
your own work environment. You will complete practical, project-        will have the knowledge and experience that gives you confidence
based assignments that are linked to your own organization. Up-         in yourself and inspires confidence in others.

eLiZABeth LAW, MBA ‘02, VAnCouVer, BC As a management consultant specializing in project management, I
have worked in many business areas across various industries, and have implemented complex projects involving information systems,
business strategy and process improvements. I decided to pursue an MBA to complement my computer science background with a
formal business degree. I chose the MBA at Athabasca University because it spanned a range of subjects that enabled me to develop
a well-rounded skill set. With the knowledge I gained, I am now much better equipped to tackle projects in business areas that I had
little exposure to previously.

MiKe Corr, MBA ‘07, toronto, on With almost 30 years in the railroad industry, I was looking for a program
that would expand my horizons. The AU MBA afforded me the opportunity to gain insights into businesses that I would never have
had, while at the same time being relevant and applicable to the transportation sector. I learned about business practices from a
wide range of professions — from bankers to health care professionals to managers in the manufacturing sector. I was especially
impressed by how dedicated my classmates were, and how well we worked together, even across time zones.

Fast Fact: 63 percent of AU MBA students are promoted at least once while enrolled in the MBA

CurriCuLuM thAt CountS
Au MBA                                            online electives AnD electives in resiDence, as well as an applied project, provide you
                                                  with opportunities to tailor your MBA studies to your professional interests. Choose electives from
program Structure                                 several topic areas or expand your global experience and perspective by enrolling in one or more of our
                                                  international electives. For an in depth focus in one topic area, elective concentrations are available in:
phASe one
    Orientation (one week online)                   project Management
    Strategic Management                                                                  energy Management
                                                    energy Management
    Human Resource Management                                                             An Athabasca University/
    Financial and Managerial Accounting             entrepreneurship                      University of Alberta
    Marketing Management                                                                  School of Business collaboration allows AU MBA students
                                                    human resources
                                                                                          to take advantage of the UofA’s academic expertise in
    Managerial Economics and
    Quantitative Analysis                           it Management                         the energy field. This elective concentration explores
                                                                                          current industry issues and opportunities, from market and
    Operations Management                           leadership                            technology fundamentals to policy issues and strategy.
    Comprehensive Examination
                                                    operations Management
Award of the post Baccalaureate
Diploma in Management (pBDM)
All students who successfully complete Phase      internAtionAl electives
One of the MBA program are awarded the Post       Each international elective includes five to seven intensive days in another country where you will
Baccalaureate Diploma in Management (PBDM).
This credential is ideal for working managers     be given an insider’s view of some of that nation’s top companies. It is the ideal setting to focus the
and professionals who do not wish to complete     knowledge you will have gained from the AU MBA, while also taking an in-depth look at conducting
the full MBA program.
                                                  business internationally.
phASe tWo
    Information Technology Strategy
    Corporate Finance
    Strategy and Organizational Analysis
    Managerial Ethics and Decision Making
                                                  ireland                    germany                     singapore                   Mexico
    Two Online Electives*
    One Elective in Residence*
                                                  ApplieD proJect
    Applied Project
                                                  This major academic research paper involves a review of literature and the systematic application
Award of Master of Business
                                                  of frameworks, models, concepts, and theories from MBA courses to a specific business problem
Administration Degree
                                                  or situation.
 AU MBA students are required to complete
three electives. Of these, at least one must be
taken in residence.

progrAM StruCture

                                          partnerships / Associations
                                          pArtnerships with the following organizations offer
                                          special benefits to students. Visit
                                          and select partnerships for detailed information:
                                            Certified Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada)
                                            Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA-Canada)
                                            The Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces College
ShAron BArneS, MBA ‘06,                     The Canadian College of Health Service Executives (CCHSE)
I used my Applied project to create
a business plan for a start-up venture
I’d thought of pursuing for a long
time. And by the time I completed
the applied project, I’d started RFind
Systems. As a new company we’ve
already had a number of successes,
won several awards and expanded our
client base across North America and
Europe. The work I did on my MBA
was critical to our company’s ability
to create and implement our business
plan and operations model. With
Athabasca University, I was able to
work on complex business projects with
                                              MArK McCooeye, CMA, MBA ‘01, ottAWA, on
students from every part of Canada and
several from around the world. I have         For me, I felt the MBA was a natural progression from the CMA designation. It has
since adapted AU’s model of online            opened a lot more doors in my professional career. After researching many MBA
collaboration within RFind. That’s part       programs, I chose Athabasca for its flexibility and quality. The flexibility allowed me
of the reason for the success we’ve
                                              to take the MBA while continuing to build my career. The quality of the program
enjoyed in terms of launching the
business and sharing knowledge with           was apparent in my research; however I was still amazed at the calibre of the
partners and employees.                       students once I joined the program.


AthAbAscA's 24-hoUr online forMAt makes it feasible and                  every second Friday. In fact, you are never required to be online at a
practical to work on a high quality MBA while still meeting your com-    specific date or time — a feature of our program that allows you to
mitments to work and family. Designed to fit individual schedules, the   study from any time zone, any part of the world and at any time of
program can be successfully completed from home, work or even while      day or night. You control your study hours, working at the time and
travelling. Expect to be challenged, and to spend 20 to 25 hours per     place that's right for you as you participate in asynchronous discus-
week on coursework, readings, discussions, and assignments.              sions, work on group projects, and complete individual assignments.
   At AU, you need not leave work for a month, a year, or even

hArriet thornhiLL, MBA ‘06, BriDgetoWn, BArBADoS When I started my MBA, my two sons were
transitioning from the teenage years, my daughter was only three years old, my husband was busy with his career, and I had to keep
up with a fully charged role at RBC. Quite frankly, the flexibility provided by the AU MBA, along with the support of RBC and my
family, were key contributors to my decision to pursue this MBA.

hAMiD ShirAZi, MBA ‘06, toronto, on No other scheduled class or distance MBA program could fit my lifestyle
— family commitments, a three hour daily commute in the GTA, a complex and demanding career, business travel — and meet my
requirements for daily access to experienced academic coaches, an excellent academic coach to student ratio, and daily interaction
with peers and classmates from different industries across the country.

Fast Fact: On average, each AU MBA class is one-third female and two-thirds male.

JiM Moore, MBA ‘06, riChMonD, BC About halfway through the program, I accepted a position as President & CEO
of a medium-sized, domestic company that had fallen on hard times. I wanted a challenge, and what a challenge it was! While I
continued with my MBA studies, I was able to apply every aspect of what I learned to “turn around” the business. The combination
of my experience and my AU MBA training resulted in Stork Craft becoming the largest supplier of juvenile furniture in the world
with manufacturing and distribution facilities of global scale.

and rOi
AU’s MbA coUrses are designed to be im-
mediately applicable to your own workplace.         gLenn BerALL, MD, MBA ‘07, toronto, on While I was taking
Your return on investment is instant. You do not    a course in strategic management, the North York General Hospital was undergoing a
have to wait to receive your graduation parch-
                                                    review of its strategy, mission, vision, and values. With every course I took, whether it
ment before you start making impacts — the
majority of our students report promotions,
                                                    was marketing, operations, or finance, the material I was covering in my course work was
salary increases and other important career ad-     exactly what I needed to be applying as Chief of Pediatrics. I didn’t expect such a strong
vances long before they graduate.                   connection between course work and my workplace, and it really helped me take my
                                                    understanding of business and management to a whole new level.

                                                    CAroLine neVin, MBA ‘09, VAnCouVer, BC While still an AU MBA
                                                    student, I became the first non-lawyer and first female Executive Director of the Canadian
                                                    Bar Association, BC Branch. The job entails managing 19 employees and the many programs
                                                    and services we deliver to more than 6,000 lawyers, judges and law students in the province.
                                                    We provide professional development, advocacy, legislation and law reform work and
                                                    direct services to the legal profession. Our members demand a lot from their professional
                                                    association — they expect us to protect and serve their interests every day — and our entire
                                                    operation is focused on meeting their expectations for excellent service. My MBA studies
                                                    have given me skills, tools and new ways of thinking to help us deliver on that promise.

     Fast Fact: Immediate ROI - On average, salaries of AU MBA students increase by 34% while enrolled in the program.

     AppLiCABiLity AnD roi
A team devoted
to your success
     Dr. DeBorAh hurSt                                               core fAcUlty
     Our faculty are driven by a passion for excellence and a        The Centre for Innovative Management’s core faculty members are ten-
                                                                     ure track professors who conduct research, lead academic disciplines, and
     desire to see each student realize his or her full potential.
                                                                     teach within AU’s masters and doctoral level programs. Whether they are
     CIM’s academic team consisting of core faculty and academic     leading a discussion, making connections between theory and practice,
     coaches, choose to be part of the AU online MBA program         or exploring ideas at an elective in residence, CIM’s core faculty are cen-
                                                                     tral to the integration of all collaborative learning in the AU MBA.
     because they believe it truly delivers a remarkable learning
     experience ... and not just for the students! I, for one,       David Annand, edD            Kam Jugdev, phD             lindsay redpath, phD
                                                                     Professor,                   Associate Professor,        Associate Professor,
     am continually amazed at the extraordinary level of new         Accounting                   Project Management          Organizational Behaviour
                                                                     Anna Azevedo, phD            and Strategy                saktinil roy, phD
     knowledge created by each student cohort as they move           Assistant Professor,         Anshuman Khare, phD         Assistant Professor,
                                                                     Entrepreneurship             Professor,                  Economics
     through the program. The calibre of people involved in this     terry beckman, MbA           Operations Management       Aris solomon, phD
                                                                     Assistant Professor,         Alex Kondra, phD            Associate Professor,
     program — students, faculty, academic coaches and staff —       Marketing                    Dean, Faculty of Business   Accounting
                                                                     Kay Devine, phD              Associate Professor,        Janice thomas, phD
     is my greatest source of pride in my role as Program Director   DBA Program Director         Organization Theory         Professor,
                                                                     Associate Professor,         helen lam, phD              Project Management
     for the AU MBA.                                                 Organizational Behaviour     Associate Professor,
                                                                     and Analysis                 Human Resources
                                                                     Deborah hurst, phD           peter newsted, phD
                                                                     MBA Program Director         Professor,
                                                                     Associate Professor, Work    Information Technology
                                                                     and Organizational Studies   Management

A teAM DeVoteD to your SuCCeSS

                                                                          AcADeMic coAches
                                                                          Academic coaches are subject matter experts who facilitate active dis-
                                                                          cussion and collaboration among students by guiding conversations
                                                                          and providing new information, insights or tools to help clarify par-
                                                                          ticular points or themes. Academic coaches work with small groups of
                                                                          8 to 10 students in each course, ensuring a high standard of student-
                                                                          academic interaction.
                                                                          Mark Alpern, MbA            lowell glenn, phD       Dave norton, Msc, phD
                                                                          Thornhill, ON               Orem, UT                Rochester, NY
                                                                          David Annand, edD           walter good, phD        Dwayne o’coin, cA
                                                                          Athabasca, AB               Winnipeg, MB            Edmonton, AB
                                                                          rodney beard, phD           Ann gregory, phD        eileen pepler, phD
                                                                          Edmonton, AB                Outer Cove, NL          London, ON
                                                                          Klaus bellman, phD          rajendra gupta, phD     teresa rose, phD
                                                                          Heidelberg, Germany         St. John’s, NL          Mississauga, ON
                                                                          Dale bent, phD              ike hall, Msc,phD       robert sexty, phD
                                                                          Nanaimo, BC                 Glacier, WA             St. John’s, NL
                                                                          greg berry, phD             tracy hillier, DbA      Don simpson, phD
                                                                          Lindon, UT                  Woodstock, ON           Greene, NY
  JuDy BriDgeMohAn, MBA ‘08, CALgAry, AB                                  linda bramble, phD          gordon hollis, DbA      Don smallwood, MbA
                                                                          St. Catharines, ON          Edmonton, AB            Edmonton, AB
  The AU MBA program was set up for success from the get-go.              tim carroll, MbA            sid huff, phD           gord sorli, MsiA
                                                                          Charlottetown, PEI          Wellington, NZ          Waterloo, ON
  My professors, coaches and the staff at AU were very knowled-           sid carlson, phD            Andy iginor, phD        James spee, phD
                                                                          Edmonton, AB                Edmonton, AB            Redlands, CA
  geable and helpful. My coaches were very encouraging when               David chapin, DbA           steve Johnson, phD      David stewart, phD
  I had challenges due to the fact that I'm on the road most of           Burnaby, BC                 Salem, UT               St. John’s, NL
                                                                          clive chapple, phD          Mark Julien, phD        Armand st. pierre, phD
  the time, travelling for my work as an engineer.                        Vancouver, BC               St. Catharines, ON      Kingston, ON
                                                                          pamela christie, MA         lee Ann Keple, DbA      James swanson, llb, MbA
                                                                          Ottawa, ON                  Burnaby, BC             Calgary, AB
                                                                          glenn coltman, MbA          paul larson, phD        Dwight thomas, phD,
cohort coorDinAtors                                                       Halifax, NS                 Winnipeg, MB            professor emeritus
As a new student, you will be assigned an MBA cohort coordina-            lucien cortis, phD          oliver Mack, phD        St. Albert, AB
tor who becomes your main administrative contact throughout your          Sudbury, ON                 Vienna, Austria         conor vibert, phD
                                                                          rocky Dwyer, phD, cMA       carol MacKinnon, MA     Wolfville, NS
studies, working with you to manage your schedule and meet your           Orleans, ON                 Bowen Island, BC        bernie williams, phD
degree requirements.                                                      Alison feierabend, MbA      ruth Maurer, phD        Lethbridge, AB
                                                                          Hamilton, ON                Grand Junction, CO      Kelly williams-whitt, phD
it helpDesK                                                               louis Jacques filion, phD   thomas Mengel, phD      Lethbridge, AB
The HelpDesk is your conduit to the resources and assistance you need     Saint-Lazare, PQ            Pondstream, NB          Angela workman, phD
                                                                          richard ford, phD           Udo Mildenberger, phD   Ottawa, ON
to participate in our online learning environment. HelpDesk staff work    Edmonton, AB                Edingen Neckarhausen,   barry wright, phD
extended hours to help with your initial setup, with travel issues, and   Joyce fortune, phD          Germany                 St. Catharines, ON
                                                                          Leighton Buzzard, England
any time you need technical assistance.

     Fast Fact: Our faculty and academic coaches teach from across Canada and around the world.

gAry VinCe, MBA ‘06, BurLington, on Managing within the DHL global transportation environment requires
a broad range of management and leadership skills. My Athabasca MBA has helped to strengthen my business and leadership
competencies, providing me with a broad scope of knowledge across various industry sectors.
     The program brings tremendous benefit, both during and after completion. While business and financial gain is certainly a
critical success factor, the level of confidence you gain in your own abilities to successfully navigate through a globalized business
environment is a key reason to take the AU MBA program.

Admission requirements
and time commitment
the MbA progrAM is chAllenging and                  there are three paths of entry to the executive MbA program. you must have:
requires you to be committed to your studies, to           an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and at least three years
immediately apply your learning to your work-              of managerial experience*, or
place, and to balance the demands of education,            an accepted professional designation** and at least five years of managerial experience, or
work and family.
                                                           significant management experience (8 to 10 years). Students admitted under this category
   Each course is eight weeks long and, on aver-
                                                           apply to and must successfully complete Phase One of the MBA program (Post Baccalaureate
age, you will devote 20 to 25 hours per week to
                                                           Diploma in Management).
your studies. The AU MBA learning environment
is asynchronous and provides you with the flex-     These are minimum requirements and do not guarantee acceptance into the program.
ibility to work at times and places that best fit   A Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score is not required. See inside back cover (page 23)
your schedule. The program is highly structured     for the full details on how to apply to the MBA program.
with clearly laid out expectations for readings,
                                                         Managerial experience is defined as experience managing people, projects and/or budgets, and may include
discussion, groupwork and individual assign-             supervisory or professional experience with management level responsibilities.
ments. Courses are completed one at a time          **
                                                         A list of accepted designations is available at, under MBA – Admission Requirements.
with specific start and end dates.
   Most students complete the MBA in two and a
half to three years; however, you may take up to
five years to complete all program requirements.
   The AU MBA has three intakes (cohorts)
per year:
   September Cohort - Applications due June 15
   January Cohort - Applications due October 15
   May Cohort - Applications due February 15

     Fast Fact: On average, AU MBA students are 40 years old and have over 9 years of management experience

     ADMiSSion requireMentS AnD tiMe CoMMitMent
graduation and beyond

convocAtion is the highlight of your academic journey, and              MBA alumni who continue to stay connected with fellow alumni, Atha-
is an extraordinary celebration of the achievements of AU MBA grads.    basca University and the Centre for Innovative Management through
Every year new graduates and their families travel from across Canada   a rich program of services including networking events, newsletters,
and around the world to celebrate in Athabasca and Edmonton.            web services, educational opportunities, and more offered through AU’s
   When you graduate, you join a dynamic community of over 2,400 AU     MBA alumni relations team.

hArriet thornhiLL, MBA ‘06, BriDgetoWn, BArBADoS I was looking at my convocation pictures
the other day and relived the feeling of great accomplishment. It was very emotional for me and I felt extremely proud. You can’t
make this type of journey without a personal support system around you. I also could not have done it without my colleagues in the
program and the very knowledgeable and patient faculty and professional staff at Athabasca University.

nAnCy SChAFer, MBA ‘08, CALgAry, AB I really bonded with other students. I had students even in my very first
class that I remain friends with today, and they’re on the opposite ends of the country! So it was surprising to me how close the
relationships are that you develop through a highly collaborative online program.

Fast Fact: AU MBA alumni chapter groups are active in 15 cities in Canada and the U.S.

grADuAtion AnD BeyonD
tuition and fees
tUition for the AU execUtive MbA is $44,076* and includes                  AU execUtive MbA fees AnD tUition
all textbooks, required readings, and learning environment software.       > Application fee                                                      $200
Travel costs associated with attending electives in residence are not      > Admission fee                                                        $800
included in the tuition.
                                                                           > Graduate Students Association Membership Fee                         $576
   A one-time delivery surcharge of $400 applies to students living out-
side of Canada.                                                            > program tuition
                                                                           > Phase One (Post Baccalaureate Diploma
                                                                             in Management)                                                  $17,100
                                                                           > Phase Two (core courses)                                        $11,400
                                                                           > Phase Two (electives and applied project)                       $14,000
                                                                           total                                                             $44,076

                                                                           pAyMent scheDUles
                                                                           MbA and graduate Diploma in Management
                                                                             The application fee is due with your application.
                                                                             The admission fee is due upon acceptance into the program.
                                                                             Graduate Students Association fees of $12 per credit are payable
                                                                             over the course of the program.

                                                                              Tuition for Phase One (PBDM) is payable in three equal
                                                                              installments of $5,700.
                                                                              Tuition for Phase Two (core courses) is payable in two
                                                                              equal payments of $5,700.
                                                                              Tuition for electives and the applied project is payable upon registration.

                                                                              Online electives                                          $2,850 each
                                                                              Electives in Residence                                    $3,900 each
                                                                              Applied Project                                                  $4,400

                                                                           * Fees in effect as of September 2010. For most current fee information, visit
                                                                  Athabasca University reserves the right to adjust fees at any time
                                                                           without notice. If you require financial assistance, please enquire in your home province/state/
AU MbA students at an
                                                                           country to find out if you are eligible for a student loan.
elective in residence.
                                                                           Information regarding scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial assistance can
                                                                           be found at
how to apply to the Au
Executive MBA program
to apply to the executive MbA program (or post baccalaureate                                             4. An essay.
Diploma in Management) you will need to assemble an applica-                                                To assess your managerial experience and your potential for graduate
tion package that contains the following:                                                                   level studies, completion of a brief (1000 word) essay is required. You
                                                                                                            are asked to respond to four questions found on the application form.
1. A completed centre for innovative Management graduate
   Management program application form.                                                                  5. official transcripts of post-secondary educational achievements.
   Apply online at under MBA – How to Apply.                                          These must be sent directly to Athabasca University’s Centre for
                                                                                                            Innovative Management from respective institution(s) before the
2. A current and detailed resume.
                                                                                                            application deadline.
   Adhere to the format outlined on our website.
                                                                                                             NOTE: Applicants with degrees obtained outside of Canada or the United
3. three letters of reference.
                                                                                                             States may need to have their transcripts assessed independently by
   One academic and two business references are preferred. For appli-
                                                                                                             Alberta’s International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS). Please
   cants without an academic reference, three professional references
                                                                                                             contact Student Services at 780.459.1144 or 1.800.561.4650 to deter-
   will suffice.
                                                                                                             mine if you need this assessment completed. Details regarding access-
   NOTE: If you are applying under a special partnership agreement (e.g.,                                    ing this service will be provided at that time.
   CGA-Canada, CMA Canada, Department of National Defence), you
                                                                                                         6. A non-refundable application fee of two hundred dollars in
   will have specialized reference requirements. Check the Partnership
   section of our website ( or call our office                                        canadian currency ($200 cAD).
   for details.

for assistance, call 780.459.1144 or 1.800.561.4650 (toll-free in north America), or email

Athabasca University reserves the right to make additions, deletions, changes or modifications to its policies, practices, procedures, tuition fees, course availability, delivery mode, schedules, or program
requirements at any time without prior notice.
The publication of information in this brochure does not bind the University to the provision of courses, programs, services or facilities as listed herein. Students are responsible for informing themselves
of the University’s procedures and policies and the specific requirements associated with the degree or diploma sought.
Every student accepted for registration with Athabasca University shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the regulations and policies of the University and of the program in which that student
is enrolled. Athabasca University specifically reserves the right to exercise its sole, absolute and unfettered discretion in admitting individuals to the University, its programs, or courses.
                      centre for innovative Management
                       graduate Management programs:
                Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)
                   Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)
               Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Management (PBDM)
                Leadership and Management Development (LMD)

                       Athabasca University (AU)
                centre for innovative Management (ciM)
                   301, 22 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue
                               St. Albert, AB
                                 T8N 1B4
     phone: 780.459.1144 or 1.800.561.4650 (toll-free in North America)
      fax: 780.459.2093 or 1.800.561.4660 (toll-free in North America)


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