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SOE Exemption Form 1011191 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DIVISION Request for Exemption from UTS by panniuniu


									                                                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DIVISION
        Request for Exemption from UTS IT Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Policy

                                                 PLEASE COMPLETE BOTH SECTIONS 1 AND 2
    1. UTS SOE Policy - At UTS the SOE specifies the standard end user computing environment which includes but is not
    necessarily limited to desktop computers, notebooks and personal digital assistants (PDA), Operating Systems and
    software. SOEs lead to a reduction in the total cost of ownership of UTS IT Assets. Without an SOE for University wide
    computing platforms, there is potential for considerable diversity, confusion and difficulty in managing IT infrastructure
    and IT support costs.

    The SOE is supported by the Information Technology Department (ITD) to work with the University's business applications
    as well as core infrastructure including shared folder access, printing, email, calendar, online teaching and research,
    desktop management and security management. Please see for more information.

    Exceptions to the SOE are approved by the ITD Director of Client Services. Where such an exception is sought please
    complete this form outlining the business reasons in the space provided below.
    SECTION 1 : ACQUISITION OF NEW IT EQUIPMENT (Attach completed form to your requisition)

    a. Requisition number
    b. Brief description of

    SECTION 2 : Please describe the business case for exempting this equipment from the University's IT Standard Operating
    Environment Policy.

                    Submitted By:                                        Faculty/Unit:
                                 Ext:                                           Date:
                                                            For ITD Use Only
    4. Action Recommended and comments

    5. Recommendation                           Approved             Refused
                                                                                    Chris Cahill, Director, IT Client Services

    Office Use Only: 6. Additional information:

c40d7b79-a17f-4079-acc5-943ebf482885.xlsx 12/18/2011
                                                                               EXEMPTION FORM
                                                             Exemption from the purchase & lease extension policy
                                                    Please fax completed exemption form to Lease Administrator, Petra Cicmancova on #1994
                                                                   or email completed form to

                                                                                                 1. UTS Policy
                    UTS recognises the organisational benefits of leasing IT equipment by mandating the use of leasing over purchasing except in exceptional circumstances where a business
                       case can be made for not leasing. Eg. Where specific funding has been made available ie Research Grants which includes IT acquisition funds. Exceptions should be
                                                                                          approved by a Director of IT.

                                                                               2. Please complete all the relevant leasing details:

                   a. Requisition number

                   b. Description of Equipment

User to complete

                   c. Serial numbers of equipment
                   d. Lease Schedule numbers (lease
                   attachment number)

                   e. Lease start date

                   f. Lease end date
                                                                           3. Please write the reasons for equipment to be exempted:

User to complete

                                                                             4. Recommended action (Peter Regattieri, Mark Green)

Office use only

                                                                                      5. Approved by IT Director, Chris Cahill

Office use only

                                                                                            6. Additional information:

Office use only

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