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Research Mentors -- Research Interests


									                            Dow nstate M edical Center – Office of Scientific Affairs

                                                            January 2009

                                  ** Unless otherwise noted, phone numbers are at the (718) 270- exchange **

                                           BASIC SCIENCE DEPARTM ENTS

                                       Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology

W illiam J. Brunken, PhD (221-5328)               CNS developm ent and specifically on the role of extracellular m atrix in
william .brunken@                   m orphogenesis of neurons and neural system s. The retina is the
                                                  m ajor m odel system in the laboratory, with an em phasis on retinal
                                                  structure and function, including photoreceptor synapse form ation.
                                                  Recently, we have been pursuing studies on cortical and cerebellar
                                                  m orphogenesis as well. Our work is focused on lam inin, netrins and
                                                  their receptors. Using a com bination of genetic approaches and in
                                                  vitro m odel system s, we have shown that specific lam inins and netrins
                                                  are critical for: 1) norm al layering and patterning; 2) norm al
                                                  vascularization and finally 3) proper synaptic developm ent. The
                                                  cerebellum and cortex are secondary m odels we have shown that
                                                  lam inins and netrins, are critical for: 1) in the regulation of
                                                  neurogenesis and 2) cyto-architectonic organization of the cortex and
                                                  cerebellum . An im m ediate goal of ours is to identify the cell binding
                                                  and cytom atrix m olecules that com plex with identified elem ents of the
                                                  extracellular m atrix. Our short-term goal is to identify the role of these
                                                  m olecules in hum an disease. Finally, our long-term goal is to
                                                  incorporate biologically active m olecules into polym ers that can be
                                                  used in neural repair strategies.

Stephen Carleton, PhD (x3749)                     Molecular analysis of gene expression in the developing chick heart,                      specifically the genetics or "switch on" of two cardiac-special genes
                                                  and two skeletal m uscle-specific genes during critical stages of
                                                  developm ent. Collaborations on projects involved in genetic analysis
                                                  (DNA fingerprinting) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

W illiam J Chirico, PhD (x1308)                   Biogenesis of angiogenic factors and their roles in cardiovascular
william .chirico@                   disease and cancer. Mechanism of chaperone-dependent protein
                                                  folding and translocation into organelles.

Eva B Cram er, PhD (x1011)                        Developm ent of i) a biotech incubator & park adjacent to the cam pus,
eva.cram er@                        and ii) a biotech expansion/m anufacturing site at the Brooklyn Arm y
                                                  Term inal.

Sabina Hrabetova, PhD (221-5392)                  Biophysical properties of the brain extracellular space im portant for
sabina.hrabetova@                   neurotransm ission, neurotrophic effects, drug delivery, general electric
                                                  activity, and basic cellular hom eostasis. Focus: role of glia and
                                                  extracellular m atrix. Interdisciplinary approach: im aging,
                                                  electrophysiology, com puter m odeling.

Mahm ood Hussain, PhD (x4790)                     Molecular m echanism s of intestinal lipoprotein assem bly.
m ahm ood.hussain@

Xian-Cheng Jiang, PhD (x6701)                     Create and use m ouse m odels (transgenic, gene knock-out) for the                    studies of sphingom yelin (the second abundant phospholipid in the
                                                  circulation system ) m etabolism and atherosclerosis. Use of transgenic
                                                  approach to perform functional studies of two plasm a lipid transfer
                                                  proteins, phospholipid transfer protein (PLTP) and cholesteryl ester
                                     transfer protein (CETP).

Elizabeth Kornecki, PhD (x2377)      Investigation of m olecular m echanism s underlying cellular
 [Anna Babinska, PhD (x4049)]        hom eostasis by studying the role of
elizabeth.kornecki@    phosphorylation/dephosphorylation system s in platelet function;
anna.babinska@         m echanism s of platelet activation by stim ulatory antibodies directed
                                     against novel platelet m em brane glycoproteins; and collaborative
                                     clinical studies investigating the role of platelet-activating factor (PAF)
                                     in pediatric NEC, PAF in learning and m em ory, and abnorm al platelet
                                     activation m echanism s in kidney dysfunction.

John L Kubie, PhD (x2632)            Study the role of the hippocam pus in navigation, learning and
jkubie@                m em ory, analyzing single-cell recordings from awake behaving rats.
                                     Study the relationships between the anim als’ position in space, the
                                     anim als’ experience and the firing of target cells. Other technical
                                     approaches involve analysis of navigation, the study of evoked
                                     potentials and the study of the effects of drugs or horm ones on
                                     neuronal firing properties.

Martin G Levine, PhD (x7427)         Effectiveness and learning enhancem ent of alternative approaches to
m         instruction are being investigated in the anatom ical sciences. This
                                     includes instructional m aterials as well as practices.

John A Lewis, PhD (x2215)            Study of m echanism s by which interferons regulate expression of
john.lewis@            genes and their effects on sensitivity to virus infection and
                                     m itochondrial function.

George K Ojakian, PhD (x2216)        Molecular and cellular m echanism s regulating kidney epithelial tubule         m orphogenesis. The present focus is on the role of the m TOR
                                     signaling pathway in regulation of cell m otility, growth and proliferation.

Frank R Scalia, PhD (x1018)          The im aging surface of the retina is m apped point for point onto the
frank.scalia@          visual centers of the brain, providing the brain with a coherent view of
                                     the visual world. The form ation of these visuotopic m aps, which are
                                     essential for norm al vision, is being studied during developm ent and in
                                     m odels of optic nerve regeneration.

MAQ Siddiqui, PhD (x1014)            Molecular m echanism s in cardiac developm ent. Signal transduction
 [Eduardo Mascareno, PhD]            pathways and transcription adaptation in m yocardial hypertrophy and
 [Michael W agner, PhD (x3984)]      ischem ia. The role of obesity and the inflam m atory response, as m ajor
m aq.siddiqui@         contributors in the developm ent of chronic cardiovascular diseases,
eduardo.m     such as cardiac hypertrophy, m yocardial ischem ia, and heart failure.
m ichael.wagner@

Gladys Teitelm an, PhD (x2950)       Type I diabetes results from the destruction of insulin producing cells
gladys.teitelm      (B cells) of the pancreas. The m ain focus is to establish an anim al
                                     m odel of type I diabetes to identify B precursor cells and to study their
                                     differentiation into insulin cells of adults.

                                    Department of Biochem istry

Richard Feinm an, PhD (x2252)        Mechanism of action of proteolytic enzym es and their inhibitors.
rfeinm              Com puter m odels of operant conditioning.

Miriam H Feuerm an, PhD (x1258)      Molecular m echanism that separates controlled norm al growth from
m iriam .feuerm     carcinogenesis. Study regulation of gene expression in liver
                                     regeneration and tum origenesis.

Gregory Gick, PhD (x1265)            Investigation of the m olecular m echanism s underlying regulation of
greg.gick@             m am m alian Na,K-ATPase subunit gene expression in response to
                                         horm ones and ionic stim uli.

Alan Gintzler, PhD (x2129)               Biochem ical basis of narcotic addiction. Sex steroid m odulation of
alan.gintzler@             intrinsic pain attenuating system s. Signal transduction and narcotic

Mary Makowske, PhD (x3991)               Protein kinase C is a fam ily of hom ologous isoenzym es involved in
m ary.m akowske@           m any signal transduction pathways. Study the structure of these
                                         enzym es and how they recognize their target substrates.

Richard Rubenstein, PhD (x2019)          The laboratory is studying the m olecular and biochem ical basis of
richard.rubenstein@        neurodegenerative diseases which includes an interest in Alzheim er's
                                         disease and a m ajor focus on prion diseases. These diseases share
                                         a com m on feature of abnorm al protein aggregation. Molecular,
                                         biochem ical, im m unological and cell biological approaches in both cell
                                         culture and in vivo m odels of infection are being em ployed to address
                                         the disease-specific issues of neuropathogenesis, neuroprotection
                                         and neuroregeneration.

Julie Rushbrook, PhD (x2647)             Structural characterization of fast m yosin heavy chain isoform s
julie.rushbrook@           associated with developm ent and m uscle fiber differentiation.
                                         Characterization of the four nonidentical subunits of m am m alian
                                         m itochondrial NAD+ isocitrate dehydrogenase and 3-D analysis.
                                         Characterization of various hum an serum proteins associated with

Alfred Stracher, PhD (x1256)             The m olecular basis of neurom uscular degeneration and the role of
alfred.stracher@           thiol proteases in this process using protease inhibitors as therapeutic
                                         agents. Cytoskeleton structure with particular em phasis on the role of
                                         phosphorylation in regulating the interaction of actin with platelet
                                         filam in.

                                 Department of M icrobiology & Immunology

Christopher U Hellen, PhD (x1034)        The m echanism of cap-dependent initiation of translation in         eukaryotes. Analysis of RNA-protein interactions that m ediate initiation
                                         of translation by internal ribosom al entry on eukaryotic viral m RNAs,
                                         using hepatitis C virus and encephalom yocarditis virus m RNAs as
                                         m odels.

Maureen V McLeod, PhD (x1331)            Signal transduction m echanism s that regulate exit from the m itotic cell
m aureen.m           cycle. Control of protein kinase activity in the stress response.

Donald R Mills, PhD (x3815)              Studying the conform ation of m essenger RNA as it relates to the
donald.m ills@             regulation of protein synthesis. Also exam ining RNA protein

Cam ilo A Parada, PhD (x1143)            Mechanism (s) by which the HIV-encoded Tat protein, in conjunction
cam             with cellular factors, enhances transcription elongation from the HIV-1
                                         prom oter. Exploration of the contribution of Tat and cellular factors to
                                         HIV-1 transcription re-initiation, transcription through nucleosom es,
                                         and m RNA processing.

Tatyana Pestova, PhD (x1781)             Mechanism of initiation of eukaryotic protein synthesis.

Christopher A J Rom an, PhD (x1310)      Lym phocyte developm ent and renal cell carcinom a. W e study
christopher.rom         transcription factors, cytokine pathways, and antigen receptor
                                         com plexes that are im portant for lym phocyte developm ent, the
                                         im m une response, autoim m une disease, leukem ia/lym phom a, and
                                       renal cancer, using transgenic/knock-out m ouse m odels, prim ary
                                       m am m alian cell culture system s, and som atic gene
                                       inactivation/retroviral transduction approaches.

Haseeb A Siddiqi, PhD (x1610)          Host-parasite interactions, and m echanism s of pathogenesis and
haseeb@                  im m unity in schistosom iasis; reproductive biology of schistosom es
                                       and m echanism s of chem oattraction in schistosom e m ales and
                                       fem ales; im m une regulation in schistosom iasis and in sepsis;
                                       cytokines in infection and in local tissue injury.

Fredric C Volkert, PhD (x3923)         Developm ent and evaluation of active learning strategies in m edical
fredric.volkert@         education.

                                       Department of Pathology

Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD (718-221-     Molecular and cellular m echanism s underlying the interaction between
5325)                                  distinct form s of synaptic plasticity in the CA1 area of the rodent
juanm      hippocam pus: consequences at synaptic, dendritic and neuron-wide
                                       level and im pact on the hippocam pal network.

Virginia M Anderson, MD (x1292)        Morphologic alterations in pediatric and perinatal disease including the        placenta in HIV disease, congenital m alform ations especially
                                       congenital heart disease.

Constantine Axiotis, MD (245-5371)     The expression of the m ultidrug resistance gene
constantine.axiotis@     (MDR-P-glycoprotein) in hum an tum ors; and the m olecular pathology
                                       of breast cancer.

Randall L Barbour, PhD (x1661)         Developm ent of real-tim e functional im aging technologies for early
randall.barbour@         disease detection, m onitoring response to therapy and evaluation of
                                       norm al tissue functioning.

Patrick C Chen, MD (x1667)             Assess acetylcholinesterase stain and other m ethods in the diagnosis             of Hirschsprung's disease. Using im m unohistochem ical reagents for
                                       pathological diagnosis, assessing the usefulness of the reagents.

Helen G Durkin, PhD (x1295)            Studies of IgE responses of long term survivors with HIV-1 disease.
helen.durkin@            Role of gut associated lym phoid tissue (GALT) in generation and
                                       suppression of IgE responses in hum ans (allergic, HIV+) and rodents.
                                       Attem pting to determ ine how IgE responses can be elim inated,
                                       without interfering with hum oral antibody responses of other isotopes
                                       (IgM, IgG, IgA) or cell m ediated im m une responses. Studies focus on
                                       role of bacterial cell wall com ponents, cytokines, especially IL-6, and
                                       neuropeptides, especially substance P, in isotype specific suppression
                                       of IgE responses.

Elizabeth S Gloster, MD (x1681)        Review of the Downstate and Kings County experience with red cell
elizabeth.gloster@       alloim m unization in sickle cell patients, clinical aspects of transfusion
                                       reactions and the off-label use of recom binant factor VIIa.

Susan RS Gottesm an, MD, PhD (x1661)   Studying the changes in the im m une system during norm al aging in
susan.gottesm         m ice. Study the characteristics of lym phoid m alignancies using patient
                                       m aterial. W ill be setting up a tum or bank.

Alejandro Ivan Hernandez, PhD          Understanding the m olecular m echanism s regulating long-term
ivan.hernandez@          synaptic plasticity and the alterations of those m echanism s associated
                                       with neurodegenerative disorders and drug addiction.

Joan Howanitz, MD (x4520)              Clinical chem istry including hem oglobinopathies; critical results for
joan.howanitz@           sodium and cardiac m arker utilization.
Peter Howanitz, MD (x4520)               Quality of care; chem ical pathology.

Jenny Libien, MD (x6304)                 Retinoids (vitam in A and its analogues) and retinoid transport proteins               (RBP, TTR) in the central nervous system : transport, m etabolism , and
                                         function. Retinoids are involved in m em ory, adult neurogenesis, cell
                                         differentiation, and m any other physiologic processes. Retinoids have
                                         also been im plicated in several diseases such as idiopathic
                                         intracranial hypertension, depression, and neurodegenerative
                                         diseases such as Alzheim er's disease and Am yotrophic Lateral

Josef Michl, MD (x1643)                  Study of the cells involved in host defense m echanism against
josef.m               infectious agents and tum ors, and of carcinogenesis in the exocrine
                                         pancreas in anim als and m an: Establishm ent of novel in vitro and in
                                         vivo disease m odels for the identification of unique disease-specific
                                         m olecules for the developm ent of early diagnostic approaches and
                                         effective therapeutic tools for this disease.

Suzanne Mirra, MD (x1291)                Neuropathology of Alzheim er's disease and other neurodegenerative
suzanne.m irra@            disorders.

Maja Nowakowski, PhD (x2206)             System ic and local pulm onary im m unity in lung diseases, including
m aja.nowakowski@          HIV-1 disease, tuberculosis and chronic inflam m atory disease. The
                                         role of m acrophage-derived nitric oxide in lung diseases, including
                                         asthm a, HIV-1 disease, tuberculosis, and chronic inflam m atory
                                         disease. Effects of virus infection on macrophage physiology and
                                         im m une functions.

Martin J Salwen, MD (x1689)              Define outer lim its of laboratory test analyses. Develop program s for
m artin.salwen@            interpretive analysis of clinical laboratory data using rule-based logic
                                         and pattern analysis. Program s have incorporated m odules for
                                         instruction in testing strategies for differential evaluation of patients.
                                         Program s have been developed for erythrocytosis. Strategies for rapid
                                         bacterial identification in sepsis.

                                Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Bella T Altura, PhD (x2205)              Study drugs and ion (particularly m agnesium ) effects on the
burton.altura@             cardiovascular system , in intact anim als, in vitro heart and blood
                                         vessels and single cells via culture. Designs and participates in hum an
                                         studies centering on im portance of ionized m agnesium in disease

Burton M Altura, PhD (x2194)             Focus on m agnesium in cardiovascular biology, both in anim als and
burton.altura@             hum an subjects. Involved in new diagnostic and prognostic test
                                         developm ent, and new m edical devices. Studies biochem ical and
                                         m olecular physiological processes in atherogenesis and stroke.
                                         Prim ary cultured vascular sm ooth m uscle, endothelial and glial cells
                                         are used.

Vahe E Am assian, MD (x3900)             Magnetic or electrical transcranial stim ulation of hum an (or anim al             m odels) is used to analyze m otor and perceptual functions.
                                         Lateralization is sought including differential effects on the im m une
                                         system . Anim al m odels of hum an disorders (e.g., spinal cord traum a)
                                         are used to elucidate the basic explanations of the im paired function.

Peter J Bergold, PhD (x3927)             Interested in the role of gene expression in the pathophysiology of
peter.bergold@             neuronal disorders, particularly stroke and epilepsy.
John Chapin, PhD (x1339)              Develop and utilize technologies for neurophysiologically recording
john.chapin@            from large populations of neurons in sensory and m otor areas of the
                                      brain. Com puter techniques for online extraction of coded inform ation
                                      in the brain are used to control external devices such as robot arm s.

Diana L Dow-Edwards, PhD              Use neuro-im aging and neuropharm acologic techniques to study the
diana.dow-edwards@      effect of drug exposure during brain developm ent. The overall
(x3987)                               hypothesis is that the actions of drugs, typically cocaine or sim ilar
                                      drugs, alters the functional m aturation of the brain.

David J Erlij, MD, PhD (x2243)        Horm onal regulation of m em brane transport.

André A Fenton, PhD (X1556)           W e investigate the storage m echanism s of inform ation as well as how            m ultiple item s of inform ation are coordinated in brain activity by
                                      investigating the neural discharge of m any neurons while anim als
                                      perform tasks using m ultiple, concordant spatial fram es. These
                                      studies aim to elucidate physiological m echanism s of cognition and
                                      cognitive dysfunction related to schizophrenia, depression, and

Steven E Fox, PhD (x2177)             Study the EEG theta rhythm in rats to understand how it influences             inform ation processing by the hippocam pus. Theta rhythm occurs
                                      during m ovem ent and is paced by cholinergic neurons that project
                                      from the m edial septal nuclei to the hippocam pus. The degeneration
                                      of these basal forebrain cholinergic neurons is probably the cause of
                                      the m em ory deficit of Alzheim er's patients.

Ellen Hsu, PhD (x1154)                Im m unoglobulin gene expression and regulation.

Douglas Ling, PhD (x4631)             The potentiation of GABAergic inhibition by nootropic            (cognition-enhancing) drugs induced by changes to inhibitory cell
                                      function. Injury-induced changes in synaptic function that lead to
                                      epileptiform activity, using a m odel of acute neuro-traum a.

W illiam Lytton, MD (x1339)           Modeling electrophysiological processes pertinent to epilepsy and             m odeling abstract neural networks to understand recovery from stroke
                                      and the basis of cognitive processes. Developm ent and application of
                                      new conceptual and technical tools to integrate the top-down
                                      techniques of artificial neural networks with the bottom -up techniques
                                      of detailed neural m odeling.

Hillary Michelson, PhD (x3182)        Studying the connectivity of the inhibitory circuit in the hippocam pus
hillary.m      and the m aturation of GABA m ediated inhibition.

Robert Muller, PhD (x1151)            Physiology of learning and m em ory; m easurem ents of place cells in
bobm ul@   rats and genetically-altered m ice; pharm acological effects on place

Nicholas Penington, PhD (x3399)       Study the regulation of nerve cells in the brain that release the      neurotransm itter (5-HT) and focus on central serotonergic (5-HT)
                                      neurotransm ission and neuropharm acology. Studies of the m olecular
                                      level on the signal transduction pathways in these nerve cells and
                                      investigations of how drugs interact with a single receptor system ,
                                      capable of m odulating two different ion channels sim ultaneously.

Katherine L Perkins, PhD (x2772)      Synaptic transm ission in the hippocam pus -interneuron networks,
katherine.perkins@      epileptiform activity, depolarizing GABA response.

Alan P Rudell, PhD (x1150)            Electrical brain responses to recognizable im ages (words, pictures,
alan.rudell@                faces) are recorded and related to acquired perceptual skills (e.g.,
                                          reading ability).

Todd Sacktor, MD (x3933)                  The role of protein kinase C isozym es in long-term synaptic plasticity
todd.sacktor@               (LTP & LTD), and their relationship to m em ory.

Anthony Sica, PhD (x1232)                 Chronic m onitoring of physiological variables (EEG, EKG, sleep) in a
anthony.sica@               developing anim al m odel (swine). Recordings of the sym pathetic and
                                          respiratory rhythm generators (output) during postnatal developm ent.
                                          Effects of autonom ic denervation of the heart on cardiovascular
                                          reflexes during developm ent. Exam ination of postnatal developm ent
                                          of autonom ic regulation using different techniques including
                                          im m unocytochem ical.

Sheryl S Sm ith, PhD (x1339)              Modulation of hippocam pal and olivo-cerebellar circuits by neuroactive ith@              steroids. Currently investigating steroid-induced changes in synaptic
                                          physiology induced by alterations in GABAA receptor subunit
                                          com position. Behavioral correlates, such as anxiety and seizure
                                          susceptibility, are also under investigation. Possible clinical relevance
                                          for PMS and catam enial epilepsy.

Arm in Stelzer, MD (x3873)                Intracellular regulation of ligand-gated receptors. Activity-dependent
arm in.stelzer@             m odification of the inhibitory circuit.

Mark Stewart, MD, PhD (x1167)             W e study the causes and consequences of seizure activity using in
m ark.stewart@              vivo and in vitro anim al m odels. W ith brain slice studies, we explore
                                          the cellular and circuit properties of hippocam pal and
                                          parahippocam pal cortical neurons. In whole anim al studies we explore
                                          the autonom ic nervous and im m une system consequences of
                                          seizures. ANS and im m une system consequences are also studied in
                                          patients from our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.

Henri Tiedge, PhD (x1370)                 Sorting and intracellular targeting of neuronal RNA.. Local protein                synthesis in neurons. Regulation of gene expression in neurons by
                                          trans-synaptic activity.

Roger Traub, PhD (x)                      Cellular m echanism s of neuronal network oscillations and seizures.

Mario Vassalle, MD (x1158)                The electrical function of the heart is studied using different
m ario.vassalle@            techniques, from transm em brane recording to voltage clam ping.
                                          Norm al and abnorm al autom aticity is studied in different cardiac
                                          tissues. Ionic m echanism s and their control are studied in relation to
                                          im pulse form ation under norm al and abnorm al conditions.

Keith W illiam s, PhD (x4610)             Structure, function, and regulation of glutam ate receptors.
keith.william s@

Robert KS W ong, PhD (x1339)              Transm itter m odulation of hippocam pal neuronal network
bob.wong@                   m echanism s of epileptogenesis.

                                         CLINICAL DEPARTM ENTS

                                        Department of Anesthesiology

Alexandru Apostol, MD (x1910 or 2530)     The effect of m agnesium sulfate on neonatal outcom e. Protocol in
alexandru.apostol@          developm ent.
Audree Bendo, MD (x3764)                The effects of thiopental, propofol and etom idate on regional CBF in
audree.bendo@             critically ill neurosurgical patients by m eans of laser Doppler flowm etry
                                        com bined with a cerebrovascular m onitoring system : Collaboration
                                        with Dr. Juan Botero and Departm ent of Neurosurgery.

Jam es Cottrell, MD (x1935)             Studying the ability various anesthetic agents have to protect the brain
jam es.cottrell@          during and after surgery. Perform both in vivo and in vitro studies and
                                        are m ost interested in the m echanism s of brain protection.

Jean Charchaflieh, MD (x3269)           Mechanism of anesthetic protection of anoxic brain tissue in the rat         hippocam pal slice. Collaboration with Ira Kass, Ph.D.

Ira Kass, PhD (x1709)                   Studies relating to the understanding of the cellular m echanism s
ira.kass@                 which lead to anoxic and ischem ic brain dam age. Devising ways of
                                        interrupting the dam aging pathways, by focusing on exam ination of
                                        the m etabolic, ionic, and electrophysiologic changes during and after
                                        anoxia which m ay trigger the irreversible dam age.

Helen Lauro, MD (780-1707)              Studies related to pediatric anesthesia - Propofol infusion syndrom e in
hlauro@                      pediatric patients undergoing MRI.

Rebecca S Twersky, MD (780-1350)        Preop Beta-Blocker Study- prospective survey of prophylactic
rebecca.twersky@          perioperative beta-blockade use in clinical practice.
                                        Im plem entation of perioperative beta-blockade therapy: a random ized,
                                        controlled trial. Collaboration with Dr. J Fiadjoe.

Lance W agner, MD (x1935)               Studies related to bloodless anesthesia. Clinical trial for oxygen as a
lance.wagner@             blood substitute.

                                       Department of Dermatology

Hilary Baldwin, MD (x1229)              Clinical trials of various agents affecting keloids and hypertrophic
hilary.baldwin@           scars. Clinical trials in alopecia.

Neil Brody, MD, PhD (x1229)             Isolation and characterization of m olecules m ade by tum or cells that
neilbrody@                      alter im m une responsiveness or enhance tum or survival. Studying
                                        effects of sunlight on im m une system .

Sharon Glick, MD (x1229)                Projects in pediatric derm atology.

Edward R Heilm an, MD (x1229)           Prognostic indicators of m alignant m elanom a.
eheilm an@am

W ei-Li Lee, PhD (x2170)                Using an in vitro leukocyte-endothelial cell m odel system to evaluate                potential anti-inflam m atory properties of com pounds with special
                                        regard for the skin. Studying the effect of antibiotics and anti fungals
                                        on leukocyte activation, cell m orphology and cell functions.

Eve J Lowenstein, MD, PhD (x1229)       Projects in derm atology.

Alan R Shalita, MD (x1229)              Clinical trials of various agents for treatm ent of acne and related
alan.shalita@             disorders. Microbiology and inflam m ation in acne.

                                    Department of Emergency M edicine

Bonnie Arquilla, DO (270-3216)          Disaster Medicine, Surge Capacity Planning, Vulnerable Populations,                        Drill Design and Execution.
Lorenzo Paladino, MD (245-3318)          Traum a, Airway.

Richard Sinert, DO (245-2973)            Traum a, Hem orrhagic Shock, Asthm a, Diabetes, Hypertension, Renal
richard.sinert@            Failure, Statistics, Evidence-Based Medicine.

Michael B. Stone, MD (245-5595)          Em ergency Ultrasound, Medical Student Education, International
drm ikestone@gm                  Em ergency Medicine.

Shahriar Zehtabchi, MD (245-4790)        Violence Prevention, Traum a, Hem orrhagic Shock, and                     Evidence-Based Medicine.

                                       Department of Family Practice

Hanna Aghabi, MD (393-0300)              Early cancer detection in prim ary care: skin, colon and breast;
hanna.aghabi@              derm atologic procedures in fam ily m edicine.

Margaret Donat, MD (x2560)               Preventive care in fam ily m edicine; im m unizations and com plications
m argaret.donat@           in prim ary care.

Aneela Hussain, MD (x3627)               Headache and cancer prevention in prim ary care; diabetic neuropathy.

Gloria Mtom boti, MD (x3264)             Vaginitis, STD's in prim ary care; thyroid disease in prim ary care.
gloria.m tom boti@

Richard Sadovsky, MD (x2441)             Studies reviewing the ability of a clinical office to enroll entire fam ilies
richard.sadovsky@          and to use entire fam ilies as the focus of treatm ent; effective m edical
                                         writing skills; effective patient education; evaluating patient
                                         understanding of a disease. Sexual health of the older patient.

Pam ela Sass, MD (x2442)                 Effectiveness of school based directly observed therapy for the
pam ela.sass@              prevention of tuberculosis.

Miriam Vincent, MD (x2443)               Appropriateness and standard of care for am bulatory NIDDM
m iriam .vincent@          (Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus); preventive care in fam ily
                                         practice (MTV); alcohol and substance abuse screening in fam ily
                                         practice; influenza and pneum ococcal vaccination: com pliance,
                                         barriers, practice. Osteoporosis screening, evaluation and treatm ent in
                                         prim ary care. Diabetic neuropathy (screening, diagnosis and
                                         treatm ent).

                                          Department of M edicine

Abha Agrawal, MD (718-245-3980)          Medical inform atics and the use of technology in clinical care,
abha.agrawal@                 including design, developm ent and evaluation of clinical inform ation
                                         system s.

MaryAnn Banerji, MD (x1542, x1698)       Diabetes and cardiovascular disease, diabetes prevention, insulin
m aryann.banerji@          resistance and insulin secretion, HIV and diabetes, endocrinology.

Olcay Batum an, MD (x1500)               Molecular m echanism s that regulate angiogenesis (new blood vessel
olcay.batum             form ation) in m ultiple m yelom a (a com m on blood cell tum or).
                                         Molecular m echanism s that regulate behavioral response to stress.

Moham ed Boutjdir, MD (718-836-6600,     Autonom ic regulation of native and heterologously expressed ion
x6070)                                   channels, intracellular signaling, arrhythm ias during ischem ia and
m oham ed.boutjdir@        hypertrophy. Molecular and cellular m echanism s of congenital heart
                                         block in infants born to m others with autoim m une diseases.
Erdal Cavusoglu, MD (x3273)         Analysis of FIIR/JAM in patients undergoing coronary angiography.

Luther Clark, MD (x1568)            Cardiovascular effects of thiazolidinediones; Effect of HIV infection on
ltclark@              stent restenosis rates; Predictability of the m etabolic syndrom e for
                                    coronary artery disease.

Paul Dreizen, MD (x1155)            Molecular m echanism of actom yosin cross-bridge cycle in skeletal          and cardiac m uscle and its regulation by tropom yosin. NMR relaxation
                                    studies and m olecular m odeling of protein interactions using m odel
                                    system s.

Eli A Friedm an, MD (x1584)         Epidem iology of diabetic kidney disease. Blocking diabetic vascular
eli.friedm         com plications.

Donald A Gerber, MD (x1455)         Interaction between lupus-inducing drugs (e.g., hydralazine and
donald.gerber@        procainam ide) and leukocyte oxidants (i.e., hypochlorite and hydrogen
                                    peroxide) and the effect of this interaction on protein structure.

Ellen M Ginzler, MD, MPH (x2529)    Long-term , prospective study of the clinical course, prognosis and
ellen.ginzler@        response to therapy in a large cohort of patients with system ic lupus
                                    erythem atosus. Specific studies have been done related to lupus
                                    nephritis, prem ature atherosclerosis, and com plications of therapy.

A Ross Hill, MD (x1770)             Clinical studies on TB, e.g., retrospective case series and prospective
ross.hill@            study involving patients in DOT (directly observed therapy) program .
                                    Longstanding interest in respiratory physiology (m echanics, resp.
                                    m uscles, control of breathing).

Rauno O Joks, MD (x1662)            Anti-inflam m atory properties of tetracycline antibiotics. Role of
rauno.joks@           com plem ent proteins in allergic diseases.

Martin Kram er, MD (x3996)          Clinical studies in infection control at Kings County Hospital.
m artin.kram er@

David Landm an, MD (x3790)          Investigations include m olecular epidem iology of nosocom ial
david.landm        infections and studies involving the m echanism s of antibiotic
                                    resistance; evaluations of the activity of new investigational
                                    com pounds are also conducted.

Sheldon Landesm an, MD (x3034)      Prospective study of HIV infected pregnant wom en and their offspring,
sheldon.landesm    the natural history of perinatally acquired HIV, the effect of retrovirals
                                    on cardiac function and the developm ent of m itochondrial syndrom es
                                    in children.

Jason Lazar, MD (x1568)             Alcoholic cardiom yopathy; effect of action potential duration in
jason.lazar@          ischem ia.

W illiam M McCorm ack, MD (x1432)   Evaluation of diagnostic tests for and treatm ent of sexually transm itted
bill.m ccorm ack@     and other genitourinary infections.

Allen J Norin, PhD (x2516)          Role of the novel vesicle associated gene product, "Haym aker," in
allen.norin@          growth and differentiation of norm al and m alignant cells.
                                    Receptor-ligand interactions involved in cytolytic lym phocyte
                                    destruction of tum or cells and organ grafts, in particular, the role of
                                    "Haym aker" and its cognate receptor in Natural Killer lym phocyte
                                    m ediated cytotoxicity. Diagnosis of allograft rejection using (I)
                                    m olecular probes of lym phocyte activation and (2) optical bead
                                    m icroarrays / Lum inex for detection of anti HLA antibodies.

Louis Salciccioli, MD (x1568)       The use of brain natriuretic peptide in assessing the severity of
louis.salciccioli@    coronary artery disease.
Man Seok Oh, MD (x1565)               W hole body acid-base balances.

Edward Quadros, PhD (x4203)           Molecular, genetic and biochem ical aspects of Vitam in B12
edward.quadros@         m etabolism . Purification and cloning of vitam in B12 binding proteins
                                      and their receptors. Transcobalam in II and the receptor for
                                      Transcobalam in II-Cobalam in as targets for new cancer therapeutics.

John Quale, MD (x)                    Investigations include m olecular epidem iology of nosocom ial
john.quale@             infections and studies involving the m echanism s of antibiotic
                                      resistance; evaluations of the activity of new investigational
                                      com pounds are also conducted.

TK Sreepada Rao, MD (x1394)           AIDS and kidney disease; erythropoietin in kidney disease.

W illiam B Solom on, MD (x1333)       Protein:DNA interactions; Cloning of novel hem atopoietic m RNAs.
william .solom

Steven M W eiss, MD (x4181)           Investigating the possible relationships between Chlam ydia
weisss@                    pneum oniae infection and atherosclerosis and asthm a.

                                      Department of Neurology

Charles K. Abram s, MD, PhD (x1270)   My lab studies m echanism s of hum an central and peripheral nervous
charles.abram s@        system diseases associated with m utations in connexins (gap junction
                                      proteins). I also study the roles of gap junctions in peripheral nerve
                                      regeneration and inherited peripheral neuropathy.

Brian J Anziska, MD (x2502)           Com parison of neurology undergraduate education in different
brian.anziska@          m edical schools using param eters such as overnight calls, and
                                      exam ination m odalities.

Yaacov Anziska, MD (x2734)            HIV and toxic neuropathies, peripheral nerve injuries.

Chun Bai, MD (x2883)                  Sleep disorders and its im pact on cognitive and neurological function,
chun.bai@               circadian rhythm disorder, sleep breathing disturbance; epidem iology
                                      and prevalence in m inority population.

Alison Baird, MD (x3213)              Studying the predictors of clinical and tissue outcom e after stroke and
alison.baird@           predictors of stroke risk. Methods used include neurovascular
                                      im aging (MRI, MRA, and CT) and cellular and m olecular profiling of
                                      the peripheral blood (gene expression profiling and flow cytom etry).
                                      Developm ent and evaluation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic
                                      approaches for stroke.

Satyakam Bhagavati, MD (x2841)        Skeletal m uscle generation from em bryonic stem cells: Isolation of
satyakam .bhagavati@    skeletal m uscle stem cells from m urine em bryonic stem cells, studying
                                      their in vitro differentiation and proliferation characteristics and their
                                      ability to generate physiologically norm al skeletal m uscle after
                                      transplantation into dystrophic m ice.

Ivan Bodis-W ollner, MD (x2975)       Vision and visual cognition suffer in dopam inergic deficiency states,
ivan.bodis-wollner@     such as in Parkinson's disease (PD). Our research studies evaluate
                                      electrophysiological neural network properties of dopam inergic circuits
                                      m ediating vision, saccadic eye m ovem ents and visual cognition. In
                                      addition, we study retinal im pairm ent in PD, using optical coherence
                                      tom ography, an in vivo im aging technique of the retina.

Geetha Chari, MD (x2959)              Epilepsy clinical studies.
Roger Q Cracco, MD (x2051)             Magnetic stim ulation of nervous system .

Joan Cracco, MD (x2035)                Mechanism s of long term potentiation.

Howard Crystal, MD (x2748)             Cognitive changes in HIV. Genetics of substance abuse in HIV.
howard.crystal@          Com putational m odels of working and procedural m em ory.

Radha Giridharan (x2042)               Strokes in sickle cell disease. Clinical research in pediatric neurology         topics.

Patricia Kavanagh, MD (718-403-9855)   Clinical m ovem ent disorders studies, including Parkinson's disease,
patricia.kavanagh@       dystonia, essential trem or, and atypical parkinsonism .

Paul J Maccabee, MD (x2430)            Physical m odeling, in vitro studies of nerve excitation using
paul.m accabee@          neurom agnetic stim ulation. Developing clinical m ethods to detect
                                       abnorm alities in the cauda equina and also the entire neuroaxis.

Alexander Mauskop, MD (718-935-9666) Ionized m agnesium and headaches.
alexander.m auskop@

Lisa Merlin, MD (x3957)                Hippocam pal electrophysiology: exam ination of the role of
lisa.m erlin@            m etabotropic glutam ate receptors in seizure production and
                                       epileptogenesis, with the aim to develop ways to prevent epilepsy in
                                       at-risk patients and suppress seizures in refractory patients.

Herm an Moreno, MD (x1338)             Use of fMRI in m ouse m odels of neurodegenerative disease such as
herm an.m          Alzheim er's and Down’s syndrom e to study brain m etabolism , as an
                                       early m arker of the disease. Basic electrophysiology and single cell
                                       calcium signaling to study brain circuit abnorm alities in
                                       neurodegenerative disease in m ultiple m ouse m odels.

Arthur L. Rose, MD (x3209)             Fragile-X syndrom e: Mode of action of FMRP in the central nervous              system and the m echanism of "toxic" FMR1 m RNA activity in carriers.

Daniel Rosenbaum , MD (x2051)          The focus of the lab is to study the underlying m echanism s of
daniel.rosenbaum @       ischem ic cell death. By obtaining a better understanding of the events
                                       that occur at a m olecular level, therapies aim ed at reducing neuronal
                                       dam age m ay be developed. Specifically, we are focusing on the role
                                       of apoptosis in neuronal ischem ia. The laboratory utilizes both
                                       cerebral and retinal m odels. Another area of focus is neural stem and
                                       progenitor cells. The adult m am m alian brain contains neural stem and
                                       progenitor cells that can proliferate, self-renew, and generate all of the
                                       cellular elem ents of the brain including neurons. During the past few
                                       years techniques have been developed that m ake it possible to isolate
                                       and expand, from developing or even adult CNS tissue, cells with
                                       properties characteristic of early neural m ultipotent progenitor or stem
                                       cells. These techniques have opened interesting new possibilities for
                                       the use of cells for CNS transplantation, neural replacem ent, and
                                       brain repair. This project will bring the rapidly expanding area of
                                       progenitor cells to bear on the problem s of stroke and cerebral
                                       ischem ia.

Sophia Sharfstein, MD (x2035)          Stroke studies.

Helen Valsam is, MD (x1356)            Investigations on the prevention of post-traum atic epilepsy.
helen.valsam is@
                                       Department of Neurosurgery

                                        Experim ental research: Molecular m echanism s of neuroprotection.
Ethan A. Benardete, MD, PhD (X4335)
                                        Clinical research: Outcom es in cerebrovascular and skull base

Maria Li, MD (X2111)
                                        General neurosurgery.

Stephen T Onesti, MD (X2111)            Spinal neurosurgery, m inim ally invasive spine surgery, cervical
stephen.onesti@           degenerative disc disease and surgical treatm ents for chronic pain.

                                        Brain tum ors, aneurysm s, vascular m alform ations, peripheral nerve
Nicholas Post, MD (X2111)
                                        surgery, spinal cord tum ors, tum ors of the spinal colum n, spinal

Ali Sadr, MD (X4141)
                                        Neurosurgery; Skull Base Surgery; Neurotraum a.

Mark Thom pson, MD (X4141)
                                        Spinal neurosurgery and spine traum a.
m ark.thom

                                  Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ovadia Abulafia, MD (x2057)             Throm bophilia in gynecologic m alignancies; Album in levels as
ovadia.abulafia@          prognosticators of risk in gynecologic m alignancies; Adequacy of
                                        hysterectom y in patients with positive endocervical curettage;
                                        incidence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in African-Am erican wom en with
                                        gynecologic cancer.

Vijaya Nacharaju, PhD (x2064)           Estrogen and progesterone m etabolites in urine and saliva, 11beta
vijaya.nacharaju@         steroid dehydrogenase and arom atase in endom etrial carcinom a.

John Rasweiler, PhD (x2057)             Angiogenesis in the m am m alian endom etrium .

                                      Department of Ophthalmology

Monica Dweck, MD (x1961)                Lacrim al and orbital disease.
m onica.dweck@

Jeffrey Freedm an, MD, PhD (x1961)      Elucidation of the m echanism s of inflam m atory fibrosis in glaucom a.

Douglas Lazzaro, MD (x3380)             Corneal research.

E.C. Lazzaro, MD (x1962)                Ophthalm ic m anifestations of syphilis.

Arthur W olintz, MD (x1961)             Ocular m anifestation of neurologic disease.

                       Department of Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation M edicine

Sanjeev Agarwal, MD (x1892)             Interventional physiatry and pain m anagem ent.

Tsai Chao, MD (x1892)                   Physical m edicine and rehabilitation, acupuncture.
Michael Gerling, MD (x3200)        Spine surgery; whiplash injury; vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty;
m     m inim ally invasive spinal procedures; degenerative diseases of the
                                   neck and back; traum atic spinal injuries of the neck and back.

Pam ela Levine, MD (x2055)         Hand surgery; nerve injury; hand and upper extrem ity surgery; wrist
pam               and elbow arthroscopy; m icro-surgical techniques.

Seung Park, MD (x1892)             Physical m edicine and rehabilitation.

Carl Paulino, MD (x3200)           Scoliosis and deform ity, total disc replacem ent, spine surgery.

Paul Pipia, MD (x1892)             Physical m edicine and rehabilitation; orthotics and prosthetics.

Vijay Rasquinha, MD (x3200)        Total hip and knee replacem ents; im plant retrieval analysis.

Soon Rho, MD (x1892)               Physical m edicine and rehabilitation, electrom yography.

Subrata Saha, PhD (x8652)          Biom echanics of m usculoskeletal system ; biom aterials; sports injury;         electrical stim ulation for bone healing; osteoporosis; orthopedic
                                   im plant testing; m echanical properties of bone and bone cem ent;
                                   bioethics; health care delivery.

Claude Scott, MD, PhD (x2055)      Pediatric orthopedic and traum a research; hip and lower extrem ity
claude.scott@        deform ities; gait disturbances; neurom uscular disorders; pediatric

John Sharkey, MD (x4673)           Sports m edicine, arthroscopic surgery, shoulder and knee surgery.

Charles R Spero, MD (x2055)        Pediatric fractures; congenital and developm ental deform ities of the
charles.spero@       hip and lower extrem ity; gait disturbances; neurom uscular disorders.

W illiam Urban, MD (x2055)         Sports m edicine studies; athletic injuries; strength of sutures; ligam ent
william       biom echanics; arthroscopic surgery; shoulder and knee surgery.

                                 Department of Otolaryngology

Nira Goldstein, MD (x1638)         The diagnosis of pediatric obstructive sleep apnea. Im pact of
nira.goldstein@      tonsillectom y and adenoidectom y on child behavior.

Gady Har-El, MD (x1638)            Head and neck cancer. Surgical approaches to skull base tum ors.
                                   Reconstructive techniques after head and neck cancer surgery. Deep
                                   neck infections.

Jessica W Lim , MD (x1638)         Effect of endoscopic sinus surgery and m iddle turbinate positioning on
jessica.lim @        olfaction. Tracheotom y in the elderly patient.

Joseph R McPhee, PhD (x2350)       Molecular genetic basis of otosclerosis. The use of high frequency
joseph.m       otacoustic em issions in the m onitoring of early-stage ototoxicity.
                                   Collagen rem odeling and keloid form ation. Strom elysin expression in
                                   head and neck carcinom a.

Richard Rosenfeld, MD (x1638)      Quality of life research. Meta-analysis. Otitis m edia.

Neil Sperling, MD (x1638)          Distortion product otoacoustic em issions applied to hearing loss.
                                   Quality of life aspects of chronic infectious ear disease.
                                           Department of Pediatrics

Stacy Blain, PhD (x4471)                   Cell cycle progression, focusing on the cyclin cdks and their inhibitors,
stacy.blain@                 Cip/Kips.

Shirley Chang                              Electron m icroscopy of pediatric kidney disease.

Salvador Castells, MD (x2962)              Evaluation of insulin dependant diabetics with oral glucose tolerance
salvador.castells@           tests for hypothalam ic dysfunction in children with Down’s syndrom e
                                           and hum an growth horm one therapy.

Margaret Clark-Golden, MD, MPH (x2132) Risk factors for pediatric injury, both intentional and non-intentional;
m         lead poisoning; nutrition.

Stanley Fisher, MD (x1625)                 Our research studies the cell biology of placental function. In
stanley.fisher@              particular, we are interested in the effects of ethanol exposure on cell
                                           signal transduction and downstream transcriptional/translational

Margaret R Ham m erschlag, MD          Current research is concentrated on the epidem iology, im m unology,
(245-4074)                             diagnosis and treatm ent of infections due to Chlamydia pneumoniae.
m argaret.ham m This includes investigation of the relationship to reactive airway
                                       disease, at cytokine production, m ouse m odel of C. pneumoniae
                                       infection and atherosclerosis, reactive airway disease. Antibiotic
                                       treatm ent trials. Diagnosis and treatm ent of C. trachomatis infections
                                       in infants and adolescents. Sexually transm itted diseases and sexual

Robert Karp, MD (245-3612)                 Nutrition, lead poisoning: relation of im m unization status to physical
robert.karp@                 growth, hem atologic status and lead level.

Scott T Miller, MD (x1692)                 Clinical/psychosocial aspects of pediatric sickle cell disease.
scott.m iller@

Madu Rao, MD (x1524)                       Asthm a: epidem iology, m ortality trends in Brooklyn. Sleep: obstructive
m                    sleep apnea in children - dem ographics, pulm onary hypertension lung
                                           physiology in sicklers prone to lung disease (consultant for national
                                           cooperative study).

Sreedhar Rao, MD (x1692)                   Clinical expression of big parvovirus on children with sickle cell                 disease and in children with AIDS. Pneum ococcal antibodies in
                                           children and adolescent with sickle cell disease. Role of booster
                                           im m unizations with pneum ococcal vaccine. Radionuclide im aging and
                                           MR im aging of bones in sickle cell disease.

Am y Suss, MD (x1625)                      Hepatitis B&C in adolescents. New treatm ents for chlam ydia in
am y.suss@                   adolescents. Suicide attem pts in adolescents.

                         Department of Preventive M edicine and Community Health

Jack A DeHovitz, MD (x1069)                Prospective studies of HIV-infected wom en.

Joseph Feldm an, DPH (x1080)               Prognosis of breast cancer; natural history of HIV infection; cancer
joseph.feldm              epidem iology; epidem iologic m ethods.

Pascal J Im perato, MD (x1056)             Clinical outcom es research. Population studies. perato@
Judith H LaRosa, PhD (x3204)          Public health aspects of wom en's health, cardiovascular disease,            com m unity health, and sex/gender differences in health.

Tracey E. W ilson, PhD (x3746)        Behavioral intervention and evaluation research, HIV/STI prevention,           behavioral issues related to wom en's sexual and reproductive health.

                                      Department of Psychiatry

Michael Berzofsky, PhD (x2004)        Research is focused on change in psychotherapy in brief hospital
m ichael.berzofsky@     treatm ent. Focus is on how patients engage or resist the treatm ent
                                      process to subjectively describe their inner world and experiences.

Miranda Chakos, MD (x1748)            Studying the effectiveness of new treatm ents for schizophrenia,
m iranda.chakos@        including treatm ent of cognitive im pairm ent and negative sym ptom s in
                                      schizophrenia. Studying the effect of antipsychotic m edication on the
                                      m etabolic syndrom e.

Carl Cohen, MD (287-4806)             Research on anxiety and depression of older Afro-Am ericans and              Afro- Caribbeans residing in Brooklyn. Evaluation of m inority dem entia
                                      patients and their caregivers. Schizophrenia and aging: com parison of
                                      Afro-Am ericans and Caucasians living in nursing hom es.

Jerem y Coplan, MD (x2022)            Nonhum an prim ate m odels of early life stress as pertains to hum an                     depression and anxiety disorders, using diffusion tensor im aging,
                                      m agnetic resonance spectroscopy, neuroendocrine CSF profiles
                                      including corticotropin releasing-factor, HPA axis and gene
                                      expression. Investigating the role of neurogenesis in antidepressant
                                      action in nonhum an prim ate m odels of depression. Perform ing rodent
                                      studies focused on the role of neurogenesis and segregation.
                                      Perform ing clinical studies in patients with bipolar depression and
                                      panic disorder.

Daniel Cukor, PhD (x2077)             Behavioral m edicine research. Cognitive behavioral intervention in
daniel.cukor@           chronic renal disease, non-com pliance and developm ent of
                                      depression treatm ent for the chronically ill.

Steven Friedm an, PhD, ABPP (x1750)   Cross-cultural issues in the diagnosis and treatm ent of anxiety
steven.friedm        disorders. Sexual dysfunctions.

Michael Garrett, MD (x2022)           Clinical research exam ining the phenom enology of psychosis and lack
m ichael.garrett@       of insight in m ental illness, with em phasis on auditory hallucinations.
                                      Psychoanalytic conceptions of psychosis. Cognitive behavioral
                                      treatm ent of schizophrenia.

Am jad Hindi, MD (x2022)              Interest prim arily in schizophrenia research; this includes: first episode
am jad.hindi@           schizophrenia and effectiveness of antipsychotic treatm ent; chronic
                                      schizophrenia and effectiveness of m edications; schizophrenia in the
                                      elderly and quality of life and general health issues; and finally the
                                      subjective ethnography of patients with schizophrenia.

Bernice Porjesz, PhD (x2911)          Neurophysiology of brain function in hum ans. Genetics of brain
bernice.porjesz@        function. Genetic study of alcoholism and related disorders.

Ram otse Saunders, MD (x3077)         Neurophysiology in hum ans. Utilization of event-related potentials and
ram otse.saunders@      event-related oscillations in various experim ental paradigm s.

Nina R Schooler, PhD (917-543-2740)   Clinical trials of m edications for schizophrenia. Developm ent of a
nina.schooler@          novel assessm ent m ethod for assessing psychopathology in
                                      schizophrenia. Studies of m edication adherence.

Ram aswam y Viswanathan, MD, Dsc      Decisional capacity; death anxiety and coping; ethical conflicts in
(x2313)                               m edicine and resolution.
ram aswam

                                     Department of Radiation Oncology

Kwang N Choi, MD (x1591)                 Continuous infusion chem otherapy with hyperfractionated irradiation
kwang.choi@                for locally advanced cancers. Com bined chem otherapy and irradiation
                                         in cancer treatm ents.

Christopher Lange, DPhil (x1050)         Cellular basis of organism al radiation: lethality and aging. Cellular          radiation lethality in term s of DNA DSB repair kinetics. Chrom osom e
                                         structure-DNA organization. Physical chem ical/biophysical m ethods
                                         for DNA size m easurem ent.

Marvin Rotm an, MD (x2181)               Clinical trials with the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group. Gynecology
m arvin.rotm            Oncology Groups: chem otherapy and radiation.

                                         Department of Radiology

Brian Gale, MD (x1603)                   Medical inform atics. Intraoperative sentinel node analysis by nuclear
brian.gale@                m edicine agents (m onoclonal antibodies). Ultrasonography of the
                                         endom etrium . Com puters in m edicine.

Michael Herskowitz, MD (x1996)           Studying patency of dialysis grafts after throm bolysis. Also studying
m ichael.herskowitz@       patency of dialysis grafts after placing m etallic stent prosthesis at sites
                                         of recurrent stenosis.

Sundeep Mangla, MD (x4141)               Intracranial aneurysm s (im aging, public health, therapy); brain
sundeep.m angla@           arteriovenous m alform ations (im aging, public health, therapy);
                                         cerebrovascular occlusive disease, angioplasty and stenting; robotics,
                                         endolum inal diagnosis and intervention; acute stroke and cerebral
                                         perfusion (im aging, physiology, and therapy); nanotechnology and
                                         biom edical engineering; prospective outcom es research; basic
                                         translational research; radiologic im aging research, prospective and

Salvatore Sclafani, MD (245-4447)        The study of new technologies, such as em bolization, to control
salvatore.sclafani@        traum atic hem orrhage. Evaluation of Corvita stent grafts for abdom inal
                                         aortic aneurysm repair.

Arnold Strashun, MD (x1632)              Intraoperative sentinel node analysis by nuclear m edicine agents            (m onoclonal antibodies). Evaluation of tinnitus and evaluation of
                                         m igraine with cerebral perfusion scintigraphy. Scintigraphic evaluation
                                         of en bloc cadaveric double renal transplants.

Daniel L Zinn, MD (x2552)                Use of Doppler (Color and Power) in testicular torsion analysis.                   Medical education through m edical and diagnostic im aging.

Harry L Zinn, MD (x1603)                 Topics in genitourinary cross-sectional im aging.

                                          Department of Surgery

Joshua Burack, MD (x1981)                Mediastinal traum a; endocarditis; graft infection; socio-econom ic
joshua.burack@             factors and access to health care in cardiac surgery.

Dale A Distant, MD (x1898)               Im m unosuppression in renal transplantation; diabetic urem ia.
Lisa S Dresner, MD (x1953)               Critical care; m icrovascular reactivity.

W ilson Ko, MD (x1981)                   The focus of clinical research of the division is on the risk reduction of
wilson.ko@                 cardiac surgery in patients with special needs. Current projects
                                         include (1) the use of recom binant clotting factor VIIa to treat severe
                                         coagulopathy after cardiopulm onary bypass, (2) the use of a novel
                                         bedside ultrafiltration technique in the treatm ent of acute renal failure
                                         after cardiac surgery, (3) pulsatile cardiopulm onary bypass to reduce
                                         the risk of renal deterioration of patients with chronic renal
                                         insufficiency, (4) the m echanism of m yocardial ischem ia-reperfusion
                                         injury, (5) novel real tim e diffuse near infrared optical im aging of brain
                                         perfusion during cardiopulm onary bypass, (6) perioperative glycem ic
                                         control of diabetic and non-diabetic cardiac surgery patients, and (7)
                                         genetic analysis of m yocardial biopsy from patients with aortic
                                         stenosis and regurgitation. Collaborations are ongoing with
                                         cardiology, anesthesiology, biom edical engineering, and pathology.

John G Kral, MD, PhD (x1955)             Insulin resistance m etabolic syndrom e; obesity, diabetes; adipose
john.kral@                 tissue; insulin resistance; vagal function.

Daniel Lee, MD (x1981)                   Brain perfusion by diffuse optical tom ography during cardiac surgery                 with cardiopulm onary bypass.

Theophilus Lewis, MD (x2155)             Nutrition support.

Patricia O'Neill, MD (x1973)             Antibiotic prophylaxis.

Jam es Reilly, MD (x2439)                Mathem atical m odeling; decision analysis.

Nabil Sum rani, MD (x1898)               Renal transplantation and diabetes.
nabil.sum rani@

Michael Zenilm an, MD (x1973)            Physiology of pancreatic regeneration; m olecular genetics; advanced
m ichael.zenilm         laparoscopic and pancreatic surgical technique; surgery in the elderly.

                                          Department of Urology

Mark Horowitz, MD (x2554)                Clinical research in pediatric urology.
m ark.horowitz@

Richard J Macchia, MD (x2554)            The departm ent is engaged in a broad range of clinical research
richard.m acchia@          involving all aspects of general and pediatric urology. Topics include
                                         various aspects of BPH, prostate cancer, laparoscopic surgery,
                                         voiding dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, com m unity
                                         outreach/education program s, and other areas.

                               OTHER COLLEGE OF M EDICINE DEPARTM ENTS

                                  Division of Laboratory Animal Resources

Sam uel R Adam s, DVM (x1194)            Im provem ent of anim al resources. Developm ent, im provem ent and
sam uel.adam s@            refinem ent of anim al m odels.
                                   Division of Hum anities in M edicine

Alice Herb, JD, LLM (x3780)             Clinical ethics, health law, patient advocacy, research ethics.

Kathleen E Powderly, PhD (x3322)        Ethical and legal issues in HIV disease. Ethical issues for first
kathleen.powderly@        responders in the era of terrorism ; history of m edicine; perinatal
                                        ethical issues.

               ** Unless otherwise noted, phone numbers are at the (718) 270- exchange **

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