; Howard Hughes, Entrepreneur and Inventor
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Howard Hughes, Entrepreneur and Inventor


howard hughes

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									             HOWARD HUGHES, Entrepreneur and Inventor:
                                          a Selected Reading List
    Learn more about this fascinating icon of adventure before viewing the new Martin
                        Scorsese’s blockbuster THE AVIATOR!

Please note: Most titles are for consultation on SIBL’s lower level. Books that may be borrowed are bolded.

United States Commercial Aviation Industry

    •   The Aviation Business from Kitty Hawk to Wall Street. Freudenthal, Elizabeth Estelle. New York. 1940.
        Call # TAK

    •   Civil Aviation and the Federal Government 1926-1996. FAA Historical Chronology {microform}; Washington,
        DC. Call # READEX TD 4.2:H 62/926-96

    •   Conquest of the Skies: A History of Commercial Aviation in America. Solberg, Carl. Boston. 1979.
        Call # JSE 80-133

    •   Crisis in the Skies Marx, Joseph. New York. {1970}. Call # VDYE

    •   Future Flying: a Prophecy of Unlimited Speed and Safety. Appeman, W.R. Oklahoma City. {1930}. Call # VBA
        p.v. 2384

    •   Turbulent Skies: the History of Commercial Aviation. Heppenheimer, T.A. Call # JBE 95-2365

    •   Wings Around the World: The Story of American International Air Transport. Leyson, Burr W. New York. 1948.
        Call # VDYE
Howard Hughes-The Businessman

    •   The Airline Builders. Allen, Oliver E. Alexandria, VA. 1981. Call # JLF 87-365

    •   Boeing Aircraft Since 1916. Bowers, Peter M. Fallbrook, CA. 1966. Call # VDY

    •   Boeing: From Peashooter to Jumbo. Lee, David. Edison, NJ. 1999. Call # JSF 04-614

    •   Empire: The Life, Legend and Madness of Howard Hughes. Bartlett, Donald. New York. 1979.
        Call # JFE 79-1786 (A lending copy of this title is available. Call # B Hughes B.)

    •   FBI File on Howard R. Hughes {microform}. Wilmington, DE. 2000. Call # *ZI-906 and *ZI-906+ (Guide)

    •   Flying High: The Story of Boeing and the Rise of the Jetliner. Rogers, Eugene. New York. 1996.
        Call # JBE 96-2968

                                                                            Prepared by John Ganly Page 1 of 1
    •   Howard Hughes Airline: An Informal History of TWA. Serling, Robert J. New York. 1983. Call # JLE84-1618

    •   Howard Hughes and TWA. Rummel, Robert W. Washington, DC. 1991. Call # JBE 91-2549

    •   Legacy of Leadership Trans World Airlines. Flight Operations Department. Marceline, MO. 1971.       Call # JLG

    •   Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913. Francillon, Rene J. London. 1982. Call # JSD 83-329

    •   The Lockheed Papers. Boulton, David. London. 1978. Call # JLD 79-843

    •   Next to Hughes: Behind the Power and the Tragic Downfall of Howard Hughes by His Closest Advisor. Maheu,
        Robert. New York. 1992. Call # JFE92-5552 (A lending copy of this title is available Call # 338.767 M)

    •   Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed. Rich, Ben. Boston. 1994. Call # JFE 95-7736
        (A lending copy of this title is available. Call # 338.7623 R)

    •   Up Against Howard Hughes: The Maheu Story. Laytner, Ron. New York. 1972. Call # JFC 76-2605

Howard Hughes-The Inventor

    •   Howard Hughes and His Flying Boat. Barton, Charles. Fallbrook, CA. 1982. Call # JSF 82-421 (A lending copy
        of this title is available. Call # B Hughes B)

    •   Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose. McDonald, John. Blue Ridge Summit, PA. 1981. Call # JSD 81-679

Howard Hughes-Images

The following is a list of photographs of Howard Hughes selected from the Aviator file maintained by SIBL. All of the
images appear in the periodical noted.

    •   Aero Digest. May 1927. p.432 Call # VDS+

    •   Aviation. March 1937. p.65 (Recipient of the Harmon Trophy) Call # VDS+

    •   Gulf Refining Co. Aviation atlas. Pittsburgh PA. 1937. ed 5.1937 p.5. Call # VDY+

    •   Sportsman Pilot. July 1929. p.45, July 1932. p.37, 47, August 1938 p.6 Call # VDS+

    •   Trade Winds. March-April 1937. p.19 (Presentation of the Harmon Trophy by President Roosevelt)
        Call # TLNA

    •  U.S Air Services. February 1936. p.12, February 1937 p.19, April 1937 p.24, and Cover, March 1939 p.38
       (Ace American Aviator of 1938).

The Aviator. www.aviatormovie.com
Howard Hughes Corporation. www.howardhughes.com
Social History. www.socalhistory.org/Biographies/h_hughes.htm

                                                                    Prepared by John Ganly Page 2 of 2

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