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									                                                 Principal’s Corner

Dear Parents,
          Spring is a great time to celebrate. We celebrate that the snow shoveling is done; we celebrate that the daffodils
are starting to reappear. Here at school, teachers start to celebrate the academic and social/emotional growth of the
students who have been in their charge for the past one hundred some odd days. This month, I want to also celebrate our
teachers - teachers, in general, and yes, teachers in the Park City School District, but more specifically, the fantastic
teachers at Parley’s Park Elementary.
          When I started teaching back in the day in Park City, things were relatively calm. The vast majority of kids were
middle class with supportive parents; our diversity seemed limited to the shades of blond hair on our charges’ heads. As
teachers, we were free to create curriculum as we saw fit, and while I still worked every weekend to make sure everything
was ready for class, none of us at that time had any other than self imposed stress on our teaching or student growth.
Move ahead twenty-five years, and we see a very different story in many ways. Teaching today is far more technical and
high stakes than ever before. I recall that a friend of mine once told me that she didn’t see what the big deal was with
teaching; all you had to do was open the “big book” and teach that lesson for the day. Well, we have no “big book” of
lessons – we didn’t twenty years ago, nor do we now. But, one difference now is that our students come to us with more
diverse backgrounds socially, academically and culturally than ever before. We are required to examine the needs of each
student to a far greater extent than ever before and know that each child’s growth is on our shoulders. The research is
clear that it is the classroom teacher who makes the biggest impact on student achievement, and the teachers at Parley’s
Park take that responsibility very seriously.
          Teachers today expect to examine and reexamine student growth. In fact, we officially do this every three weeks
during grade level team meetings. They expect to collaborate on behalf of kids – not just the ones in their classrooms –
but for all of the students at Parley’s Park. I see this at our Professional Learning community meetings when, as a team,
they may decide to pull a group for enrichment or remediation with one lead teacher, or assess collaboratively to
determine flexible skill groups across the grade level. Teachers today are expected to continue growth as professionals.
In fact, all teachers within the first three years of teaching in Park City must graduate from the new teacher induction
program and attain an “English as a Second Language” endorsement, meaning that on top of many hours of teaching,
they must also complete many additional hours of learning. At Parley’s Park, we are blessed with 100% highly qualified
teachers, as determined by state and federal laws. Forty-four percent of the teachers have their Masters Degree and
forty-eight percent have completed credits far over their Bachelors Degree.
          Park City School District also attracts a multitude of qualified candidates for every position that comes available.
For many reasons, we are sought after, and as a result are able to hire within the highest ranks of the educator quality in
the nation. As parents, some of you have been asked to join us on interview committees over the years and can attest to
the quality and rigor of the field. Teachers are also formally evaluated and expect more formative observations than ever
before. Each educator must complete three years of formal observations from administration, including documentation of
classroom and professional practices before they can become career educators. In addition, district and site
administrators conduct numerous walkthroughs of each classroom throughout the year, looking for evidence of strong
instructional practices that enhance student learning, and provide feedback of solid practice or needed improvement.
          At Parley’s Park, we celebrate our teachers. We celebrate their hard work, intellect, collaborative know-how and
experience. While I describe many changes over the decades, not one teacher (myself included) would say it was better
in the old days. For all of the requirements of the current times, we embrace the knowledge and understanding that it
brings with it. We know it makes our kids stronger and more prepared for the future. This month, take a moment to read
the teacher biographies in the lobby. I think you will be impressed with the knowledge and years of experience in our
school. If you haven’t already, say “thank you” for the time, energy and expertise that fills your child’s classroom. I know it
will be appreciated.


        Michele Wallace, Principal
                                            UPCOMING EVENTS

                               April Science Enrichment Program
Mad Science is coming to Parley's Park in April for "Secret Agent Lab". This after school program will cover topics such
as Jr. Detectives, Spy Academy, Agent Undercover, Sleuths on the Scene, and Crime Lab. Mad Science will be
conducting the 90-minute sessions that include take-home projects, impressive presentations, and hands-on activities.

Class Dates: April 14th, 21st, & 28th (Wednesdays)
Class times: 3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Cost: $58 ($56 if registering online). Cost includes instruction plus all materials.

Must register by April 7th.

To register online go to <> and go to the after school program link. If you have
any questions, please call Stacey Reko at 435-658-4421 or email

                                     Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up the first week of May (May 3 – 7), which is unbelievably almost right around the
corner! We need your help!

In the past we have held daily prize drawings for the teachers during teacher appreciation week. We would like to
continue this fun tradition and we are looking for donations. If you or someone you know is interested in donating an item,
a service or a gift card, please give me a call or email me. You can also bring your donation to the office. Examples of
past years’ donations include spa gift certificates, personal training sessions, photography sessions, movie tickets,
jewelry, salon gift certificates, home décor items, restaurant gift certificates, car wash gift certificates, iTunes gift
certificates and American Express gift cards. No gift is too large or small and all are greatly appreciated! The kids will
show their appreciation for the teachers that week by making cards, bringing in a flower, decorating classroom doors,
etc…so look for that information to come home. We will ask room moms for help with those activities, so stay tuned!
We will also be providing meals for the teachers that week. If you are not on the Teacher Appreciation email list and want
to contribute to meals, be sure to email Kathy.

Thank you in advance for your assistance to help recognize our fantastic teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Co-Chairs: Kathy Silianoff (cell: 435-655-1148),
Elizabeth Madsen (cell: 949-436-0470)

                                         PCEF's Running with Ed
There is still time to participate in PCEF's first ever Running with Ed (Education) Relay Race:
1. Put together a team. Get training tips and info online at The race is May 22nd, 8:00 to 4:00, 41
miles, and can be run in teams of 5 or 10. McPolin has 10 teams - can Parley's catch up? The first 1,000 runners get
Skullcandy headphones in their swag bag. Registration closes April 30.
2. Show your school spirit! Parley's Park will be one of the exchanges and we’ll have a chance to show off how great
our school is.
3. Be a day-of volunteer on the course or at the party. We'll be needing lots of hands to make this a fun and safe event.
4. Support a team. Teams have the opportunity to raise additional money for PCEF, and a few are taking this challenge
very seriously. Check out the race pages on the PCEF website to find out how to show support for your team.

Contact Abby McNulty with any volunteer or registration questions at or (435) 615-0235. Info on
                                         the race lives at
                                    Volunteers = Grant for School

Planning is already getting underway for PCEF's fall dinner and auction, and we need help to make this year's event fun
and exciting.

We are looking for everything from detail-oriented list-keepers to creative media minds to top last year's success. PCEF is
offering a special incentive - get four members of your school to become active committee members and earn a $500
grant for your PTO.

Contact Monika Guendner at or (435) 615-0235 for more info.

*Last year PPES was the only school to earn the $500 grant. Hopefully we can do it again in 2010!


                                               Books and Beyond
Albert Einstein said, "If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very brilliant,
read them more fairy tales." We are on our 6th week for Books and Beyond--are your kids reading, or are you reading to
them?? Kids will have some reading make up time over Spring Break; then the final assembly will be on April 16th.
Come see Mr. Brown get "silly stringed" and watch a lucky few board the limo for breakfast with Ms. Wallace and some
Olympians! Also, please come by the school and check out the country flags outside each classroom (some with
accompanying displays) and the "Advancing Wall" which tracks the children's progress. There are three weeks left of
reading--remember to turn in those forms! Extra forms can be downloaded from the PTA section of the school website. If
you have any questions, please contact Amy Renola at

                                                 Student Council

Last month we sold Tanger Bucks coupons at the Book Fair. We sold over 100 coupon books, which were the most ever
sold at Parley’s and we raised $520.35. At our next Student Council meeting we are going to vote on how we will use the
money to help our school.

At our meeting last month we had a visit from Cathy King from Friends of Animals. She told us about all of the special pets
and programs at Furburbia. They do so many great things that a lot of us want to volunteer to help them this summer. We
also gave Cathy the supplies we collected for the pets. We collected so much from all of the students and staff at Parley’s.
Thank you.

Our next project will be sponsoring a water stop at Parley's Park during the Park City Education Foundation’s “Running
with Ed Relay Race” in May. We will make banners, decorate with balloons, staff a water station and cheer on all of the

submitted by Abby Jager & Danielle Martin
                              Parley’s School Community Council
The Parley's Park School Community Council met on March 4, 2010. A significant portion of time was spent discussing
the current status of Parley's Land Trust funds and projections for the 2010/2011 school year. A total estimated budget
for 2010/2011 is approximately $53,000. Thus far, SCC would like to retain the 5 paraprofessionals (3 reading aides, 1
math aide, and 1 special education aide) who are paid via Land Trust funds, revive Junior Great Books if staff and
volunteer support can be generated, purchase additional Step Up to Writing classroom kits, and greatly enhance the
leveled library by increasing the number of books geared to students who are above the elementary reading levels. Ideas
to purchase additional Promethean Boards and to hire an Enrichment Aide were also proposed.

Monica Gustafson reported on the PCSD Board meeting held on Tuesday, March 2. A state Land Trust representative
provided guidance on creating and revising Land Trust plans - schools were strongly discouraged from carrying over any
funds from one budget year to the next. The new Journey's reading curriculum was received well as a pilot program and
is likely to be adopted by PCSD.

The crosswalk leading from St. Luke's Episcopal Church to PPES continues to be a source of concern. The lack of a
sidewalk and the accumulation of snow on the St. Luke's side of the road place children and parents in the path of traffic
entering and exiting the St. Luke's parking lot. SCC discussed the possibility of recruiting volunteers or hiring a plow
service (how to pay being a major stumbling block) to clear an area in the grass for safe walking space. Additional ideas
for making the crosswalk area safer in the winter are most welcome!

The Huntsman Award nomination was tabled for the following fall. SCC determined that the current deadline was too
close for a nominee to receive a thorough and well-researched nomination.

SCC was pleased to welcome the presence and input of guest, Paul Dolan - Headmaster of Bexton Primary School of
Knutsford, England.

The next SCC meeting will focus on finalizing the Land Trust Plan for 2010/2011.

                                          From the PTA Board…
Studies have shown that when parents are involved in their children’s school, their child’s school achievement increases.
Lucky for you, PTA is recruiting for next year! We have many parents “graduating” and are in need of chair positions, as
well as parents to help out on committees. Please consider boosting your child’s achievement by being involved in the
PTA! The following committees need a new chairman for next year:

Art Enrichment
Bulletin Board
Green Team Recycling
PCEF Liaison
Reflections in Art
Skate Program

We also are still in need of a PRODUCER for our Talent Show scheduled for June 2nd. If we don’t have a person
volunteer to be the producer, we won’t be able to have the talent show.

If you are interested, please contact Shawna Doughman (shawnadoughman or Laura Starley

Spelling Bee Enthusiasts

The Park Record is proud to announce that The Park Record Spelling Bee will be on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at the
Egyptian Theater in Park City.

We will have a 2nd/3rd grade Bee, a 4th/5th grade Bee and 6th/7th/8th grade Bee again this year. As in previous years,
we will provide the word lists prior to the Bee (early the week of May 10th) so students can study; we will be giving out
more words, however, and they’ll be more challenging so we do not run out of words and can keep the Bee flowing more

The bigger change to note this year will be the qualification process for the Park Record Bee. In the past, all the schools
held their own class and school bees and sent their winners on to the Park Record Bee. This approach was difficult for
various reasons, including the fact that some of the schools could not afford to take school time to do bees and varying
student populations made it difficult to decide how many participants each school could send. To alleviate these issues,
we’ve decided to standardize the qualification process with a written spelling test open to every student in Summit and
Wasatch County. This qualification test will be administered with no previous exposure to the word list. The qualification
test will be given from 7:30 to 8:30 am on April 21 ; more details to follow. Students who are eligible to participate
must live in Summit or Wasatch County or go to school in Summit or Wasatch County. The top 20-25 in each bee level
will be invited to participate in the Park Record Spelling Bee.

Calendar of Events

April 21st 7:30 to 8:30 AM - Park Record Bee Qualification Test at Parley’s

May 1st: Announcement of students invited to the Park Record Bee

May 10th: Invitations/word lists delivered to Park Record Bee contestants

May 20th: Park Record Bee at the Egyptian!

If you have any questions please contact Shawna Doughman (


For every PPES parent who does their taxes with H&R Block, the company will donate $25 to the school, plus discount
the parent's regular tax prep fee by another $25. H&R Block also will prepare school employees' tax returns (federal and
one state) for a maximum fee of $169, no matter how complex the return. For more information, contact Trish Gerlach at
H&R Block, 435.658.2916.


2010 Wasatch Back Student Art Show--Art in Action

The Kimball Art Center is proud to host the annual Wasatch Back Student Art Show for students in grades K - 12 living in
Summit and Wasatch Counties. This year's theme, Art in Action, relates how sports and art have influenced life. Students
can submit one 2 or 3-dimensional piece. Entry fee is $1, and pieces must be dropped off at the Kimball Art Center no
later than April 25 at 4:30 p.m. The opening reception will be Saturday, May 1 from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. For information and
guidelines, click here:

                                                Parley’s Tidbits
     Thank you to everyone who shopped at the Usborne Book Fair during the Science Fair. Thank you to all parents
      who purchased materials directly off of the wish lists, as well as to those who purchased items for themselves,
      which then earned free books for the classrooms. Teachers who created classroom wish lists now have a total of
      $130 of new Usborne materials in their classrooms, due to your generosity.
     ATTENTION PARENTS DROPPING OFF AND PICKING UP: For the safety of our children, please

     We will be having an evening PTA meeting on Tuesday, April 13, at 7:00 p.m. Please join us.

     The PTA Volunteer Appreciation Lunch will be held on Tuesday, May 11. Plan on coming to this fun, free lunch as
      a thank you for all YOU do.

     Sports Enrichment will take place on the following Wednesdays: May 5, 12 and 19. Watch for upcoming
      information on the terrific classes which will be offered after school, right here at Parley's.

     Please save the date and join us as we celebrate our multi-cultural school with a Spring Fiesta on May 28th, 5-7
      pm at Parley's. We will enjoy Latin Food, Dancing, Music and Games. Make sure to mark your calendars--you
      will not want to miss it!

                                            MARK YOUR CALENDAR

April 7 – Registration Deadline for Science Enrichment Program
Apr. 5-9 – Spring Break – NO SCHOOL
April 13 – Evening PTA Meeting at Parley’s, 7:00 p.m.
Apr. 14, 21, 28 – Science Enrichment
April 21 - Qualification test for Park Record Spelling Bee, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
April 25 – Deadline for submissions to 2010 Wasatch Back Student Art Show, Kimball Art Center, 4:30 p.m.
April 30 – Registration deadline for PCEF’s Running with Ed teams
May 1 – Opening Reception, 2010 Wasatch Back Student Art Show, Kimball Art Center, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
May 11 – PTA Volunteer Appreciation Lunch
May 5, 12, 19 – Sports Enrichment
May 20 – Park Record Spelling Bee at the Egyptian Theater in Park City
May 22 - Running with Ed Relay Race, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
May 28 – Spring Fiesta, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., Parley’s
May 31 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
June 3 – Last Day of School

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