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					The Bridges at Mint Hill
The Bridges at Mint Hill enjoys a prime placement in the underserved
southeast corner of the Charlotte metropolitan area which is experiencing
strong population growth. Located at the intersection of Interstate 485
and Lawyers Road, the project was originally planned for 1.2 million
square feet of retail development. Construction began in 2008 but was
delayed due to economic conditions.

Currently, The Howard Hughes Corporation is considering development
opportunities for The Bridges at Mint Hill given evolving market conditions.

     •	 The Bridges at Mint Hill will draw customers from throughout
        Charlotte, the nation’s seventh fastest-growing metropolitan area
                                                                                      Trade Area Demographics
        and second largest financial center.
                                                                                                 2010 Population: 419,728
     •	 The Eastern Charlotte market has, and will continue to experience,              2015 Projected Population: 480,169
        a large portion of the population growth in the area. The newly                          2010 Households: 156,310
        completed I-485 beltway will allow for easy access from throughout
                                                                                       2015 Projected Households: 178,819
        the entire eastern half of this underserved retail, dining and
        entertainment market.                                                            2010 Average HH Income: $70,303
                                                                               2015 Projected Average HH Income: $74,322
     •	 In the next five years, the trade area’s population and number of
        households are expected to grow by almost 15 percent, a rate nearly
        three times that of the United States overall.
                                                                                 5-Mile Radius Demographics
                                                                                                  2010 Population: 59,527
                                                                                        2015 Projected Population: 68,218
                                                                                                  2010 Households: 22,465
                                                                                        2015 Projected Households: 25,880
                                                                                        2010 Average HH Income: $76,163
                                                                               2015 Projected Average HH Income: $80,966

                                                                                10-Mile Radius Demographics
                                                                                                 2010 Population: 351,414
                                                                                       2015 Projected Population: 399,206
                                                                                                 2010 Households: 135,678
                                                                                       2015 Projected Households: 154,130
                                                                                        2010 Average HH Income: $74,564
                                                                               2015 Projected Average HH Income: $78,469
                                                                                                             Source: Claritas, Inc.

Keith Laird                               Michelle Waak
Executive Vice President, Leasing         Vice President, Leasing                    The Bridges at Mint Hill
310.892.9746                              214.741.7744                                              Charlotte, North Carolina    

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