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Parkway Progress


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									                                                                                                      November 20-November 26, 2011

                                                                             An informal publication of the Texas Department of Transportation updating
                                                                             interested parties about San Antonio’s Wurzbach Parkway project.

Bridge work progresses between                                                                                               Work suspended
Blanco and West Avenue                                                                                                       on Thanksgiving
   Work on the bridge structures along the Christmas holiday, weather permit-                                                   As directed by state requirements,
the future Wurzbach Parkway between ting.                                                                                    work on all construction projects asso-
Blanco and West Avenue continues to                During this time of the year most of                                      ciated with Wurzbach Parkway will be
progress quick-                                                        the       concrete                                    stopped on Thursday, November 24, in
ly, as evidenced                                                       pours      can    be                                  observance of Thanksgiving.
by the week-                                                           done during the                                          No scheduled work will be per-
end’s hanging of                                                       day. Exceptions                                       formed by TxDOT or the contractor on
support beams                                                          include any area
                                                                                                                             the segments spanning from Blanco to
across Blanco                                                          that would heavily
Road.                                                                  impact      daytime                                   West Avenue and from Jones-
   Approach                                                            traffic. Other slabs                                  Maltsberger to Wetmore between
slabs are slated                                                       slated to receive                                     Thursday and Sunday this week. The
to be poured at                                                        concrete are re-                                      length of time taken off by crews on
Salado Creek,                                                          mote, away from                                       the segment between West Avenue and
Walker Ranch The wall along the approach to the bridge over Salado     most residences.                                      Jones-Maltsberger will be decided mid
                   Creek and Blanco Road takes shape. Concrete for the
and the San approach should be poured before Christmas.                Bridge work along                                     -week. If the contractor decides to only
Antonio     River                                                      other segments is                                     take Thursday off, work will likely
Authority dam in upcoming weeks. also progressing rapidly—the Starcrest                                                      occur on the middle stretch both Fri-
Most imminent is the work at Salado overpass columns are nearly complete
                                                                                                                             day and Saturday.
Creek, which when finished would and beams are planned for that area
open the west-bound frontage road soon, and columns for the Jones-                                                              Crews are scheduled to work a pair
connecting Vista Del Norte to Blanco Maltsberger are in place. Workers are                                                   of Saturdays—November 19 and De-
Road. Work on the approach slab drilling shafts for columns to support                                                       cember 3—to ensure the projects stay
there is planned to be complete before the U.S. 281 overpass now.                                                            on schedule.

New project Web page up and running
   A new project Web page detailing the progress and particulars of the Wurzbach
Parkway extension project has been built and is running on the Texas Department
of Transportation official Web site.
   You may find the page by going to and typing the keyword
“Wurzbach” in the search bar at the top right corner. On that page you can find the
most recent edition of this newsletter along with an archive (dating back to No-
vember 18) of past newsletters. You can find the color schematics of the project,
lane closure announcements and graphic descriptions of approved detour routes
for major road closures.
                                                                                                                             Work east of U.S. 281 is moving quickly as crews prepare
   We are working on adding a subscription feature to the page, notifying users of                                           to set support columns for the overpass that will one day
updates as they are made. Other information may be posted on the page as re-                                                 bridge Wurzbach Parkway over the existing highway.
quested in the future.
 This newsletter is developed as a courtesy and is written, laid out, edited and distributed by Josh Donat, a TxDOT spokesman. This newsletter may be distributed freely by any organiza-
                                           tion. Any comments, questions or suggestions should be accordingly sent to
                                                                    November 20-November 26, 2011

            Parkway Progress                                            CONVERSATION

The calm before the storm
    I suppose it is a blessing to a public information of-                                    to feel the effects of the Wurzbach Parkway project—
ficer, but for the sake of building a newsletter it’s a                                       particularly along the south-bound frontage road. As
problem: work on all sections of the project is going                                         we begin work in earnest along the U.S. 281 corridor,
smoothly and without any major upcoming issues.                                               regular lane closure announcements will be made
    In fact, between now and the new year there won’t                                         along with appropriate illustrations of approved detour
be a lot of work done with a major impact on those                                            routes. That said, most of the work along U.S. 281 will
who encounter the project on a day-to-day basis.                                              not require much in the way of detours—with the ex-
Most of the work is well within the confines of the pro-                                      ception of a temporary closed on– or off-ramp from
ject limits—things like drilling for support columns                                          time to time—but will mostly mean decreased lane
east of U.S. 281, setting beams at Mud Creek, pour-                                           availability. I’m not going to lie: this phase may not be
ing bridge approach slabs at the San Antonio River                                            so fun. Remember we’re all in this together and keep
Authority dam and the Walker Ranch bridges.                                                   in mind I’m here to help if you have any suggestions
    Some minor items will be noticed over the next few                                        along the way.
weeks, for sure—work on the sound wall supports                                                   Toward the end of the first quarter we hope to have
adjacent to the Oaks at Vista Del Norte, for instance,                                        the new, permanent Starcrest configuration in place.
or the construction of the Salado Creek bridge for the                                        Well, that’s half true—we still need to re-build the
west-bound frontage road approaching Blanco                                                   lanes currently being used within the limits of the pro-
Road—but these items should not have a major effect                                           ject, which will mean the two-way traffic is switched
on traffic or the residences.                                                                 from the west-bound side of the road to the east-
    When the new year comes, however, work will                                               bound side for a brief time, but the road will bend
begin to move rather quickly along some very visible                                          south into Wurzbach Parkway, then traffic will be
corridors.                                                                                    guided onto the future parkway using the proposed
    Work to be done during the first quarter of the year                                      access road, currently under construction.
includes the re-build of West Avenue, which will re-                                              These changes—and others—due to come up dur-
quire the road to be completely closed for a period of                                        ing the first part of 2012 will require a lot of synergy
six months. The re-build will widen the portion of the                                        as we work together to make life as simple as possi-
road nearest the future intersection of the parkway as                                        ble. The good news is we have a new tool—the pro-
it is made ready for the connecting ramps and neces-                                          ject Web page—to assist in this effort.
sary turn lanes. The bridge over Panther Creek will                                               My pledge to you moving forward is to continue
also be rebuilt. This closure is anticipated to begin                                         with this weekly newsletter and to keep the Web page
toward the end of February or by mid-March.                                                   updated as often as updates arise. If there is infor-
    Other changes to come early 2012 include the                                              mation not on the Web page you’d like to see posted,
erection of the sound walls adjacent to The Oaks at                                           let me know and I’ll see if it’s something that can be
Vista Del Norte and the reconfiguration of Vista Del                                          done.
Norte. The reconfiguration will come with the opening                                             And, as always, if you have any kind of questions
of the west-bound frontage road bridge over Salado                                            on any aspect of the project, send them my way and
Creek.                                                                                        I’ll do my best to find an answer!
    Those who frequent the U.S. 281 corridor will begin                                           Oh, and have a very happy Thanksgiving!

 This newsletter is developed as a courtesy and is written, laid out, edited and distributed by Josh Donat, a TxDOT spokesman. This newsletter may be distributed freely by any organiza-
                                           tion. Any comments, questions or suggestions should be accordingly sent to
                                                                                                        November 20-November 26, 2011

                 Parkway Progress                                                          ROAD CLOSURE REPORT

 Lane closures associated
with the Wurzbach Parkway
Starcrest Rd from Budding Blvd to Wetmore Ave
Non-stop closure, through April
The east-bound lanes of Starcrest are closed for work
relative to the Wurzbach Parkway project. All traffic
has been diverted to the west-bound lanes, limiting
Starcrest to a single lane in each direction. No left
turns are permitted along this road.
                                                                                                                                       Starcrest Road will continue to be limited to a single lane in each direction until April
Starcrest pedestrian crossing at McAllister Park                                                                                       while crews work to tie the future Wurzbach Parkway into the area Starcrest blends
                                                                                                                                       with the existing parkway. As a reminder, for safety reasons no left turns should be
Non-stop closure, through April                                                                                                        made along this roadway.
The crosswalk at McAllister Park and Starcrest is
closed until further notice, as it is now an active con-
struction zone. Hikers, bikers and joggers should alter
their routes accordingly.

Blanco Rd north-bound lanes at Wurzbach Parkway
9 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily, through Dec. 31
The right lane of north-bound Blanco Road is closed
within 600 feet (both directions) of Wurzbach Park-
way while crews widen the roadway. This closure in-
cludes shutting down the sidewalk and bicycle lane.
No detour is necessary.
                                                                                                                                       Blanco Road will be shut down at the Wurzbach Parkway intersection November 18-
        Friday, Nov. 18-Monday, Nov. 21                                                                                                21 while crews hang support beams for the future overpass bridge. Motorists should
Blanco Rd at Wurzbach Parkway                                                                                                          use West Avenue and Bitters to get around this closure.
Non-stop closure from 10 p.m. Friday until 5:30 a.m.
The intersection of Blanco Road and Wurzbach Park-
way will be closed completely for a full weekend while
crews construct support structures for the Wurzbach
Parkway overpass bridge. The approved detour route
for both directions uses Bitters Road and West Ave-

West Ave at Wurzbach Parkway
Non-stop closure, early 2012
West Avenue, between Walker Ranch Park and Indian
Hollow Apartments, will be closed for approximately
six months beginning early 2012 while crews rebuild
West Avenue. This will be a complete closure and no
traffic will be allowed through the construction zone.                                                                                 Minor closures along this and other portions of Vista Del Norte will continue on a daily
Detour routes are forthcoming.                                                                                                         basis through upcoming weeks as various utility companies perform work. These
                                                                                                                                       closures are done by the utilities companies and not TxDOT or Ballenger.
  This newsletter is developed as a courtesy and is written, laid out, edited and distributed by Josh Donat, a TxDOT spokesman. This
  newsletter may be distributed freely by any organization. Any comments, questions or suggestions should be accordingly sent to

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