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									                                                                                     WORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
              The Pilgrim                                                        SATURDAY EVENING WORSHIP
         St. Paul Lutheran Church                                                         6:00 pm
 “Helping People Know the Love of Christ And Live for Him”
                                                                                   SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP
                                                                                     9:00 am Morning Worship
                                                                        Communion will be celebrated the first and third Sundays of the Month

                                                                          WEEKLY BIBLE CLASS OPPORTUNITIES

                                                                    Day            Topic                 Location             Teacher
                                                                    10:15 am       Mathew                School Gym           Pastor King
                                                                    10:15 am       Mark                  Lower Level          Mr. Giesselmann
                                                                    10:15 am       Sunday School         School               PS-8th Grade
                                                                    10:15 am       High School           Youth House          Tammy Pritchett
                                                                    10:15 am       Video “Engage”        School Library       Andy Shetrill
                                                                    6:00 pm        Lord's Learners       Lower Level          Doug Pratt


                                                                    1:15 pm        Life with Spice       Lower Level          Pastor Schack


                                                                    7:00 pm        Men's Bible Class     Roseners             Pastor King

                                                                    THE LUTHERAN HOUR

                                                                    Sunday KHRC 97.7FM at 7:30 AM - KREI 800 AM at 10:00 am
                                                                           KFUO 850 AM at 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm
609 E. Columbia St.   *    Farmington, Mo   *      573-756-7872
                                                                                            Worship for shut in Sunday

website -                                                           KREI 800 AM at 10:30 PM
Rev James T. King - Senior Pastor               June / July 2010
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Brothers and Sisters in Chirst;                                            We begin our summer schedule the weekend of June 5-6. We will
                                                                           be thanking God that day for the many years of dedicated service of
I love the children's song I remember from vacation bible school that      His servant Jim Schifferdecker. Please make every effort to join us
goes: “Our God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing       that day in worship at 9:00am followed by a lunch reception.
our God cannot do.”
                                                                           The next weekend on June 13 we will begin a summer challenge to
Indeed there is nothing our God cannot do. I am thankful that His cre-     adults and youth to attend Sunday school and bible class every week
ation proclaims His majesty, and POWER!! Every time I see a spectac-       during the summer. There is no better time spent gathered together
ular sunset, or the brilliant stars in the deep night sky, I am reminded   in God's Word. Join Mr. Giesselmann's class in the lower level study-
that my God is MIGHTY!                                                     ing The book of Mark, or Mr. Sherrill's class in the upper level study-
                                                                           ing a Video Series entitled engage, or my class in the school gymna-
I am thankful that NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR MY GOD!!! I am                  sium when we begin the book of Matthew. The youth meet in vari-
thankful that MY GOD is OMNISCIENT!! He knows everything, and I            ous classrooms in the school. See our awesome Sunday School
can place my faith and trust in HIM!! I am thankful that MY GOD is         Superindentdents, Ralph and Beth Ogden, to find your child's class.
OMNIPRESENT!! He's everywhere, and there is nothing that happens
that he is not aware of. He is always watching over me and protecting      Our God is so great, so strong and so mighty! Our God is an awe-
me! I am thankful that MY GOD is OMNIPOTENT!! He is ALL                    some God. So come! Praise and celebrate the King!
MIGHTY and ALL POWERFUL, and even when I can't “see” that pow-
I am thankful that Philippians 2:13 says that His power is working IN
ME!! I am thankful that Isaiah 40:29-31 tells me that His power is
working FOR ME!!! I am thankful that Acts 1:8 shows me that His
power is available to work THROUGH ME!!! I am thankful that even
when I am weak, and feel like giving up, 1 Corinthians 12:9-10 tells
me that your GRACE is sufficient for me, and your POWER is made
perfect in my weakness!!

Thank you Jesus, for working in me, for me, and through my ordinary
life to do EXTRORDINARY things for YOUR PURPOSE and YOUR
GLORY!! Thank you for loving me, caring for me, and having a plan
for my life. You are MY MIGHTY GOD, and I put my trust in YOU!!

God indeed has done mighty things here at St. Paul. Amidst a strug-
gling economy we again raised over $100,000 at our school auction.
We have broken the one million dollar mark with our church and
school budget. That only means one thing!!!! God is blessing us and
we are indeed growing as we continue to spread the Good News of
our Risen Lord Jesus Christ!

I am thankful for all His blessings to me and my family over the last
ten years and can only imagine what He has in store as we walk               Fun Night 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm St. Paul Gym all ages beach vol-
together down the road He has paved. I encourage all of you as you           ley ball, cheering section, board games, (bring your favorite
read this to stop for a moment and thank God for His church and the          games and /or your favorite finger food. Come for Christian fellow-
blessings He has bestowed on us here at St. Paul. Pray how you can           ship and fun.
help the effort here of spreading the Good News.

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                Power in Prayer
                                                                        Power in Prayer
As your Pastor, I take time out of each day to pray    As your Pastor, I take time out of each day to pray for a partic-
for a particular family of our congregation. I am      ular family of our congregation. I am inviting you to join me in
inviting you to join me in this endeavor each month    this endeavor each month by listing the families we will be
by listing the families we will be praying for.        praying for. Remember, there is much Power in Prayer!
Remember, there is much Power in Prayer!
                                                                Saturday June 26 - Friday July 2
        Saturday May 29 - Friday June 4                               Jackie Johnson and Rebecca
                                                                  Davie & Leslie Jones, David II & Paul
      Royce and Linda Huffman and Meredith                    Mark & Eileen Jones, Andrea, Caroline,& Sarah
                  Betty Hughes
 Eric and JoAnn Hughes, Lawrance, Derrick, Han-                       Saturday July 3 - Friday July 9
                                                            Ceth & Elizabeth Jordan, Ashleigh, Madeline, Issac
                                                                   Chris Jordan and Tristen and Alexis
        Saturday June 5 - Friday June11                                Brenda Jordan, Tristen Alexis

             Larry & Carolyn Hughes                                  Saturday July 10 - Friday July 16
                Harry & Terry Hull
                    Mary Hull                                            Sharon and Clifton Jordan
                                                                            Ryan Kannenberg
                                                                         Alvin and Bobbi Karraker
       Saturday June 12 - Friday June 18
                                                                     Saturday July 17 - Friday July 23
         Scott & Jayme Hull and Carson
      Ken & Lori Ikemeier, Chase & Madison                      Vince and Jessica Kauflin, Rhett and Rory
               Ron & Marcile Jack                             Kurt and Julie Kellams, Jessica, Kohl, Katherine
                                                                       Ken & Linda Kelly and Shawn
       Saturday June 19 - Friday June 25
                                                                     Saturday July 24 - Friday July 30
               Ron & Martha Jarrell                                  Pam Kennon, Bayle and Alexandria
            Jack and Catherine Jarvis                                      Donna Kepto and Jodi
         Clark & Terri Jenkins & Adelaine                           Stan & Julie Ketcherside and Stanton

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                 Monthly Bible Passage                                                MONTHLY BIBLE PASSAGE
  When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of
                                                                         So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dis-
  the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but
  will have the light of life.” John 8:12                                mayed I am your God. I will strengthen you and
                                                                         help you: I will uphold you with my righteous right
                                                                                                          Isaiah   41:10

                                 for the
                            Month of June

                                                                                                     for the
                                                                                                   Month of July

06/06 & 07    Second after Sunday Pentecost    1 Kings 17:17-24
                                               Galatians 1:11-24       07/03 & 04    Sixth Sunday after Pentecost     Isaiah 66:10-14
                                               Luke 7:11-17                                                           Galations 6:1-10; 14-18
                                                                                                                      Luke 10:1-20
06/12 & 13    Third Sunday after Pentecost     2 Samuel 11:26-12:14
                                               Galatians 2:15-3:14     07/10 & 11    Seventh Sunday after Pentecost   Leviticus 18:1-5-19:9-18
                                               Luke 7:36-8:3                                                          Colossians 1:1-14
                                                                                                                      Luke 10:25-37
06/19 & 20    Fourth Sunday after Pentecost    Isaiah 65:1-9
                                               Galatians 3:23-4:7      07/17 & 18    Eighth Sunday after Pentecost    Genesis 18:1-14
                                               Luke 7:26-39                                                           Colossians 1:21-29
                                                                                                                      Luke 10:38-42
06/26 & 27    Fifth Sunday after Pentecost     1 Kings 19:9b-21
                                               Galatians 5:1,13-25     07/24 & 25    Ninth Sunday after Pentecost     Genesis 18 17-33
                                               Luke 9:51-62                                                           Colossians 2:6-19
                                                                                                                      Luke 11:1-13

                                                                       07/31 & 08/1 Tenth Sunday after Pentecost      Ecclesiastes 1:2,12-14-
                                                              Page 7                                                  Colossians 3:1-11 8
        Birthdays for July
07/01   Jared Barnes         07/14 Michael Cannell       07/24 Blake Cook
        Jessica Eddings                                        Brady Cook
        Janet Moll
        Reid Thebeau
        Kyle Warren
                             07/15 Joseph Pipkin
                                   Rusty Waibel
                                                               Kayla Jordan
                                                               Caroline McClanahan
                                                               David Ogden
                                                                                             Birthdays for June
                             07/16 Paul Egan                   Torya Pritchett
                                                               Morgan Pullen         06/01   Jean Allen            06/14   Pam Daily             06/22   Ronald Howlett
07/02   Grant Manion               Homer Henderson                                           Riley Miller
        Margaret Pollite           Lauren Roberts                                                                          Larry Hughes
                                                         07/25 Charlene Egan                 Jennifer Schweiss             Carolyn Leyda         06/23   Kathy Decker
        Donna Robert               Karen Treece
                                                                                             Carri Thebeau
                                   Charles Weaver              Harry Hull                                                  Pat Miller                    Carol Faircloth
07/03   Melinda Bays                                           Waylon Meyer                  Wyatt Vaugh                   Haley Roberts                 Caitlynn Friend
        Cynthia Bechtold     07/17 Krista Aders                Steve Thomas                                                                              Les Hays
        JoAnne Boesch              Bailey Bertram                                    06/02   Ben Anderson          06/15   Pam Ross
        Mark Clauser               Karon Wahoff          07/26 Deana Bayless                 Tyler Detring                                       06/24   Lori Reese
        Lori Nelson                Marilyn Wiley                 Sam Miller                  Julie Reese           06/13   Vicki Bono
        Kelly Penno                                              Theresa Schmitt
                                                                 Chris Wengler                                             Iva Fechter
                             07/18 Scott Burkhart                                    06/03   Charles Giessing              Leora Giessing        06/25   Norma Clauser
07/04   Julie Powers               Hannah Davis                  Scott Becker                Trace Stegall
                                                                 Terri Herron                                              Greg Mell                     Whitney Marler
        Kay Thurman                Holly Davis                                                                                                           Ray Nelson
                                   Cyndie Meyer             Clifton Jordan                                                 Pam Romero
                                                                                     06/04   Walter Neiter                 Cindy Sebastian
07/05   Andrew Bloom               Jenna Rigdon                  Kimberly Rodgers            Matthew Tressner                                    06/27   Lorene Crismon
                                   Tyler Thebeau                 Fred Schaper                                              Mark Toti
        Russ Hopkins                                                                                                                                     Clark Jenkins
        Tia Jordan                 Lindsey woods
                                                         07/28 Scott Crocker         06/05   Morgan Meinhardt      06/16   Amanda Prashun
                                                                                             Timothy Schaupert                                   06/28   Nancy Eaves
07/06   Alexandria Echrich   07/19 Megan Dement                Richard Detring
                                   Bill Hall                   Kaden Echrich                                                                             Ashleigh Fox
        Angela Pyatt                                                                                               06/17   Phyllis Eller
                                   Dorothy Kretzmar            Michael Hendrickson   06/06   Candice Allen                                               Jason Garner
                                   Valerie Lange               Susan LaRue                   Marcus Detring                                              Shawn Livingston
07/07   Jason Detring                                                                                              06/18   Mike McClanahan
        Blake King                 Rebekah Sutherland          David Mell                    Steve Needy                   Payton Mucci          06/29   Josh Bertram
        Alexander Lange                                                                                                    Carley Pigg                   Beverly Hovis
        Zach Thomas          07/20 Corey Pigg          07/29 Morgan Brockmiller      06/07   Kayla Brewster                Emilee Turner
                                   Sharon Schwartzkopf       Danielle Owens                  Eric Giessing
                                   Kerensa Stone             Greg Stover                                                                         06/30   Gunner LaBrot
07/08   Eric Hughes                                                                          Stanton Ketcherside   06/19   Jonathan Anderson             Matthew McFarland
        Robert Mell                                      07/30 Madelyn Shinn                 Darlene Knight                Talon Chapman                 Lucas Rodgers
                             07/21   Bryan Crabdree
                                     Lyndon Crocker            Carson Short                  Kenny Kollmeyer               Sue Heimburger
07/09    Jane Blankenship            Elizabeth Detring                                       Julie Rosener                 Sandra Kubala
        Vince Kauflin III            Mallory Mistratta   07/31 Jerome Daniel                                               Timothy Reves
        James Port                   Ron Rouggly               Heather Garner        06/08   Dayna Mell
        Lisa Sweeney                                                                                                       Fred Treece
                                                               Bob Mell                      Sara Peak
        Emilie Thompson      07/22 Mallory Dickinson           Steve Needy                   Taylor Schwartzkopf
        Jimmy Woffored                                                                                             06/20   Charla Barnes
                                   Kodi Giessing                                                                           Ernest Gibson
                                   Caitlin Rodgers                                   06/09   Jared Clauser                 Robert Heimburger
07/10   Jacelyn Corcoran           Sharon Sherill           90 + Club
        Sarah Jones                                                                          Elaine Friend                 Scott Hull
                                   Daniel Storz                                              Kim Million                   Pastor King
07/11   William Atkins       07/23 Judith Douglas        Margaret Politte                                                  Olivia Reeves
        Randy Detring              John Held             Presbyterian Manor HCC 6`   06/10   Caydence Carlyon              Clarence Sancegraw
                                   Beth Ogden            500 Cayce St.                       Richard Plummer               Julie Storz
07/12   Ryan Buckley                                     Farmington, Mo.63640                                              Doug Tucker
        Jacob Halter                                                                 06/12   Ethan Schaupert               Michael Ziegelmeyer
        Steve Wooldridge     07/23 Christy Pashia
                                                         Dorothy Kretzmachar
                                   Ronald Simms          Presbyterian ManorALF #22
07/13 Mark Giesselmann                                   500 Cayce St.
      Sherry Jordan                                      Farmington, Mo 63640
      Spanky Kollmeyer
      Christy Penno
      Shana Warenberg                                                   Page 9                                                                                           Page 10
                                                              ANNIVERSARIES FOR JULY
06/01   Bill and Ann Bertram              19 yrs.
06/01   Richard and Shannon Friend        19 yrs.             07/01   Jason and Jennifer Street     10 yrs.
06/01   Bob and Nancy Gierse              36 yrs.
06/01   Ed and Carolyn Meinz              47 yrs.             07/02   Shawn and Cynthia Rodgers     14 yrs.
06/02   Keven and Lynn Harrington         20 yrs.             07/06   David and Laura Sarratt        4 yrs.
06/02   Jack and Catherine Jarvis         31 yrs.
06/02   James II and Michelle Shaner       3 yrs.             07/08   Chris and Shana Turner         4 yrs.
06/03   Chris and Lori Smith              15 yrs.             07/09   Dave and Leslie JOnes         16 yrs.
06/04   Donald and Nancy Compton          34 yrs.
06/04   Jeff and Nancy Fink               27 yrs.             07/10   Tim and Emily Cook             6 yrs.
06/06   Kent and Jennifer Hall            29 yrs.             07/13   Jason and Lori England         8 yrs.
06/06   Mark and Janet Moll               24 yrs.
06/06   Darrell and Carol Reeves          46 yrs.             07/14   Kyle and Jenna Carter          3 yrs.
06/07   Roger and Lisa Collins            13 yrs.             07/15   Wayne and Dorothy Blumenberg 50 yrs.
06/08   Ryan and Jennifer Roberts          9 yrs.
06/08   Jeff and Lisa Sweeney             22 yrs.             07/15   John and Highley Griffin      10 yrs.
06/09   Jason and Amanda Buchanan          9 yrs.             07/19   John and Melissa Chapman      12 yrs.
06/09   Jim and Carolyn Schifferdecker    47 yrs.
06/10   Brett and Stacy Dickinson         10 yrs.             07/19   Dennis and Ellen Mell         24 yrs.
06/10   Larry and Carolyn Hughes          43 yrs.             07/22   Andre and Sara Ferrigno        4 yrs.
06/10   Harry and Terri Hull              32 yrs.
06/10   Robert and Amy Rodgers            14 yrs.             07/22   Patrick and Linda Province    15 yrs.
06/10   Matt and Carri Thebeau            10 yrs.             07/23   Reggie and Linda Crabdree     33 yrs.
06/12   Stephen and Courtney Loughridge    2 yrs.
06/13   Roger and Jennifer Hoehn           1 yr.              07/24   Jimmy and Heidi Allen Jr.     17 yrs.
06/13   Brian and Velma Kocher            23 yrs.             07/26   Jim and Jayne Anderson        24 yrs.
06/14   James and Jayne Bess              24 yrs.
06/14   Jason and Heather Garner          13 yrs.             07/25   Steven and Laura Bays         13 yrs.
06/14   Robert and Sue Heimburger Jr.     46 yrs.             07/27   Eric and Michelle Giessing    14 yrs.
06/14   Paul and Denita King              24 yrs.
06/14   Mike and Victoria Reeves          13 yrs.             07/28   Ron and Joyce Pohlman         37 yrs.
06/15   Terry and Karin Braxton           36 yrs.             07/28   Doug and Pam Ross             48 yrs.
06/15   Gerald and Cindy Hoeflein          8 yrs.
06/15   Bud and Janie Link                24 yrs.             07/28   Lance and Tammy Warren        20 yrs.
06/18   Scott and Shelllie VanNess        22 yrs.
                                                              07/29   Julie and Richard Howell       4 yrs.
06/19   Davey and Mary Crocker             6 yrs.
06/19   Anthony and Sheila Miano          16 yrs.             07/30   Lester and Shirley Loewe      56 yrs.
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                                                                     NEWS OF THE ORGANIZATIONS OF ST. PAUL
                     DID YOU KNOW….                                  who…what…where…when……Call the church office if your
                                                                      organization has news to share 756-7872
You will feel a lot better if you forgive your family member         Men's Club MEN'S CLUB will meet on Thursday June 10th and July
that hurt you? You grieve God and others when you refuse             8th at 5“:30 pm in the lower level. All men are invited to come.
to forgive. Jesus hung on the cross in your and my place for
our sin. What better way to say to Jesus that we love Him is         Ladies Aid: The ladies meet every Wednesday morning at 8:00 am to quilt, cut
to forgive others.                                                   pieces, etc. Please join us. There are many little jobs even for those who don't quilt.

Board of Education meets first Tuesday of the month.                 Bereavement Dinner Group: Prepares and serves a meal to the
                                                                     family of deceased members. Donations of food, paper products,
Men's Club meets second Thursday of the month. Lower                 and help with preparing and serving are needed. Contact Naomi Skin-
level at 5:30 pm.                                                    ner at 756-3618 or the church office at 756-7872.
Board of Elders meets second Tuesday of the month.
Church Council meets third Tuesday of the month.                      LWML:Doug Pratt was our speaker for the meeting in May. He had a very
Christian Life meets third Saturday of the month at 4:30pm           interesting and informative insight into the Habitat for Humanity. He has
in the upper level.                                                  been working with the organization for quite a while and answered several
                                                                     questions that were asked. Also explained the building of a house in Park
                                                                     Hills now. Farmington already has 4 houses built, plans for more to be built
Crying session for- our organist of many years- is retiring.         in the near future.
                                                                     The LWML Convention will be in Springfield on the 11th., 12th., and 13th.
CELEBRATION OF SERVICE -for many years of SERVICE.                   of June. We are continuing to make crafts to be sold at the Convention, and
June 6 after the 9:00am service. JIM SCHIFFERDECKER                  proceeds will go to Mites. Bibles in good condition can be donated and will
                                                                     be distributed to inmates in the prison system. We are continuing to collect
dinner. We appreciate you more than you know.                        stamps, eye glasses, and Portals of Prayer. School age shoes size 3 and up (
                                                                     regular and tennis shoes) as well as socks ( no show) are needed also regular
LWML Spring District Convention June 11-13 in Springfield            socks.
                                                                     We continue quilt tacking on Monday evening between 6PM and 8PM in the
Father's Day June 20.                                                ladies aid room. The second Tuesday of the month, we meet to make crafts
                                                                     for Country Store.
                                                                     BIRTHDAY BRIGADE is Thursday, June 17th. and July 15th Every-
           Fun Night St Paul Gym for all ages.                       one that has a birthday in June is invited for cake and refreshments in
                                                                     the Lower Level between 1:00 and 2:30 p.m. June 18th, and those
June 25 from 6pm to9pm All kinds of games and fun for                with a birthday in July are invited for cake and refreshments on July
everyone. Come and enjoy. Bring a game or just bring your-           15th. Volunteers are always welcomed to help make deliveries.
                                                                     Please call Betty Detring (756-5981) when you're able to help.
self. And if you don't want to play a game, then come and be         THANKS!
the cheering squad. It is Christian fellowship. Just fun for all.
Fun Night scheduled for Friday, June 25 from 6pm to 9pm.             HAND BELL CHOIR:
VBS June 27 to July 1. Planet Zoom.                                  REJOICE CHOIR-
Date for your calendar. Country Store October 23.                    ALTAR GUILD takes care of the paraments, communion ware
Lord's Learners meet on Sunday evening from 6pm to 7:30              and linens on the altar. We could really use some more helpers
pm. All are welcome.                                                 for Altar Guild! Anyone willing to help please contact Mickie
                                                                     McClanahan at 756-4015 or Lianna Stover at 631-0805.
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                                                                            St. Paul Lutheran School
                                                            It is summertime at St. Paul Lutheran School. Do you know
                                                            what I have noticed the last few days? Peace and quiet!!! Aside
                                                            from some happy teachers working in their classrooms, there is
                                                            nobody here. During the school year there is always so much
                                                            activity, excitement, and student “interaction” going on all the
                                                            time. But a school building without kids is just not the same.

                                                            Those of us working at St. Paul Lutheran School have the joy of
                                                            working with your kids every day all school year. There are
                                                            times during that school year that “peace and quiet” sounds like
                                                            an impossible dream. What's the slogan for the Cubs“Just wait
                                                            until next year!” Come on back in August, kids, we miss you
                                                            already. It will be a great day for school!
              will begin the weekend
                                                            Thank you, congregation members, for all your prayers and sup-
                 of June 4th & 5th.                         port this year.

                                                            Duane Giesselmann
Saturday Worship                         6:00 pm                              St. Paul Graduates 2010

                                                            Kindergqarten: Cole Aders, Candice Allen, Garrett Ames, Ella
 Sunday Worship                          9:00 am            Bertram, Emma Chandler, Blake Cook, Brady Cook, Brianna
                                                            Eaves, Gracey Jackson, Kristian Kolmeyer, Henry Krekeler, Kae-
                                                            dence Lapusan, Megan Lix, Karlyann Maestri, Kayla Miller,
   Sunday School, Bible Class 10:15 am                      Noah Miller, Hamzah Mir, Aden Nations, Christina Robinson,
                                                            Joseph Samples, Emilee Sherrill, Parker Shinn, Kace Turner, Gab-
                                                            by Tyree, Levi Veach Justin Ziegelmeyer.

               CHURCH ATTENDANCE                            8th Grade: Skyler Davis, Madeline Gibler, Joannie Leach, Nicole
                                                            Linz, Tiiffany Ramsey, Lauren Roberts, Rebekah Sutherland,
Date           6:00 pm   8:00 am      10:30 am   Total
                                                            Morgan Turner, Mazie Winslow.
May 1 & 2      Auction     107          150      257
May 8 & 9         69       122          130      321        ST. Paul Alumni: Becky Weaver graduated from Missouri State Uni-
May 15 & 16       57        96          157      310        versity with honors on May 14,2010. with a degree in Elementary
May 22 & 23       62       196           68      248        Education. Ms. Weaver is a 2002 graduate from St. Paul Lutheran
                                                  Page 15                                                             Page 16
                              School is out and where has the time            Country Store has a date. October 23, 2010. Plant your gardens to
                              gone? We all have the same number of            have some to can for the Country Store. Beets are the all time favorite
                              hours in a day and seems like we just start-    followed by green beens. Be working on your crafts. What you like,
                                                                              someone else will also. Make one. I've heard chicken pies will be sold
                              ed 2010. The year 2010 is half over
                              already.                                        at the Country Store. Um Um
                              Help Others. “Show them something they          I'm sure Pastor Oddi still gets this mailing. So Pastor Oddi and Lesley,
                              will never forget.” Pastor King played a        we are thinking about and praying for you. Hope everything is going
                                                                              well there.
                              video and that is the line used in the video,
                              When you help others, don't just help in        June is the Love month. Lots of weddings. We are spotlighting the
                              small ways; Help in big ways. Show              couples that have been married 50 and plus years. God has blessed
them something they will never forget. Let Jesus shine thru you. When         each of your lives. We thank you for being our role models.
someone looks at you, they should see Jesus. Look up Romans 8.                Pastor King, I am sending them to you. There is a lot coming up and
Graduation service was so wonderful. A statement overheard was “St            we are coming to you for details. Be ready to answer any question.
Paul School is a wonderful school. The graduation service was so              Use that phone for remembering important church details.
meaningful. The last song 'Go My Children With My Blessing' was
beautiful.” This service touched a non-member. Are we ready to wit-
ness when the opportunity presents itself? Do not be afraid. God will               TODAY'S LIGHT BIBLE-SHARPEN THE FOCUS
provide the words and the strength.
Vacation Bible School will be June 27 to July 1. The theme is Planet          What made Paul competent to serve the church at Corinth? Was he handsome?
Zoom. BE there. BEE-lieve. BE Bold. BE HIS. Where Bold BEE-                   Probably just the opposite. Was he famous? His contemporaries would proba-
lievers Zip, Zap,and Zoom for Jesus. Be Imitators of God as Beloved           bly have used the adjective infamous instead. Was he a great orator? Even he
Children. And Walk in Love, as Christ Loved us and gave Himself up            denies that (1 Corinthians: 2:1,4
for Us. Ephesians 5:1-2 Are you ready to attend? Sign up now and
ring your friends. Help by being a teacher.                                   Paul did not come to Corinth boasting about his own credentials. Rather, he
  St. Paul is planning a FUN NIGHT Friday, June 25 from 6pm to 9pm            peached Christ crucified, and he relied on God to convert and transform human
in the gym. Put this date on your calendar. This is for all ages to           hearts. His competence, he wrote, came from God (2 Corinthians 3:5). The
attend. We will have games to play and a puzzle to work on and a              Lord who called him also equipped him (2 Corinthinans 1:1:, 3:6.)
beach ball game (played like volleyball but with a beach ball) Wiffel ball
if we have enough participation. We want this to be fun for all and a         Perhaps you think the world of your pastor. Or maybe you can't name anything
way to get to know others in St. Paul. With three services, sometimes         he's ever done right. Wherever you fall along this satisfaction spectrum, talk
we don't get to see and visit with other congregation member. Chris-          to your Lord about it now. Pray for you Pastor, and also pray for yourself. Ask
tian Life Board will accept any ideas. Let them know if you have a            that your heart (and his) be more open to the transforming power of Christ's
game to share and bring that game to FUN NIGHT on June 25. And                forgiveness. Then look for ways to be an encourager, a positive influence for
watch for more details. Food will be Bring Your Favorite Finger Food          good in your congregation.
Dish to share. (The next Christian Life meeting is June 19 in the upper
level at 4:30pm if you want to share more ideas for this event.)              Lord's Learn'ers meet every Sunday evening at 6:00 PM to 7:30 PMin the
Guess by now the cat is out of the bag. JIM SCHIFFERDECKER, WE                Lower Level. Doug Pratt leads the Bible Study on the book of John Hope to
WILL MISS YOU!!!!! Don't miss our celebration for Jim on June 6 after         see you there!
the 9:00am service. Food is provided. We will give our St. Paul mem-
bers an opportunity to tell of their favorite JIM memory. Jim and Car-               EQUIPPING TO SHARE FOR EVERYDAY WITNESSING
olyn, we truly do love you.
Wow, these pastors and teachers and organists need to stop leaving            May the God of peace...equip you with every good thing for doing His
(retiring). What will we do without you? Thank you for all your dedi-         will...Hebrews 13:20-21
cation!!!! The rest of you, don't get any ideas. If you need
a dinner, we can have one without you leaving. Do you under-                  “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the
stand? Ha ha!!!                                                               reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” 1
                                                                              Peter 3:15
                                                                   Page 17                                                                            Page 18
                                                                                  Farmington, MO 63640

                                                                                     Permit No. 105
                                                                                      Non profit org.
                                                                                       U.S. Postage
  REMOVED: Linda, Shana, and Alana Warenberg

  FUNERALS:             Joyce Elizabeth Simms
                        Jacqueline Jarnagin
                        Bernhard Mueller

                                                                                                             ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
         Loralee Danielle Bader
         Dustin Mitchell Burcham
         Skyler Natalie Michelle Davis
         Zach Peter Nathaniel Giesing
         Briley Alexia Jones
         Alec Michael Ramsey
         Tiffany Leigh Ramsey
         Samantha Caroline Reed
         Sara Nicole Rigdon
         Lauren Alyssa Roberts
         Chase Ryan Sheldon
         Rebekah Ruth Sutherland
         Kasey Ann Quinn

                                                                                                             Teachers: Stacy Dickinson, Debbie Easley, Amy Eaves, Nan-
                              YOUR ELDER!

                                                                                                             Velma Kocher, Andy Sherrill, Sharon Sherrill, Ange-La
                                                                                                             cy Fink, Nancy Gierse, Regina Keown, Michelle King,

                                                                                                             Teachers' Aides: Susan Pratt, Julie Reese, Sara Tucker,
                                                                                                             Office Staff: Bonnie Ratcliff, Sharon Schwartzkopf

                                                                                                             Linda Moran, Miriam Sutherland, Tracy LaBruyere
AA-BIR     Tony Mengwasser    760-8709

                                                                                                             Librarian: Beverly Hovis, Marlys Brockmiller
                                                                                                             Organist/Choir Director: Jim Schifferdecker
BIS-CAR    Ken Smith          756-0829
CAS-DER    Bill Giessing      756-5283

                                                                                                             Cooks: Jeannie Province, Mary Woods
                                                                                                             Sutherland; Barb Towler, Kristin Zilm
DET-F      Tim Crites         756-5609

                                                                                                             Church & School Faculty andStaff
                                                                                                             Senior Pastor: Rev. James T. King
                                                                                Farmington, Missouri 63640

                                                                                                             School Office Staff: Janet Rickus
GA-HAR     Gary Cooper        756-8071

                                                                                                             Sunday School & Bible Classes

                                                                                                             Sunday 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

                                                                                                             Principal: Duane Giesselmann
                                                                                St. Paul Lutheran Church

                                                                                                             Custodian: Donna Vogelsang
HAY-JAR    Ron Jarrell        756-6260

                                                                                                             Handbell Choir:Kristin Zilm
                                                                                                             Church Office 573.756.7872

                                                                                                             School Office 573.756.5147
JEN-KOL    Jason Garner       760-9412

                                                                                                             Custodian: Joe Pritchett
                                                                                609 East Columbia

KR-MEI     Richard Detring    756-7989
                                                                                St. Paul Pilgrim

ME- O      Marcus Bader       756-3376

                                                                                                             Saturday 6:00 p.m.

                                                                                                             Fax 573.756.0934
                                                                                                             Sunday 9:15 a.m.
                                                                                                             Worship Times
O'B-Q      Doug Pratt         756-7996
RA-SCH     Ceth Jordan        747-6285
SE-THOM    Derrick Eaves      631-5793
THUR-WEB   Bill Bertram       631-2901
WES-Z      Kraig Sutherland   756-3453
                                                                      Page 19                                                                           Page 20
    Scheduled to Serve in
         June 2010

                                                                    Saturday 6:00 pm
                   Saturday 6 p.m.
                                                          06/05 – Payton Friend, Derek Hankins
06/05 – Ron Jarrell, Jon Cozean                             06/12 – Kala Bertram, Tia Jordan
06/12 – Ron Brooks, Mark Toti                             06/19 – Tyler Scales, Trenton Crocker
06/19 – Pete Wiley, Mark Toti                              06/26 – Daniel Snider, Nick Bertram
06/26 – Vic & Donna Vogelsang
                                                                       Sunday 9:00 am
                   Sunday 9:00 am
                                                     06/06 – Andrea McClanahan, Morgan Meinhardt
06/06 – Lori Ikemeier, Danielle Leonard                      06/13 – Riley Miller, Ian Powers
06/13 – Eric, Bill, Ann Bertram, Ken & Linda Kelly      06/20 – Victoria Needy, Madison Ikemeier
06/20 – Brad & Cathy Quinn, Scott & Amy Lix                 06/27 – John Bader, Chase Sheldon
       Kraig Sutherland
06/27 – Ceth and Elizabeth Jordan
                                                     Worship Service Elder Assigned
                                                     06:00 PM Saturday    Richard Detring, Ron Jarrell,
                                                                          Marcus Bader, Tony
                 YOUR ELDER                          08:00 AM Sunday      Bill Giessing, Derrick Eaves,
                                                                          Jason Garner, Gary Cooper,
                                                                          Tim Crites,
Tony Mengwasser          AA-BIR      760-8719
                                                     10:30 AM Sunday      Bill Bertram, Ceth Jordan,
Ken Smith                BIS-CAR     756-0829
                                                                          Ken Smith, Doug Pratt,
Bill Giessing, Sec’ry.   CAS-DER     756-5283
                                                                          Kraig Sutherland
Tim Crites               DET-FU      756-5609
Gary Cooper              GA-HAR      756-8071
Ron Jarrell              HAY-JAR     756-6260
Jason Garner             JEN-KOL     760-9412
Richard Detring          KR-MEI      756-7989
Marcus Bader             MEL-NO      756-3376
Doug Pratt               O’B-Q       756-7996
Ceth Jordan              RA-SCH      747-6285
Derrick Eaves            SE-THOM     631-2901
Bill Bertram             THUR-WEB    747-0663
Kraig Sutherland         WES-Z       756-3453                6:00 pm – Janet Laut
                                                             900 am – Anna Garner
    Scheduled to Serve in
         July 2010

                                                                    Saturday 6:00 pm
                   Saturday 6 p.m.
                                                          07/03 – Dylan Vogelsang, Scott Crocker
07/03 – Doug Pratt, Gary Luttrull,                           07/10 – Kyle Davis, Jesse Stover
07/10 – Rob & Laura House, Mickie McClanahan          07/18 – Alana Warenberg, Morgan Brockmiller
07/16 – Richard Detring, Wayne Blumenbert                  07/24 – Nathaniel Ogden, Max Burch
07/24 – Ron Jarrell, Jon Cozean                          07/31 – Mason Harrington, Alec Ramsey
07/31 – Ron Jarrell, Jon Cozean
                                                                       Sunday 9:00 am
                   Sunday 9:00 am
                                                          07/04 – Kasey Buckley, Bailey Bertram
07/04 – David, Steve, Gary, Terry Mell, Gary Cleve      07/11 – Taylor Schwartzkopf, Kayla Kocher
07/11 – Brian & Velma Kocher, Greg & Crystal            07/18 – Marissa Cook, Rebekah Sutherland
        Dement, Jim & Jayne Anderson                      07/25 – Karli Giessing, Madeline Gibler
07/18 – Hays, Ratcliff, Anna Garner, Marlys               08/01 – Samantha Reed, Loralee Bader
        Brockmiller, Duane Giesselmann
07/25 – Gary & Lilly Cooper, Jim & Tina Port,
                                                     Worship Service Elder Assigned
       Ted Baumer
08/01 – Ken & Sandra Smith, Michelle Bird            06:00 PM Saturday    Richard Detring, Ron Jarrell,
                                                                          Marcus Bader, Tony
                                                     08:00 AM Sunday      Bill Giessing, Derrick Eaves,
                                                                          Jason Garner, Gary Cooper,
                                                                          Tim Crites,
                                                     10:30 AM Sunday      Bill Bertram, Ceth Jordan,
                 YOUR ELDER                                               Ken Smith, Doug Pratt,
                                                                          Kraig Sutherland
Tony Mengwasser          AA-BIR      760-8719
Ken Smith                BIS-CAR     756-0829
Bill Giessing, Sec’ry.   CAS-DER     756-5283
Tim Crites               DET-FU      756-5609
Gary Cooper              GA-HAR      756-8071
Ron Jarrell              HAY-JAR     756-6260
Jason Garner             JEN-KOL     760-9412
Richard Detring          KR-MEI      756-7989
Marcus Bader             MEL-NO      756-3376
Doug Pratt               O’B-Q       756-7996                6:00 pm – Donna Vogelsang
Ceth Jordan              RA-SCH      747-6285
                                                             900 am – Crystal Dement,
Derrick Eaves            SE-THOM     631-2901
Bill Bertram             THUR-WEB    747-0663                         Tina Port
Kraig Sutherland         WES-Z       756-3453
            St. Paul Lutheran Church 573-756-7872
                                                                June 2010                      St. Paul Lutheran School 573-756-5147

         Sunday                    Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday                      Friday                  Saturday

                                                   1                    2                      3                          4                          5
                                                       7:00 PM Board        8:00 AM Ladies          7:00 AM                   3:30 PM                     1:00 PM
                                                           of Ed                  Aid              Men's Bible              Presbyterian                  Wedding
                                                                                                    Class @                    Manor
                                                                                                   Rosenors                 Communion                   6:00 PM
                                                                                                 7:00 PM Adult                   LL in use            Communion
                                                                                                 Instruction LL

6                           7                      8                    9                      10                         11                         12
     9:00 AM Worship            1:15 PM Life w      6:00 PM Country         8:00 AM Ladies          7:00 AM                                               6:00 PM
       Communion                   Spice LL            Store Work                 Aid              Men's Bible                                            Worship
                                                        Night LL                                    Class @                                               Service
    10:15 AM Dinner for          6:00 PM Girl                                7:00 PM Call          Rosenors
    Mr. Schifferdecker in         Scouts LL            7:00 PM Board         Committee &
            gym                                         of Elders UL        Survey Results         5:30 PM
                                6:00 PM Mission                                   LL             Men's Club LL
      6:00 PM Lord's             Quilt tacking &
        Learners LL              Country Store                             7:00 PM Finance
                                    Quilting                                    Bd. UL           7:00 PM Adult
                                                                                                 Instruction LL
                                                                                                                                    LWML Spring Rally

13                          14                     15                   16                     17                         18                         19
     9:00 AM Worship            1:15 PM Life w      7:00 PM Church          8:00 AM Ladies          7:00 AM                                               4:30 PM
          Service                  Spice LL           Council UL                  Aid              Men's Bible                                            Board of
                                                                                                    Class @                                               Christian
 10:15 AM Sunday                6:00 PM Mission                                                    Rosenors                                               Life UL
School, Bible Classes            Quilt tacking &
                                 Country Store                                                      1:00 PM                                             6:00 PM
                                    Quilting                                                        Birthday                                           Worship
      6:00 PM Lord's                                                                               Brigade LL                                         Communion
        Learners LL

LWML Spring Rally

20                          21                     22                   23                     24                         25                         26
     9:00 AM Worship            1:15 PM Life w                              8:00 AM Ladies         7:00 AM Men's              6:00 PM                     6:00 PM
       Communion                   Spice LL                                       Aid              Bible Class @            Family Fun                    Worship
                                                                                                      Rosenors              Night in gym                  Service
 10:15 AM Sunday                 6:00 PM Girl
School, Bible Classes             Scouts LL                                                          2:00 PM
                                6:00 PM Mission                                                   Support Grp. LL
      6:00 PM Lord's             Quilt tacking &
        Learners LL              Country Store
                                    Quilting                                                       7:00 PM Adult
                                                                                                   Instruction LL

27                          28                     29                   30                            May 2010                            Jul 2010
     9:00 AM Worship            1:15 PM Life w                              8:00 AM Ladies         S M T W T F S                      S M T W T F S
          Service                  Spice LL                                       Aid
                                                                                                                            1                             1 2 3
 10:15 AM Sunday                6:00 PM Mission                                                   2    3    4    5    6 7 8           4    5    6    7    8 9 10
School, Bible Classes            Quilt tacking &
                                                                                                  9    10   11   12   13 14 15        11   12   13   14   15 16 17
                                 Country Store
                                    Quilting                                                      16   17   18   19   20 21 22        18   19   20   21   22 23 24
      6:00 PM Lord's                                                                              23   24   25   26   27 28 29        25   26   27   28   29 30 31
        Learners LL                                                                               30   31
                                         6:00 PM VBS

                                                       Published by St. Paul Lutheran Church
          St. Paul Lutheran Church 573-756-7872
                                                              July 2010                         St. Paul Lutheran School 573-756-5147

       Sunday                  Monday                 Tuesday                   Wednesday           Thursday             Friday          Saturday

                     Jun 2010                             Aug 2010                              1                    2               3
                S   T W T
                    M            F    S        S     M    T W T       F    S                         7:00 AM            3:30 PM           6:00 PM
                    1 2 3        4    5        1     2    3 4 5       6    7                        Men's Bible       Presbyterian       Worship
              6 7 8 9 10         11   12       8     9    10 11 12    13   14                        Class @             Manor          Communion
              13 14 15 16 17     18   19       15    16   17 18 19    20   21                       Rosenors          Communion
              20 21 22 23 24     25   26       22    23   24 25 26    27   28
              27 28 29 30                      29    30   31

                                                                                                  6:00 PM VBS

4                       5                      6                           7                    8                    9               10
    9:00 AM Worship          Church office          7:00 PM Board              8:00 AM Ladies        7:00 AM                             6:00 PM
      Communion                Closed                   of Ed                        Aid            Men's Bible                          Worship
                                                                                                     Class @                             Service
 10:15 AM Sunday                                                                                    Rosenors
School, Bible Classes
                                                                                                    5:30 PM
                                                                                                  Men's Club LL
    Independence Day

                                                                                                  7:00 PM Adult
                                                                                                  Instruction LL

11                      12                     13                          14                   15                   16              17
    9:00 AM Worship         1:15 PM Life w          6:00 PM Country            8:00 AM Ladies        7:00 AM                              4:30 PM
         Service               Spice LL                Store Work                    Aid            Men's Bible                           Board of
                                                        Night LL                                     Class @                              Christian
 10:15 AM Sunday             6:00 PM Girl                                  7:00 PM Finance          Rosenors                              Life UL
School, Bible Classes         Scouts LL                                         Bd. UL
                                                                                                      1:00 PM                             6:00 PM
                            6:00 PM Mission
                                                                                                      Birthday                           Worship
     6:00 PM Lord's          Quilt tacking &
                                                                                                     Brigade LL                         Communion
       Learners LL           Country Store
                                Quilting                                                          7:00 PM Adult
                                                                                                  Instruction LL

                                                                                                                     Youth Gathering in New Orleans

18                      19                     20                          21                   22                   23              24
    9:00 AM Worship         1:15 PM Life w                                     8:00 AM Ladies        7:00 AM            Pilgrim          6:00 PM
      Communion                Spice LL                                              Aid            Men's Bible       Articles Due       Worship
                                                                                                     Class @                             Service
 10:15 AM Sunday            6:00 PM Mission                                                         Rosenors
School, Bible Classes        Quilt tacking &
                             Country Store                                                            2:00 PM
                                Quilting                                                             Alzheimers
     6:00 PM Lord's                                                                                 Support Grp.
       Learners LL                                                                                       LL
                            Youth Gathering in New Orleans

25                      26                     27                          28                   29                   30              31
    9:00 AM Worship         1:15 PM Life w                                     8:00 AM Ladies      7:00 AM Men's                          6:00 PM
         Service               Spice LL                                              Aid           Bible Class @                         Worship
                                                                                                      Rosenors                          Communion
 10:15 AM Sunday             6:00 PM Girl
School, Bible Classes         Scouts LL
                                                                                                      9:00 AM
                            6:00 PM Mission                                                            Pilgrim
     6:00 PM Lord's          Quilt tacking &                                                        Assembly LL
       Learners LL           Country Store
                                Quilting                                                            7:00 PM Adult
                                                                                                    Instruction LL

                                                     Published by St. Paul Lutheran Church

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