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Just dont hurry C Krishna


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                                      Herald Sun, Wednesday, January 26, 2005

                           Just don’t hurry – Krishna
                                MUSIC                                                              respond . . . we are helping each                              ‘‘I didn’t learn to chant as a
                                                                                                   other. The chants themselves take                           future method of employment. I
                           Harbant Gill                                                            you deeper.’’                                               just chanted because I loved it. We
                                    CTOR Garry McDonald                                               KD, who will play the harmon-                            were not learning chanting or

                           A        raves about the music, and
                                    it’s a hit in yoga and
                           meditation circles for its ability to
                                                                                                   ium and sing in the ancient
                                                                                                   Sanskrit language, will have tabla
                                                                                                   accompaniment at what could be
                                                                                                                                                               learning devotion. We were just
                                                                                                                                                               being devoted,’’ he says.
                                                                                                                                                                  KD spent years doing therapy
                           uplift.                                                                 called a mass singalong.
                                                                                                                                                               and seeking the help of various
                              Krishna Das’s Live on Earth                                             ‘‘The chants are thousands of                            teachers to tackle his depression
                           (for a limited time only) comes                                         years old and they help people
                                                                                                   enter into a deeper relationship                            before he was ready to sing from a
                           with a warning about speeding
                           tickets if you listen to it while at                                    with the universe.                                          healing heart.
                           the wheel.                                                                 ‘‘So the chant itself carries an                            ‘‘I’m still working on the issues

                              From experience, the alert is                                        amazing charge.’’                                           of self-love and self-worth.’’
                           mandatory.                                                                 KD, who has no classical musi-                              Now he arranges his own
                              Now the man himself, raised on                                       cal training, says he chants be-                            ‘‘weird New York versions of
                           Long Island as Jeffrey Kagel by                                         cause he ‘‘can’t help it’’.                                 chants’’ to which he brings his

                           Jewish parents, is coming to                                               As children, he and his younger                          musical influences that range from
                           Australia for the first time.                                           sister, with a teacher mother and a                         Ray Charles and Van Morrison to
GIG 26-JAN-2005 PAGE

                              KD, as he prefers, has done                                          lawyer father who later became a                            Indian ragas.
                           private sessions with Madonna,                                          psychoanalyst, had everything                                  ‘‘I’m not on a mission. The
                           sung with Sting and released                                            they could want.                                            main reason I chant is that I need
                           several albums, but what he loves                                          But ‘‘there was some piece                               to. Nothing helps me more.
                           most is the incessant touring of the                                    missing’’ even before his parents
                           past 10 years or so. He averages                                        split up when he was 16.                                       ‘‘And nothing forces me to sing
                           more than two gigs a week.                                                 ‘‘I was frustrated and depressed.                        more intensely and give myself
                              ‘‘Chanting with normal people                                        Angry,’’ says the 57-year-old who                           more to the practice than being in
                           is what I like best,’’ he says from                                     jokes about majoring in ‘‘basket-                           front of a thousand people.
                           his rented rustic cabin in upstate                                      ball and drugs’’ at university.                                ‘‘I’m not trying to be Indian and
                           New York, where he parks his car                                           ‘‘It wasn’t until I learned about                        yet I got everything from India. It
                           that ‘‘keeps breaking down’’.                                           yoga and meditation that I really                           came out of India in me. The outer
                              ‘‘It is basically a meditation                                       got interested.’’                                           form is not important to me. It’s
                           technique that involves singing.                                           He met American spiritual                                the inner.’’
                           It’s not about religion, although I’d                                   teacher Ram Dass, read a lot and at
                           say it’s spiritual.                                                     23 sold his car, guitar and record

                              ‘‘It’s a way of calming the mind                                     collection to travel to India, where                                 KRISHNA DAS
                           and untying certain knots in the                                        he studied under Maharaj-ji Neem
                           heart. It gives you a peace of mind                                     Karoli Baba for nearly three years.                               Where: Glen Eira Town Hall,
                                                                                                                                                                     February 15
                           that comes from within.                                                    He got a new name, which                                       Tickets: $49. Bookings: 13 28 49
                              ‘‘And I don’t treat it as a                                          means servant of God and which                                    Details:
                           performance either. I do it to be                                       he took a while to get used to, and                     
                           with myself. I sing and people                                          the desire to sing.                                                                                            Just the ticket: Krishna Das’s Live on Earth comes with a speeding alert.
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